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The House State Affairs Committee is underway. @PUCTX Chair Peter Lake has made opening comment & now the questions have begun. Phil King is asking about a major market change called the Load Serving Entity Obligation which would add more costs. (cont.)
#energytwitter #txlege
King wants to know if #txlege will be able to weigh in before the LSEO is implemented. The design of the LSEO is being done by E3 to "independently" analyze the proposal even though they proposed it for a big generator (NRG) last year.…
@PhilKingTX expresses concerns about potential conflicts of interest from E3. He's right to be concerned.

@toddahunter says higher bills are coming and reminds the PUC Chair that the P in PUC stands for Public. Wants transparency for the public. cc: @DaveLieber
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At ERCOT Board meeting tmrw & at a Texas House Cmte Wed, #ERCOT’s Independent Market Monitor (IMM) will present. The IMM quantified the cost of recent @PUCTX policy changes in her ERCOT presentation & there are some shocking numbers. 1/🧵
#txlege #txenergy…
Here’s the presentation she’ll make tomorrow. The kicker is in this slide: The “conservative operating posture” of the @PUCTX & @ERCOT_ISO have cost consumers a minimum of $670m over only five months. (The range is $670-$845m)
#txlege #energytwitter 2/…
The news here is the RUC costs, which market participants & consumer advocates have been sounding the alarm about for months. In my @REWorld article I said it was hard to tell exactly what RUCs cost, but now we know: $460m ytd thru 5/31/22. That’s more than I would've guessed. 3/
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Here’s a master thread of my long threads on nuclear/renewables:

- #NuclearPower summary

- Nuclear Vs #Solar

- #Renewables: metals/fossil fuel needed to build solar/wind

- #EV Car Batteries: supply chain/environmental

- #Electric Grid: issues with intermittency of renewables
Here’s a comparison of the materials needed for #NuclearPower versus #solar 👇
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Our new modelling report from @DavidSuzukiFDN shows that 100% zero-emissions electricity across Canada by 2035 is possible, reliable and affordable.

Buckle up for a #CleanElectricity thread 🧵…

#Climate #energytwitter #cdnpoli
This is the first modelling report of its kind in Canada. It goes beyond #NetZero to reach #ZeroEmissions by 2035, primarily by relying on:

☀️#Renewables like wind & solar
🌊Existing #Hydropower
🔌More grid connections between regions
Overall, Canada's electricity capacity grows by 2.8x by 2050, and the amount of electrical energy we use grows by 1.8x

All #FossilFuels on the grid are phased out by 2035, including all #NaturalGas. And no nuclear or fossils with #CCUS are needed.
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#TodayInEnergy - EIA expects #solar and #wind to be larger sources of U.S. #electricity generation this summer #STEO #SummerElectricityOutlook
Our forecasts for #elecricity generation from June-August 2022 compared to 2021:

🌞Utility-scale #solarenergy generation will grow by 10 million MWh
🌬️ #Windpower generation will grow by 8 million MWh

Read more about our forecasts here:
Clarification: We're talking about our #electricity forecasts here.
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Leaked #RepowerEU draft:
o -13% energy demand 2030 (vs -9% prior target)
o 45% energy from #renewables 2030 (vs 40%)
o x2 today's #solar by 2028
o Greater use of heat pumps, geothermal & solar thermal
o #Wind build-up to be “drastically accelerated” 1/2
Leaked #RepowerEU draft on #hydrogen:
o 20Mt demand by 2030 (already known)
o 10Mt from EU + 10Mt from non-EU
o Subsidies for EU & non-EU renewable hydrogen
o Three “hydrogen import corridors” via the Mediterranean, North Sea and, eventually, Ukraine 2/2…
Bonus: the three "#hydrogen import corridors" are aligned with the analysis in our report on the Future of Renewable Hydrogen in the EU, in which countries in North Africa, Northern and Eastern Europe were identified as key suppliers for the EU:…
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This is a #Gigafactory, #nuclear style. It is a factory that makes modular 600MWt high temp nuclear reactors and high-temp steam electrolysers. First 36 of them (22GWt) will populate the clean hydrogen plant built next to it, producing ~85 TWh (~2.4 Mton) of clean H2 / year.
After the first 36 reactors are built, the factory has likely been amortised, the processes fine-tuned to excellence and production costs for further units are low. They can be shipped to populate other power / hydrogen plants.
We could build one of these in #Finland, next to the envisioned #hydrogen-pipeline to Germany. Such a pipeline needs to be big to make sense. 10 GW is decent size, enough to take most of the H2 produced at Gigafactory 1. We can build pipeline bigger and export #wind H2 as well.
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#Spring is arriving but is it time to start #planting your vegetables?

Our #agriculture elements provide rich insight into when to plant, water & harvest your crops…

Degree days –
Also known as Growing Degree Days or #GDD

Calculates how many “heating days” there have been during a growing season & is calculated using the hourly temps since planting or the start of the season.

Used to estimate the growth & development of plants & insects.
Soil temperature –

Indicates the #temperature of the #soil itself & is calculated based on recent temperatures.

Used to determine when the soil has warmed enough for various agricultural activities such as sowing seeds.
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Friday is going to be a major #FireWx day. If you live within any of the areas below, it's a "pack your go bag/back your car into your driveway" day. Pay attention! It could save your life. #wildfire #weather
#Extreme fire conditions in Colorado tomorrow, if you live along the Front Range. I am not an official source, but I would strongly advise--if you live anywhere against brush/grassland/prairie/forest--to be ready to leave in an instant. #Colorado #FireWx
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Does green growth foster green policies? In our new article we investigate #RenewableEnergy value chains and find that local value creation leads to higher renewable energy #policy ambition #policyfeedback
Take a look:… (1/4) Image
We analyzed how technological change affects the relationship between governments and firms; growth in manufacturing and R&D of renewables increases industries’ resources to push for ambitious policies. We also see learning effects among policy makers (2/4) Image
We find that #technology #policy #feedback effects differ based on involved value chain segments in the #wind and #solar #energy sector. Manufacturing is associated with stronger policy feedbacks than R&D. (3/4)
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Now might be a good time to spread the good word of #nuclear power amid a #petrol crisis driven by a war that most certainly won’t be the only major war of the 20s or century for that matter.

Nuclear power is not an IF, or MAYBE, it’s a MUST.
Renewables aren’t universally applicable nor are they low on land intensity. Long term solutions in wind and solar aren’t really going to be possible or economically feasible unless you plan to raze thousands of miles to create mega #solar and #wind farms.
#Nuclear is low on land intensity and over time will in a large enough quantity likely outproduce gargantuan and exagerrated wind and solar facilities.

Regardless of your stance on climate change this should be something we all strive for. Nuclear is the best future we have.
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Thread alert!🧵 Myself and @E3G colleagues had been toying around with writing a blog summarising the impacts of the #Russia/Ukraine crisis on the global #coal-to-clean transition, when it was pointed out that any such blog would be outdated and irrelevant within days.
Instead, we’ve decided to pull together a regularly updated meta-thread bringing together the sharpest analysis out there. A few caveats to kick things off…
The Russian invasion of #Ukraine is clearly a very fluid situation, and at the centre of it lies a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions. People are dying and lives ruined. This is *not* something to refer to as an ‘opportunity’ (looking at some #climate commentators, here).
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BREAKING | #Wind & #Solar hit a record TENTH of global electricity in 2021.

But the global electricity transition needs to sustain high growth rates to replace coal & reduce emissions.

⚡️10 Tweet Thread of the Global Power Sector in 2021

[1/10] #GER22…
We analysed annual power generation data for 209 countries from 2000 to 2020, with 2021 data included for 75 countries representing 93% of global power demand.

What did we find? #Wind and #solar took off!

[2/10] #GER22…
50 countries have now crossed the 10% #wind and #solar landmark, with 7 new countries in 2021 hitting the milestone for the first time: 🇨🇳🇯🇵🇲🇳🇻🇳🇦🇷🇭🇺🇸🇻

[3/10] #GER22…
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DE kann bis 2027 den Bedarf an #Erdgas mit Energieeffizienz, Erneuerbaren Energien und Elektrifizierungsmaßnahmen um etwa 1/5 reduzieren. Maßnahmen, die zugleich mehr #Energiesicherheit & #Klimaschutz ermöglichen, haben wir mit @Prognos_Ag & @WupperInst ausgearbeitet. 1/10
Bestehende Instrumentenvorschläge für #Klimaschutz stärken #Energiesicherheit – jetzt schnell: Genehmigungsverfahren für Erneuerbare beschleunigen, verpflichtende kommunale Wärmeplanung, Verbot neuer Gas- & Ölheizungen, Industrietransformation fördern + Fachkräfteoffensive. 2/10
Zu strukturellen Einsparungen in der #Energiewirtschaft führen u.a.: massiver Ausbau von #Wind & #PV, Elektrifizierung in der #Fernwärme & grüner H2 als saisonaler Speicher. Diese Maßnahmen ermöglichen Erdgaseinsparungen in Höhe von 77 TWh im Jahr 2027 im Vergleich zu 2021. 3/10
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Been seeing so many people suggest that the solution for the energy crisis is to build out more #RenewableEnergy such as #solar/#wind. I have nothing against these technologies and long term they may show promise, but in the short term we need to do some math first. #energy 1/12
The world consumes 25,000 TW hours of electricity per year, which is equivalent to 25 billion megawatt hours (MWh) per year. It would require roughly 12 million MW of installed capacity of solar/wind power to produce this quantity of electricity. #energy 2/12
Currently, about 4.3 million MW of fossil fuel generated power produces nearly 2/3 of the world's electricity. This is due to their increased capacity factor and the intermittency of solar/wind. In other words, the wind & sun aren't always blowing & shining. #energy 3/12 Image
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Russische #gasexit:
Volgens @CREG_be zal uitrol #energiebesparing, warmtepompen, #hernieuwbare energie “meerdere decennia” duren.

Onderschat CREG potentieel?
-> Versnelling WP, EE, HE stopt BE import RU gas sneller dan verlenging nucleair.

Reductie gasvraag op korte termijn tov rechtstreekse RU import naar BE:
- Trend isolatie, warmtepompen en zon/wind
- Gedrag (thermostaat)
- Versnelling EE, WP, PV/wind
- Verlenging bio centrale Max Green >2023
Evtl 2GW verlenging nucleair komt nadien. Idem uitbouw 2de zone offshore wind met 3,5GW.

Oorlogsinspanning gasexit is dus combinatie van inspanningen, en moet juiste prioriteiten leggen. Met elk beleidsniveau dat eigen competenties max. inzet.
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Russian troops enter strategic Ukrainian port of #Kherson | 3h ago
- The capture of the strategic southern provincial capital, where the #Dnipro River flows into the #BlackSea, would be the first significant urban center to fall,…
Russian column inches towards #Kyiv | Mar 3
- Russian forces have yet to overthrow the government in #Kyiv
- British military intelligence said on Thursday, a day after Moscow claimed to have captured the Black Sea port of Kherson…
The Russians entered another city; "We are fighting the #Nazis" | Mar 3
- Fighting is also taking place in #Kharkiv, and the Russians report that they have taken over the #NuclearPowerPlant in #Zaporozhye.…
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ZBF release finally draws closer ( We have been working to get the data/report out & understandable. Here is a short thread with some interesting observations that we made. First, here is a cheat sheet for our scenarios (a wide spread of possibilities)
First, we find that scenarios have huge amounts of #wind & #solar. We also find that deployment rates for these (& #storage) must dramatically increase to reach our goals (with and without novel generation).
This becomes increasingly important for limited technology cases & huge for #storage in terms of energy capacity.
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A common attack on #nuclear advocates is that we are trashing #wind and #solar. Wind and solar have so many limitations and drawbacks that simply talking about them is considered trashing them. Explaining why we need nuclear means telling the truth about renewables. 1/
The fact is simply this. Wind and solar make the act of decarbonizing grids to completion harder because they are variable intermittent sources of power we can’t call on. This is a physical fact that has been handwaived away since the original push to use those sources. 2/
Nuclear now has to be the technology that can integrate wind and solar into the grid. An example is @TerraPower Natrium. They are adding thermal salt storage tanks to deal with the randomness of wind and solar. Decarbonization would be a lot less complicated with just nuclear. 3/
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Klimabilanz 2021: Deutschlands THG #Emissionen steigen um 4,5% (+33 Mio t CO2) ➡️ #2030Klimaziel droht außer Reichweite zu geraten. Ursachen: deutlich mehr Kohlestrom, mehr Heizbedarf, teilerholte Wirtschaft, niedriger Erneuerbaren-Ausbau & Erzeugung. 1/11 Die Energiewende in Deutschland: Stand der Dinge 2021
Emissionen sinken für 2030-Ziel nicht schnell genug. Deutlich zu wenig #Klimaschutz bei #Gebäude & #Verkehr, mehr Emissionen in der #Energiewirtschaft. #Industrie nur wegen Coronaeffekten auf Zielpfad. Nur Erneuerbare + Energieeffizienz bringen nachhaltige THG-Einsparungen. 2/11
#Erneuerbare erzeugen 2021 236,7 TWh Strom (-5,4% vgl. mit 2020): ungünstigere Wetterlagen schwächen Produktion von regenerativem Strom + fehlender Erneuerbaren-Ausbau kann Minderproduktion nicht kompensieren. Hoher #Gaspreis lässt #Kohleverstromung wieder steigen. 3/11
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Facts about #Bitcoin

#Thread 👇
The 3 main things #bitcoin solves. 👇 Image
#Bitcoin is the most efficient energy network in the history of the world.
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ERCOT's Jones tells Carrollton City Council: Generation fleet lost 50,000MW because of equipment failure and lack of fuel supply. That's equal to all of California's peak and was more than half of Texas' entire generation fleet.
#txlege #txenergy
When we lose supply, we have turn to the load side to keep balance. We turn to large facilities that have given us the ability to turn down their usage. (he's talking about #demandresponse which we need more of!!!) Once that's exhausted we have to turn off residential customers.
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Gestern erschien unser Bericht ”Eine Milliarde Tonnen - CO2-Ausstoß senken und Deutschlands Kohleausstieg beschleunigen” erstellt von @Kaikenhuippu und @think_atom
Dieser Thread zeigt die Schwerpunkte und Ergebnisse
Die Studie berechnet die CO2-Emissionen, die durch eine #Laufzeitverlängerung der deutschen #Kernkraftwerke vermieden werden können (#SaveGER6), wenn stattdessen Kohlekraftwerke und später Gaskraftwerke stillgelegt werden. Das Ergebnis ist der Name: #EineMilliardeTonnen 2/20
Die verbleibenden Reaktoren #GER6 vermeiden rund 60 Millionen Tonnen CO2 pro Jahr.
Bis heute hat der frühe Atomausstieg seit 2011 bereits 500 Millionen Tonnen CO2 verursacht. (und mehr in Zukunft), weil stattdessen fossile Kraftwerke am Netz blieben. 3/20
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