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🚀🤖 The future of AI is here! Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, recently spoke at Google I/O about how AI can be more helpful for people, businesses, and communities. Let's explore some highlights from his speech! #FutureofAI @sundarpichai @GoogleAI

A quick recap🍿👇 Image
📈🌍 With generative AI, Google is reimagining all its core products, including search. Pichai gave examples of how generative AI is already helping evolve products like Gmail and Maps. #AIadvancements #GoogleMaps #Gmail
📧🗺️ In Gmail, Help Me Write uses AI to draft emails for users, and in Maps, Immersive View for Routes allows users to see their whole trip in advance. These advancements in AI will continue to improve and make our lives easier. #HelpMeWrite #ImmersiveView Image
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1/ @PhotonsHedge leads the financial revolution with tokenization, bridging liquidity gaps between traditional assets and on-chain finance. Here, sensitive data are replaced with tokens, ensuring security and efficiency for our investor’s assets.

🧵A Thread
2/ @BCG predicts a $16T business opportunity by 2030 through tokenizing illiquid assets. However, @PhotonsHedge is prepared to empower its investors with access to untapped markets, diversifying portfolios, and unlocking new investment opportunities.
@BCG 3/ As a financial service provider, @PhotonsHedge leverages platforms like Liquidity Hub by @Ripple that can unlock real-world opportunities with usability and interoperability. This will help provide a seamless bridge traditional fiat system with the new world of crypto.
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Best practices for Kubernetes Pods 🧵

#Kubernetes #devops
1/11: 🎯 Single Responsibility Principle 🎯

Assign each Pod a single responsibility, focusing on a specific process or task. By keeping pods lean and focused, you enhance maintainability and avoid unnecessary complexity. #Modularity #ContainerOrchestration
2/11: ⚙️ Resource Allocation ⚙️

Allocate CPU and memory resources to each Pod based on its workload. Keep in mind the QoS Levels:
- Guaranteed (requests == limit)
- Burstable (requests < limit)
- BestEffort (no limit specified)
#ResourceOptimization #Efficiency
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"The Significance of Trading: Benefits and Drawbacks"

A thread 👇🏻🧵
Trading plays a vital role in the global economy. It facilitates the exchange of goods, services, and financial instruments, bringing numerous benefits and some drawbacks. Let's explore its importance and advantages/disadvantages in this thread. #TradingMatters
Importance of trading #1: Trading promotes economic growth by expanding market reach. It allows businesses to access a wider customer base, both domestically and internationally, driving competition and innovation. #EconomicGrowth #MarketExpansion
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1/ Exciting news! @PhotonsHedge elevates asset management with ENS Layer 2 (Off-chain Data Support), boosting scalability, efficiency, and security for digital assets.

A Thread🧵
2/ Ever since Lead Developer at ENS @nicksdjohnson announced in a 2022 tweet, the 1st version of the implementation of ENS off-chain resolution, it has grown to become the most widely integrated blockchain naming standard. This unprecedented growth is the reason for our adoption.
@nicksdjohnson 3/ With ENS Layer 2, @PhotonsHedge can provide seamless resolution services across the entire ecosystem which includes wallets (e.g @TrustWallet), apps (e.g @opensea), and browsers extensions (e.g @brave), enabling investors to leverage the benefits of these scalable solutions.
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Want to make the most out of @midjourney and other image diffusion models w/ us & the AI gurus at @ohnahji? 💡Here's a pro tip: drill down your prompt to use the tool quickly and efficiently! ⚡️ Get the results you need in no time #imageprocessing #deeplearning #productivityhack
One key way to boost your image diffusion model output is with demonyms in your prompts! What… is THAT? 🤣No, Demonyms have nothing to do with demons lol, they describe inhabitants of a place and help create more specific prompts for better results. #demonyms #promptingtips
In this thread we'll focus on West African country demonyms and show you how to use them in your image prompts for better results. Here are 10:

Nigerian 🇳🇬
Ghanaian 🇬🇭
Senegalese 🇸🇳
Ivorian 🇨🇮
Malian 🇲🇱
Beninese 🇧🇯
Guinean 🇬🇳
Liberian 🇱🇷
Sierra Leonean 🇸🇱
Togolese 🇹🇬
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Revolutionizing decentralized storage with high throughput & low fees ⚡️

A threat to the Web2 cloud behemoths ⚔️

Call it the decentralized Dropbox or Airbnb for cloud storage ☁️

Here's an in-depth look at @Filecoin 🧵 Image
🤔 Think of Filecoin as an online marketplace to store data, where you can rent out storage just as you'd rent a room at @Airbnb

The idea behind Filecoin was to provide a decentralized solution to online storage providers & protocols & eliminate the need for central data storage
💡 Why Filecoin?

💾 Dependable data storage on a decentralized P2P network

🔐 Resilience to hacking, censorship, & outages

💰 Incentives for honest actors & participation

🔨 Unique business model for users with bidding on the open market

🌐 Open source code Image
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📣 New EU Gas Exit Pathway: EU can halve its #fossilgas use by 2030 & completely phase it out by 2050, with less renewable #hydrogen than planned in #REPowerEU while fully ensuring security of supply, without disruptive behavioral changes. Findings ⬇️ 1/9
An accelerated #fossilgas phase-out is possible through structural demand reductions in #energy, #buildings & #industry➡️ key measures: a quick ramp-up of #renewableenergy, electrification and energy efficiency. 2/9 Image
In the power sector, the fastest way to reduce gas demand is by ramping up wind & solar. Aim: 70% renewables-based power generation by 2030 & 85% by 2040. Deep geothermal & large-scale heat pumps will also help reduce gas demand in district heating generation. 3/9 Image
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🚀 1/ Excited to share our (with Aydar Bulatov and @yurakuratov ) report on scaling Recurrent Memory Transformer to 2M (yes, two millions)😮 tokens! 🧠🌐 #AI #NLP #DeepLearning Image
2/ 📈 We've tackled the quadratic complexity of attention in #Transformers by combining token-based memory & segment-level recurrence, using RMT.
🔸 RMT adapts to any Transformer family model
🔸 Memory tokens provide the recurrent connection 🎛️💡 #AI #NLP #DeepLearning Image
3/ 🧠 We tested RMT's memorization capabilities with synthetic datasets requiring fact memorization, detection, & reasoning. The model must separate facts from irrelevant text and use them to answer questions in a 6-class classification. 🎯 #AI #NLP #DeepLearning Image
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1/ AI is already impacting the financial industry in a big way, and the same goes for hedge funds. It has the potential to provide insights that are not possible with human analysis, making it an essential tool for the hedge fund industry.

A Thread 🧵
2/ Hedge funds can use AI to identify patterns and make predictions that were not possible before. This is important in a market where every second counts, and a slight edge can make all the difference. #DataScience #MachineLearning #HedgeFunds @KirkDBorne
@KirkDBorne 3/ One of the ways Photons Hedge is leveraging AI is by using natural language processing to analyze news and social media sentiment. This helps the fund to understand how the market is reacting to news and events, enabling them to make better-informed trades. #SentimentAnalysis
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🚀 Boostez la productivité de votre équipe avec le #MindMapping ! Libérez les #talents, osez la collaboration et facilitez la gestion de projets complexes. Êtes-vous prêt à changer de regard sur votre flux de travail ? 🌟 #ProductivityHacks #Innovation
🧠💡 Pourquoi s'en tenir à des notes linéaires quand on peut créer un camp de base plus visuel ? Une #MindMap respecte le fonctionnement du cerveau. Aide à repérer des connexions cachées et stimule des idées novatrices. #BrainPower #CreativityUnleashed
🤝 La collaboration est la clé ! Grâce au #mindmapping, votre équipe peut partager des points de vue, des connaissances et des idées. Même des controverses. Bâtir un esprit de corps plus fort avec ce puissant outil visuel. #TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork #Collaboration
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🌐🌊 Know Your Key LNG Players: Baker Hughes 🏭

Baker Hughes is a global leader in the LNG industry, providing reliable and efficient gas turbine solutions to power LNG facilities worldwide. 💨🌍 1/8
Their range of gas turbines includes both aeroderivative and frame turbines, as well as power generation turbine packages. 🔌🏭 #BakerHughes #LNG #GasTurbines 2/8
In 2017, Baker Hughes acquired GE's turbine business, including both aeroderivative and frame turbines.

This acquisition has enabled Baker Hughes to provide even more comprehensive solutions to their LNG customers. 🤝🏭 #Acquisition #GE #TurbineBusiness 3/8
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Fuel Gas System
1/8 "LNG Plant Explained: A Deep Dive into Key Processing Units 🏭🌐

Spotlight Fuel Gas System - The energy supplier of LNG plants!"
2/8 🔥⛽ Fuel Gas System Focus: Let's examine Fuel Gas Systems in LNG plants.

Their main purpose?

Supply the necessary fuel gas to power plant processes and equipment. #LNG #FuelGasSystem
3/8 Feeding the energy demand!

Fuel Gas Systems distribute natural gas or other fuel sources to various plant equipment, like gas turbines, heaters, and boilers.

It's like an internal energy network! #GasDistribution 🚰🔥
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1/8 "LNG Plant Explained: A Deep Dive into Key Processing Units 🏭🌐

Spotlight Flare and Vent Systems - The safety valves of LNG plants!"
2/8 🔥🌬️ Flare and Vent Systems Focus: Let's take a closer look at Flare and Vent Systems in LNG plants.

Their primary function?

Safely release excess gases and maintain pressure control. #LNG #FlareAndVent
3/8 Safety first!

Flare Systems burn off excess gases that cannot be processed or used, helping to prevent overpressure in equipment and pipelines.

It's like having a release valve for gas pressure! #Flaring 🔥🔧
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1/8 "LNG Plant Explained: A Deep Dive into Key Processing Units 🏭🌐

Spotlight Power Generation - The powerhouse of LNG plants!"
2/8 ⚡🔌 Power Generation Focus: Let's explore Power Generation in LNG plants.

Their goal?

Provide the electricity needed to run various processes and maintain safe, efficient operations. #LNG #PowerGeneration
3/8 Energizing LNG plants! Power Generation Units generate electricity from various sources like gas turbines, steam turbines, or a combination of both.

It's all about providing the juice to keep things running! #Electricity 💡🔋
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1/8 "LNG Plant Explained: A Deep Dive into Key Processing Units 🏭🌐

Spotlight Pig Launchers/Receivers & Slug Catchers - The cleaning crew of the natural gas world!"
2/8 🐷🌪️ Pig Launchers/Receivers & Slug Catchers Focus: Let's delve into Pig Launchers/Receivers and Slug Catchers, essential components in LNG plants that receive gas from subsea wells.

Their mission?

Maintain pipeline cleanliness and handle liquid slugs.
3/8 Pipeline hygiene matters!

Pig Launchers and Receivers are used to insert and retrieve pigs, special devices that clean, inspect, or maintain pipelines, ensuring optimal gas flow. #Pigging 🐷🧹
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1/6 "LNG Plant Explained: A Deep Dive into Key Processing Units 🏭🌐

Spotlight Subsea Support Facility - The underwater backbone of the natural gas world!"
2/6 🌊⚙️ Subsea Support Facility Focus: Let's dive into Subsea Support Facilities, crucial components in LNG projects when the gas is coming to the shore from a subsea pipeline.

Their role?

Safely support subsea infrastructure and operations. #LNG #SubseaSupport
3/6 Deep-sea support!

Subsea Support Facilities are integral to offshore natural gas production, aiding in the installation, operation, and maintenance of subsea equipment. #OffshoreOperations 🌊🔧
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🧭 Decision-making

The art of choosing the right path in the maze of life. It's tough, but guess what? We've got some kickass strategies to make it a breeze. Let's dive in! 🌪️ #DecisionMaking #Thread

2/ 🤔 First things first

Understand that making decisions is like flexing a muscle. The more you do it, the better you get at it. Embrace the process and watch your decision-making skills level up! #GrowthMindset
3/ 🎯 Strategy #1

List it out. Write down your options, pros, and cons for each. Visualize the choices and compare them. Seeing everything laid out can make tough decisions way easier to navigate. #Clarity
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$ADS 🧵for all my new followers, welcome!🤝 :
@AlkimiExchange is a decentralized ad exchange on @Constellation Hypergraph, targeting fraud prevention, cost savings & transparency. HGTP ensures speed, security & scalability, benefiting stakeholders in digital advertising.
Opportunity: Decentralized ad exchanges challenge Facebook & Google's dominance, using Hypergraph's feeless transactions. Obtainable market: $50m p.a., potential growth to $150m p.a., total addressable market: $1.58bn.
Problem: Centralized ad exchanges cause inefficiencies, "ad tech tax," & slow pages. Solution: @AlkimiExchange tackles these issues, aiming to enhance publisher revenue & user experience.
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#Scenarios: "we present a model that extrapolates observed growth in #millionaire numbers (1990–2020) and associated changes in #emissions to 2050. Our findings suggest that the share of US$2020-millionaires in the world population will grow ...…
... from 0.7% today to 3.3% in 2050, and cause accumulated emissions of 286 Gt CO2. This is equivalent to 72% of the remaining carbon budget, and significantly reduces the chance of stabilizing climate change at 1.5 °C."

#CarbonInequality #inequality
"most recent assessment indicates changes in distribution, with the top 1% now being responsible for 17% of total #emissions, the top 10% for 48%, and the bottom half of the world population for only 12% (in 2019). These numbers illustrate the role of the #wealthy in ...
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Looking for an easy and economical way to reduce your household's carbon footprint?

Check out these alternative energy options that you can easily implement at home! 🧵⤵️

#solarenergy #windpower #geothermal #bioenergy #hydroenergy #carbonfootprint Looking for an easy and economical way to reduce your househ
1/ Solar power is one of the most popular alternative #energy options for households.

It's easy to install and maintain, and can significantly reduce your electricity bills. #solarenergy #gogreen ⤵️
2/ Wind power is another great #alternativeenergy option for households.

Small-scale #windturbines can be installed on your property and generate #electricity for your home. #windpower #cleanenergy ⤵️
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Today, @Ofgem published information about #ECO3, the third iteration of the Energy Company Obligation which sees #energy suppliers helping low-income and vulnerable households save money on their bills through the installation of energy #efficiency and heating measures. 🧵
ECO3 was a four-year scheme running from 2018 to 2022, and today’s announcement confirms that the obligation on suppliers to deliver just over £8.2 billion of lifetime bill savings for customers was surpassed by almost £300 million.
The ECO schemes have been running for ten years, since 2013, and have in total reached 2.4 million households, saving £19.3 billion on bills and 58.2 MtCO2e.

Read the Ofgem report here:…
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[Scaling Procurement]

People [and Diesel] are the single most important asset to your business and without the right people, business fails.

#dogsoftwitter #helpinghand
Developing a process to scale allows the #people to make sure the business can execute on companies objectives and #goals. #Bitcoin

Here are 5 steps to help your #procurement process.
Step 1: Streamline your procurement process by implementing a solution that includes project management for defined timelines and real-time project visibility. #procurement #projectmanagement #efficiency
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💡 Did you know that artificial intelligence (AI) can provide numerous benefits to small businesses?

#AI #tech #ChatGPT
Here's how it's done:
1/5🤖 Automation: AI can automate routine tasks, giving small business owners more time to focus on more important tasks. #AI #automation #smallbusiness
2/5 💻 Increased efficiency: AI is capable of analyzing large amounts of data and providing insights that can assist small businesses in making better decisions. #AI #efficiency #smallbusiness
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