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Thread: The Electoral College: Thwarting Direct Democracy and Enabling Minority Tyranny 🗳️⚖️

1️⃣Let's talk about the Electoral College and how it impacts our democracy. 🇺🇸 #ElectoralCollege #DirectDemocracy #MinorityTyranny Image
2️⃣ The Electoral College is an outdated system that distorts the principle of "one person, one vote." 🙅‍♂️🗳️ It gives disproportionate power to states with smaller populations, diminishing the voice of the majority. #OnePersonOneVote #RepresentationMatters Image
3️⃣ Under the Electoral College, candidates focus on swing states while largely ignoring others. This means that citizens in non-battleground states often feel neglected and their concerns overlooked. 🗺️⚖️ #SwingStates #NeglectedVoices Image
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Recently, Netflix released the film "Kathal," lauded by many as a heartwarming satire addressing caste prejudices and gender bias. Intrigued, I decided to watch it. However, the film left me exhausted and unsatisfied. #FilmReview #Kathal #CastePrejudice…
While the actors delivered decent performances, the storyline was mediocre at best, with tasteless humor sprinkled here and there. It's puzzling why so many reviewers praised the film for addressing casteism, when most of them come from privileged castes. #SavarnaGaze
"Kathal" lacks a deep understanding of how caste functions in rural spaces. The film's creative team treats caste issues superficially, as if it were a trending topic to capitalize on. Stereotypical scenes about caste discrimination feel performative and inauthentic.
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Diversity is an ongoing commitment, fostering inclusivity requires continuous effort & awareness. Let's make #WordCamps more representative & inclusive!
#RepresentationMatters #WordPress
A 🧵 following up the #WCLisboa #Diversity panel w/ @zetaraffix & @JhamileAbuabara
🌟 Proactive Outreach & Engagement:
Reach out to underrepresented communities, organizations and individuals, encouraging them to submit talk proposals and participate in the speaker selection process to amplify diverse voices on stage!
💪 Mentorship Programs:
Establish #Mentorship programs to support and guide individuals from underrepresented groups who are interested in speaking at #WordCamps. Pair them with experienced speakers who can provide guidance, feedback, and support throughout the process.
🧵 3/12
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A 🧵:

Representation matters.

Seeing someone who looks like you in a position of authority is empowering.

#RepresentationMatters #appellatetwitter #lawtwitter

Not only can it inspire you to pursue a similar career, but hearing from such speakers can give you valuable insights into how to triumph over challenges & opportunities you may encounter.

This is why we hold so many judicial brown bags every year for our students.

During these sessions, state and federal judges speak to a small group of students and answer their questions.

Over the past few weeks, we've been honored to have been joined by judges from the Seventh and Eleventh Circuits, DC Court of Appeals,

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Thought I’d show some Black joy from this year’s #MatchDay. Because sometimes we don’t see that enough.

And there IS joy.

Especially on this day.

The ancestors are surely rejoicing. I know I am.

I think the words of Jill Scott will say it best. . .
“I'm taking my freedom
Pulling it off the shelf
Putting it on my chain
Wear it around my neck

I'm taking my freedom
Putting it in my car
Wherever I choose to go
It will take me far . . .”

“I'm livin' my life like it's golden

Livin' my life like it's golden

Livin' my life like it's golden

Livin' my life like it's golden

Livin' my life like it's golden, golden . . .”
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Here is our Twitter #thread on why supporting campaigns of women running for office is crucial for achieving gender equality and social justice:
In a world where women make up half the population, their voices and perspectives need to be represented in government and multilateral organizations. By supporting women running for office, we can ensure that our leadership is more diverse, representative, and effective.
Women in leadership positions have been shown to prioritize issues like healthcare, education, and social welfare that benefit families and communities. By voting for more women to office, we can make progress on these important issues
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Just so everyone knows how to pronounce Bebe Avalance name it’s eh-lean


(One of) Her canonical nickname(s) is pronounced eh-lee-in. Bebe is another of her canonical nicknames

#TeamElien #AvalanceBabyShower #SaveLegendsOfTomorrow
Gary and Gideon first child is named Nippla. They are non-binary and Elien’s best friend.

Gary and Gideon’s second child is a daughter Gigi (see latest @BeebosLegends)

#TeamElien #AvalanceBabyShower #SaveLegendsOfTomorrow
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I was fortunate to be invited to @WhiteHouse to engage in an event called “Communities in Action: Building A Better Michigan” put on by the @WhiteHouseOPE46

While I’m honored to have been invited, it started off with an incident that, I feel, justified my very presence…(1/5) Tabletop name tag saying Dr. Oluwaferanmi Okanlami : Univers
We were directed to an address to have a COVID test before entering. As we approached, it was apparent that there was no wheelchair access. I was w/ state rep from Kalamazoo, Julie Rogers, & she went in to let them know I was waiting outside and couldn’t get in. (2/5) A brick building with stairs leading up to a door. A sign sa
Once inside @WhiteHouse, I used that as an opportunity to talk about how we can implement wonderful policies, but if the very people who are intended to benefit from those policies can’t even physically access them, all we are doing is further exacerbating this disparity.(3/5) A black man in a long white coat seated at the head of a lon
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Great coverage of our last event with Balbriggan Youth Forum visiting Howth.
Find out more
If you know a 15-18 year old who'd like to join, get in touch.
Our next trip will be to Dáil Éireann.
#Youth #representation #engaging
Alt text: gif with green and red background, BYF logo and a photo of a newspaper clipping from the Fingal Independent with photos of our trip to howth lifeboat and fishing piers
Thanks @fingalindo for sharing our adventures with the wider community. Representation matters and we appreciate your support.
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Next live tweet here at the audio fiction track of #PM22 is starting! This session is on making ✨cinematic✨ audio with @misty_flores, @naomicshah, Zackary Grady, Adam Pincus, and @picturestart! 🎥 Emmanuelle Stahler, Naomi S...
Q for Shah: Green Mountain is like "if a Hallmark movie were inclusive" 😂 -- how did Shah get into audio? What's their process?

A: Diversity and representation are factored into every single step of development. Why hasn't a project like this been greenlit? #PM22
Every single aspect of the business model of @meetcuteromcoms has diversity and inclusion baked in, behind the mic and in front.

Hollywood gives pushback on diversity, but for Meet Cute, it's helped them expand their audience! See the Edison research tweets from earlier #PM22
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Livetweet of the #PM22 opening keynotes start here! Up first: a game of podcasting Never Have I Ever! Matt Marr and Demona Hoffma...
Up first for keynotes: @gsoto777 from @edisonresearch presenting data from the annual Infinite Dial, 2022 edition. There was a dip in listenership this year--let's dive into why 👀 (spoilers: it's rona) #PM22 Gabriel Soto walking on sta...
When surveyed, podcast listeners largely said they listen to podcasts at home--but another huge portion of listeners said they listen in the car. And commutes to and from work... uhhhh... well... #PM22
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Months ago, while we were tracing down rumors of arts funding being given to the RDDC, we learned about their plan to create a Business Improvement District in Downtown Rochester, NY #roc 🧵
It sounds innocuous right? A "Business Improvement District"? Kind of like FHA loans and the GI Bill. Sounds good but when they started, they didn't help everyone. (first saw @shane_wiegand at @540wmain's Gentrification Conference )
They provided the opportunities to create wealth to only the white population. While eventually the civil rights movement pushed them to include everyone, decades of a head start, and decades of disinvestment has led us to the major disparities in wealth we have today.
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She’s at #CAAAmplify y’all! (Shout out to @franklinleonard)
An independent McKinsey study co-sponsored by the McKinsey Institute for Black Economic Empowerment, the entertainment industry is among the worst performers on DEI of any major American industry. #CAAAmplify
According to Sheldon Lyn from McKinsey, there is progress in the industry, but it's Black professionals creating opportunities for other Black professionals. #CAAAmplify
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Honored to be in this montage, created by Dr. @ebolivera. RT if you believe #RepresentationMatters, that #ImmigrantsBelongHere, that kids need role models who look like them, and that a diverse workforce improves healthcare.
Thank you, in advance, for helping to amplify this beautiful display of Latinx diversity in healthcare. Here at your service. 🙏🏾
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Another look at the risk to AP designation if the CRT Ban passes from the @ocregister @roxanakopetman…
Let's review what CRT is, in light of the fact that proponents of these bans think ANYTHING that mentions race or equity is CRT…
Recognition that race is not biologically real but is socially constructed and socially significant.
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Encouraged by a very + response to the "RFA" for our new Summer Research Institute (SRI) Heart +Lung +Blood Program (CHP2SRIP) for undergraduate students from under-represented backgrounds, funded by @nih_nhlbi (R25 HL158295) and now part of the SRI Program at @ChildrensPgh 1/3
Indeed, we had 67 undergraduate students from groups URiM apply to the @ChildrensPgh SRI Program this year, compared with 5 such applicants last year (a nearly 14-fold increase)! Very grateful for the leadership + help from Drs. Sunder Sims-Lucas + Michelle Manni in our team. 2/3
Very appreciative of help from friends at @PittTweet, other institutions, + @atscommunity for "spreading the word". First step of a long journey, but looking forward to the future! @NHLBI_LUNGDir @PittPediatrics #NextGen #RepresentationMatters #HealthEquity #Diversity #SiSePuede
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Professional Update: This is my last week in the Prime Ministers Office & in the 🇨🇦 Government.

As a Kid from #Scarborough, my 16 year old self would not have dreamed this 👇🏽
I wouldn't say my journey is unique. But here is my story of a young brown kid who wasn't sure if he would graduate high school to working in the highest office & whose love for serving people & 🇨🇦 grew.

A few reflections & many people to thank 🙏🏽.
Born to immigrant parents 🇮🇳🇧🇧🇬🇧 in the diverse neighbourhoods of #ThorncliffePark & #Scarborough there were moments growing up my life could have taken a different path.

A postal code shouldn't determine access to opportunity & success, but it remains the reality for many.
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A few personal insights about the @EncantoMovie about the Madrigals, a fictional Colombian family. The location of Encanto is based on the Valley of Cocora in the beautiful coffee-growing region of the country. You can see tall palm trees, called Palma de Cera 🇨🇴
My wife’s paternal grandfather, Armando Dugand, successfully postulated the Palma de Cera to be the national tree of Colombia. He was the first Director of the Institute of Natural Sciences of the National University of Colombia (1940-1953) and the son of a French immigrant
Colombia is a geographically diverse country, with coasts on the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, snowy peaks in the Andes mountains, a desert in the north, and vast jungles around the Orinoco and Amazon rivers. The country has the second richest biodiversity worldwide
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2-year-old Kenzo Brooks is going viral after his parents took photos of his joyful reaction to the 'Encanto' character Antonio on their TV screen.
Mom Kaheisha Brand shared the pics on the family's Instagram, @ KatchingUpWithKenzo, with the hashtag #RepresentationMatters.
'It means the world to me, again, I didn't have the same experience growing up,' Brand said, via Good Morning America. 'I do believe there is power in representation and it does empower young Black and brown children.'
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It occurred to me that some may think I “waste” time on Twitter (as I primarily Tweet during my evenings/weekends when I am not working). As a #Hyperlexic , my first & most natural language is actually writing because I take in such inordinate amounts of sensory data… 🧵
…so, when I Tweet I am actually doing a number of things which folx may not realize: 1) I am processing my 💡ideas 💡, some of which are incorporated into my 📕 projects: they may be saved for later or might even inspire a cathartic impromptu writing session…
2) I am engaging with a global community of advocates & amazing humans of multiple ages, across all time zones & representing diverse intersecting lenses specifically because my specialization is understanding perspectives which are different from my own, and this enriches me…
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BIG NEWS: We have our first election results in!!!…

Congrats to @BenDionNH, the newest member-elect of the Manchester School Board in New Hampshire!!!!
@BenDionNH Another Manchester School Board win!!!!!!!

@ArgeropoulosNH has been elected to the Manchester School Board At-Large!!!

Go Peter!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉
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(1/11) How do you think overall cardiovascular mortality has changed in the United States from 1950 until now? #CVDPrevention2021 #ph260720
(2/11) It has decreased significantly! This has been due to reduction in risk factors and increases in medical and surgical therapies. @American_Heart and George Mensah (@NHLBI_Translate). Read “Decline in Cardiovascular Mortality”…
#hearthealth #ph260720
(3/11) However, health disparities persist. Did you know that black adults are more likely to die from CVD than white adults in the US? @American_Heart and the Center for Health Metrics and Evaluation visual:…
#healthdisparities, #hearthealth #ph260720
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I’m starting on the gyn surgery service and I had the opportunity to scrub with a Black female attending. During my 8 weeks on surgery, I only worked with one Black physician and it was the amazing Dr. Elegbede during an overnight shift.
I say that to just emphasize that representation matterssssss!!!! Even for someone like me that’s already in medical school. I grew up not seeing doctors that look like me. I attended med school classes where the professors didn’t look me.
And now I’m seeing first hand the discrepancy of Black physicians in “competitive” specialities. Students are watching this. We still need motivation that hey that dope Black doc did it and so can I.
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Remember that take from 2014 by @nytimes from @Nate_Cohn and his editor @DLeonhardt that insisted that more and more US Latinos were identifying as white?

They were wrong.
A refresher for those who are asking.…
And then the very fabulous @HCorderoGuzman wrote this in 2014 as well.…
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