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THREAD Re. today's expected flood of "Dear #Tito" tweets:
#OTD 25 May, is birth anniversary of former #Yugoslavia leader Josip Broz Tito. Many call it his #birthday although he has been dead for 43 yrs. I do not wish to rain on their parade, merely offer my own and my family's /2 ImageImage
THREAD to clarify, question in a PM: we were a normal & pretty ordinary non-Communist family. Not (openly) anti-Communist but not collaborating with the regime in any political capacitiy. Both my grandfathers were opposed to the idea of #Yugoslavia - they realized it may have /2 ImageImageImageImage
2/ been as a noble idea but was compromised by Greater #Serbian intentions to rule without allowing for any self-expression or federalism. My paternal grandfather (pic 4), whom I barely remember, he died when I was 6, used to say “both Yugoslavias [Kingdom proclaimed in 1918 & /3
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#UN in Deep Crisis - Russian FM Lavrov

Sergey Lavrov opened his speech as chair of the #UNSC by declaring that the rules-based order... actually has... NO rules

Instead, unilateral sanctions have paralysed supply chains and seen international laws manipulated Image
🇷🇺's top diplomat went on to say the West has instead self-proclaimed dominance across the globe.

Here are some key points:

🔸 #AUKUS deal an extension of #NATO into Asian Pacific

🔸 #Washington embraced destroying current architecture of intl relations
🔸 🇺🇸 intervention in Indo-Pacific is to deter 🇨🇳 & isolate 🇷🇺

🔸 Complex of superiority dominant in minds of EU officials

🔸 🇺🇸 and 🇯🇵 remain silent on who bombed #Hiroshima and #Nagasaki, and the use of depleted #Uranium in #Yugoslavia
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💥💥My latest: British Psychological Warfare Threatens Balkan Conflict💥💥

#MI6 #BritishIntelligence #Bosnia #RepublikaSprska #Yugoslavia #Serbia #Balkans #BalkanWar…
In 2020, in total secret, British intelligence ran a secret psychological warfare campaign to sell extremely harsh #COVID19 lockdown restrictions to a sceptical Bosnian public. The Embassy in #Sarajevo used local PR firms, and FCO contractor Albany for the purpose. ImageImageImageImage
Albany is a veteran of British psychological warfare operations the world over, most notoriously in Syria, where it set up fake opposition media assets and provided "communications support" to violent armed groups, in order to circulate pro-regime change propaganda globally. Image
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🇲🇪⚡️In Montenegro, an attempt was made to create a database of citizens who participated in the conflicts of the 1990s in order to bring them to justice.
#montenegro #yugoslavia #warcrimes #europeanunion #justice
However, this effort was unsuccessful because other countries of the former Yugoslavia did not provide requested information.
The Montenegrin prosecutor's office had approved a strategy for investigating war crimes in May 2015 and began collecting information on veterans of Yugoslav wars a couple of years ago.
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My latest: #Zizek rose to fame promoting pomo radlib theory against Marxism, claiming #communism is “the worst catastrophe in the history of humanity." No wonder he’s the (capitalist) world’s most famous “Marxist”! 🧵 1/7
#Marxism #Marx…
Opposed to #socialism in #Yugoslavia, #Zizek wrote for a ‘dissident’ mag accused of being CIA. He founded the
*LibDem* Party & ran for Pres against the communists, advocating for privatizations: “more capitalism would mean more social security” (sic). 2/7
The Eastern liberal was for pro-West civil society & against the Yugo. state when the latter was socialist, whereas he was against civil society & for the state when the latter turned capitalist (& sought membership in capitalist & imperialist orgs like the EU & NATO). 3/7
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💥💥My latest: Secret intelligence files expose dark reality of US proxy war in #Bosnia💥💥

#CIA #MI6 #Yugoslavia #FalseFlag #YugoslavWars #Balkans…
There's the Western version of the war in Bosnia, and what actually happened - a disturbing tale of CIA black ops, literally explosive provocations, illegal weapon shipments, imported jihadist fighters, potential false flags, and stage-managed atrocities. Read all about it here!
These files public domain for almost a year, yet no mainstream Balkan "expert" has mentioned them, let alone dug into their explosive contents (paging @JasminMuj). Wonder if this is because they detonate the fantasy that the war in Bosnia was a simple matter of Serb "imperialism"
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🧵 Reminder to #NATO and #EU who love to talk about the so-called "rules based world order and international law"⬇️

How US-NATO illegal bombing of #Yugoslavia undermined global rule of law 23 years ago and Rambouillet Agreement

2/ NATO "justified" bombing of #Yugoslavia by Serbia refusal to sign agreement written by NATO

BUT what sovereign country would agree to sign an agreement like this ⁉️
3/ Madeleine Albright admitted that demands set out by US in Rambouillet negotiations and 🇺🇲 actions were illegal…
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Hoy, 28/11, es el día de la independencia de #Albania, así que lo celebramos con un hilo sobre el país con el comunismo más comunista de la historia, con una gigantesca plantación de marihuana, monumentos a Bush y que es, desde 2014, mi enemigo íntimo favorito.

Gëzuar! 🇦🇱 Image
A los albaneses más nacionalistas les encanta decir que son descendientes directos del pueblo ilirio, que habitaba la región desde antes del 2000 a.C. El idioma albanés, sin relación directa con ningún otro, descendería de las lenguas ilirias.
Pero son teorías del nacionalismo. ImageImageImage
El tema es que #Albania siempre perteneció a otro: a Macedonia, Grecia, Roma, Bizancio, Bulgaria, Serbia, Imperio Otomano (contra quien luchó y terminó perdiendo el héroe nacional Gjergj Kastrioti, #Skanderbeg, el de las fotos con su casco de cabra) e Italia.

Hasta 1912. ImageImage
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#HILO 🧵| El próximo viernes se disputará un partido muy caliente, con muchísima carga política.
Te explicamos por qué.
#HILO🧵|Tenemos que hablar de historia y remontarnos a los tiempos del Imperio Otomano. Siglo XIV.
Desde Anatolia, los sultanes de la actual #Turquía querían expandirse al Este de Europa. Particularmente a los balcanes.
En el año 1389, enfrentaron a los serbios en Kosovo.
#HILO🧵| Kosovo era una región dominada por los príncipes serbios.
Allí se encontraron los dos ejércitos: los otomanos eran muchísimos más. Se pensaba que la victoria sería muy fácil.
Sin embargo, los serbios resistieron heroicamente.
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Since #WWII, #USA has used #USdollar hegemony to transfer domestic crises, harvest world #wealth and undermine the economic and financial stability of other countries through armed conflicts, financial wars, and trade wars. To maintain US dollar is to maintain US world hegemony. Since #WWII, #USA has used ...
Since March 2022, #FederalReserve has raised interest rates 6X. On 2 Nov, its 75-point rate hike and sharp #USdollar appreciation caused global #currency depreciation, capital outflows, rising debt servicing costs, hiked imported inflation and currency/debt crises of countries.
How this #KhazarianMafia #SCAM all started: At the latter part of #WWII, #USA took the opportunity to hoard tons of #gold and led the establishment of Bretton Woods system based on a peg between #USdollar and gold, thus establishing US dollar as "global hard #currency".
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A journalist was detained while crossing the border in #Kosovo

Daria Aslamova, a correspondent for the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, was accused of involvement in espionage. Now no one contact her and nothing is known about her whereabouts. /1
The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the self-proclaimed Kosovo, Celal Shvetsla, announced the detention on a social network. Several photos are attached to the post, where a woman is next to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, as well as Syrian President../2
..Bashar al-Assad.

The editors of the KP clarifies that Aslamova was in #Serbia on assignment. She was supposed to prepare a special report in connection with the aggravation of the Serbian-Kosovo conflict.
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#Moscow lost 3.5 million in WWI & 24 million in WWII. #Ukraine, #Czechoslovak, #Poland, #Lithuania, #Yugoslavia, #Netherlands, #Norway, #Greece, #Belgium, #Luxembourg, & #France were under Nazi.
W/o the Russians and the allies on the other, #Germany would have not been defeated.
#Syria President Bashar al-Assad visited #Iran for the first time in 3 years. By sending the Air Force following the request of the gov in #Damascus, #Russia challenged the #US and NATO and defeated, along with Iran, their objective to create a fail-state in Syria.
What is interesting to note is the presence of the Iranian Revolution Guard Corps - Quds Brigade commander general Ismail Qaani during the meeting between President Assad and Wali al-Fakih Sayed Ali Khamenei.
#Iran #Syria.
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@VilleTavio #persut Olette jytkystä lähtien, vuosikausia näytelleet oppositiopuoluetta ja tuhlanneet äänestäjienne aikaa, varoja, työtä ja vaivaa, sekä pettäneet luottamuksen.
-Ja nyt vasta teette poliittisen itsemurhan, kun verenhimoinen #siionismi raaputettiin esiin
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⚡️ Head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergey Naryshkin (key points):

• The more successfully the Russian special military operation in #Ukraine develops, the stronger the hysteria becomes in the #UnitedStates and other #NATO countries.
• The masks have been dropped. The #West is not just trying to surround #Russia with a new "Iron Curtain". We witnessed attempts to destroy our state, attempts of its "cancellation".
#NATO bombed #Yugoslavia under the pretext of rescuing the "unfortunate" #Kosovo Albanians, and now their leader Hashim Thaci himself is on trial for war crimes and trafficking of human organs.
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After WWII Croats #Ustashe once again said - "Danke Deutschland"
Western Fake News Media - anti-Serb propaganda on Dubrovnik

"There is certainly an orchestrated effort on the part of the Croatian and Slovenian, Austrian and German media to portray the Serbs as a bunch of holding Byzantine uncivilized barbarians."
Fake News media, US elections above peace

"Influential columnists on both sides of the Atlantic continued to write that Dubrovnik had been destroyed, public opinion was tilted against the Serbs and towards Croatia's political goal - recognition as an independent state."
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The #US administration is asking Congress to approve $3.5 bn to face the Ukrainian humanitarian crisis and $3 bn to support #Ukrain MoD.

It was much cheaper to offer a written guarantee that NATO won't deploy missiles/forces in Ukraine & spend this money on the American people.
Day 3 of war on #Ukraine has started with violent explosions north of the capital #Kyiv and in other parts of the country on the eastern, southern and northern fronts.
The objective seems to put pressure on the Ukranian government to abandon the capital along with the President.
The #US administration shall not impose sanctions on oil import from #Russia.
Why? The United States imported more gasoline and other refined petroleum products from Russia than any other country in the world.

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Los que hoy condenan los ataques de #Rusia contra #Ucrania, hace 8 años apoyaron el golpe de estado nazi en Ucrania y durante estos 8 años han estado mirando a otro lado mientras se bombardeaba diariamente a la población del #Donbass o se quemaban vivos a sindicalistas en #Odessa Image
Los que hoy critican a #Rusia por saltarse leyes internacionales son los mismos que invadieron #Irak con mentiras, los que bombardearon #Yugoslavia o se inventaron la primavera árabe donde murieron cientos de miles de personas.
Y los que nunca respetaron los acuerdos de #Minsk
Tenemos un problema enorme aceptando que #EEUU, puede hacer lo que le da la gana en el mundo desde bloqueos criminales como en #Cuba a sanciones económicas para su interés económico o invasiones al antojo del presidente de turno.
Ellos son los que han hecho del mundo un polvorín.
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It's time to do an honest review!
Historians will write and speak on the fall of #Kabul from here on, and this topic will feed conference sponsors and lecture circuit speakers around the world.
Had George Bush stayed away from Iraq, the situation today could have been different?
Saddam Hussein, a bloody tyrant that he was, at least kept the strategic balance of power in check from a sectarian perspective in the Middle East.
His removal unleashed the great schism between the rival school of thought, but, also shifted the focus away from #Afghanistan.
Iraq is reeling from the effects of the war that Blair and Bush launched based on fabricated grounds.
No WoMDs were found inside Iraq!
This was part of the greater #Neoconservative Plan based in Washington to weaken the Arab States, which could offer resistance to Israel.
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Dr. Craig Jurisevic 🇦🇺 surgeon of 🇭🇷/ 🇸🇮 origin who was with #Albanian 🇦🇱 #KLA terrorists in #Kosovo in 1999. testified in this video about locations of Albanian surgeons in the cities of #Krume, #Elshani, and #Tirana which are related to the organ trafficking networks. ⤵️
Besides #Yugoslavia, he was working in #Israel and #Gaza, East Timor, and #Afghanistan. At the time when the organs of the Serbs were forcibly removed, the Australian surgeon Kreg Jurišević, who was fighting on the side of the KLA, was also situated in the area of #Kukes.⤵️
In 2010. he released a book on his experiences in #Albania and #Kosovo in 1999. by the name of Blood on My Hands: A Surgeon At War which has been on the best-seller list in Australia sometime after and where he witnessed himself shooting Serbian soldiers.
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Let's start a #Serbian & #Yugoslav map thread.
Here I'll share the best material I compiled over 3 years about the #History of #Serbia & #Yugoslavia.
Let's start with a map of companies implanted in SFR.Yugoslavia.🏭
57 are detailed in the link provided.👇… Image
2. Here comes a #Yugoslav map for foodies.
Unlike for companies, the destruction of #Yugoslavia didn't change the local specialties, which remain the delight of all locals & visitors.
#Meatlovers are like fish in water there, & back in #France I dearly miss ćevap & pljeskavica!🥺 Image
3. Here are 2 pseudo #tourism-maps of #Yugoslavia, respectively made by locals & #Americans.
I wish we helped, as requested, to conserve & protect this #beauty.🕯️
As a citizen of a #NATO country, & especially as a #French, I'm sorry we didn't, even if most of this still exists.🙏 ImageImage
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THREAD #OTD in 1918 elected representatives from South Slav lands of former Austria-Hungary address non-elected King of #Serbia expressing their desire to create a joint state, initially under lame name of Kingdom of #Serbs, #Croats & #Slovenes (SHS), later renamed #Yugoslavia /2
2/ An archetypical #Balkans business: well-intended, ill prepared, poorly executed. All sides try to cheat & gain advantage over their partners, with biggest & strongest imposing their will at force whenever they can, at same time paying lip service to equality and brotherhood /3
3/ So begin lies, manipulations & exploitation of good intentions for selfish means. The only politician with a vision who could turn that mess into a sort-of-modern state is assassinated in parliament, precisely for calling to stop endless retelling of myths & move forward /4
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Vienna attacker was born and raised in #Vienna
He also had "Albanian roots" (parents from North Macedonia)

The gunman shot dead in the Vienna attacks was also one of 90 Austrian Islamists who wanted to travel to #Syria

Why is it relevant?…
The #Balkans play an important role for #ISIS, which sees them as a buffer and a future battleground. The region already has established networks that can be used to transfer people and to raise support for ISIS.
ISIS has popped up in all corners of the globe, not being contained in the territory it physically controls in Iraq and Syria. Its goal is to create a Caliphate, an Islamic state which holds religious authority over the ENTIRE global Islamic community.
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Today in pulp... I'm gonna party like it's 1989!

Come with me... #FridayFeeling
Mondo 2000, 1989. New #Cyberpunks start here...
Rowan Atkinson in The Sneeze, by Anton Chekhov. Aldwych Theatre, 1989. #COVID19
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Let's be clear..
#Croats, #Bošniaks, #Albanians & Montenegrin #DPS activists who cry about election result in #Montenegro & call #Serbs fascists are revisionists & ideological heirs of Nazi supporters in Balkans, who formed SS divisions & exterminated Serbs, Jews & Roma in WW2.😏 ImageImageImageImage
2. Fact that some Atlantist, #NATO & EU mouthpieces are upset by this result lies in the fact that NATO turned into a new Axis in the 90s & resurrected the Ottoman, Austrian, Italian, German & Komintern politics in the Yugoslav #Balkans:
Foster divisions & conquer divided people. ImageImageImage
3. Milo is an opportunist who changed master w/ the wind.
Once favorable to unified #Serbia, he turned his jacked to save his ass & benefit from the situation.
Like in #Kosovo, #NATO would support mobsters in #Montenegro to break-up #Yugoslavia, no matter the cost for the locals. Image
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