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Today we introduce our first collection of Vintage Posters NFTs.

"Vietnam War Propaganda" is the theme they're based on.

Read on for more info
During the Vietnam War, propaganda posters were used by both sides to influence public opinion and garner support for their respective causes. These posters, with their vivid colors and bold imagery, have become iconic symbols of the era. Image
Now, a new collection of these vintage posters will soon be available as NFT collectibles. Each poster has been carefully curated and digitized, preserving its historical significance while making it accessible to a new generation of collectors.
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Rarity : Common Image
MENG #001

Rarity : Common Image
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1) #HBARbarians! Let’s talk #NFTs. #NFT skeptic? 🧐Read this 🧵. NFTs go far beyond #jpeg & are the future of #Web3, “gateway” to #crypto, & will be larger than #cryptocurrencies. This aims to educate #Hedera community & raise awareness to our #HBAR #NFTartists. Wallet flex 💪👇
2) #HBARbarians who think #NFTs are a bubble or do not want to buy an #NFT. That's fine. But #NFTs are vitally important for #HBAR to appreciate in value. See #Solana ($SOL) this year? Yep, #NFTs 🤯 (1)
3) Even if you don't buy an #NFT, you can help. See a #Hedera artist whose art resonates w/ you? Simply hit "like", "RT", or "comment" something nice. It goes a long way in ushering in new #HBAR buyers & #NFTartists.
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We've gone gold! 100 unique arts and metadata generated by AI are dropping 25th September with the first collection "World Cities"! Check the mint page here:
Unique traits generated by GPT-3.

GPT-3 was trained on the context of talking about cities and then proceeded to generate metadata (traits and description) for each one of the 100 cities available in this collection.
Unique art generated using high-end deep learning focused GPUs.

We have used cloud GPUs to run deep learning AI which received the name and description of each city and then generated a unique PNG for each of them. All images do not have any human interference.
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[A THREAD] NFT Market Please Save My Life, First of All, This thread is based on facts and I say according to the circumstances I am experiencing.

#NFTs #NFTCommunity #nftcollector #NFTartist #Nftarts #nftcollectors
I'm a new person in this NFT World, I love art, I love painting, and I heard that the NFT world is the future of art.
#NFTs #NFTCommunity #nftcollector #NFTartist #Nftarts #nftcollectors #NFTworld
They say the NFT world is supported by strong communities and great people. They also smart too.

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1/ In the last 7 days, #PudgyPenguins 🐧 traded over 16k ETH in volume surpassing 7-day Volumes of popular collections like @artblocks_io and CryptoPunks.

Floor prices hit a high 2.9Ξ over the weekend but have since cooled around 2Ξ.
H/t @Smaroo

#NFTs #NFT #NFTcollectibles
2/ Fun Fact: This bare penguin #6873 made 5000x on his 150Ξ sale after a mint price of just 0.03Ξ. Insane!
3/ Now for an overview, most penguins have sold in the range of 0-10Ξ while the rare few sold above 30Ξ.

Disclaimer: I am only looking at penguins that have been sold. Please don’t come for me. 🐧
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@ecomi_ #Veve is laying the foundation to become an #NFTcollectibles and Revenue Black Hole. A short $omi thread:
Here are some quick $omi #VeVe stats:
MGA Entertainment: 9.15 billion sales revenue last year.
DC Comics publishing: 300 mil revenue
Marvel publishing: 366.1 mil revenue
Tokidoki: 62.8 mil sales revenue
Ultraman: sales revenue: 20 billion since 1966 ( inflation adjusted )
PowerPuff Girls: 300 mil in revenue
Capcom: 782.9 mil revenue
Cartoon Network: net worth 44 mil w/ 8.93mil subscribers.

These numbers DO NOT include movie revenue. These 8 out of the 100 licensed brands @ecomi_ has in their portfolio totals more than 11 BILLION dollars
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The Ladakh region of India has been one of the most enchanting landscapes that I have wanted to capture through my lens. I have to confess that no amount of photos can do justice.
#NFT #NFTCommunity #nftart #nftcollector #NFTshill
#NFTcollectibles #nft

The Ladakh region of India has been one of the most enchanting landscapes that I have wanted to capture through my lens. I have to confess that no amount of photos can do justice.o the beauty of the untouched nature
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(1) 🚨 Long Post Drop 🚨


The first Interactive
3D NFT Collectibles
+ Lifetime Royalties

6313 Limited Edition Voxos

Pre-Sale Ending May 10th



Key Features- (Interactive on website)

🥇 The first large-scale interactive 3D NFT collectible set

👀 View them from any angle

🌍 Showcase your Voxos in a range of 3D diorama environments

🪓 Minters will receive lifetime royalties on all future sales


Key Features Cont.

🪙 A 500ETH reward for the 1 collector who discovers 8 hidden Omega Keys

🚀 Everybody wins and makes money

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