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#FATF issues a final warning to Pakistan that it risks blacklisting if it doesn't fulfill requirements to fight terrorist financing by Feb 2020
The major uphill task Pakistan faces is to prove that it genuinely is severing ties with Islamist militants and deny them resources to build assets, business and make money. #FATF
"The main challenge for Pakistan is to convince the FATF that it is taking complete and irreversible steps against terrorist financing," Michael Kugelman, deputy director Asia Program at the Wilson Center. #FATF
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After the brouhaha on Imm the Dimm. I decided to listen to the speech. Actually calling it a speech is being benevolent. It's at best a rant and at worst a wail. The salient points are as follows:
1) "UN should step in to stop Tax Haven's. There should be no tax Haven's..1/n
Rich people take money out of poor countries such as ourselves. Now we don't have any money to pay our interests. This is coz the world has allowed tax Haven's to continue."

For his info UN cannot dictate economic models to individual countries. Countries have complete!2/n
Economic freedom to make themselves a tax haven. UN has no jurisdiction over that. 🙄
2) "Islam isn't radical.Everyone has associated Islam with radicalism. Women in west move clotheless but people have trouble with hijab. Don't insult our religion and we will not kill you."3/n
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A growing thread of analyses on #Article370 and #JammuAndKashmir – from all sides – follows.

But first, this informative and contextual speech by @AmitShah in Rajya Sabha – do watch
@sushantsareen: India’s red line on J&K has been reiterated and reaffirmed… via @orfonline
@KanchanGupta: With 50 presidential orders expanding the scope and role of Union Government, nothing much remained of #Article370 but it stood like a rock between alienation and integration. That rock got blasted on Monday… via @orfonline
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Some Points for Physical letter which we can send to @FinMinIndia Sir @NischalShetty but i don't think its gonna be a Main Points for Letter, it just my Opinion.

1. First of all #bitcoin & other #Crypto has Monetary no value if it will not Trade against #Fiat its like Stock Market Shares So, They need to understand their Own power rather than thinking about #Crypto will kill #Fiat & #Banks.
2. Declare #Crypto as a Global #Commodity with following all guidelines of #FATF & #Sebi. Collaborate with other Nations & Give Licensing to all Indian Exchanges for work and AML, KYC policies. @Facebook @ICE_Markets @Nasdaq @CMEGroup @ING_news @Samsung @Microsoft working on it .
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Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan's Visit to United States is probably the most important visit of 2019. Here is why we think it matters that much.
The Visit is coming at a very critical juncture. #Pakistan is leading #Afghanistan peace process and has won the confidence of both parties contesting in Afghanistan. The visit will make progress in the direction by increasing confidence between Pakistan and USA now.
USA is looking forward to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan and is very well aware of the change in dynamics since 2001.
Pak-US Collaboration can secure an honourable and safe exit of US troops from Afghanistan after a political settlement of the war.
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1/Last week's №1news was not the >10kBTC breakout or #Facebook's #Libra announcement, but release of the #FATF(Financial Action Task Force) Guidance on Virtual Assets(VAs) and Virtual Asset Service Providers(VASPs, anyone professionally dealing with crypto, inc. natural persons)
2/Libra and FATF news represent the "old", centralised world's most powerful-yet attempts at fencing the global crypto phenomenon. One year US Presidency in FATF ending Jun30, effectively helped extend the recent FinCen crypto guidance ( globally
3/And market clearly isn't yet pricing in any of the potential outcomes entailed in this development.We suggest monitoring it in the context of state-by-state implementations, which will end up harmonised - i.e. similar. Here's what we wrote to our Research subscribers in March
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#FATF and #EU need to fundamentally rethink their approach to virtual assets/currencies... -…
A similar line of thinking can be seen at the E-money association, who effectively ask to retract article 7b completely...

And then there is the @ciphertrace response, outlining that checking benificairies and adding information really doesn't make sense...…
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1. The #Trump administration would like us to believe its sanctions policy is about changing “the behavior of the leadership in #Iran to comport with what the Iranian people really want." Now we have the chance to test whether this is really true.…
2. As I write in @bopinion, #Iran has a new central bank governor, Abdolnasser Hemmati. He has a lot on his plate. A currency crisis exacerbated by sanctions fears took his predecessor down. The Central Bank of Iran is going to be placed under sanctions once again next week.
3. European governments are working to find ways to facilitate payments to #Iran's central bank despite the returning US sanctions. But Iran needs to meet the reform requirements set by #FATF to better prevent financial crime. This is a precondition for these special solutions.
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Pak economy in dire straits.
Impact of #FATF?

Cost of foreign borrowing (yields) rose 200bps in 6 mths

Budget deficit rising to 6% of GDP

Interest rate rose 75bps in recent past

GDP growth falling

FX reserves under $10 bn

KSE100 down 5000 this yr…
.@ImranKhanPTI has inherited a cracked economy (FC reserves down to 45 days of imports ie. $9bn) and so will be more than beholden to China, Russia, Iran, KSA and finally USA.

If any of the above push for winding down terror in India, he will listen.…
.@ImranKhanPTI gets cracking on his first priority - the economy.

Saudi-led IDB primises $4.5 bn
China enhances facility to $2 bn

Now the urgency of approaching @IMFNews is lower.
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در این رشتو میخوام وقاحت، رذالت و خیانت #دلواپسان در مورد #FATF رو نشون بدم.
از دوستان مخصوصا کسانیکه میگن چرا این مملکت اصلاح نمیشه خواهش میکنم به دقت بخونن و ببینند که #دولت_پنهان چطور سر راه این دولت سنگ اندازی میکنه ولی زمان خودشون همه اینکارها انجام شد و کسی نگفت خیانته!
1-تبادل اطلاعات با این نهاد از سال 2008(اسفند 85) و در دولت #احمدی_نژاد آغاز شد. این نهاد در کنار چند کشور دیگر از وضعیت بد روشهای مبارزه با پولشویی و تامین مالی تروریسم در ایران گزارش ارائه داده است. پس اولا تعامل با این نهاد مربوط به این دولت نیست. ثانیا مختص به ایران نیست!
2-بخاطر گزارشهای این نهاد ریسک تعامل موسسات مالی با ایران بالا رفت و مخصوصا بعد از تحریمها این ریسک چند برابر شد. بر این اساس در کشور تصمیم گرفته شد الزامات این نهاد تامین گردد. توضیح اینکه این نهاد دو گزاره اصلی "پولشویی" و "مبارزه با تامین مالی تروریسم" یا همون AML/CFT دارد.
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