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Track #DAO Squad Unite. ♻️
We've come up with a Formula for taking the #Web3 Space by Storm, here's why it all starts with an LBP on @FjordFoundry.🧵 ♻️ Best represents the Auto-Compounding nature of the $T
Some token sales have struggled with certain buyers gaming the sale with the use of bots, this has resulted in poor levels of distribution & an unhappy community.🤕
#FjordFoundry Has a built-in mechanism that solves this & has helped many other young #Startups w/ young Ideas like ourself raise funds for a happier community. 😎
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Non Fungible Token Design: The Structure of Yield Generating Tokens.
My Tutor, @SamuelXeus always said to his community "Never research a tree, but rather, research what makes the tree stand"
Lately, NFT Yield tokens have been mooning, how do they exist to moon?
Follow up 👇 Image
1/ Projects are building fully sustainable economies around NFTs. Services have been extended beyond Arts, and so, utilities are embedded to ensure holders keep their asset and mitigate downward sell pressure and illiquidity problems. Image
2/ The Economic Design NFT collection remains the same as the economic design of Tokens. That is;

• The Market Design,
• The The Mechanism Design and,
• The Token Design.
All of these three are needed to maintain a project's sustainability. Image
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04/August 🔥Gems Supported by Whales (24h)🔥

❤️Most Bought: Rare Apepe YC by @RareApepeYC
👯‍♂️Most Minted: NFTiff. by @TiffanyAndCo 💍
💃🏼 Celebrating CC0 by @harsha_nik Earns Most Social Impact & Followed by 192 influencers🔥

#NFTs #NFTart #NFTCommunity #Web3 #NFTProjects
1/ Top 5 Collections Bought by Whales:
🥇@RareApepeYC bought by 15 🐳
🥈@miragegalleryai bought by 14 🐳
🥉PARTICIPANTS NFT bought by 10 🐳
🏅Rubber Duckz Honoraries by @RubberduckzNFT
🏅@dmitricherniak Ringers by Dmitri Cherniak
2/ Top 5 Popular Collections Minted by Whales:
🥇NFTiff. by @TiffanyAndCo 💍
🥈@miragegalleryai minted by 22 🐳
🥉@Uniswap's Uniswap V3 Positions
🏅ChainFaces HD Undead by @secretproject
🏅@dmitricherniak Ringers by Dmitri Cherniak
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NFT Daily Report!

🖼Collection of the Day
@artblocks_io #Ringers by @dmitricherniak 🔥 Ranks No.1 in 🐳 Bought!

Also @look_labs's #Goats4Life Top on 🐳 MINT!
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#BulleTime #NFTDaily #NFTCommunity #Web3 #NFTProjects #NFTMintAlert #Metaverse
Top 5 Collections Bought by 🐳:

🥇@artblocks_io Ringers by @dmitricherniak: blue all the way!
🥈@RubberduckzNFT: Can’t go wrong with gold🔥
🥉#ImmortalPlayerCharacter 🌕
🏅@INWILLNFT: LMAOOOOO u can never imagine what he's doing 🫣
🏅@NFTMoondust: Get ready for the burn event!
Top 5 Collections Minted by 🐳:

🥇@look_labs' #Goats4Life claim free “Goat PFP”🐐
🥈@artblocks_io Ringers by @dmitricherniak Also Ranks TOP on 🐳 Bought!
🥉@NFTMoondust: thick floor sell wall!
🏅@schoblins: Giveaway NOW🍀
🏅@0xIPC's Immortal Player Character: What's your IPC?
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NFT Daily Report!

🖼Collection of the Day: @goodmindsnft
TOP on Whales Bought, Mints, & Sell!
📝Nominate ur fav below!

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#BulleTime #NFTDaily #NFTCommunity #Web3 #NFTProjects #NFTMintAlert #Metaverse Image
Top 5 Collections Bought by 🐳:

🥇@goodmindsnft: Starting a Good Minds Twitter community!
🥈@copebearlol: "UseLeSs cOin" - c0miNg nExt weEk!
🥉@RubberduckzNFT: get ready to BYORD!
🏅@ensdomains #ENS
🏅@Dirt_Birds_NFT: Giveaways on the way! Image
Top 5 Collections Minted by 🐳:

🥇@goodmindsnft: minted out in a flash!
🥈 ImmortalPlayerCharacter: Trade Volume 8.2
🥉@HSBAF_NFT: Minted 3004/10000 📈
🏅@raidparty: #RaidPartyFighters Trade volume 14.2K
🏅@prysm_xyz: started supporting web3 Transactions 💱 Image
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NFT Daily Report !🍻

🖼Collection of the Day @artblocks_io Ringers by Dmitri Cherniak

📝Wanna add in? Nominate ur fav!

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#BulleTime #NFTDaily #NFTCommunity #Web3 #NFTProjects #NFTMintAlert #Metaverse Image
Top 5 Collections Bought by 🐳:

🥇@Jungleking_NFT: Burn🔥 3 #Jungleking NFT to GET 80 bln #Tiger 1 Helltiger
🥈@RubberduckzNFT: Holders to claim #BYORD FREE create #RubberDuckz NFT
🏅@artblocks_io #Ringers by Dmitri
🏅@theprojectINO #INO Revealing Jul 6, 12:00 PM
Top 5 Collections Sold by 🐳:

🥇@ensdomains: Most whales bought #ENS name today
🥈@moonbirds: Community is the core!
🥉@Jungleking_NFT Burn #jungleking NFT and earn #tiger tokens and
🏅@oddities_xyz #MoonbirdsOddities
🏅@artblocks_io #Ringers by Dmitri Cherniak
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[Who in the hell are the @CannabuddieNFTs?]

A 🧵.
#Crypto, #NFTs, & #Cannabis. Normies don’t yet get it, those that do, can’t get enough. @CannabuddieNFTs seeks to be at the center of it all, bridging IRL & #Web3 Integration by utilizing the greatest medium in Internet Culture! This is much more than getting stoned & dope art…
I. The Idea

The story is simple…In 2021 our homies started a crypto group chat, looking to help bring one another to the top through alpha trades & pam jokes. Garry was periodically mentioning Cannabuddies at this time, something which I (Austin),
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10 Uncomfortable Truths About The Jpeg Game You Probably Don't Want To Hear...(But Should)


🖼TRUTH # 1: We Are *Not* All Gonna Make It

#WAGMI has become a popular meme in this space, but the reality is, it's 100% bullshit. You are playing a zero-sum game.

Act accordingly, or get rekted.
2/ The jpegs are like a modified version of (3,3) which is a bastardization of game theory, designed to provide exit liquidity for those with inside info

Your saving grace here is buying projects w/ strong teams & communities who consistently deliver additional value to holders
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Here's my (long) take on why specifically women-led NFT projects don't make it in this space in the same way other projects do. This is my take. Take it as you may. Here goes 😬

#NFTCommunity #NFTprojects #Women
First, stats. ArtTactic Nov/'21: Women make up just 16% of the NFT market (let's just round that up to 20% for Apr/'22 to make it easier and probably more realistic now).
How big is the NFT Market?
According to Opensea, 250 000 people trade with them every month, which is about right with the stat that says there are about 270 000 active wallets our there (source:, for example). Not much at all, hey?
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