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Democrat Majority House Investigation: Despite knowledge of "systemic health and safety issues at immigration detention facilities operated by for-profit contractors rewarded with "lucrative contracts" by tRUmP+MoscowMitch #PUtinsPUppets @commondreams
Human rights advocates in New York City protested the incarceration of immigrants on July 30, 2020. Detained immigrants in the U.S. have been subjected to harmful deadly medical neglect—including inadequate and delayed care, unsanitary conditions, and understaffing—
while in (DHS) Department of Homeland Security custody at facilities operated by (ICE) Immigration and Customs Enforcement as well as (CBP) Customs and Border Protection, and at detention centers controlled by the two largest for-profit contractors, #CoreCivic and #GEOgroup
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Democracies globally need all manner of reform. It’s not just USA & UK where #DarkMoney & foreign adversaries essentially steal elections. We can’t forget role of #socialmedia & pol parties using data against us. We must #DefendDemocracy in #Canada, Africa, S. America & beyond…
Even further than campaign finance reform & regulating #socialmedia (there’s no reason Zuckerberg, Liberals, CPC & 3rdParty poli arms need to micro-target ads, we had successful #democracy & elections before this divisive capability, IMO more so) — #NATO must expand its purview…
#NATO’s battlefield must incl #cyberwar, #informationwarfare, w/ a mission to #DefendDemocracy!

Surely NATO knows the global alliance can win the fight but lose the war? We’ve already lost parts of #Europe (full or in part) to #Russia & #authoritarianism w/o a shot fired. All…
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@MollyMcKew I’m skeptical that Trump realizes he is being played. Stupid. He sees Q as a consonant that represents a block of voters, “very good people,” rather than an insidious movement. Flynn, Bannon, candidates, otherwise r fully aware. Definitely #PutinsPuppets trading values 4 votes.
@MollyMcKew Putin knows the American people better than most domestic operatives. Russians and other malign agents have been using science, technology, big data, media purchase power, on-ground confederates to divide and conquer. Most Q and Trumpists are too ignorant to see it.
@MollyMcKew Their steady diet of Fox News, OAN, and Brietbart (assuming some degree of literacy), seals the deal. It’s a constant barrage of propaganda, stated and restated, in ways proven to brainwash the most gullible and susceptible. Ergo, Q is fundamentally weak, not strong. //End
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My money’s still on kompromat. 💅🏾
Me too, which is why they need to resign so that Democrats who actually know what to do and built the whole case to remove him can get back to doing the people’s business and protecting/saving lives. The time for sociopath’s play is over.
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“I had no option left but to protest”—protester. Russian police detain nearly 700 in opposition crackdown on peaceful protest for free elections. Police grabbed banned pol Lyubov Sobol, carted her away before the start. She’s getting the Navalny treatment.…
Last week 1300 arrests. Today 700. Brutal beatings. Internet cut. Leaders arrested. New criminal investigation of Navalny. #Russia's excessive response to election protests suggests @Navalny, @SobolLubov, @IlyaYashin are right. Opposition politicians can win. And Putin knows it.
@navalny @SobolLubov @IlyaYashin FYI Last major #Putin crackdown on protests for fair elections? Secy of State @HillaryClinton spoke out. Infuriated Putin's revenge began & culminated in #Russia's 2016 attack to rig our election—which Trump & GOP welcomed—& welcome still‼️ #MutePompeo #MoscowMitch #PutinsPuppets
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Un leader che nella prima dichiarazione ufficiale post-voto si autoritrae insieme a due foto di Putin e una bandiera russa, simboli di una potenza straniera autoritaria che ha nell'UE il suo principale nemico e che ci usa per indebolirlo.
Un partito di maggioranza che ha i suoi unici "esperti" di economia in un gruppuscolo di ciarlatani rancorosi, che predicano l'uscita dall'euro e la disintegrazione dell'Unione Europea come soluzione di tutti i mali.
L'economia ferma, gli investimenti a picco e una situazione di finanza pubblica insostenibile che ci porterà allo scontro con le istituzioni di un'Europa debole e divisa, ma determinata a far rispettare la disciplina fiscale e ansiosa di isolarci per prevenire il contagio.
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1. Many of the @SenateGOP and @HouseGOP including @LindseyGrahamSC , @RepMarkMeadows , @Jim_Jordan and @senatemajldr are calling for an investigation into the origins of the #MuellerInvestigation #RussiaHoax

Well here it is right on Page 1, volume 1 of #TheMuellerReport
2. "In late July 2016, soon after WikiLeaks's first release of stolen documents, a foreign government contacted the FBI about a May 2016 encounter with Trump Campaign foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos..." #TrumpColluded #TrumpObstructed #CaseNotClosed
3. "Papadopoulos had suggested to a representative of that foreign government that the Trump Campaign had received indications from the Russian government that it could assist the Campaign" #TrumpColluded #TrumpObstructed #CaseNotClosed #putinsGOP
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Thank you! A must read! #CaterPage is the #TrumpRussiaCollusion That’s the reason why @SpeakerRyan & @DevinNunes decided to make up the #MemoDay to discredit the @FBI #faisa @SpeakerRyan has the nerve to lie, saying that it has nothing to do w/ @FBI or the #RussiaInvestigation ?
himself introduced #CaterPage ‘s name as a member of his campaign, the @FBI was listening & knew that #CarterPage had ties to #Russia ! That’s their job, it had nothing to do with being biased. #CaterPage is a #traitor working w/ #Russia & w/ a #US candidate!???
Connected to #Russia somehow: #Manafort #Flynn #Papadopoulos #CaterPage #TrumpTowerMeeting #Wikileaks tweets #JaredKushner #DonaldTrumpJr #Sessions Let alone @GOP #RussianRepublicans who actually got money💰from #RussianDonors Sorry, this is not a #Dem conspiracy is a REALITY!
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