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¿Por qué la viruela símica se está apagando?

"Immunity acquired through infections in the most sexually active men may be the biggest factor", pero en mi opinión el artículo descarta demasiado rápido las vacunas y, sobre todo, el comportamiento.…
"The slowing growth of the outbreak is likely due to a combination of many factors, including vaccination, behavior change, and possibly increases in infection-acquired immunity among a segment of the sexual networks at highest risk".…
Buen momento para recordar que hubo unas semanas durante este verano en las que los colegios, el #MonkeypoxIsAirborne, el hacer fotos a la gente por la calle y el autodiagnóstico falso, fueron tendencia. Image
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I really don't want to say I told you so, but....yeah, been saying #MonkeypoxIsAirborne since ...
Truly ironic that the airborne info is coming out officially at the same time the CDC is saying, "Whoopsie. It's endemic."

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Hoho what did I say.

To keep your good employees you're going to have to fix air stuff..

Well you're also going to get slammed with health insurance premium increases too
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CDC: Monkeypox is not airborne.

And CDC: Wear a well-fitting mask.

Me: well-fitting mask could only mean aerosols. Which are airborne. Otherwise, you could wear a faceshield for droplets only.

Study on fomites- reveals that #MonkeypoxIsAirborne…
Two roommates in Utah in May 2022. One experienced 30 days from symptom onset to resolution. The other was 22 days.

"UDHHS personnel entered the residence discreetly wearing recommended personal protective equipment." Video below.

And went swabbing.
70% of the 30 items tested positive. Including all 3 porous things. Nothing yielded a positive viral result.
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Oral and anal swabs could be useful for detecting monkeypox before lesions appear.

If oral and anal swabs are positive? You know they come with airborne aerosols. But this thread is about another study.
Which you might recognize from these graphs showing positive upper respiratory tract swabs.… Image
"The infection control implications of upper respiratory tract viral shedding should be considered in future outbreaks."

That means they think #MonkeypoxIsAirborne.

Period. Image
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There are ~10 million doctors in the world.

Here are 10 who have literally been 1 in a million during the pandemic.

We can't thank you enough. 🙏
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An breakthrough infection preprint that indicates #MonkeypoxIsAirborne, while showing breakthrough infections were 4%.

But airborne via aerosol infections could be as high as 46.1%

We arrive at that conclusion via their exposure definition, and data.…
1. A high-risk contact defined as close skin-to-skin or
mucosal contact. (Sex and one accidental infection).
2. Dirty surfaces infection (fomite).
3. droplets exposure defined by a contact at less than 2 meters during at least 3 hours to a PCFR confirmed MPX patient.

Let's Image
take a look at # 2 - t what we know about fomite infection.

Per the WHO it is at .2%.

Yet, in this study? They have it as "indirect contact for 189 (71%)"

Which means they asked if there were contaminated

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The asymptomatic do not transmit.
It's not airborne.
The vaccinated do not get infected.
Later .. or transmit.

With CoVid, those all began to be proved wrong by individual stories.

#MonkeypoxIsAirborne and data 🧵
Outbreak at gym.
The Houston toilet seat.
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@MeganMolteni and @HelenBranswell -This is an excellent article, yet science is not fixed, and there are other ways of interpreting the data.

I hope to convince you we need more data.

Because #MonkeypoxisAirborne - just not very transmissible yet. No matter the vector.
Taking a look at the reasoning for it not being airborne in the article.

Household attack rate for Monkeypox looks like about 8% looking at the quote below.

nCov-19 initial estimates were 3 to 10%. It was argued not airborne for the same reason.…
Yet, I found this 50% attack rate easily in literature.

"The household attack rate (i.e., rate of persons living with an infected person that develop symptoms of MPXV infection) was 50%. "…
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Are you shocked at the quote?

It is the natural conclusion of the @CDCgov deliberately sabotaging public health.

Let's count the ways they have done so.
Telling us that laboratory cases have declined so much due to Rapid testing, that laboratory cases should not be paid attention to.

If you are good PH? You set up a self-reporting tool.

CDC deliberately trying NOT to discover #MonkeyPoxIsAirborne.

If you are good PH, you add questions, "Did you catch it in less than 15 minutes conversation? 15 minutes to 30? 30 to 60? (Etc)"

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How will former PH leaders like @JeromeAdamsMD @ASlavitt , & current leaders like @RWalensky @ashishkjha handle the fact that #MonkeyPoxisAirborne (see tweet below pic, or next tweet)?

I think Dr. Adams is on his N95 game, and will be just fine.
I wonder if @JeromeAdamsMD realizes that the CDC is not trying to see if MPX is airborne.

That they are just measuring their preconceived notions:

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#MonkeyPoxIsAirborne - or at least that's the conclusion that I am left with after yet another preprint.

Office worker in the UK. In her office, everyone wears masks. She was wearing a surgical mask.

SHE HAD NO LESIONS. You see she left the office before they showed up. Image
So, she's wearing a surgical mask. Could have taken it off while eating lunch -but I'm thinking not.

".... following onset of a mild,
57 influenza-like illness, and took steps to reduce mixing and avoid close contact with others." Image
There was not a tremendous amount of virus in the office. But she was only there for one day. Wearing a surgical mask which does .provide some source control.

How much? Glad you asked!

Depends on the study, but roughly 42%… Image
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Establishment hit pieces now coming thick and fast: Buzzfeed going after Dr Denise for publicising the fact that monkeypox can get into the animal reservoir via infected shit in the sewers: there's nothing controversial about that statement at all.…
'To clarify, monkeypox is not transmitted through rats eating your poop, but the dramatic, apocalyptic language used by medical Twitter thought leaders like “game over,” “this will not end well,” “nightmare scenario” and saying that it will be “increasingly possible'...
...” for monkeypox to become endemic has caused hysteria over what the hell is going on.'

Buzzfeed says: but based on what? well-known that the virus goes into animals: especially rodents.
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💩We've already established that respiratory aerosols are being produced by the infected.
💩We've already established that viable virus can be harvested from those aerosols.

A 🧵on fecal aerosols that most certainly are being generated by the infected.
Just to remind everyone - with a deadly disease like MPX, respiratory virus scientists turn to animals. And cynomolgus monkeys are an excellent stand-in for humans.

So, in this study, they exposed the poor monkeys to aerosolized monkeypox.…
One of the results were lesions (full of virii):

"This resulted in lesions affecting other lymph nodes, the thymus, spleen, skin, oral mucosa, gastrointestinal tract, and reproductive system. "

(They were also in the lungs (breathing), lower respiratory tract (breathing),
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Who deserves the blame for this? @XavierBecerra ? @RWalensky ?

She estimates 1.7 million gay men with HIV or on PREP are most at risk. They are focusing on them with the 500,000 Jynneos doses left - which will treat 250,000 of that 1.7 million.

1,450,000 people short.

Oh - and Jynneos is reputed to be only 85% effective.

That number is based on small study which has some major limitations.

To be blunt, this is an unmitigated disaster.

The CDC actually doesn't know if these vaccines will work.…
So, the Biden administration is betting the farm on a vaccine that it doesn't even know if it works. With not even close to enough vaccine doses - even if we knew it worked 100% of the time.

Oh - and just one other slight problem.…
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Post 4 or 5 textbooks on orthopoxes being respiratory. Post at least 3 old books by people who eradicated smallpox saying so. Post countless articles about smallpox air. Post countless articles about monkeypox air. Post animal orthopoxes in air...
Post the clinical course showing respiratory symptoms FIRST. From Bennett major ID text, plus two or three other texts. Respired in, viremia, spreads out from infected saliva/respiratory tract, THEN rash, so contagious before rash. Show same as measles, chickenpox, per the CDC...
Explain physical mechanism of aerosol infection. Explain statistics of it. Every reference shows air over 100 years. No reference droplet. Post that air scientists have been ignored. Articles that fomite weak. Articles that pandemics cannot be sustained by touch....
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Just occurred to me that the CDC is just making up stuff now.

Cover the lesion with a bandaid? Are you kidding me?

Literally, slapping a bandaid on a far greater problem.

Short 🧵 about threads.

First and foremost, #monkeypoxIsAirborne. The CDC recommending a well-fitting mask? Shows that they know that.

You don't need a well-fitting mask for droplets. A face shield would work just fine.

(Thread on monkeypox being airborne in my pinned tweet, right at the top. )
Here's the next particular vexing part of the CDC's tweet.

They full well know those lesions are brimming with virii.

That's why the physical contact part is also a factor with monkeypox.

And know those virii fall into cloth.

Such as sheets.…
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I don't know what point these folks think they're making, but knock it off.

Monkeypox is not airborne. It is not an STD. It is spread through close contact (and *maybe* through fluids, TBD.) It is predominately affecting men who have sex with men, but not exclusively.
This messaging isn't that hard! If you're at risk, get a vaccine.
Monkeypox *can* be transmitted via respiratory droplets. (Just like COVID-19 *can* be spread through fomites.) But the overwhelming majority of cases came via close/skin contact amongst MSN.

Tweeting #MonkeyPoxIsAirborne is *not* *helping.*… Image
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Now that I have explained how all slots are as random as possible, you may still be wondering why people lose so often when playing slots?! #MonkeyPoxIsAirborne #TwitchCon
The true reason for that is not in any sinister plot by the slot makers and the casinos, but the sheer slot machine odds and payout…
If you compare slots to any of the other casino games such as blackjack, roulette, or craps, you will soon realize that the RTP (return to player) percentage of slot games is almost always…
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Now that I have explained how all slots are as random as possible, you may still be wondering why people lose so often when playing slots?! #MonkeyPoxIsAirborne #TwitchCon
The true reason for that is not in any sinister plot by the slot makers and the casinos, but the sheer slot machine odds and payout…
If you compare slots to any of the other casino games such as blackjack, roulette, or craps, you will soon realize that the RTP (return to player) percentage of slot games is almost always…
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Asymptomatic transmission of CoVid. Remember that discovery?

That was it! Everyone knew it had to be airborne. No symptoms means no coughing, and no droplets.


A quick thread on 3 asymptomatic transmission cases.... of Monkeypox.
Let's go to Belgium!

Specifically, a large Belgium STI clinic. They tested swabs collected back in May.
And found 3 individuals who tested positive for monkeypox.

No symptoms. But had monkeypox.

How do we interpret this? Let's let the author do the honors.
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Speaking of the CDC - a thread on them NOT recommending masks - although an outbreak on a plane in 2021 was stopped by masks.

Per the actual monkeypox lead for the CDC.

And more - enjoy:


According to the CDC Travel department. Thank you, @jmcrookston .

"... Person to person spread is principally respiratory..."

Someone is going to try and squawk about respiratory droplets. Let's head that off at the pass.… Image
The word is respiratory. Not respiratory droplets.

The word comes from respire.

Which comes from the Latin word "respirare."

To breathe in, and to breathe out.

I don't breathe in and out spittle. Neither do you.

We both breathe in and out aerosols. Airborne aerosols. Image
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Great thread on what detergents, cleaners and vaccines you should get to protect yourself #MonkeypoxIsAirborne
Use hydrogen peroxide based cleaners for laundry and sanitizing #monkeypox stays on surfaces for weeks!
Most people should get the JYNNEOS vaccine especially if they've been out and about lately- bars, gyms, schools, around children etc. Monkeypox is NOT an std!
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It's not often @sailorrooscout and I find ourselves kind of on the same side of an issue.

They will probably not appreciate my airborne position (will link in the end), but we can agree to disagree in that case.

@benryanwriter is intent on reporting

according to official reports?

Interesting. Because back on June 5, his position seems pretty solidified.

Advanced search:…

Direct link so you can see full context.

What has happened since June 5th?
The CDC removed recommendations for masks on June 6th

Seems to support Ben's position, correct?…
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