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The key points to prepare for your KCNA (Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate) exam.

1. Understanding Kubernetes fundamentals such as Kubernetes resources, architecture, API, containers, and scheduling

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2. Container orchestration concepts such as runtime, security, networking, service mesh, storage, and container orchestration fundamentals.

3. Cloud-native architecture such as autoscaling, serverless, community and governance, roles and personas, and open standards.

4. Cloud-native observabilities such as telemetry & observability, Prometheus, and cost management.

5. Cloud-native application deliveries such as application delivery fundamentals, GitOps, continuous integration, and continuous delivery/continuous deployment (CI/CD).

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Materials I used to pass my #KCNA exam....

Whether you are currently preparing for your Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate (KCNA) exam or have a goal to get certified later, these are the materials I used to pass my exam 👇

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📍CNCF Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate exam course by Andrew brown (ExamPro)

📍Paid version

The paid version contains practice questions and some pdf materials, quizes... so make your choice 👇
📍Collated resources on github by Moabukar

Prior to the exam I have hands on knowledge of kubernetes though.

My advice is that you get some practical knowledge by practising in your K8s cluster, this will be easier to undertand than reading theory. 👇
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On the genesis of "denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula," a loaded term coined by #KimIlSung (조선반도의 비핵화) in 1975, how we have come to love Big Brother & what it means, & why @POTUS admin is right to say "denuclearization of North Korea." @Mister_G_2 @freekorea_us 1/
At their meeting on April 18, 1975, Mao rejected Kim 's request for help building the bomb. Thereafter, Kim came up with the idea of calling for withdrawal of US nuclear warheads from SK while calling for a “Korean Peninsula Nuclear-Free Zone.” (Thae Yong Ho, 2018 Memoir, 44). 2/
In 1980 Kim announced with Japan Socialist Party in a joint statement “Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.” (Thae, 45). In 1985 Kim announced “Korean Peninsula Nuclear-Free Peace Zone” and joined the IAEA, while pursuing the nuclearization of the DPRK. 3/
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#NorthKorea #Southkorea #Pyongyang #PROPAGANDA #KCNA

North korsas propaganda mashine KCNA publishes a seriouae warning in witch they warn the south korean authority that North korea wont accept any violation of its sea waters threw South korea.
As the KCNA says South Korean Ships entered Northkoreas waters on the search of dead body. Northkorea shooted a Southkorean official 2 days ago as the official was close to the international border. Its unclear if he tryed to defect to Northkorea.
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#KCNA 8/14: #KimJongUn relieved Premier Kim Jae Ryong of #DPRK Cabinet & appointed Kim Tok Hun new premier.

Before much meaningless verbiage is spilled over the meaning of this, here's former NK diplomat @Thaeyongho on hierarchy & myth of "Military-First Politics." My tr. 1/
“Many N. Korea experts in the South assessed that in the wake of Kim Jong Il brandishing his “Military Politics” slogan during the famine of the late-1990s, power in the DPRK had shifted from the party to the military. Since Kim Jong Un came to power," 2/
"they offered up the analysis that power had shifted back from the military to the party. Some assess who is No. 2 and No. 3 etc. in the hierarchy based on nominal rank alone. All this is an empty feast of words due to ignorance of the role of the central party." 3/
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Some quick analysis on KJU & his latest politburo meeting on #COVID19 yesterday because this is not just about #NorthKorea reporting a potential outbreak for the first time, as significant & newsworthy as that is. Image
Background: Despite sharing a long border with China, #NorthKorea claims it does not have a single confirmed case of #COVID19, which is hard to believe. But without access, we have no way right now of knowing the truth, and I think we need to be skeptical of all info from #DPRK.
What I do see: KJU has been using fear of the #COVID19 pandemic as a way to rally his people against this outside threat. It’s part of a domestic political campaign to win the people’s loyalty after the disappointments of 2019. I wrote about this in Feb:…
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#KimYoJong reveals her true colors. #KCNA full text:

Kim Yo Jong, first vice department director of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, released the following statement on Saturday:

I fully sympathize with the statement released by the director of the 1/
United Front Department of the Central Committee of the WPK yesterday.

If the south Korean authorities have now capability and courage to carry out at once the thing they have failed to do for the past two years, why are the north-south relations still in stalemate like now? 2/
We should not lend an ear to and trust the trite language let out by them for only form's sake as they always make a fuss belatedly, nor pardon the sins committed by the betrayers and human scum.

Getting stronger day by day are the unanimous voices of all our people 3/
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#NorthKorea has published #KimJongUn take on what happened in Hanoi. He positions himself as the rational, flexible person in US-DPRK #nuclear negotiations. Essentially says US team came unprepared & disorganized. #KCNA
Kim: “In a word, the U.S. did not ready itself to sit face to face with us and settle the problem nor had a clear direction and methodology.” So Kim’s getting a taste for how things work these days in the White House.
While including the usual threats & pinning blame for Hanoi breakdown on US, Kim does make clear he’s open to negotiation. That means signaling this week from @TheBlueHouseENG @TheWhiteHouse paid off. #Kim got the assurance he needed that #NorthKorea remains priority for #Trump.
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