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GM ! A @foreverlandsxyz reminder ! We are in phase 1!

- the "explorer" token looks fantastic !

- Main game token used for taking actions(sugg 9)

- Can be converted to Land NFTs in ACT III (now) (sugg 1 per 7 expl)

- When act IV starts Land conversion window will close !
In act IV you should interact with a new website !

- The land you own contains elements that you will dig out the ground by interacting with your explorer tokens !

- elements represents shares of specific vaults

- 7 partner vaults ,1 main
In act V : 🤔 here's what the website say :

- Main NFT vault is split into 8 parts during a draft style event. All vaults are fractionalized: a new ERC20 token is created for each vault which represents value of NFTs locked inside each vault.

- Here's 2 vaults links to 👀👇
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1/18 ⪢ The Artists Toolbox by @ai_photography
Masterclass Edition

Supporting Thread from Time Traveler AI 📸
X @tezAus_artevent

✈️ to learn how to travel in time by using DALL-E 2, MidJourney, Stable Diffusion
🕰 to make friends in Sydney subway & ask x their story. Image
2/18 ⪢ What is AI?

AI is a field of computer science that focuses on building machines that mimic human intelligence x a set of algorithms. It´s everywhere, from Google🔎 to Netflix recommendations. As a term AI was coined in 1955 by John McCarthy.
3/18 ⪢ What is AI art, this fast-growing medium?

AI system consists of a data bank, & a model that does something w/data, e.g. synthesize new versions from the data. AI art happens where the machine & human come together.🫀🤖🖼
There is a human making choice, story & curation.
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What comes to your mind when you read the word #Metaverse? 🤔💭

Do you believe that Metaverse = #gaming or trade of virtual real estate?

Well, let's take you through a whole new perspective & show you what the MILC #media Metaverse is building for the global audience!🌎

MILC #Metaverse, powered by #UnrealEngine5, presents a #3D #VirtualReality

It's not just limited to a gaming platform. And we don't trade in virtual land, rather we'll provide free townhouses to the #MILCians 🏘️❣️

So what can be traded here?

#content media industry is set to be revolutionized with the birth of MILC Metaverse & #web3 social community. 🔥

🔹Trade media assets like movies, television, streaming, music, online publishing, etc.

In a first, it allows direct interactions btw the traders of content 👏
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1/n We were trekking in Ko Valley unknown to most world & true nomadic land left side of Phobrang village. We were given special permission to explore and document this area. I must say this hidden jewel of Ladakh.
Images of Thogom Tso at 17355 feet.

#Ladakh #India #lakes #trek ImageImageImage
@utladakhtourism @incredibleindia @kstanzinladakh @darterphoto 2/n Next a stiff climb to a pass known as Chota La, it wasn't Chota in any terms, it's high enough to take your breath away in every term. It stands at 18170 feet.

And of course, it was an amazing lunch spot too.
A clear day can sunburn you so easy.

#Ladakh #India #lakes #trek ImageImageImage
3/n Chota La wasn't just a lunch spot but gives one of most amazing views of Yushup Tso (17850 feet) and you are in a different world.

If you see an areal view of this lake it is like a bow. There are stories attached to every lake in this region.

#Ladakh #India #lakes #trek Image
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GM, GA, GN everyone!
Great Friday to all!
We are glad to celebrate 4 months of art exhibition at!
So we decided to make a thread showcasing all featured artists until today and make an invite for the future exhibitions.
Our first featured artist is Mauricio Negro, our dear friend and co founder.
His awesome collection Symbiosis & Synapses talks by itself.…
#nftart #NFTartist #nftgallery @Negro_Atelie
Brute dance by Orlando Pedroso is a collection of digitalized drawings portraying the plastic movements of fight with humour.…
#nftart #NFTartist #nftgallery @orlandopedroso
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𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐂𝐮𝐫𝐬𝐞 🟡 - 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 Ⅰ 🧵

Here's everything you need to know about the @TheCurseNFT first Collection, minting on 13/07 👇

#Cardano #CardanoCommunity #CardanoNFT #CNFT #NFT #NFTartist
♦️ What is the @TheCurseNFT?

The Curse is an original fantasy Art Collection created by @exedebNFT consisting of handmade Dioramas, Original Soundtracks & Short Stories.

The story is set in the fantasy World of Nyx (more about this later..)
♦️ Dioramas?

A physical model representing a scene with three-dimensional figures adapted to the setting, which is hand-built and painted.

No post-production, this is a photographed sequence of the physical piece.

-Albedo, King Mael's Sorrow-
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...invest in Music NFTs

Here's what happened over the past week for you:

🧵 0/7

#MusicNFT #NFTartist
1/ DJ and producer Olivre Heldens launches NFT collection which features 3D avatars of Heldens with additional perks such as VIP concert tickets, backstage passes, exclusive merchandise and private viewing and listening experiences.…
2/ Japanese startup ABCRECORDS is setting up a digital marketplace that aims to simplify the murky waters of NFT copyright ownership and enforcement.…
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Series: NFT Aggregators - Gem And Genie Comparison

Gem and Genie are two of the most popular #NFT aggregator platforms. @geniexyz is the first to launch but recently, their competitor @gemxyz has been acquired by @opensea ⛵️

#BMEanalytics #Metaverse #NFTartist #NFTCommunity #BMEanalytics #Metaverse #N...
Despite the difference in daily transactions of the two platforms, both @gemxyz and @geniexyz manage to keep their statistics increasing everyday 📶.

#BMEanalytics #Metaverse #NFTartist #NFTCommunity #NFTs #Gem #Genie #BMEanalytics #Metaverse #N...
Gem shown their dominance in the market with a much higher number 🚀 in terms of items count daily.

#BMEanalytics #Metaverse #NFTartist #NFTCommunity #NFTs @gemxyz @geniexyz #BMEanalytics #Metaverse #N...
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1/6 Cannonball Adderley was one of my favorite jazz alto saxophone players. He had a very strong influence on my playing.

As a teenager, I saw him perform at Birdland with Miles Davis and John Coltrane. They played classic tunes from the "Milestones" album.

It was a once…
2/6 in a lifetime experience.

Looking back, I realize now how blessed I was! I know many can only dream of something like that.

Years later after Blood, Sweat & Tears had “made it” we invited Cannonball to sit in with us at our concert at the Greek Theater in L.A.
3/6 The afternoon of the gig, around sound check time, I met Cannonball backstage.

I went over to shake his hand but he just waved me off and gave me a big hug instead!

That night, he used a BORROWED alto from a local music store - because his horn was broken. 😳

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🗞️ Selon une étude récente publiée par Crypto Head, les recherches de #tatouages liés aux crypto-monnaies ont bondi de 222% au cours de la dernière année.
#NFT #NFTCollection #NFTCommunity #NFTs #nftcollector #NFTdrop #NFTartist
1 900 requêtes impliquaient le terme de recherche « tatouage cryptographique ».

« Bitcoin tattoo », d’autre part, a vu 1 600 requêtes de recherche au cours des 12 derniers mois et « dogecoin tattoo » a eu 700 recherches.
Environ 956 publications Instagram avaient le hashtag « #cryptotattoo » et seulement 11 publications contenaient le hashtag « #dogecointattoo ».
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@0xFanCraze, la plateforme #NFT officielle du #Cricket, lève 100 millions de dollars en financement de série A, selon un rapport de Bloomberg @business vendredi

#NFT #NFTCollection #NFTCommunity #NFTs #nftcollector #NFTdrop #NFTartist Image
B Capital Group et Insight Partners sont en tête du tour, avec la participation de la société sud-coréenne Mirae Asset, selon les sources. La superstar internationale du football @Cristiano Ronaldo serait également l'un des investisseurs.
FanCraze a conclu un partenariat avec l'organe directeur international du cricket, l'International Cricket Council (ICC), en novembre dernier, pour lancer un marché #NFT de cricket.
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1/15 🧵 How To Make It as an #NFTartist
A guide for artists starting out 👇
2/15 Create quality art.
It might not always seem this way but the better your art is, the more people will like it.
Practice and improve your artistic skills alongside everything else. This is your no.1 priority.
3/15 I know low effort art sometimes sells in this space but that's the exception not the rule. If you want to be successful your best chance is to create good art. Even if you suck at promoting it, I believe you will be successful in the long run if you create quality work.
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1. Hi! I'm KUSH! Let me introduce myself!
30+ YRS in Music and Multimedia
Entered the NFT space in FEB '21 and the ride has been amazing. I make all this art MYSELF 100%. Hope you enjoy this intro! ⬇️ #NFTartist Image
2. I started by creating MetaMushrooms, to showcase music and 3D Animation I was designing. I was looking to create psychedelic art with music that would be displayed in HIGH END VIRTUAL OR TERRESTRIAL GALLERIES. 3.6 $ETH Volume @opensea #OpenSeaNFT
3. I created Shroom Coin as a LIGHTWEIGHT DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT COLLECTABLE that could be enjoyed on your mobile device, and comes with a COMMERCIAL LICENCE TO USE THE MUSIC.
SOLD over 1000 Shroom Coins by APRIL 2021. #shroomcoin 🚀 Image
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If you're a #nftcollector .. especially one that collects or has high valued #NFTs.. you may want to read this thread carefully..

What exactly is spear phishing?
Spear phish: targeted attack on either an individual or a selected group of individuals.
How does it start?
- open source intelligence (OSINT)

What does that mean?
- publicly available sources: Twitter, discord, TikTok, Instagram, GitHub, blogs, shodan, Google, LinkedIn, etherscan
What kind of information does a threat actor try to gain?
1. Individual(s) name
2. Place of employment
3. Contact:
- all social media accounts
- email
- phone number
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Hope everyone had a nice holiday #NFTartist.

Some have asked me a question over the weekend about how threat actors are able to bypass 2FA.

Man-in-the-Middle phishing toolkits:
Session Hijacking
User’s authentication cookies:
Files created inside a web browser once the user has logged into an account after the 2FA process was completed.
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👋im Callas, I joined the nft space in October 21. I like to 👩‍🎓learn in public so expect to see plenty of tips and tutorials, as well as featured 🎨. Below are threads of useful information I have compiled #nftartist #NFTCommunity #digitalartists #SoStoken🆘🆘🆘
Its very easy to be caught out by scams, this article gives some helpful pointers…
Collectors etc by @DarrenSRS
Pricing by @CamibusNFT
Nft for noobs @alteredgenie
Wallet security by @jacksondame
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- FAQ-

Q: How do I sign up?

A: simply navigate to our sign up page and click on one of the buttons to register directly using Twitter or Google. You can use the same button to easily login again at a later point. Image
- FAQ-

Q: How do I make sure to never miss another #NFTdrop / #NFTlaunch ?

A: Sign up for our NFT Drop Alert by clicking here -->…
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Let's play a game ! Choose the piece (and its price) I'll drop in 3 hours.
Pieces are in the thread👇👇

#NFT #nftcollectors #nftcollector #nftart #nftartist #hicetnunc #cryptoart #nftarts #NFTdrops #nftdrop #NFTCommmunity
Piece 1️⃣
Piece 2️⃣
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How to pick a healthy NFT/Metaverse Project? (1/7)

- Thread

#NFT #NFTGiveaways #NFTartist #NFTcollection #NFTshill #NFTdrop #NFTCommmunity #Metaverse
1. Team is one of the most important elements in a project, we've provided complete info on who our team is and what background they work on. We have tweeted several times about who our team is, you can check on our web or IG (2/7)
2. Roadmap. From the beginning, we have also carried the road map very clearly, not only in the first phase but until we reach the metaverse phase. See here:… (3/7)

#NFT #NFTartist #nftart #Metaverse #Meta
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📈 15 ways to make more sales on #hicetnunc, by making your OBJKTs more visible! 📈

Here a list of tips for HEN artists, to be seen by more collectors #thread 👇👇👇

#NFT #nftcollectors #nftcollector #nftart #nftartist #hicetnunc #cryptoart #NFTdrops #nftdrop #NFTCommmunity
📌 Add relevant tags (ex:
📌 Add keywords in title if you want too
📌 The description seems not to be indexed, do not spend too much time on it
📌 Target current events if you can, like #hen500k ( tags: geometric abstract geometry cryptoart color mathematic
📌 Drop during the peak sales period (14-17 GMT)
📌 Do not drop too often
📌 Try to sold out frequently (if you don't, lower the price or # editions, and burn the old unsold editions)
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🔥 New drop on HEN 🔥

Geometry (my first interactive objkt 😎)

📌 5 ed.
📌 2.5+ tez
📌 Interactive (HTML)

🙏 Thank you!

#NFT #nftcollectors #nftcollector #nftart #nftartist #hicetnunc #cryptoart #NFTdrops #nftdrop #NFTCommmunity
3 editions sold already! (2@2.5tez, 1@4)
Thank @historicalive and thenftman 🙏

Next price 10tez
Each time you click/refresh, a lot of params are set with random values.
It's the reason why it's always different :)

Try it:
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Finally listed my Genesis #NFT “Diwali - Festival of Lights” for sale on @withFND! 🌐

I'm very excited!🥰🤩🚀
🙏🏽Thanks a lot @NFTMalayali - You all have provided a great deal of info & support.
#NFTCommunity #NFTartist #NFTs

Happy #Diwali to all 🪔…
Layer Breakdown video of “Diwali - Festival of Lights”
Now available on Foundation | Reserve price 0.25 ETH.

Link to Foundation profile 👇🏽

#nftcollector #NFTCommunity
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We've gone gold! 100 unique arts and metadata generated by AI are dropping 25th September with the first collection "World Cities"! Check the mint page here:
Unique traits generated by GPT-3.

GPT-3 was trained on the context of talking about cities and then proceeded to generate metadata (traits and description) for each one of the 100 cities available in this collection.
Unique art generated using high-end deep learning focused GPUs.

We have used cloud GPUs to run deep learning AI which received the name and description of each city and then generated a unique PNG for each of them. All images do not have any human interference.
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#NFTs are a Second Renaissance a thread:

#nftartist #nftarthistory #nftcommunity #arthistory
The Art Renaissance was the most significant development for Art for two reasons - 1) it was the start of banks prescribing retainable value to physical art and 2) was the birth of a NEW PORTABLITIY that gave artists GLOBAL EXPOSURE.
Prior to the renaissance most art was painted on wooden panels which were incredibly inconvenient to transport especially internationally. So what is an Italian artist, living in Venice supposed to do? Image
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