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Thanks to the 400+ 😳 #WGAwriters who virtually attended the staffing panel tonight! Had a great time gabbing w/ @WalkerTVWriter @davyperez @MaybeLaurenTy @glenisemullins & @capitalWLD & sharing my thoughts & advice. #TVstaffing is HARD, y’all. If I can do it, so can you! #faith
Answering more questions from the Q&A -

Q1: What are examples of questions you ask execs/showrunners during a staffing meeting?
A1: With execs, what they like about the show, where they hope it goes, changes they wanna see, etc. Remember any stories they tell about development.
A1(pt2): With showrunners, I’ll ask show questions & questions based on my exec meeting, but also what they expect of their writers, how they like to run their room, what they think the biggest challenge of breaking the series will be, etc. Make it clear I’m ready for that work!
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It wasn't too long ago that these signs were prominent across the US. Freed Irish endentured servants (not slaves) occupied the 5 points district in NY alongside freed Black slaves. Our communities formed a brotherhood and stood in solidarity with one another. 1/
Our language and culture were eradicated, our land stolen and our people killed by forces that didn't think Irish people were civilised enough to be part of society. We fought back, and in doing so we "became white." But we did not do this alone 2/
Bernadette Devlin, upon receiving the key to NY city, gave it to the Black Panthers. When Irish people were being starved during the Great Hunger, Native American tribes donated money to our cause. Nowadays, everyone thinks the Irish are great! 3/
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We don't need to wait for specific incidents to talk about racism with kids (especially white kids), but with the murder of #GeorgeFloyd, folks are thinking more about this. As a child psychologist in Mpls, I am getting questions about this, so here is a thread w/ resources. 1/
2/ Below are general guidelines as well as some links to specific books that can help start conversations with children about race, racism, anti-racism, and white privilege. Feel free to add your own!
3/ Books, including Something Happened in My Town (to discuss police-involved shootings/murders) and Not My Idea (for white families), and the reasoning behind reading them:…………
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My mom said we should speak Thai in public so we don’t get targeted for speaking Mandarin and I think it’s so sweet that she’s nice enough to believe that these stupid fucking racists can differentiate between Asian languages
Since this is getting some traction, please consider supporting @CAPEUSA this #APAHM in their mission to increase Asian representation in entertainment #RepresentationMatters
Most of us aren’t violent racists, but we all have biases and blind spots in our knowledge of the world. Let’s all listen with an open mind (you don’t have to agree or debate) so we can at least treat each other like human beings. Leave someone better off than when you met them.
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#AutisticWhileBlack to answer @lilririah 's question about black autistic acceptance and priorities : I can't speak for all of us because we are not a monolithic group 1/
What I can say is that the autism conversation is dominated by ableism, the presumption of incompetence, socioeconomic privilege in general and lack of representation marginalized groups in particular. 2/
The concepts of #AutismAwareness #AutismAcceptance and #DisabilityRights are infused with class and race privilege. Disabled Black activists' champion multiple causes because our survival depends on doing so. It is not a choice. 3/
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📢 New project by @DisVisibility

Disability Visibility Book Circle 📚

Funds for Video Conference Book Events by Disabled* Writers 🖥💵💬📖

📆 Deadline: May 1, 2020

#DisabilityVisibility #OwnVoices #CripLit #AccessIsLove #RepresentationMatters Graphic with a border with various circles of refracted light in pastel yellow, green, blue, and pink. In the center black text: Disability Visibility Book Circle, Funds for Video Conference Book Events by Disabled Writers. Deadline: May 1, 2020, On the lower right corner is a QR code
The coronavirus pandemic has changed everyone’s lives. It is a privilege to have a book published and yet the pressure to promote can be incredibly difficult and inaccessible for many disabled writers at the best of times but especially now.
With book tours and launches delayed or postponed, the Disability Visibility Book Circle is offering one-time grants of $1000 for 15 disabled writers in the US who already have books published this year or plan to have books published in 2020 through June 30, 2021.
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For more about #CripCamp:

View the trailer

Trailer w/ audio descriptions:

Collection of reviews & articles:…
Let’s talk about the power of disability activism, culture, and community! Share your burning questions, stories & critiques!

Everyone is welcome to ask questions throughout the chat but there will be time set aside for discussion with Jim and Nicole in the last 15 minutes.
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1/9 Last week I filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against @ACOG The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists pursuant to Title VI of the Civil Rights
Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. § 2000d et seq. (“Title VI”).
2/9 The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is in violation of Title VI as it has intentionally discriminated against me on the basis of race by denying me the opportunity to participate as a member of one of its integral planning or advisory bodies,
3/9 the @PtSafetyCouncil Council on Patient Safety in Women’s Healthcare.A meeting was scheduled with ACOG leadership on January 10th & it did not take place.The meeting was to include ACOG CEO Dr. Maureen Phipps & the current Chair & Vice Chair of the Council on Patient Safety,
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Parasite is such a profoundly personal film for me, not just as a Korean, but as someone who at one point grew up in not-too-different circumstances than the ones in the film. Here comes a thread about representation, and how pride and poverty coexist in Korean culture. 1/13
My mother passed away when I was in elementary school. After that, my dad and I struggled emotionally and financially. There was a period of a couple years where we didn’t have anywhere to live, and so we lived with other families who were kind enough to take us in. 2/13
I remember trying to fall asleep on the floors of complete strangers’ bedrooms in a sleeping bag. (The floor was fine. It was probably my dad snoring next to me.) At one point, we even lived in the attic of a church, which was an upgrade since we lived there on our own. 3/13
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I am interested in engaging in a nuanced exploration via this platform, if it’s at all possible. Please join in, and as always please try to be respectful. My mother was a registered nurse, and her last two jobs took place in a maximum security juvenile detention center and...1/?
A maximum security adult prison. I have considered writing something based on her life and based on her work as a nurse. Including based on stories she shared with me of her engagements with the prisoners she cared for. 2/?
As is the case in most prisons in our country, the vast majority of her patients were black and brown. So my questions as I think about this have to do with a reluctance to tell yet more stories in which black and brown characters are prisoners... 3/?
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I read 41 books this year (not including 5 I didn't finish because they weren't very good, and a handful I'm still reading). Here are some of my favorites:
The best non-fiction included
Oscar Martinez, A History of Violence (I wish every American would read this book) & @schemaly's Rage Becomes Her (I gifted several copies of this book this year)
@schemaly My favorite philosophical reads were @Plural_truth's Know it All Society, which seems pretty essential in today's social media-driven political world, and @SereneKhader's Decolonizing Universalism, which I only finished yesterday and wish I'd read sooner
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While I understand the need to winnow the field & Thursday's debate had more room for more discourse with fewer onstage, why can't there at least be a lower-polling debate? As I noted Thursday, I really felt the loss of Harris especially, but also Castro and Booker on stage.
This isn't 2016 when all the candidates were white and Hillary was to some degree Obama's heir-apparent. We began with six women and five POC. There are still five POC in the race (Harris out, Patrick in), but only one onstage. The absence is really apparent.
Sanders can turn every conversation about race, gender or LGBTQ to the billionaire class, but the fact is 75% of America is women and POC. White men are the minority. Maybe we should have a debate with just women and POC candidates? #RepresentationMatters
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Today I wrote (again) about women candidates getting negative media hype (turns out MSM let the insurance industry vet those anti-@ewarren pieces on #M4A).
I wrote over the weekend that @KamalaHarris had been featured negatively in stories promoting Biden's #NoMalarkeyBusTour.
Yet when @KamalaHarris launched HER #ForThePeople bus tour--no MSM spots promoting her.
Today Harris was with @rashadrobinson on the @VotingWhileBlk podcast.
Check out what the MSM is ignoring, because #RepresentationMatters:

Also: @ewarren had a ginormous rally this weekend that the MSM "forgot" to cover because Biden bought a bus. Here is a really moving moment from that event when she was asked whether someone had dissed her whose validation was important to her:

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Thread: #Kamala's historic campaign as only the 3rd Black woman to seek a major party nom (1st as top tier) isn't being met with the professionalism/culturally competent coverage it deserves. #RepresentationMatters so let these Black women reflect HOW it's done right. #Kamala2020
The media is often more interested in the horsesrace vs educating the public on a candidate. The GOLD STANDARD on researching/original substantive reporting is set by @juliacraven with a deep dive into #Kamala's Black maternal health work.…
We know that horsesrace coverage comes with the territory, however @emarvelous showed how to balance discussing the state of the race with providing space for rebuttal from #Kamala/supporters & providing perspective (i.e. acknowledging smear campaigns).…
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CN: assisted suicide

FYI, we have another #MeBeforeYou ableist clusterfuck coming up:

👀 “Susan Sarandon has voiced her support for assisted dying after taking on the role of a terminally ill woman.”…

#SuckItAbleism #RepresentationMatters #FilmDis
“In the film, Lily suffers from ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), which is a progressive degeneration of the nerve cells that control muscle movements. Around 80% of those diagnosed with it die within two to five years.”
“But despite her sympathy for those who choose to end their lives in such a position, Sarandon said it's not a choice she would make if she was terminally ill herself.”
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September is Deaf Awareness Month. If you're interested in the Deaf Culture/Deaf Ed/American Sign Language (ASL), here are a few things I've written about important issues facing our community
This is my personal favorite, about how hearing people enjoy and appropriate Deaf culture and ASL while simultaneously trying to eradicate d/Deaf people. (AKA--sign language for yuppie hearing babies, but not for deaf kids)…
About how the "least restrictive environment" for deaf kids may not be the mainstream:…
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I've been researching the diversity of characters with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) expertise in popular movies.

I've identified 500+ characters in 172 films

The films are among the top 300 domestic box office earners, adjusted for inflation (sold the most tickets).

Some are less popular, but were in my home video collection or within a popular franchise: 007, Godzilla, King Kong, Star Trek, Marvel, DC, ...
The STEM characters are not necessarily research scientists or academics. Sometimes they are a technical whiz whose skill features in the plot.

This thread will highlight some of the main characters from the most popular films.

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A cool little story about my little role on Noah Baumbach's new movie #MarriageStory @MarriageStory.

I tried out for the role of Greg. I booked it! But before I accepted, I asked if they could change "Greg" to something Persian. I have never known a Persian guy named Greg.
I thought it'd be cool to not just have a Persian actor in a Noah Baumbach movie, but a Persian *character*. But casting said I had to accept the role first, and then Noah would decide. I agreed.

I got to set, and nervously asked Noah if casting had mentioned--
"Oh the name thing? Yeah man, send me a list of names and I'll just pick one."

I was so delighted that Noah was so open and understanding!

I emailed him a list.

The next day,
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THREAD: Democrat Politics

Fam: I'm #YangGang until the man wins or gives up. I'm going down with this ship, m'kay?

I know politics. I know LOTS about politics. And I have nothing but respect for what @AndrewYang and @Zach_Graumann have built FROM NOTHING!!! That is AMAZING!
2/ But let me be real with you for a minute. There's a way to win the Democrat nomination. You know who has been studying it and strategizing it for years? #ElizabethWarren And she's running a smart, strategic CAMPAIGN. Her polling numbers have gone from 4% to 17.3% in 6 months.
3/ Now ask yourself: Why?

Has it been by "introducing herself?" No, we all knew who she was, already. She had a head start.

Was it by posting cringy vids of her drinking beer? No.

What she's done is to go meet people. She's gone where THEY are, met them, and written policies.
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#RepresentationMatters and what @KamalaHarris has advocated for and accomplished in places NO other Black women (SF DA/CA AG) or few (2nd Senator) have occupied offers proof of why we need to be on the inside. #Kamala2020 #KHive
Kamala being in the Senate meant the FIRST ever bill introduced to specifically tackle the Black maternal health crisis.
Kamala being elected California AG meant the creation of theBureau of Children's Justice, Racial & Identity Profiling Advisory Board, Open Justice Initiative, eCrime Unit, Mortgage Fraud Strike Force, Division of Recidivism Reduction & Re-Entry, etc
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2 months ago, I started drawing cartoons w/ women as different types of scientists & different STEM fields. Today, my collection “We are Scientists” has ~20 illustrations. I want to do more... What other STEM fields should I draw to show #WomenInSTEM? Which one represents you?
1/2 Thank you to all the scientists (and non-scientists) folks who have shared their preferred STEM fields. Now, I have a running list of >60 STEM fields and that gives me drawing material for the rest of the year ...
2/2 It is amazing to see and learn all the fields and sub-fields worked and studied by #Women and supporters. Your response to my post is amazing and I am grateful to be part of this community. Thank you! #RepresentationMatters #WomenInSTEM
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Pretty furioius to see @Sephora re-cut their "We belong to something beautiful" ad to excise @aaronphilipxo, a black trans #disabled model who was in the original ad in the opening sequence.
Just saw the recut @maddow on @MSNBC.

This is the fab Philip.

Here's the original, with @aaronphilipxo in the opening. So you can see what was cut. And ask @Sephora why.

.@aaronphilipxo was just featured on the cover of @papermagazine.
June 2019 by Myles Loftin, and interviewed by Naomi Campbell.
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A friend of mine has a little girl (about 6yo) who's mixed race with gorgeous natural black hair. She said she hates being black because all the pretty characters don't look like her. "I told her black is beautiful and she replied, ‘well, I’m not’." #RepresentationMatters
My friend tried to point out some black or mixed race characters and her daughter pointed out that they have loose curls or straightened hair so still don't look like her. Also, the passport software didn't recognise her photo because of her hair.
If anyone knows some age-appropriate black female characters that her daughter would love to see, let me know. Books, cartoons, whatever.
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A brief #tweetorial for those curious as to why I spend countless hours on a non-specialty medical organization. The basic premise of the @AmerMedicalAssn House of Delegates is actually simple. #healthpolicy #publichealth #MembersMoveMedicine 1/
It’s a representative democratic body consisting of members of societies from the US states and subspecialties of medicine, convening twice a year as the @AmerMedicalAssn House of Delegates (HoD). The majority of each meeting is spent deliberating policy proposals. #AMAmtg 2/
Any member or organization can bring resolutions with various policy goals to the HoD to be debated and voted on. These go through a multistep vetting process where everyone has the opportunity to speak on and amend these policies under the rules of parliamentary procedure. 3/
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