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NeRF update: Dollyzoom is now possible using @LumaLabsAI
I shot this on my phone. NeRF is gonna empower so many people to get cinematic level shots
Tutorial below -

#NeRF #NeuralRadianceFields #artificialintelligence #LumaAI
2/ First, stand still. Have a friend take a quick video of you
Capture the area in front of you and behind you
3/ Here's the raw footage btw for anyone curious
(Feel free to download it so you can follow along)
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NeRFs are getting attention these days!
However widespread adoption is still slow. But why?

It comes down to a) file size and b) rendering.
An engineer's viewpoint:

TLDR: NeRFs are fundamentally a bad fit for today's edge device architectures.

Let's explain that in detail:
a) A quality NeRF can easily take up many GB of (dedicated) memory on the GPU. Most consumer devices today are miles away from this.
But even if devices could handle it (they can't) there is still the open question of delivery / transmission.
While you could, presumably
compress things down to a few 100 MB, that would still be > 20x larger than a textured mesh of the same scene.
But even if all of a sudden the whole world got 5G everywhere and loading a few 100 MB per NeRF was tolerable (it's not), such compression would likely be
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1/ Now you can create "drone" shots from your phone footage, thanks to NeRF
Collab with @justLV / software @nerfstudioteam / see below for our process
#NeRF #neuralrendering #artificialintelligence #instantNeRF
2/ Here is the raw footage input (sped up 5x here) which we fed into NeRF Studio
3/ Then @justLV created a camera path inside NeRF studio.

The grey polygons are keyframes, the red line is the path that @nerfstudioteam auto-generates to smooth out the camera path
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GM! Here's the daily summary of trending projects on crypto GitHub. Curated by the greatest web3 developers ⭐️.

Check the 12 projects in the thread below 🧵👇🏻
0xYYY and 5 others starred repo ScopeLift/scopelint (16 ⭐️)

An opinionated formatting and linting tool for foundry projects...…
abigger87 and 5 others starred repo vezenovm/simple_shield (22 ⭐️)

Basic Noir anonymous proof of membership...…
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Do you love 3D maps, worlds & visualisations? Here are 24 world creators, mapmakers, or visuals I've come across recently. Brilliant and creative minds using many different tools! PART 1 #dataviz #GISchat #3dmaps #map #gis #3d 1/🧵
Steven Kay | @stevefaeembra creates many original and cool #3dmaps such as this great visualisation of Windturbines in the British Isles. Follow him! #Blender3D and #QGis are his tools. #SDGs #Wind #b3d 2/🧵
Neil Southall | @neilcfd1 creates fantastic #3dmaps such as this hypnotising animation of #LiDAR data of Copenhagen. He uses #rstats and #rayshader in wonderful ways. #rspatial 3/🧵
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I would like to present a proposal to @Lasrevereth for the first community owned ecosystem product to be built in the $LSVR meta-verse...
Mood For Learning is a community owned education resource with the ambition of maximising opportunities for all and improving the global education market...
Education is failing humanity. In parts of East Zambia only one in a hundred children make it to secondary school, meanwhile in the UK 20 of 55 British Prime Ministers have been educated at the same school...
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@zackfreedman that #AugmentedReality #Scope has been done already...
@zackfreedman In fact @KousakuJ/@Kousaku_Japan already did that for their #Airsoft...
@zackfreedman @KousakuJ @Kousaku_Japan So what would be more interesting is a automatic racking system and a ballistics computer with distance measurement to correctly calculate the flight path of a #NERF dart...
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A lot of the #Nerf stuff I see online comes hand in hand with fancy looking tactical gear. But I don't have that kind of budget. I do have a bin full of near indestructible Chinese PLA surplus webbing and pouches (don't question it), and hey! They fit Nerf blaster clips!
Combine with an old pistol belt and some Afghanistan vintage dump pouches from my kit bin, and I'm set!

We're having another Nerf War at my buddy's place against his teenage kids, and this time I'm stepping it up and bringing a clip fed blaster. Good times!
We're also restricting blasters to Elite and MEGA. Rival HIR ammo is too expensive to lose and also a bit hazardous in the CQB ranges we'll be in.

Should be a good go though! I'm going to roll my Delta Trooper, and my buddy will probably use the Echo and his MEGA stuff.
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In anticipation of the Intl. Conf. on Computer Vision (#ICCV2021) this week, I rounded up all papers that use Neural Radiance Fields (NeRFs) represented in the main #ICCV2021 conference here (1/N):
Many of the papers I discussed in my original blog-post on NerF ( made it into CVPR, but the sheer number of NeRF-style papers that appeared on Arxiv this year meant I could no longer keep up. 2/N
Conferences like #ICCV2021 (with CVPR, the top-tier Computer Vision conference) provide an (imperfect) filter, and I decided to read all the papers I could find in the ICCV main program. I share them with you below and in the archival blog post. Email me if any are missing! 3/N
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Vous voulez adopter un #chien? Vous ne savez pas de quoi ça se nourrit ? Quelques conseils alimentaires avec un #berger australien ⬇️
Un de ses plats préférés : Une spatule de cuisine ,en bois de préférence , volée directement sur la table Image
Des fléchettes en mousse , mais uniquement des fléchettes #nerf attention Image
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THREAD. Need some #physics ideas to go along with your holiday presents? I have you covered.

Here is my list of some cool physics experiments I have done with toys and stuff.
2/ How fast are #Nerf darts? Video analysis included.…
3/ What about the speed of the #Nerf vortex disks?…
More #videoanalysis
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