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The Untold Secrets of Cannabis, Hemp, and Cannabinoids: A Mind-Blowing Thread 🤯🚀
1/ 💥 Did you know that cannabis and hemp are actually siblings? They both belong to the same plant species, Cannabis sativa. But while cannabis gets you high, hemp has a plethora of industrial & medical uses. Let's dive into some mind-blowing facts! 🌿🧵 #Cannabis #Hemp
2/ 🧪 Cannabinoids, the chemical compounds responsible for the effects of cannabis, aren't exclusive to the plant. Our bodies naturally produce compounds called endocannabinoids, which play a crucial role in our immune and nervous systems, and homeostasis. 😲 #Cannabinoids
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1/ Ireland is in breach of EU Law w/ CBD #cannabis Judgement!

"If a country chooses to ignore European law the EC can launch a formal infringement procedure against the country in question. Possible sanctions facing Ireland include fines and, or the withdrawal European funding."
Hemp Federation Ireland:
“The Irish Government and courts fail to understand that CBD products containing 0.2% THC are within European Food Safety Authority’s remit, are legal across the European Union and therefore cannot be banned in Ireland.”

@HempFedIreland @lukeming
3/ HFI:
“We understand the European Commission is actively assessing the situation in Ireland... and expect it to act to protect the rights of our long established industry to continue to exist.”

@businessposthq @Fweed_ @IrishTimes @irishexaminer @Independent_ie @rtenews
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The Dark Side of Cannabidiol: The Unanticipated Social and Clinical Implications of Synthetic Δ8-THC

Geci et al filling some important data gaps regarding identification of byproducts from #delta8 synthesis, highlighting the need for proper quality control.

#CannaScience #hemp Image
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[Who in the hell are the @CannabuddieNFTs?]

A 🧵.
#Crypto, #NFTs, & #Cannabis. Normies don’t yet get it, those that do, can’t get enough. @CannabuddieNFTs seeks to be at the center of it all, bridging IRL & #Web3 Integration by utilizing the greatest medium in Internet Culture! This is much more than getting stoned & dope art…
I. The Idea

The story is simple…In 2021 our homies started a crypto group chat, looking to help bring one another to the top through alpha trades & pam jokes. Garry was periodically mentioning Cannabuddies at this time, something which I (Austin),
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#ReFiSpotlight S2T4

For the 4th installment in our #ReFi @gitcoin grant series, we are stoked to be featuring @earthistdao!

Earthist is a network of hemp farmers & more who are regenerating soil, making awesome products, and building a decentralized hemp seed bank.

Read on: Image
As @earthistdao notes at, Hemp is an incredibly versatile plant with thousands of applications. It can be used to make rope, paper, clothing, building materials, soil amendments, and make them *carbon-negative.*
That's because hemp's versatility is supported by its ability to grow quickly, even with minimal chemicals, and build up a LOT of biomass, i.e. carbon. It sequesters carbon many times faster than even healthy forests, and is a true leader in removing carbon from the atmosphere.
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Here's my 5 min talk I just held at the 44th #ECDD:

<< Dear Expert Committee on Drug Dependence,
my name is Fabian Steinmetz. I'm from Germany and I'm an Eurotox-certified toxicologist and professional risk assessor at an international consultancy.
I speak here on behalf of the NGO #ENCOD, the European coalition for just and effective drug policies.
And now I'd like to speak a few words about #kratom (Mitragyna speciosa).
First of all I'd like to remind the committee that banning #hemp, #poppy & #coca was not very successful and even led to more potent derivatives and synthetic imitations. Also these bans fueled violent crime and human rights violations worldwide.
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We’ve got big news! Today we’re announcing 6 company acquisitions. Each of these companies has something unique to offer and we’re thrilled to help build their futures. $RNWF @alkabadshah
@alkabadshah We've acquired @SacredBioscienc, who is pioneering the future of psychedelic research, #psilocybin farming, and alternative therapeutics. Learn more about their mission below! $RNWF @alkabadshah Image
@alkabadshah @SacredBioscienc We acquired @sunshine_hemp. They are committed to helping Florida Farmers with the Best Hemp genetics for #CBD, #CBG, and other #hemp-derived products. $RNWF @alkabadshah Image
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Two weeks ago, with guidance from @HempFedIreland, we sent a lengthy email to TD's and councillors from every major party. It detailed in polite but not uncertain terms the current state of total disarray faced by our industry.

Just hours ago, we received the first response.
And we're kind of shocked but most grateful to reveal it came from the office of @MaryLouMcDonald @sinnfeinireland ✊🌿🇮🇪

NOW I WAS going to write in big screaming letters:

Sinn Fèin Supports Cannabis Reform in Ireland!!

But I would not want to put words in anyone's mouth...
So instead! I'll quote the crux of it below. From the office of Mary Lou McDonald folks. Thank you to David Cullinane and Pa Daly for their help in this!


@DonnellyStephen @FrankFeighan @LeoVaradkar @HMcEntee @MichealMartinTD @lukeming @HempFedIreland @davidcullinane
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Names matter, words matter. If you truly want to get to the bottom of things then you have to be able to read. Obviously most people can't read or comprehend very well.
That's a lot of responsibility! Big, big job... for someone, a plant. It's probably fuckin lettus, dude... The WORKS of righteousness and truth. Now when you go to your Bibles you can search for righteousness or truth and see they are talking about the plant! The whole book.
You think they didn't have to cultivate specific male strains of #Cannabis, the strongest natural fiber known to man, everybody is wearing Cannabis Hemp in this picture, it's the power of Christ and the Armour of God. Wake the fuck up people I want to move on!
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ATTN #CBD stakeholders: @US_FDA today holding scientific conf. on CBD/other #cannabinoids. I'll be live tweeting throughout. Not sure we'll get much insight on immediate path forward for consumer products but I'll share noteworthy observations. Agenda:
I'll be paying particular attention to @DrAbernethyFDA's remarks at 9:05a (head of #FDA's #CBD Policy Working Group) and @DThrockmortonMD's keynote at 9:15a (one of Agency's principals for regulating R&D, manufacture & marketing of #cannabis & cannabis-derived #drug products).
And we're underway! First up is Kaveeta Vasisht, MD, PharmD. Associate Commissioner for Women’s
Health and Director, Office of Women’s Health, FDA. She's noting ubiquity of #CBD products in marketplace, many of which are targeted to #women.
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Time to make my hemp from the garden up into coconut oil 😁 got a bit seeded so just trying to get the seeds out before I start, gonna eat them 😋 #makeyourownmeds #hemp #cbd
How to get the seeds out easier 🤣
Got about 100 grams altogether 😁
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“My friends the pandemic is not over," @senatemajldr said today at an industrial hemp factory in Kentucky, while holding up a #hemp mask. Image
"And in the meantime, I recommend a hemp mask," McConnell said. "It's one of the best."

He also mentioned Kentucky distilleries have started to make hand sanitizer.
2020, folks. #hempmasks Image
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Good Day 🌎! Are you ready for one of Gods🌿to be Federally Legalized? I have stood strong on this since #DJT announced he would run in 2015. Follow along for my thoughts and leave a comment below. Please retweet and lets help those who need it most. #WWG1WGA
2) Starting off we know the issues with his brother and #Alcohol which for most would lead them to believe he was completely against any and all substances. However I am lead to believe the exact opposite.
3) #Drugs and #Alcohol both are known to have horrible side effects that contribute to many of the horrible #sickness and #disease we know today. We have all long known the power of this 🌿. This leads me to a Poll, Lets keep you engaged!
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@ken_eckerty I'm going to put a little thread together on $IGPK to explain where I see the value is in this stock.

I believe its undervalued on a fundamental level, which should become apparent after the S-1 goes effective.

@ken_eckerty $IGPK share structure:

$IGPK market cap is approximately $1.15M at $0.0010

$IGPK A/S is 1,200,000,000

$IGPK O/S is 1,153,317,059

So only 46,682,941 away from being maxed out.…

@ken_eckerty $IGPK was an SEC filer before becoming a non-reporting Pinksheet stock. On 02/12/2020 (almost two months ago) $IGPK filed an S-1 registration.

S-1's are typically highly dilutive, however here $IGPK is selling a maximum of 4,583,18 shares at $0.0015 for $7,103.93

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#RHODEISLAND HB 7989 would "establish an economic growth #blockchain act, set regulations for the sale of #hemp, regulate #virtual and #digital assets and establish depository banks for these purposes" Uses WY/CA #blockchain definition. /1 ImageImageImageImage
it's a long bill and there's a lot going on here. Summary: Would establish a 13 member state tech council to develop a "#blockchain filing system," use a #blockchain for a "Track and trace" hemp/cannabis supply chain system, create a fintech sandbox, including /2 ImageImageImageImage
special provision for a special depository institution that can hold deposits but not make loans, not hypothecate assets; would include #virtualcurrency (extremely broadly defined) as part of defined #digitalassets ImageImageImageImage
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Saturday morning #Hemp Workshop has officially started. #hempoil #HempEducation
Dr. Christopher Disbro Founder and President of the @IowaHemp kicks the morning off by talking about #Hemp farming and doing it right
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Ancient India was not purely religious. If You see main Hindu Scriptures like Vedas, Upnishad, and Samhita they are collection of philosophies, scientific data and facts. They worshipped nature and were experts in Science, astronomy, mathematics.
#Thread #IndicHistory
Just because the language is Sanskrit, Leftists reject it to be unscientific and religiously motivated.
In recent time ie last few hundred years, many distortion n misinterpretation has been done too and readers who don't know Sanskrit tend to believe it.
Let's dive in brief
#RigVeda: It's full of the geographical data about India. Research on Rig Veda have proven and can be further verified that Our Civilization was River based and most important one was Saraswati. We worshipped nature. eg Agni, Varun, Indra.
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Hemp is one of the world’s oldest crops. It also happens to be one of the most versatile.

From fabrics to paper,the hemp plant provides a way to live in harmony with the environment and the ecosystems that support it.

#Hemp #EarthDay #GrowHemp #HempIndia #LegaliseHEMP #HempMade
Did you know #hemp is naturally resistant to pests? Unlike cotton or flax (which are estimated to consume 50% of all pesticides) growing hemp does requires fewer pesticides or herbicides,when pesticides are sprayed on land, they can easily seep into water sources such as a river.
Hemp can grow in a wide variety of terrains and soil types. It forms deep roots helping to hold the soil together. This in turn prevents soil erosion.

#Hemp #EarthDay #EarthDay2019
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THREAD: The FAANG-ification of 🇺🇸 #cannabis

There's blood on the streets in #cannabis-land, the latest twist in what's been a turvy year. I could choose from a lot of charts here but chose a global lens and zoomed out to paint the complete picture. Talk about vol. #woof 👇
2/ A few things jump out to me on that chart. The first is the bubble and bust; boy I've seen a few of those in my day. Scary as all hell, all sorts of wealth destruction; never fun. But I also notice the uptrend, which remains in tact. That's sorta a big deal given the vol.
3/ Context matters too. #Cannabis is mind-numbingly a schedule I narcotic-- ILLEGAL. So the growth driving that uptrend has occurred *despite* the best efforts of governments / ruling bodies. Not only is that changing but it will be driven by SCIENCE / EFFICACY / WELLNESS...
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THREAD: The #cannabis market

Been managing 💰30 years. $MS, the buy side, etc. etc. Seen lots of volatility; the Asian contagion / Russian ruble, Y2K, financial crisis. Big two-sided swings lots of wealth and plenty of false hope. Which brings me to the cannabis market...
2/ The #cannabis evolution is part-prohibition repeal in that there is existing end-demand that is moving into a taxable realm. It's also part-Y2K in that stocks will be valued on potential rather than what's tangible, especially as more people understand the #truth...
3/ And the #truth is that #cannabis and #hemp are *ingredients* for a wide array of end-products and use-cases ranging from beverages to tobacco to CPG, food, clothing and what is really going to rock everyone's world: #medicine.

Yes that's right, #cannabis is good for you...
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