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Thread on Women #ACHIEVERS and #TRAITORS
Prosperity in #Kashmir can be achieved by #concerted efforts of personalities like #NadiaBeg #ArifaJan and #SabbahHaji who have stood by the people of valley and have been working tirelessly and not like… ImageImageImage
..#Inshajan,#Asiyaandrabi and #SofiFehmeeda who have #tarnished the image of #femininity by their nefarious actions which have led to #bloodshed and #mayhem in valley. ImageImage
#Insha Jan facilitated the #Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) terrorists who carried out the #ghastly #suicide attack in #Pulwama last year. Image
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@carmenxbrook #MedicareForAll Act of 2019: Introduced in the House 2/27/19.

House members who support the bill: 118. Number of additional House members needed for passage: 100.…
@carmenxbrook #MedicareForAll Act of 2019: Introduced by #Bernie 4/10/19.

Senators who support the bill: 15. Number of additional Senators needed for passage: 45 w/ filibuster, 36 w/o filibuster.…
@carmenxbrook IF #Republicans hold the Senate, NO #healthcare bills will pass. McConnell & the GOP are killing 400 bills, most bipartisan, passed by the House incl'g multiple bills on rx drug prices, #vets' healthcare, preexisting conditions. See the list here:…
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🐘❤🇺🇸🙌 Turns out America doesn't appreciate jihadists, satanists, and anti-American freaks telling them they have no reason to live. #RNC2020… Image
Lifelong #Dem Calls Into C-SPAN After #RNC: ‘I am definitely changing my vote to #Republican

“They put God into everything. And the people on the Democratic side... acted like they were pushing God right out of it.”…
In case you had any doubts that this is also a spiritual war!!
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1-#Feinstein : #China Is 'Growing Into a ‘Respectable’ Nation'🤥🤥🤥🤥
Sen. #DianneFeinstein (#Dem.#Calif.) on Thur said #China is "growing into a respectable nation" & cautioned against holding the country...…
2.. accountable 4 the (#CCP)#coronaviruspandemic.

“Feinstein has also benefited from her #husband's relationship with #China. She pushed 4 expanded trade relations with China as her husband's company was partnering with business ventures in the country....
3..She said that a "firewall" existed between her political career & her husband's business interests.”

(You have to be a #idiot 2 believe that...remember she had the #CCPChineseSpy as her chauffeur for years)

"We hold China as a potential trading ‘partner’,as a country that...
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July Fox News #poll: “#Biden is preferred over Trump among extremely motivated voters (+8 points), those extremely likely to vote (+9) and those who feel it is extremely important their candidate wins (+13)."…
.@FoxNews polls have "found that a larger share of voters strongly disapprove of President Trump than strongly approve in every single poll we have taken since inauguration day. This strong disapproval is driven by Democrats." #polls #polling
In most recent quarter, #Biden raked in $16 million more than Trump & added 2.6 million donors. 97% of Biden's $$ is from grassroots donors.

#Dem Senate candidates outraised GOP incumbents in Alaska, AZ, CO, GA, IO, KY, #Maine, Mont, NC, SC. #voteblue
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1. qualcuno mi ha chiesto (NON ritrovo il tweet)perché ho raccontato di essere stata l'unica giornalista media partner di #WikiLeaks per le email dei #Dem USA(#PodestaEmails): l'ho raccontato perché dopo 4 anni,NON c'è stato un media che mi ha chiesto di raccontare cosa ho visto
2. essere l'unica giornalista che è stata media partner di #WikiLeaks nella pubblicazione delle email dei #Dem(#PodestaEmails) al centro del #Russiagate NON è un vantaggio:se ci fossero stati altri,avrebbero potuto dire anche loro cosa hanno visto.Purtroppo,NON c'era nessun altro
3. il punto è: perché non c'era nessun altro media partner? E' questa la domanda da farsi. E a cui, in un futuro non lontano, risponderò
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1. voglio chiarire l'eterna questione delle email dei #Dem Usa pubblicate da #WikiLeaks visto che @jacopo_iacoboni ripropone torbidi rapporti con #RogerStone, appena salvato da #Trump, che gli ha commutato la pena
2. la pubblicazione delle email dei #Dem USA da parte di #WikiLeaks è stata al centro di DUE ANNI di indagini da parte del procuratore speciale Robert S.Mueller ricostruita nel suo report disponibile pubblicamente e che chiunque può leggere online
3. ebbene in DUE ANNI di indagini con poteri investigativi notevolissimi,Robert S. Mueller NON ha trovato una sola prova di collusione tra la campagna di Donald Trump e #WikiLeaks.
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Thread #ElectionSecurity is THE #VoterSuppression issue.
1. I want you to listen to this @nytimes #TheDaily podcast about the #GeorgiaPrimary meltdown… Listen to how they tiptoe around the issue of #votingmachines & don't identify them as the CENTRAL issue.
2. Why are #votingmachines the central #VoterSuppression issue in #GA & many other states? Because they are the new #JimCrow. The machine is the way officials control how many ppl vote & how those votes are counted. It might as well be a literacy test. Could it be more obvious?
3. The podcast notes that the counties that did not get enough voting machines (for example 3, when they needed 8) were the counties with LARGE #Dem populations w/predominantly voters of color. W/a touchscreen voting machine if you don't have enough machines you have long lines.
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Este nuevo hilo es para explicar y quizás finalizar el tema sobre el Master de Mañalich.

Como la prensa no movió un dedo y eso esperaba, hice (?) mi propio Fact Checking (?) y, la verdad es que, aunque usted no lo crea:

Jaime Mañalich SI ES Epidemiologo Clínico.
(Debo decir q con todo el revuelo, solo UNA periodista se me acercó a conversar en serio sobre esto: @ClaudiaMolinaB, periodista independiente más encima.

Otro medio me contactó y más q nada me pidió una dirección email q podrían haber sacado de la página web de la Universidad)
Como la ves pasada, aquí dejo el Medium donde pueden leer todo y compartir en otras RRSS

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Love @rogerwaters for the music which got me through as a teen...but his opinion on our President is way off. Said from a conscience he helped develop. How can he stand w/ AOC Schumer Schifty & all the other nutcases seeking to dissolve national sovereignty, enriching the 0.001%.
This is the globalist socialist marxist regime! @rogerwaters
One is not allowed anything BUT what they say or you are "racist, xenophobic, intolerant, white supremacist, ..." This has been the single largest disappointment for me, that @rogerwaters stands with those who are oppressing the entire nation. WOW has that hit me hard. Very sad!!
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#Orban #PieniPoteri #UrsulaVonderLeyen #EnricoLetta #PD #Dem

🔲 {Democrazia}
“Sono due lupi ed un agnello che votano su cosa mangiare a cena”
[Attribuita (erroneamente) a Benjamin Franklin]
◾️ “Democrazia” non è sinonimo di “giusto”. Mettetevi l’anima in pace

◾️ Cosa c’è di antidemocratico in un parlamento che vota, democraticamente appunto, per ridurre (temporaneamente) i propri poteri? #MondoFolle
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This is the type of info consume - rational talk from doctors, scientists & healthcare professionals. We don't have to be cultists. Rather, we can continue to think and revise our preferences and recommendations.

"A #COVID19 Reality Check," with @ZDoggMD
America's rationed healthcare system is the culprit behind our #COVID19 crash - and both DEMS and the GOP chose it for us. I love @ZDoggMD, because he tells the truth - without notes, from his heart.

"Stay away from healthcare if you want to live a long and healthy life." ~ZDogg
This isn't about Doctors NOT KNOWING good medicine - it's about a system that prevents MD's from practicing good medicine. #PublicHealth is a concept that was hidden and lost under #PredatoryCapitalism, exposing the fundamental flaws America's corrupted healthcare infrastructure.
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Analysis: Why #Sanders lost the nomination: "Simple explanation" is that he got "trounced" when the race narrowed to 2; "many of Biden’s wins were blowouts, ballooning his pledged delegate lead to 311, a margin that is essentially insurmountable." | thread…
.@perrybaconjr "Why did Sanders do so badly in a 1-on-1 contest against Biden? I’d offer 3 explanations, none of which are mutually exclusive from the other 2."

1>"Sanders didn’t run a smart enough campaign."
#Bernie's campaign "seemed to think that #Sanders had a unique appeal to white working-class voters that would simply continue in 20," despite "clear indications" that some of his success in '16 w/ whites w/o college was more anti-HRC than pro-Sanders.
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1-Since I've wised us of #DonaldTrump being a complete incompetent asshole (seriously, the whole world thinks the same way), I've been called all sort of things.
a #Leftist is one of the main things. Despite my never having promoted or supported any #Dem Candidate.
2-I am not blaming Trump per se, just everybody around him.
3-However, out of everything I am being called, I am baffled by the fact that #Americans can easily box ppl into 1 category or the other.
4-I am not American, and I don't fit in your boxes.
5-I have an easy approach to life: "live and let live and just don't be a cunt to people".
6- There are many issues that I agree with Republicans and many issues that I agree with Liberals and plenty more that I agree with neither.
7-And in between all of that, I keep getting
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✔️#Biden is not a "moderate" #dem. He's running on a platform to the left of Obama & Hillary. If elected, he'd be the most #progressive president in our lifetimes.

This thread fact-checks a graphic circulated by #Sanders supporters that equates Biden & Trump.
✔️#Biden supports universal healthcare. He proposes adding a singlepayer Medicare option to the #ACA, open to individuals & employers. It could be immediately implemented, unlike #MedicareForAll which has a 4-yr transition.

✔️#Sanders introduced #M4A. It has 15 Senate votes.
✔️#Biden's plan to add singlepayer Medicare option to ACA follows the public/private hybrid that's most commonly used by countries with universal healthcare.

✔️Trump admin has filed suit to overturn the ACA & protections for people w/ preexisting conditions.
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Ya'at'eeh my relatives. On Tuesday Joe Biden won three more state primaries including Florida. His lead over Senator Sanders is being labeled by some as "insurmountable". And many are calling for Bernie to bow out of the race.
Thread: 1/4 Image
I receive messages daily from Bernie Sanders supporters telling me that if/when their candidates is out of the Democratic Primary, they will vote for me (#MarkCharles2020). Senator Sanders is working towards systemic change, as am I.
One of the primary differences between us is our understanding of the root of the problem. Sen. Sanders argues that the root is economic while I argue that the root is racial. It is this difference that has made it difficult for him to gain traction with communities of color.
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1. remember what happened in 2016 with #primaries? we know what happened because we have the internal email of the US Democratic Party revealed by #WikiLeaks in July 2016: the #DNCEmails
2. in 2016 #BernieSanders enjoyed support, BUT the US Democratic establishment did NOT like #BernieSanders: the establishment liked a centrist candidate: the usual centrist candidate in bed with #WallStreet and the #military-industrial complex.
3. #DNCemails revealed by #WikiLeaks in July 2016 exposed how the US #Dem establishment wasn't neutral and boycotted #BernieSanders to support #HillaryClinton. When #DNCEmails let this internal manoeuvring surface, the #DNC chairwoman,#DebbieWassermanSchultz, resigned
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1. ricordate cosa accadde nel 2016 con le primarie USA? Sappiamo cosa accadde esattamente, perché abbiamo le email interne del Partito Democratico USA: le #DNCEmails pubblicate da #WikiLeaks
2. nel 2016 #BernieSanders andava bene,ma ai signori del Partito Democratico USA, #BernieSanders NON piaceva assolutamente: volevano un candidato centrista. Solito candidato finta sinistra a letto con #WallStreet e #Pentagono, così i signori del Partito Dem boicottarono #Sanders
3. le email interne del Partito Democratico rivelate nel 2016 da #WikiLeaks lasciarono emergere proprio queste manovre interne ai danni del candidato di sinistra, #BernieSanders, e a favore del candidato centrista #Hillary
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I came to a profound realization this morning .....

You know what @realDonaldTrump has that no #DNC candidate, #Dem #HoR, or the #MSM doesn't have


Trump LOVES the American People & America, & that love is returned by those that realize everything he does is out of Love
Think about this. Everything that's been thrown at Trump has been out of


Stop and ponder
They hate Americans, prefer illegals
They hate Law & Order, prefer open border & antifa
They hate success, prefer us apologizing & groveling

When you open your eyes and see this
Then remember that slogan from the opposition to Trump in 2016

"Love Trumps Hate"

Isn't that irony in action?

Love does TRUMP hate .... he knew it all along.
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Support✨Democrats Work For America✨

We're people-funded pac committed to electing #Democrats by
✔️targeting winnable races
✔️registering, protecting, engaging, mobilizing voters
✔️building coalitions; maximizing #GOTV efforts


🔁@DemsWork4USA, we're working hard & smart to organize, involve & channel grassroots activists to help #WinBlue, including assessing, vetting & early support of candidates in a multi-layered strategy.

🙏Support our work. Give if you can.

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Of 235 #Dems in the House, 139 publicly support #impeachment investigation on #Ukraine allegations that #Trump personally & directly intervened in release of foreig#n aid $ to a “hot” war zone & raised investigating #Biden. Today I expect we will hear #Pelosi saying it’s time.
While the #MuellerReoort gave ample grounds for concern on #Trump campaign 271 contacts with #Russians, this is a case where #Trump admits undeniably dangerous behavior & obstructing Congressional oversight of it.
#Trump calls #Ukraine Pres 1 day after #Mueller testimony in Congress reduces #GOP fear of #impeachment.
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The only thing keeping us from a full blown #TrumpRecession is your consumption. The consumer is strong while all else fails. If you limit your spending until #Election2020 you're helping to get #Trump out of office. RETWEET

#Resistance #DeutscheBankLoans #ResistersUnite #resist
Tariffs have increased prices on large appliances and other big purchases. It's in your best (#resister) interest to hold off on any big purchase until after the election. You'll ensure Trump can't boast about the economy, and you'll save money after #Dems are back in power.
You may think interest rates are low, so it's a good time to spend, however as the #TrumpRecession gathers steam the fed will need to lower rates. New #Dem prez will reduce tariffs. That will increase your buying power in 2021 and help @thedemocrats economy flourish.
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@TheDemocrats @DNC @DNCWarRoom issued their barking points and all the #Democrats issued their #dire #TitleX #PlannedParenthood #EndoftheWorld tweets.

Weird, really.

Congress imposed limitations on use of Title X funds. The regs were held constitutional by #SCOTUS 30 years ago.
Yet, according to nearly every #Dem spreading their lies and legs for the #presidentialnomination, the rule is "unethical" and women will lose access to contraception and basic health services.
@PPFA could continue using #TitleX funds.

They really could.

All that is required is that @PPFA segregate out its abortion and abortion referral programs and services from its #TitleX programs and services.
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✨Democrats Work For America✨

We're people-funded pac committed to electing #Democrats by
✔️targeting winnable races
✔️registering, protecting, engaging, mobilizing voters
✔️building coalitions; maximizing #GOTV efforts


🔁@DemsWork4USA, we're working hard & smart to organize, involve & channel grassroots activists to help #WinBlue, including assessing, vetting & early support of candidates in a multi-layered strategy.

🙏Support our work. Give if you can.

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