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Spiegone su #Trump e #Twitter: Il Presidente Americano Donald J. Trump ha diramato un ordine esecutivo che va a “colpire” i social networks in genere e Twitter in particolare. 1/
Contesto: Nel corso degli ultimi anni #Twitter (ma non solo) si è prodigata per influenzare i discorsi che avvengono sul suo network.
Decisioni come:
- Impedire l’accesso (ban) ad utenti che hanno espresso pareri / opinioni politiche scomode (tantissimi casi, di cui forse il più famoso è quello di @Nero, #Milo #Yiannopoulos); 3/
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#Milo and the #StraightPrideParade was a great success
Antifa scum were trying to riot. Fortunately, Boston police take no crap.

objects thrown at police included “bottles of urine, bottles of chemicals, bottles of unidentified materials, rocks,” and he said that four injured officers have not yet been able to return to duty.…
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Women can't get yucky text messages. AND, I just saw Ivanka talk about how women are "crushing" it in today's economy.


Is there any politician strong enough to talk about men's issues?

One of the few who didn't give a fuck and talked about men.

A women without a job gets child support. A man without a job is a "deadbeat dad" and literally goes to jail.

Our countries obsession with women knows no bounds.
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YouTube is describing the slippery slope we warn about in their own words, and patting themselves on the back about it

When you drive people w/sincere questions into darker and more remote haunts, you accelerate their radicalization

Stop this idiocy…
Every single group which resolves to police speech — whether the well intentioned or the petty tyrants — constantly expand their mission until even milquetoast or relatively harmless views (flat earth anyone?) are DANGEROUS and must be silenced
How foolish or deceitful does one have to be to fail to understand that this power is being exploited for political reasons?

Open a @GetOnGab account and USE it regularly

Use @DuckDuckGo to search

Publish your content on @BitChute
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All of them just got Zucced for speaking while conservative.

Where’s our supposedly fearless leader @realDonaldTrump?
Farrakhan and Nehlen shouldn’t have have been banned either.

Ideas, no matter how repugnant you might find them, should be freely expressed.

Without such freedom, we have nothing.
“Sadly, conservative media is dying. We’ve gone from Alex Jones to Amber Athey.” - @howleyreports nails it

Nobody who’s ever made a difference in the conservative movement has a platform anymore.
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This concept was touched on in my last thread of #DrainTheSwampUK but since listening to #EricRWeinstein discuss this on the #RubinReport I feel it needs a thread to explain it properly. See link from 90mins onwards. #TIM
The battle for our futures will be fought over who controls the information that we see rather than on any battlefield in the traditional sense, but make no mistake this battle has been going on for years and will continue to be fought for years too this is the #Swamp. #TIM
In Europe the #Swamp is the #EU working with big corporations to maintain control over the population. In the #US the #Swamp is also the giant technology companies working in conjunction with the #MSM & the Intelligence Community to spy on us. #TIM #DrainTheSwampUK #DrainTheSwamp
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