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Reminder the miracle oil story of #Chanukah was added hundreds of years later. A fun fact
True meaning of #Chanukah revolt of the Maccabees and slaughter of the Goyim.

Silly evangelicals putting menorahs in their window is not a sign of coexisting but submission.
Miracle oil, hmm
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8 valuable #Hannukah history facts:

1. The war waged by the Maccabees was exclusively to repel religious suppression not to attain sovereignty. (Prayer Text)

2. The complete defeat of the Greeks happened many years after the #Hanukkah miracle. (Josephus)
3. The Maccabees never achieved full sovereignty in the Holy land they were just afforded autonomy under the Roman empire. Which they held on for over 200 years.

4. Their autonomy allowed them to run a Jewish theocracy which is the only purpose of a Jewish Kingdom and State.
5. Talmud unambiguously states that #Hanukkah was established because of the oil miracle. Not about war victories or sovereignty.

6. While we do praise God for the victories and we somewhat commemorate it, nonetheless for the war victories alone #Hannukah would not existed.
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And the need to Define, Understand, and Cleanse

I’m not going to rewrite the story of Hanukah. You can find that everywhere stories of differing historical depth and detail.
1) #Hanukkah #HappyHanukkah
The Jews who objected 2 the aggressiveness of the Greek-Syrian regime in its attempts to destroy Judaism & objected to the tactics of those upper-class Jews who collaborated a/the regime against the culture & beliefs of their own people rose up & fought 4 what they believed & won
Their victory inspires Jewish youth today, but for most of the 2000 years of exile, this was not always the case. The Book of Maccabees was excluded from the Tanakh by our Sages lest it inflames Jewish youth & endangers their Jewish communities....3) #Maccabbees
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THREAD: In 2014, @Wikistrat made headlines for 2 correct Ukraine forecasts "beating the CIA."

More correct Wikistrat analysis afterwards included Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Hit piece after hit piece followed with accusations of murder the latest /1
@Wikistrat In January 2014 @Wikistrat analysts forecasted the potential for the Ukrainian president to resign (which he did a month later) and for Russia to annex Crimea (which it did 2 months later), beating the U.S. intelligence community… /2
@Wikistrat In fact, @Wikistrat had *many* simulations, discussion threads, and wargames analyzing how social media turbocharges Soviet "reflexive control," enabling the RU to corrupt democracy, including the 2016 U.S. presidential election /3

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Momentarily at a @WhiteHouse #Hanukkah celebration, @POTUS is to sign an executive order intended to combat anti-Semitism on US college campuses.
@WhiteHouse @POTUS "The Jewish faith is a cherished part of our family," says @POTUS.
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#Hanukkah is in 2 weeks.🕎 1/
Did you know the City of #Jerusalem was liberated on the Eve of Hanukkah, not only by the Maccabees, but by the British Army under Gen. Allenby in 1917.

The conditions of the Jews were terrible. Read what Hemdah Ben-Yehuda wrote:
#Hanukkah is in 2 weeks. 2/
But it was to be the day of Deliverance. After years of famine, persecution, disease, and arrest, Hemdah Ben-Yehuda wrote:
#Hanukkah is in 2 weeks. 3/
Even British Gen. Allenby understood the religious significance. This is a British report attributed to Allenby:
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In honour of the Jewish holiday of #Chanukah now, I'm going to make a THREAD here with some powerful Chanukah images (c/- @yadvashem) from 'Before, During and After the #Holocaust'.

Starting with this, perhaps most powerful one: Kiel, Germany (1932)

@yadvashem Lodz, Poland, 1943, #Hanukkah in the Ghetto. 2/
@yadvashem Berlin, Germany, 1930s, a lit Hanukkah candelabrum on #Hanukkah. 3/
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Happy #Hanukkah!

The thing about Hanukkah is that it celebrates a pivotal moment for anyone who follows an Abrahamic religion. Had the Maccabean revolt failed, Judaism might have been extinguished and with it, any chance of Christianity or Islam ever emerging.
Also: the reason the diff in spelling of #Hanukkah/Chanukkah is because the Hebrew letter it begins with - ח - was originally pronounced as a guttoral H sound, the equivalent of the Arabic ح. Modern Hebrew pronounces ח like the Arabic خ (Ch). English has neither sound so: H.
If you want to know the original beginning sound for #Hanukkah ask an Arab to say Habibi. The H sounds like what ח sounded like in Biblical/Ancient Hebrew. Or better yet, ask a Yemenite Jew to say Hanukkah.
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From me and Andy @andyblumenthal—Happy #Hanukkah 2018 from #Bethesda with #Chabad!!!…
Darkness to LIGHT
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I have been assigned the task of filling this room with balloons. 1 done, 599 to go. #Hanukkah Image
200 and counting. Fingers raw. Image
Can’t believe I’m only halfway done. (There’s a boy buried in there) Image
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Another Day Another Hate Crime: Mad began hurling anti-semitic slurs before attempting to run over a group of identifiable Orthodox Jews.
This Must End.…
Another Day Another Hate Crime: 11-year-old Jewish child was attacked in what may be another hate crime in Brooklyn.
This Must End.…
Another Day Another Hate Crime:
West Seattle Crime Watch: Anti-Semitic vandalism outside local Jewish families’ homes.
This Must End.…
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