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JOIN US as we mark 31 days of continuous People’s Protest, at Kohuwela junction on Thurs March 31st!💪🏾

It’s heartening to see so many people’s protests not affiliated to political parties over the weekend! It’s time the people realised their power!

#takebackourpower✊🏾 #lka ImageImageImage
Some captures from the Kandy People’s Protest yesterday (Wed)!

#takebackourpower✊🏾 #lka ImageImageImageImage
Kollupitiya Peoples Protest continues - some captures from yesterday💪🏾

#takebackourpower✊🏾 #lka ImageImageImageImage
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Each morning I come onto @Twitter I pray there is some kind of @Hopeforjustice for #AmbroseGGBall.

But instead to witness @DavidLammy posting the most #sadistic #Facebook post to date knowing how he has treated the mother of murdered @forambrose1984 leaving her with a body in
@haringeycouncil without a single word from @NCLCCG_Haringey or #AndrewWalker since last June 2020.

Toni aka Ruth Lovell has been telling @GREATBritain how she has been treated by @metpoliceuk @MPSBarnet @MPSHaringey @MPSEnfield @CPSUK @IOPC_Help #CindyButts, @VpoDr
#bernardhoganhowe who has told the world how much we trust the #PoliceState, well 80% I do believe he quoted, to then be allowed to walk off
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BREAKING: Alberta govt agents are raiding Grace Life Church in Edmonton, erecting fences on the property to lock down the church.

(Their pastor was the one jailed for 35 days.)

Our reporter @SheilaGunnReid is on her way to the scene now and will give updates.

You can go to a Walmart or Costco or a liquor store or marijuana store. You can hold a Black Lives Matter rally and police will bend the knee.

But if you open a church, you'll be raided by police, and thrown in prison for 35 days.

Only in China and Iran -- and Alberta.
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@PeteSouza 1. @GovKemp My parents brought my sister & I to this country so that we could have a better life bc #Salazar, the #PortugalsDictator limited what we #Peasants could do to improve our lives. And we also lived in fear of being arrested at any moment by the #SecretPolice, #PIDE....
@PeteSouza @GovKemp 2. It seems to me that you & the @GOP are depriving #Poor #AmericanCitizens their #RightToVote. A #TruePatriot would make it easier for ALL Americans to vote; not just the privileged! But then we know that Americans are tired of how the @GOP governs & we don't approve.....
@PeteSouza @GovKemp @GOP 3. of the #GOP's agenda & your #ConspiracyTheories! You can bet that this #EuropeanAmerican who remembers what it felt like to live in fear in a #PoliceState will do everything in her power to assure that the @GOP #VoterSuppression laws fail! My parents made many sacrifices....
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We recently explored: A Rockefeller communication manual on #contacttracing, the [Share] Verified (UN/Purpose) guide on vaccine #communications, & insights from The #Vaccine Confidence Project.
Here is another from The Behavioral Insights Team - "at the heart of the #UK gov't".
Spun from the "heart of the UK gov't", The Behavioral Insights Team expanded to a global consulting firm "w/ offices around the world... Our work spanned 31 countries in the last year alone...Our growing portfolio of #BI #Ventures makes #behaviouralscience-backed tools..."
The strategic & coordinated campaigns for global vaccine roll-outs & uptake, must be understood as #advertising/ marketing. The more subtle, the more effective. Billions $$$ have been invested for one simple reason: huge returns. What we see today - has been years in the making.
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Want to know why the cost of living continues to go up, year after year?

Want to know how the government can "afford" to pay for endless wars, the war on drugs, the militarized #policestate, and so many other destructive policies? Image
Want to know why the US government is over $26 trillion in debt, and rapidly rising, or why our #economy bounces between boom and bust cycles, leaving the poor and middle class further and further behind?

The answer to these is very simple: it's because of the Federal Reserve.
The #FederalReserve, or Fed for short, is the central banking system of the US. It controls how much, or how little, money is being printed.

Its main purpose is to lend money to government-approved banks at low-interest rates, so they can lend it to you at higher rates.
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[I was tailed by an unknown car with China-HK license even on Sunday]

1. Today when my friends and I visited Victoria Peak Garden in #HK, I was tailed by an unknown 7 seater car with a #China-HK license plate.
2. Clearly, that is not a coincidence, since a middle-aged woman had already been there before we reached the park, holding her phone videotaping us. It implies that those people were not only following us, but also conducting a wide-area surveillance operation on dissidents.
3. Six of them surrounded my friends and me and continuously provoked me with verbal abuse. That is the common tactic that they use to arouse targets' anger, smear them with everything filmed and cherrypicked, and justify their arrests.
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Your #socialdistancing at work - to advance the #greatreset of servitude & oppression.

#IoT #DeepLearning #AI #Algorithms #4IR #SmartCities #Surveillance


#Data is the new oil.
The illusory dream of corporate responsibility...

The Corporation, 2003: What the study illustrates is that in the its behaviour, this type of "person" typically acts like a dangerously destructive psychopath without conscience."
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"#Privacy issues or #WorkplaceRights are now totally bypassed in the age of #COVID__19 ."

by Raul Diego… #surveillance #Amazon #coronavirus
#JeffBezos’ ties to the #NationalSecurity state through #Amazon Web Services are formidable, but the triple-digit billionaire’s furnishing of #surveillance tools to the #PoliceState are no less disturbing.… #privacy
A man worth over $100 billion, who makes, on average, $230,000 per minute calling on the public to help his own impoverished #employees was not met well by many.… #JeffBezos #Amazon
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In 2017 we looked at #racial resentments and #racist sentiments among white #PoliceOfficers. "We know that officers are much more likely to search and arrest black citizens for drugs... and murder black citizens."… #police #RacismInAmerica #protest
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Lots of people gathering now around Sogo in Causeway Bay for #June12 anniversary. Poster of that day’s events are displayed. Lots of police too, both riot & undercover. Remember:all protests are still banned &police have announced thousands of cops are out tonight to prevent them
20.08 In Mong Kok, a large number of citizens have been indiscriminately kettled, presumably for stop&search. This is a frequently employed rights-abusing technique of the police. Very large police presence near Langham Place.
People also gathering in New Town Plaza mall in Sha Tin.
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Just a few facts will change everything you think you know about American police, writes Lee Camp, with pictures by @ActivistEleanor Goldfield from the streets of downtown Washington.
By: @LeeCamp
#GeorgeFloydWasMurdered #PoliceState…
In the nations’ capital. Photo | Eleanor Goldfield Image
Military police in the streets of Washington. Photo | Eleanor Goldfield Image
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Atmosphere in Central & Admiralty very #PoliceState this morning. Riot cops patrolling every main road & pedestrian bridges in groups. Admiralty MTR exit to govt HQ blocked. While ‘national security’ laws would make #HK much worse, #HKPoliceState is already here.
The scene along Harcourt Rd, in front of #HK govt HQ. & these are just the cops you can see. #HKPoliceState ImageImageImageImage
On footbridge from Admiralty Centre to #HK govt HQ. There’s practically no access to the footbridge anyway since police have blocked the passage from Admiralty MTR to the footbridge. Govt HQ & surrounding grounds virtually cut off from public access. Image
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SPECIAL REPORT: @thenewyorkpost, a paper infamous for its close relationship with the #Police and a long history of defaming black victims of white violence, now has #Arbery is in its sights.
By: @AlanRMacLeod
#arberyvideo #PoliceState #StayHome…
#Arbery was spotted by an all-white gang led by former #Police officer Gregory McMichael and his son, Michael. The heavily armed group chased the young black man for some time in their pickup truck, eventually getting out and shooting him three times with a shotgun.
#PoliceState Image
Veteran #CivilRights campaigner Jesse Jackson said that Arbery’s slaying became “a global embarrassment for whites.” “For blacks, however, it is another humiliation, a continuing terror.
#coronavirus #wednesdaymorning #PoliceState Image
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SPECIAL ANALYSIS: Mass testing for #COVID__19 antibodies, screening checkpoints, contact tracing and immunity passports are only necessary to the #PoliceState in its efforts to further undermine the Constitution.
By:John Whitehead @Rutherford_Inst
War on #drugs turned out to be a war on the #American people, waged with SWAT teams and militarized police. The war on terror a war waged with warrantless surveillance and indefinite detention. The war on #Immigration a war waged with roving government agents demanding “papers. Image
This war on #COVID19 will be yet another war on the #American people, waged with all of the surveillance weaponry at the government’s disposal: thermal imaging cameras, drones, contact tracing, biometric databases, etc.
#coronavirus #government…
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Barr. Courage Nsirimovu wrote...

“Corona Court Case in Rivers State
April 1, 2020

The Governor said Dusk to Dawn. Hence the people moved freely from 6a.m to 6p.m. Shockingly, the Governor's agents were arresting people who
moved out during the day. This confusion was cleared when the Commissioner for information insisted that it was a 24hr curfew. The damage had already been done, over a hundred and twenty six persons were already arrested.

#CoronaVirusInNigeria #CoronavirusinRivers
Today I received a call to come represent one of them in court. And boy...The mammoth crowd in court... The entrance to the court cell was overflowing with body-gumming people... I tried to take shots but the police siezed my phone and later released it.

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Despite wearing a press vest, a NowTV driver was shot in his rear head by riot police with a beanbag round. He was then brought to the stairwell inside a police station and forcefully beaten around his head by dozens of officers with batons there. Image
Multiple noticeable injuries were found on his forehead, arms and legs. His jaw was fractured. He was taken to the hospital after two hours of vicious beatings by #HongKongPolice #PoliceBrutality #PoliceState ImageImageImageImage
Despite condensation made by NowTV, #HongKongPolice still lied openly to the public and claimed that the driver was taken to the stairwell for his SAFETY. What is the point of keeping one’s safety by beating the person up? Such brutality must be condemned and sanctioned. ImageImage
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Livefeed of protests across all 18 districts of #HK. They’re just getting started now, many in malls.
Just spray painted on the floor of apm mall, Kwun Tong: ‘#LiberateHongKong #RevolutionOfOurTimes
It’s completed with ‘#HK people, resist!’ & dates marking police crimes of omission & commission. #香港人反抗
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At West Kowloon Court where 96 protesters arrested in Admiralty on 9/29 are expected to be formally charged with ‘riot’. In terms of number of defendants, this is the largest trial in #HK’s post-handover history, bigger than the other mass riot trial of 44 arrested 7/28.
Hundreds of family & supporters (incl fellow protesters) are already gathered, far too many for the courtroom & lobby area outside it. Today the defendants’ll be formally charged & apply for bail. On past experience, most should be granted it. The hearing’ll probably take all day
Court has adjourned until 11:30, at which time, the defendants will begin to be processed in batches, in the new ‘assembly-line justice’ the #HK govt is using to prosecute large groups of protesters. It will be a very long day in court indeed.
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#Paris A few hundred demonstrators gathering near the Gare du Nord for #Acte23 #GiletsJaunes #YellowVests #France #ActeXXIII
#PARIS #ActeXXIII A bus carrying #GiletsJaunes and #StreetMédics came from Moselle , is controlled and searched by gendarmes near Parisian toll. #Yellowvests #France #Acte23 #Macron
Departure from one of the three protest points in #Paris at North Station. A lot of policemen around. #Acte23 #GiletsJaunes #ActeXXIII #Yellowvests #France
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