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One of Russia’s top propagandists, head of Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Naryshkin has yet again implied that Poland seeks to grab western Ukraine after the latter is defeated by Russia and to create a buffer zone spanning central #UA. His remarks convey two lies.
Firstly, with these words Naryshkin amplifies an anti-Polish #propaganda campaign launched by Russia in response to a unprecedented support Poland provides to the fighting Ukraine. The aim of this campaign is to smear #PL & turn Poles and Ukrainians against each other.
Secondly, Naryshkin hints that the Russian invasion of Ukraine won’t stretch beyond Ukraine’s eastern lands, thus downplaying the threat posed by Russia. However, acc to intelligence, the risk that Russia will capture the whole of Ukraine can’t be ruled out.
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Russian disinformation: situation report

Russia is adapting its #propaganda activities to the course of war it’s been waging against #Ukraine. As a country actively engaged in helping Ukraine, Poland is one of the prime targets of Russian information warfare efforts.
The following are some of the identified anti-Polish narratives, including those in use for quite a while and completely new ones.

- Poles are most numerous among the mercenaries fighting alongside Ukraine (a narrative now heavily exploited)
- #PL fighters are supporting Russia (an emerging narrative)
- #PL wants to seize UA (old narrative) + granting #UA an #EU candidate status serves this goal (new issue)
- Poland is dragging #NATO into war against Russia
- Poland is steeped in anti-Russian sentiment
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Rosyjska dezinformacja: meldunek sytuacyjny

Rosja dostosowuje działania propagandowe do przebiegu wojny, którą toczy przeciwko Ukrainie. Polska, jako państwo mocno zaangażowane w pomoc broniącej się #UA, jest jednym z głównych celów tych działań.
Oto przykłady zidentyfikowanych – stałych i nowych – anty-#PL narracji:

- Polacy najliczniejsi wśród najemników walczących po stronie UA (narracja ost. mocno eksploatowana)
- PL najemnicy wspierają RU (wątek nabrzmiewa)
- RP planuje zająć UA (narracja stała) + po to otwarto drogę UA do #UE (nowy wątek)
- RP wciąga NATO w wojnę z RU
- RP jest rusofobiczna
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THREAD - Hari ini adalah hari di mana pemegang saham utama klub mengantongi dividen tahunan mereka, jadi mari sedikit melenceng dari hingar bingar saga transfer Frenkie de Jong yang gak kelar-kelar, untuk berbicara soal... uang.

(Pink Floyd's Money plays in the background)
Beberapa ulasan (plus foto ilustrasi) di utas ini akan mengikutkan data dan konten yang bersumber dari artikel the Athletic yang ditulis oleh Dan Sheldon yang terbit hari ini, dengan judul "How #mufc went from record revenues to losing money in 2021". Sisanya adalah opini.
Flashback ke 2018, di sesi conference call dengan investor, Woodward dengan bangga menyampaikan: "Performa dan pencapaian di lapangan tidak memiliki dampak berarti dalam apa yang dapat kami lakukan dari sisi komersial bisnis."

How many red flags can you spot in this sentence?
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James Garner: "Musim depan akan menarik. Saya merasa musim lalu karir saya seperti baru saja dimulai. Saya masih muda. Saya menginjak usia 21 tahun beberapa bulan lalu. Saya menjalani musim yang bagus dengan klub dan timnas (U-21)."
James Garner: "Bicara saat ini, sangat penting untuk mengharapkan kesempatan bermain di ajang #PL musim depan. Saya pikir saya telah berkembang dengan pesat, memainkan banyak laga, 50 laga lebih, jadi saya telah banyak berkembang secara fisik."
James Garner: "Sebelumnya ada pertanyaan apakah saya bisa bermain di level ini, apakah saya siap secara fisik. Saya pikir saya telah menunjukkan bahwa saya siap secara fisik, dan seperti yang saya katakan, saya merasa telah berkembang dengan pesat."
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My 1st @goalkeeper_com piece:

How many goals were the big 6 GKs worth vs the avg #PL GK?

#Alisson was worth ~19 goals! What more does a GK have to do to get #POTY!

#DeGea was the best shot stopper but his weak shot prevention & distribution meant he was only worth ~3 goals!
#Ederson was the best distributer & his shot preventing was class but his below average shot stopping means his value is far below #Alisson’s!

#Ramsdale’s performances at the end of the season were average but his incredible start means he ended the year with great numbers!
#Mendy was in 2nd place for goal value throughout the year but a poor final few games caused him to drop off, still he was worth ~6 goals to #Chelsea!

#Lloris has gone under the radar this year & while his distribution was pretty weak his shot stopping & sweeping was class!
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Khaldoon Al Mubarak: “You don’t need to put any extra pressure on Pep as he puts enough on himself for everyone. It's the exact opposite; I try to bring back the pressure - I think he puts too much on himself. The pressure of not winning this or that, we're all in it together..."
Khaldoon Al Mubarak: “Sheikh Mansour looks at the game, understands the game and understands winning and losing very, very well. That’s why his ethos, his philosophy is what I’ve tried to instil on this organisation and what we have had these last years..."
Khaldoon Al Mubarak: “We approach every season to win, every competition. That's the mindset over the last ten years. The same in the #UCL, the #PL, FA Cup. We show up every game with full intention to give everything we have. You see the results.” [via @ManCity/@SunMartinB]
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Kremlin #propaganda continues its all-encompassing #disinformation campaign against Poland embedded in the context of the Russian #WARINUKRAINE. Recently, the #RU regime has exploited the issues it believes to have the biggest potential to pit the Poles against Ukrainians.
Examples of the anti-Polish narratives pushed by Russia:

- #refugees from Ukraine are freeloaders
- the Poles use Ukrainians as cheap workforce
- the Poles steal the money allocated for the refugees
- Poland wants to seize the western part of Ukraine
- #Warsaw uses #Kyiv as a tool of its own political agenda
- the Poles have forgotten about the horrors of the Volhynia Massacre
- Ukrainian intelligence services recruit their agents among the Poles
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An attempt to explain the impact of FFP upon NUFC 💰🧵
1/ Simply put, FFP regulations stipulate that a PL club can lose up to £35m per year over a three year period. Therefore taking the total to £105m of losses over three years.
2/ However, due to Ashley’s frugal ownership, NUFC have actually been left with around £100m FFP profit. This means that NUFC could actually afford to lose £205m over the next three years (£105m allowed PL losses + MA era profit of £100m).
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If you don't shoot, you don't score! 🎯

Here are the players with the most shots on target so far at every #PL club...

1️⃣ Aubameyang (18)
2️⃣ Smith Rowe (17)
3️⃣ Saka (15)

Aston Villa
1️⃣ Watkins (17)
2️⃣ Ings (9)
3️⃣ Buendia (8)

1️⃣ Toney (20)
2️⃣ Canos, Mbeumo, Pinnock, Janelt (9)

1️⃣ Trossard (20)
2️⃣ Maupay (11)
3️⃣ Welbeck (8)

1️⃣ Cornet (10)
2️⃣ McNeil (8)
3️⃣ Gudmundsson, Tarkowski (5)

1️⃣ Mount (20)
2️⃣ Ziyech (18)
3️⃣ Lukaku (11)

Crystal Palace
1️⃣ Gallagher, Edouard (15)
2️⃣ Benteke (13)

1️⃣ Gray (14)
2️⃣ Townsend (10)
3️⃣ Calvert-Lewin (9)

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Today I’ll breakdown #DeGea’s performance in the #PremierLeague using my bespoke GK models!

The headline is for the first time in 3 seasons #DeGea’s shot stopping skills are outweighing his weak shot prevention skills & thus far he has saved #MUFC ~5 additional goals! Image
Shot Stopping:

#DeGea’s shot stopping has been world class, my model predicts he has saved #MUFC ~5 goals more than an average #PL shot stopper would’ve thus far!

The goalmouth map highlights just how hard #DeGea has been to beat, if you don’t hit the corners you won’t score! Image
Shot Stopping:

His Best 3 Saves (Lowest ExSave Saves Made) are below 😮:

1. 24% Save Probability vs Jesus

2. 34% Save Probability vs Almiron

3. 42% Save Probability vs Pukki

They highlight #DeGea big strength, his reflexes & ability to cover huge amounts of the goal area. ImageImageImage
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How good has #Ramsdale been for #Arsenal so far?

I’ve seen him described as both “the signing of the season” & “a camera save merchant” but what does the data say?

In this thread I will breakdown his performance in all areas of goalkeeping using my bespoke models

Shot Stopping:

#Ramsdale’s shot stopping has been excellent, my model predicts he has saved #AFC ~3 goals more than an average #PL shot stopper would’ve thus far!

He’s basically only conceded vs close range shots in the corners & has pulled a few shots out of the top corners!
Shot Stopping:

His Best 3 Saves (Lowest ExSave Saves Made) are below 😮:

1. 31% Save Probability vs Bowen

2. 52% Save Probability vs Maddison

3. 57% Save Probability vs Moura

They highlight #Ramsdale big strength, his agility & ability to cover huge amounts of the goal area.
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Don’t miss a new accredited #tweetorial launching TOMORROW here on @cardiomet_CE. #Interventional #cardiologist, #researcher, & #SoMe education leader @DLBHATTMD will be talking all about #aspirin, its role in #cardiovascular wellness & prevention, and new approaches to . . .
1) Welcome to an #accredited #tweetorial on the foundational role of #aspirin in #cardiovascular care. There are new approaches to #aspirin formulation & dosing. This program is accredited for 0.50h CE/#CME. I am @DLBHATTMD. #FOAMed #cardiotwitter #medtwitter Image
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Bernardo Silva's brilliance in every phase of the game in the 21/22 #PL (so far):

Firstly we'll cover the attacking phase:

Most clinical players in the #PL 21/22 [non-penalty Goals - xG]

🥇 Bernardo Silva - 4.1
🥈 Mohamed Salah - 4.0
🥉 Maxwell Cornet - 3.5

Meaning Bernardo has scored 7 goals from just 2.9 xG, he's been extremely clinical in front of goal.
Bernardo also ranks very high in another measure of clinical shooting, if we look at Goals per Shot Attempted:

🥇 Hwang-Hee Chan - 0.40
🥈 Bernardo Silva - 0.39
🥉 Maxwell Cornet - 0.38

This indicates Bernardo picks his shots wisely and only shoots when in the right positions.
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After I put together a thread looking at the financial trends in the Premier League over the last 10 years from 2011 to 2020, a few people asked me if I could do the same for the EFL Championship. So here are the finances for England’s second tier over the last decade.
This analysis comes with caveats, as not all Championship clubs published accounts in the last decade, e.g. Derby County in 2019 and 2020. Also no accounts for clubs in administration, e.g. Portsmouth (2011 & 2012), Bolton Wanderers (2018 & 2019) and Wigan Athletic (2020).
Nevertheless, the themes and trends can still be highlighted, including the impact of COVID in the last three months of 2020. We will also feature some comparisons with the Premier League to illustrate the immense differences between England’s top two divisions.
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My models view of #Ramsdale’s FK save:

He was well positioned as he was stood on the line between the ball & the outside of the wall!

It was a good, but not unbelievable, save. My model finds such a FK gets saved ~50% of the time due to its low speed & distance from the post! Image
I’ve seen the save described on Twitter as both the save of the season & poor positioning followed by a slow recovery!

As usual the truth is between the two & I should make it clear here that saving a 50/50 shot is a lot closer to the save of the season than poor GKing!

#AFC Image
I should add that #Ramsdale had a phenomenal game, saving 4 out of 4 1v1s!

Which is unreal!

If you run all the shots he faced through my model you find #Ramsdale saved #AFC in total 2.38 goals above average which in a 2-0 win means he literally won them the game! Image
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What a forced out of position 1v1 save from #Martinez!

His foot speed to get across is excellent & his decision to dive left pre-shot to get his body in-line with the ball is also class!

This was Emi’s 5th FOOP 1v1 save since 19/20!

No #PL GK has made more!

Definition: A forced out of position 1v1 is a 1v1 which occurs either after a rebound, ricochet, or cross which results in a 1v1 situation where the GK could not possibly be inline with the ball as the situation starts & needs to reposition quickly to make the save
As you can imagine forced out of position 1v1s are scored over 80% of the time & saving them is very difficult but basically the only way to give yourself a chance is to combine quick footspeed, determination, a willingness not to give up, & a tidy execution of the smother
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While we wait for clubs to publish their accounts for the 2020/21 season, I thought it might be interesting to look at the trends in the Premier League over the last 10 years from 2011 to 2020, especially with COVID impacting last 3 months of 2019/20. Some thoughts follow #PL
#PL loss before tax widened in 2020 from £155m to £992m,  as the initial effect of the pandemic began to bite. It is true that the division was already loss-making in 2019, but it had reported profits in 4 of the preceding 5 years, amounting to £1.3 bln in this period.
The situation in the #PL was much the same after tax, though the 2020 loss was smaller at £953m, due to £39m tax credits. Tax accounting entries can have a major impact on net profits, e.g. 2018 included a £149m tax charge, while 2103 was boosted by £147m tax credit.
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#Alisson’s #PremierLeague form is an absolute joke! 🔥

He’s faced 7 1v1 situations so far & saved all 7! 🤯

My model predicts an average #PL GK would’ve conceded ~4 goals from those situations by now! 👑

How long do we think he can keep the 100% record? 🤔

#LFC #LiverpoolFC
My model uses a database of #PremierLeague 1v1s to not only calculate the expected save probability of each 1v1 situation but to also predict what the optimal strategy is in each situation & how likely a GK would be to make the save for a given decision (for more see thread👇🏻).
So can #Alisson keep this up?

He obviously cant keep his 100% 1v1 record forever but I think he can keep his way above avg form going as my model finds that #Alisson only decreased the finish difficulty for the opposition striker with his decision making on 1 of the 7 occasions!
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🧵 Pre-match press conference thread Gameweek 3 [Friday]

🐦 Liverpool

📢 Jurgen Klopp on Andy Robertson: "Robbo trained the whole week, of course he [is] in contention, no doubt about that."

#fpl #gw3 #CHpressers #lfc #LivChe
📢 Klopp on team news: "Millie [James Milner] will not be ready – I think that's it pretty much. All the rest trained and looked good and sharp."

#fpl #gw3 #CHpressers #lfc #LivChe
☔️ Aston Villa

📢 Dean Smith on team news/injuries: "Ollie Watkins will train with us today and if he gets through training, he’ll be available for selection.

"[Leon Bailey's] progress is going ok but tomorrow will come too soon for him..."

#fpl #gw3 #CHpressers #avfc #AvlBre
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THREAD: #Ramsdale to #Arsenal

It will be interesting to see how #Ramsdale gets on at #AFC & how his game evolves.

One thing #AFC know they are getting is a quality 1v1 stopper!

My model suggests #Ramsdale’s 1v1 prowess saved #SUFC ~3 goals more than an average #PL GK would’ve!
In comparison #Leno was average at stopping 1v1s last year & given the brand of football #Arsenal wish to play maybe this was in their thought process when they scouted #Ramsdale.

My model has #Ramsdale as one of the top 5 1v1 stoppers in the #PL & potentially can still improve!
#Ramsdale’s strength vs close range 1v1s is down to his lightning fast speed of thought & speed off the line in combination with his wonderful bravery & tidy spread technique.

This save vs #Wolves is a good example

Rambo creates a huge barrier & snuffs out an excellent chance!
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I’ve always thought the discourse surrounding #Pickford is odd

Twitter would make you think he is the worst GK to ever play in the #PremierLeague which isn’t true, he’s an avg #PL shotstopper!

Yes he had a bad 2020 but his recent good form is starting to make up for that

Pickford’s #PremierLeague Save% for #Everton = 68.9

Expected Save% for an avg #PL GK who faced the same shots as #Pickford in that time = 69.0

I understand why people think that #England’s #1 should be better than a middle of the road PL GK but the abuse he gets is just crazy!
Also regarding the #England #1 shirt, the main reason he has it is because currently #Southgate believes that being an average shotstopper is outweighed by the fact he is a level above any other English GK when it comes to distributing the ball, especially when under pressure!
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#Henderson’s shot prevention has been class in his first 8 #PremierLeague games & its played a big part in #ManchesterUnited’s success!

He is preventing 3.07 chances occurring per game corresponding to ~0.44 ExG per game!

That’s double #DeGea’s ExG prevented per game!
Here I will compare #Henderson’s cross claiming & sweeping (the two branches of shot prevention) so far this year to #DeGea’s & discuss how this has affected #ManchesterUnited’s defence.

I will use my shot prevention model as sadly mainstream models miss many important actions!

#Henderson’s sweeping has been highlighted after his tidy display vs #THFC & it wasn’t a one off!

So far this year for #ManchesterUnited he has prevented 11 opposition chances occurring by sweeping which corresponds to preventing 0.15 ExG/90 (#PL avg is 0.10 ExG/90)
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@WagnerUriel1 @slpng_giants_pt @oatila Estar alerta também p/ações igualmente perigosas q passam desapercebidas e q influenciam fortemente os comportamentos de risco e #letalidade por cooptação, baseadas na oferta de #produtos e/ou #serviços ancorados) em #prazer (pacotes #viagens) ou #medo (#religião, #livros) ex.:👇🏾
@WagnerUriel1 @slpng_giants_pt @oatila Caso 1) #Pacotes de #viagens:
Como pode o pessoal de @123milhas seguir "convidando" as pessoas a escolher seu próximo roteiro de #viagem, nos seus #comerciais de TV (ex.: no canal #SpaceHD #654 na #netclaro) em pleno pico de #pandemia de #covid19, como se não houvesse amanhã, ...
@WagnerUriel1 @slpng_giants_pt @oatila @123milhas como se a vida atual fosse uma #viagem+#festa? Não é à toa que o #filme escolhido por eles @SPACE_Brasil para este domingo (21/03) é “Anjos e Demônios” com Tom Hanks. Só compreensível (mas não aceitável) se o anúncio for destinado a #negacionistas, #bolsomínions e #genocidófilos
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