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"In March 2023 the #Forest #Conservation Amendment bill was plaed before the LokSabha. Ms Prakriti Srivastava,IFS (PCCF #Kerala) & I jointly wrote a submission to the Joint Parliamentary Committee, link provided at the end of the (long) thread. 1/n
highlighting the imp pts:
Fundamental changes in the proposed bill:
a)Limits the scope & ambit of the original FCA (1980), removing crucial safeguards from a vast majority of India's #biodiverse rich #forests, thereby opens the floodgates for diversion for other uses
b) Undoes many provisions of the existing #ForestConservationAct; c) dilutes the 202/1996 #SupremeCourt ‘Godavarman’ #judgement, overturns its #conservation gains
(d) facilitates privatisation of forests to create plantations
e) shifts focus from conservation of forests to 3/n
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Speaking at the #PhD 3rd Year Forum @CamUniGeography @Cambridge_Uni. Main focus is #governance of #conservation related relocation in
@mytadoba #Tiger Reserve tho it considers socio-economic (v brfly #ecological) outcomes) #Wayanad #Wildlife #Sanctuary is a satellite site Image
Grateful to my co #travellers @Krithikasampath
@SamirTadoba who made it easier & FUN! Also
@jituramgaokar @nandkishorkale1 and his incredible team @PrajaktaDH #PoonamDhanwatey. the generosity of the villagers🙏 @bhask286 for his support
And the funders who made it possible -shukriya
@stjohnscam @CamUniGeography
The @ruffordgrants #SMUTSGrant @RGS_IBG
2 more years to go.... #university #team #phdlife #research
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met gala black & white with the focus being cats symbolism:
black and white are the stripes of the tiger

- White Tiger of the West (Xīfāng Báihǔ 西方白虎) one of the four divine beasts related to the four cardinal directions/seasons etc. of the Chinese constellations. ImageImage
- tiger=lion=king=ac(antichrist) (false king false ruler)
- associated with the metal(META/robots/flesh of the “gods”/ sinking) element. earth(yellow)=supporting element of metal(white/beige/silver=supporting element of water(dark blue/black) meanwhile water can release the power ImageImage
of metal. also the  respiratory system/lungs/related to the nose/large intestine/fall/venus(lucifer)/round shapes. Metal ‘governs’ the Chinese Zodiac signs Monkey, Rooster and Dog.
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A while back I tried to get MidJourney to produce some nice Chinese Watercolour / Ink, Wall Scroll style paintings, in v3.

The original results were a bit wishy-washy as I was a noob...

@midjourney_ai #aiart #aiartcommunity #digitalart #MidJourney #Chinese #Watercolour

But the results improved greatly with some reference images for the #AIart to grab onto. However it was still missing something to make it feel like the real thing... And that Red Crowned Crane🤢 ...

But recently @midjourney_ai made it possible to do 2:3 and 3:2 aspect ratios in v4, and I decided to re-visit the concept with v4.

It started out promising with almost exactly the same prompt and reference image. This time with a little --chaos added

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Fifth post of the #Wildlife Week #Reintroduction Series.

Day 5 – Return of the #Barasingha to #Satpura #Tiger Reserve !!!

Swamp Deer commonly known as Barasingha have three subspecies, Wetland Barasingha, Hardground Barasingha and Eastern Barasingha.
Once #swamp #deer inhabited areas from Central India to the Godavari river in the south. Currently, they are found in five discrete populations in 3 regions of central, north-east and northern India.
Before the 1950s, the number of Hard ground Barasingha was estimated to be around 3,000 in Banjar Valley of Kanha National Park (KNP). However, by the 1960s the number had dwindled to a meagre 66 due to expansion of #agricultural activities into barasingha habitats...
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#BalidanDiwas #Thread
How many of us know about heroism of #Tiger Air Warrior Sqn Ldr A B Devayya MVC?

That IAF got to know of incredible gallantry from Pakistani Pilot he shot down & a British author?

That it took 23 years after 1965 War to honour our Braveheart?
Returning from mission over Sargodha, Bravehearts Mystere was hit by Pak Pilot

Instead of ejecting, he turned to combat with superior F-104 Starfighter & shot it. Flt Lt Amjad Hussain ejected safely

Sqn Ldr Devayya didn't return and was declared Missing in Action & then KIA
Flt Lt Amjad Hussain later described the Air Combat of 1965 to John Fricker who wrote a book

That's how IAF Colleagues learnt of his heroic fight to finish over enemy land

Same Pak Pilot was again shot down in 1971 & became one of India's 93000 #POW. Later rose to AVM rank
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A quick trip to 'Tadoba Tiger Reserve Forest' was treat to eyes and mind.
Rare sighting of Indian Buffalo (Gaur) herd with calves at #Tadoba #TigerReserveForest
1/n ImageImageImage
Sambar Deer male one amongst five female in a herd at #Tadoba #TigerReserveForest ImageImageImage
Spotted Deer at #Tadoba #TigerReserveForest Image
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NFT Daily Report !🍻

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Projects into considerations:
1. A proposal for a #golf course and resort in the #ecosensitive zone of Keibul Lamjao National Park in #Manipur
2. Denotification of 292.39 ha revenue land from National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary in #MadhyaPradesh
3. In the Western Ghats region, there is a proposal to divert 7.8991 ha of land from default #ecosensitive zone (ESZ) or 10km radius around #Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary for a stone crushing unit in #Kerala s Kozhikode district at a distance of only 2.56 kms from the sanctuary. 2/5
4. The NBWL is also considering a proposal to divert 4.606 ha from default #ecosensitive zone of Periyar #Tiger Reserve for a stone quarry in Kerala’s Idukki district, about 8.61 km from the boundary of the tiger reserve. 3/5
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4641: Tiger Woods re: "Do you think you can win the Masters this week?"
#BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #Tiger #TigerWoods #Masters
2/ Does Tiger Woods *really* think he can win this years Masters? His Body Language tells the truth.
3/ A split-second after the reporter says, "You've said countless times throughout your career that you don't enter a golf tournament unless you think that you can win," several nonverbal displays occur rapidly.
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Today is International Tiger Day which is celebrated every year to raise awareness for tiger conservation.There was a large population of tigers in Gujarat up to middle age but there is no tiger in Gujarat now. It is amazing fact that there were tigers near Ahmedabad in old time. Image
Tiger hunting was a favourite entertainment game for Indian rulers since ancient time. It was a favourite sport for Sultans of Gujarat in middle age. Halol & Mahemdavad were important hunting places for Gujarat Sultans. Hunting hobby of Indian rulers decreased tiger population.
Tiger hunting was favourite sport & pastime of royals & elites in 19 & early 20th century. It was main tourist attraction of India for Europeans. In British rule,tiger hunting parties were arranged by rulers of princely states in honour of visiting British dignities & officials.
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Zoos, Tiershows oder ähnliches sind Quälerei für alle Tiere! Bitte meidet das!
Denn die Nachfrage bestimmt alles!

Keine Besuche mehr = keine Shows oder Zoos mehr

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Now #India has 51 #tiger reserves.

Srivilliputhur Megamalai Tiger Reserve in Tamil Nadu is the latest addition.
List here;

1.Bandipur (1973-74)

2.Corbett (1973-74)

3.Kanha (1973-74)


5.Melghat (1973-74)

6.Palamau (1973-74)

7.Ranthambore (1973-74)

8.Similipal (1973-74)

9.Sunderbans (1973-74)

10.Periyar (1978-79)

11.Sariska (1978-79)

12.Buxa (1982)

13.Indravati (1982)
14.Namdapha (1982-83)

15.Dudhwa (1987-88)

16.Kalakad-Mundanthurai (1988-89)

17.Valmiki (1989)


19.Tadoba-Andhari (1993-94)

20.Bandhavgarh (1993-94)

21.Panna (1994)

22.Dampa (1994-95)

23.Bhadra (1998-99)

24.Pench (1998-99)

25.Pakke (1999-2000)
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25 ANIMAL IMAGES OF 2020. #Rescued #spectacledbear Cholita in her forest sanctuary home in Peru.

The last circus animals leave Guatemala & board the flight to the #ADIWildlifeSanctuary, South Africa.

Ex-circus #lions Muñeca & Leo (saved from a circus in Peru) at the #ADIWS.
#Bulls & #horses killed in bullfights are remembered in Colombian Congress.

Ex-circus #lions Smith & Rey relax at the #ADIWildlifeSanctuary.

Guatemala says goodbye to its circus animals & the animals are blessed.
17 #tigers & #lions are lured into the crates that will take them to a new life.

#ADI’s Jan checks tigers as they are weighed in the airport’s cargo section.

5 lions & 12 tigers, #rescued from circuses in Guatemala, each in individual crates during the journey to South Africa.
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Twitter वर दररोज राजकारण,कवीसंमेलन,Memes वरती आपण खुप चर्चा करतो..पण आजचा #Thread खास त्या प्राण्यासाठी आहे ज्याच्या ताकदीचा अंदाज भल्याभल्यांना नाही..ज्या प्राण्याला जंगलामध्ये दुसरा तुल्यबळ प्रतिस्पर्धी नसल्यामुळे त्याला त्याने केलेली शिकार जमिनीवर बसुन मनसोक्तपणे खाता येते.. Image
(इथे वाचकांमध्ये खुप जनांना माहित नसेल कदाचित पण बिबट्याला आपली शिकार झाडावर जाऊन खावी लागते कारण त्याच्या जेवणाचे वाटेकरी आजुबाजुने फिरतचं असतात)..पण आपल्या thread च्या पाहुण्यांचा SWAG ही अलग है!!! त्याचे नाव गाडीच्या एका well known brand ला दिला आहे आणि ती कंपनी भारताचे Image
रत्न आदरणीय रतन टाटांनी विकत घेतलीय..thats right..Jaguar हया प्राण्याबद्दल आपण थोडं बोलणार आहोत.. ‌Jaguar/जग्वार हे अमेरिका खंडात सापडणारे सर्वात मोठे मांजर आहे.चित्ता आणि बिबट्या सारखे ठिपके ह्याच्या शरीरावर असतात.पुर्ण वाढ झालेल्या जग्वारचे वजन साधारण ६०-१०० किलो होऊ शकते.
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My piece in @MongabayIndia on relocation from #Wayanad #Wildlife Sanctuary based on my @MPhilCL @Cambridge_Uni research supervised by @EliaApos Ialso drew on my yrs of experience.Resettlement from #ProtectedAreas (PA) is contentious @csandbrook 1/22
& I discuss a largely ignored narrative:of people seeking support for relocation.Historically,resettlements have been poorly recorded; there have been evictions from PAs that have led to penury, isolation, further impoverishment, which I strongly condemn.There is NO room 2/22
for forced,induced,unjust resettlement. However,it is troubling that resettlement discourse has ignored the narrative of people voluntarily seeking to move out of PAs where they face immense hardship due to lack of access to education,healthcare, markets,roads,jobs,business
3/22 A camera trapped pic  from Kali #Tiger Reserve, sourced from
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Do you know in #India we have a Golden #Tiger also. Only documentation of such big cat in 21st century on planet. This by Mayuresh Hendre. Look at this beauty.
They are very rare and some say it is caused by a recessive gene that gets expressed due to extensive inbreeding. 2/n
Few were recorded in zoo. But rarely captured in wild. And in recent years this one individual. Pics taken & sent by @Mayuresh_Hendre for sharing with all.
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This #leopard with a snare cutting into its flesh & bones was camera trapped on 24 Mar in Rajak, #Surhi Range, core of Achanakmar #TigerReserve #Chhattisgarh Also caught in a camtrap were #poachers 1/n
#WildlifeCrime @ntca_india@bhupeshbaghel
⁩ ⁦@CG_Police @WCCBHQ

4 villagers armed with bows,arrows. 2nd May: Surhi Ranger Sandeep Singh went with staff & #dog squad to Niwaskhar Village. Weapons—bows, arrows, wire trap etc with blood found, accused arrested 2/n
@ntca_india @WCCBHQ @bhupeshbaghel @WCCBHQ

As they were leaving #forest staff-including lady #ForestGuards were gheraoed by villagers,kept hostage for hours,harassed,humiliated,RFO, deputy #ranger,guards were beaten badly, sustained injuries, hospitalized. watch esp18,45 &1:34 seconds 3/n
@ntca_india @bhupeshbaghel

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How to protect yourself against a #tiger
Some time ago, Shankar Atram took a big sharp butcher’s knife, nails, iron-mesh, an old helmet, and an edible oil tin can. He made a helmet-mesh guard to cover his face and head. ImageImageImageImage
He cut open the oil can to make armour for his torso and moulded the butcher’s knife into a 'neck belt' wrapped in rubber and layers of cloth. A few sharp nails stick out from the neck band. ImageImageImageImage
And he dangles a round plate behind his neck, to create the illusion of a ‘ face’ on his back. Check the entire story here: ImageImage
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41. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria
#RegimeChange #FakeNews #FalseFlag #terrorism #SyriaInvasion #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstHumanity
1 to 20. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria 🤨👇🏼…
21 to 40. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria 🤨👇🏼…
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Starting a #thread on #AssamFloods #Kaziranga with this first rescue of a hog deer @action4ifaw @vivek4wild
Follow this thread for more updates on #wildliferescue over the coming days. +
As floodwaters enter fringe villages of #Kaziranga and people move out, #wildlife needs higher ground to be safe. This is where we come in to rescue animals displaced or injured by #AssamFloods with #AssamForestDepartment and @action4ifaw
@vivek4wild @AzzedineTDownes +
Fleeing deer caught on camera by Rabin Sharma depict the state of #wildlife in most parts of #Kaziranga that is expected to go under water by tomorrow #AssamFloods
@action4ifaw @vivek4wild @AzzedineTDownes
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Ok, as a follow-up of @AshleyWallace19 thread, here are some pictures of the former tigers. Starting with one of the best looking #Mirage2000 that ever took to the skies.
#EC1_12 2009
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1/ Earlier today, Tiger Woods won fifth Masters - his first since 2005. Woods has not been victorious in a Major since the 2008 US Open.
2/ Tiger, has who has fifteen Majors wins to his credit - is second only to Jack Nicklaus' eighteen. Some are already calling Tiger's comeback the greatest in sports history.
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