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How to Invest in IPPs (Power Sector) 💰💰💰

1)Understand the PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)

2)Never Ever Look at GP Margins %%

3)Build Late Payments into your Valuation

4)Keep an Eye on Disputes between IPPs and Power Purchaser
🧶🧶 Thread 🧶🧶

#PSX #KSE100 #IPPs
PPA is the Holy Grail to value an IPP. Most Important aspects include  

➡️Total Project Cost

➡️%age of Equity in Total Cost

➡️ Return on Equity

There are two main components in payments to an IPP

Capacity Payments 👉🏼 Majorly includes Return on Equity and Repayment of Debt

Variable Costs 👉🏼 Majorly include Fuel Costs (Coal, Gas etc) and Maintenance costs

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Many Cement companies down 50% from Highs of last year, now is a good time to review this Cyclical Industry for future Investments

♦️"Cement cannot Travel"

♦️Coal and Power usage 👉🏻 Low Cost producers

♦️Use Cyclicality to your advantage

🧶 Thread 🧶

#Cement #KSE100 #PSX
Cement is a very low value Commodity ($40-$50/Ton) and cannot absorb Road Freight Charges of $30(South to North). Plants are setup in proximity of Demand Centers

It is vital to Bifurcate North and South players. Local Sales, Exports of both regions should never be combined

Cement Industry is competitive and has invested in Cost efficiency measures like Captive Power & Waste Heat Recovery

Low cost of production & high Freight (Cement cannot Travel) protects the Industry from Foreign competition

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#PSX losing charm every passing day? Activity at the bourse says so…

Long 🧵, hopefully an interesting one.

With #PSX being in existence for a long time now, 🇵🇰 hasn’t really seen a pick-up in #investor base – or say has been seeing a downfall.

While in we are aware of lack of interest in equities, I did some working on turnover in PSX. It’s a disappointing one (see chart below). #PSX is trading $45mn p/d on avg. these days – just a notch above what we used to trade back in the end of 1990s. Yes, let that sink in.

While this is saddening, this shd be questioned! #Tech has picked up which shd hv made investors’ access easier; businesses are making money, thus attract investors; both buy & sell side of capital markets hv grown in size. Yet why have we only fallen down rather grow?

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Investing in #PSX..???
I'm a student. I was saving some money to use it for another moment. Then I decided that I should invest it somewhere. I invested some money in an Islamic savings account. And kept some for PSX. Heard about PSX. Then it turned out that...
there are some brokers who are giving the opportunity to invest remotely through the app. After looking at both #Ktrade and #Finpocket, I chose Finpocket, as I understand it easily. Requested real account, some issues came up and the team solved it well. What I want to say..
is that this is the third week and my account is not open yet. I am not blaming #Finpocket but #NCCPL. They are so crazy that they can't solve any technical problem even in the third week.

I wanted to invest in Meezan and Fatima but failed to do so at the ideal time...

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👉Penny stocks12 have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. As investors, we all have been enticed to invest in such stocks, committing relatively smaller capital and waiting and hoping for a turnaround story to emerge to realize large gains.

#pennystocks #PSX
These small-cap stocks do become all the more popular when discounts rates are low – remember the rally in 2007 or 2016 or 2021? We try to explain the reasons behind this today.
👉DR impacts all but penny stocks more:

Changes in DR impact all the stocks due to the discounting principle at work. Simply put, a company’s fair value will increase in a lower interest rate scenario and vice versa. Let us show you how?
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Pakistan has managed to upgrade 20 criteria of #FATF within 2 years making it 31/40. This has never been observed in the history of #FATF. This is the result of the strict policies set by @ImranKhanPTI to tackle money laundering and terrorist funding.++
++The #FATF meeting in June, 2021 will hopefully deem beneficial for Pakistan and we will make our way out of the grey list iA. Our progress is exemplary and our policies have a huge role to play in them.
The legal reforms which led to this amazing result include 14 federal and 3 provincial laws and regulations. This is also the result of the untiring efforts of the #FATF team. Kudos to them!
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The IPP deal is in final stages.
last week two separate meetings took place by energy and finance teams - one with the PM (on overall reforms of energy sector). The other was with the COAS - specifically on IPPs deal and CD. 1/9
Based on these meetings and IMF's nod, yesterday a proposal is shared with 50 IPPs - pre-94, 94, 2002 and 2006 policy to pay the accumulated CD to materialize IPPs MOUs into agreements. IPPs wanted (out of Rs400-450 bn dues) 1/3rd in cash and 2/3rd in PIBs in a go 2/9
Govt proposed the same in three instalments - 1/3rd in Jan,1/3rd in Jun &1/3rd in Dec. Here IPPs have to sign the agreement based on 1/3rd immediate settlement (within it 1/3rd cash and 2/3rd PIBs) and rest on promises.
But the govt promises are not honored- that is why CD is 3/9
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Es hora de terminar este debate de una vez por todas. No es #PS5, ni #XboxSeries, ni #Dreamcast, ni #PSX, ni #FamilyGame.

#PlayStationVita es la mejor portatil, no - la mejor consola, no - el mejor HARDWARE de la historia del gaming.

Y estas son las razones.

ABRO HILO (1/∞) Image
Hay que empezar por el hardware.

La pantalla sigue siendo la mejor de cualquier portátil. Un OLED de cinco pulgadas, de la misma calidad de un celular (actual) de alta gama. Los colores explotan. Los negros son tinta. OJO: el modelo Slim tiene una LCD. Evitarlo. Image
Los controles son muy buenos. Sticks análogos dignos (nada que ver con los botones malditos de 3DS o PSP), y aunque no tienen la precisión de los de switch para un FPS, se defienden. La pantalla es multitouch, y hasta tiene un touchpad atrás. Y sí, lo vas a usar. Ya veremos cómo. Image
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PSX on FPGA, update #23:
Timer, Joystick and other things.

#fpga #psx #MiSTerFPGA

Also, I am looking for verilog (or VHDL) dev willing to help me on the project. I think I really need support.
Please share the message, it is important.
I plan to share income from the Patreon, but only after milestones have been achieved (most of the people who helped me before did not deliver a single line of code after weeks (and in the end), I won't share in advance...)
I am looking for people interested in :
- CPU integration (or remake)
- Integr. of GTE module into CPU.
- Integr. of Cache/Scratchpad into CPU.

- DMA / bus impl./ BIOS
- DDR debug
- CD Rom impl. (SW 90%)
- Dbug on FPGA board
- Integr. of other modules

PSX need YOU !
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PSX on FPGA, update #16 :

GTE hardware implementation 86% complete.
Registers 100%, microcode 86%, data path and other mostly complete.

#fpga #psx #MiSTerFPGA
PSX on FPGA, update #17 :
Now 95% done. RTPS / RTPT pass Amidog's test suite.

Remains :
- Only MVMVA instruction. (its two variants)
- Slow down instructions that takes less cycle than original timing.
- Faster DPCT (17 cycle instead of 18).
Same content but posted on Patreon :…

#fpga #psx #MiSTerFPGA
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Seeing the latest footage coming in of the #PSX #attack in #Karachi it seems the Pakistani security forces have neutralised the threat. Awaiting official confirmation so take this as UCR.
One of the attackers killed in the #PSX #attack in #Karachi - #WARNING : viewer discretion advised, image is of one of the attackers killed by security personnel . Body of dead terrorist being shifted from PSX
In a tweet (from a very recently created Twitter account) a banned organisation has claimed the attack at the #PSX in #Karachi
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--- PSX on FPGA ---
Update #11 : New post about PSX FPGA (Visible to everybody)
I think you'll like it.

Stay safe.

Please like / RT for project awareness as usual.
#fpga #psx #MiSTerFPGA
Seems I found my next bug !
(Sending GPU command from Avocado PSX emulator feeding my GPU)
Trying a GIF... :-)
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Prime Minister Khan tried to cement the Economy with Construction Package:

- Fixed Tax Regime for Builders & Developers: No Withholding Tax on building materials except Cement, Steel & other services.
- Moreover, imputing income equal to 10x the tax paid under this regime is allowed in declaring net wealth

- No Source of Income : Exemption till June 2022 on purchase of land & constructing any structure on already owned, or first purchase of newly constructed, property.
- Ease of Business: Approval time to be reduced to ~45 days by introducing one-window operation

- Cheaper Financing: 7% interest rate for Greenfield Projects in low-cost housing along with ~6% interest rate for 100,000 low-cost houses on Mortgage
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