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Bohemian Grove

#BohemianClub Monte Rio, CA.
Little Bohemia is a historic neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska. Starting in the 1880s, Czech immigrants settled in this area, also called "Praha" (Prague) or "Bohemian Town."

The Prague Hotel, in the heart of Little Bohemia.…
Bohemia, present-day Czech Republic.
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In honour of the Jewish holiday of #Chanukah now, I'm going to make a THREAD here with some powerful Chanukah images (c/- @yadvashem) from 'Before, During and After the #Holocaust'.

Starting with this, perhaps most powerful one: Kiel, Germany (1932)

@yadvashem Lodz, Poland, 1943, #Hanukkah in the Ghetto. 2/
@yadvashem Berlin, Germany, 1930s, a lit Hanukkah candelabrum on #Hanukkah. 3/
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Happy #Hanukkah!

The thing about Hanukkah is that it celebrates a pivotal moment for anyone who follows an Abrahamic religion. Had the Maccabean revolt failed, Judaism might have been extinguished and with it, any chance of Christianity or Islam ever emerging.
Also: the reason the diff in spelling of #Hanukkah/Chanukkah is because the Hebrew letter it begins with - ח - was originally pronounced as a guttoral H sound, the equivalent of the Arabic ح. Modern Hebrew pronounces ח like the Arabic خ (Ch). English has neither sound so: H.
If you want to know the original beginning sound for #Hanukkah ask an Arab to say Habibi. The H sounds like what ח sounded like in Biblical/Ancient Hebrew. Or better yet, ask a Yemenite Jew to say Hanukkah.
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From me and Andy @andyblumenthal—Happy #Hanukkah 2018 from #Bethesda with #Chabad!!!…
Darkness to LIGHT
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1. With #Thanksgiving and #Hanukkah around the corner, your mind may be turning toward #cooking up something delicious for family and friends. And the best way to make great food is to start with great ingredients. To that end, let's make something delicious: schmaltz.
2. The word "schmaltz" comes from the #Yiddish "shmalts" (שמאַלץ), which in turn comes from the German "schmelzen," meaning "to melt." So we're going to be rendering chicken fat down to use as a delicious cooking fat for a variety of holiday dishes.
3. To begin with, you're going to need a source for your fat. The easiest place to get it is from chicken skin and the fatty deposits that are usually located around the tail right inside the stuffing cavity. There are a couple of ways to get enough skin and fat to make a batch.
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