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DESinformação sobre o Covid 19

O site #Breitbart é um desses veículos de desinformação, cujo objetivo é político-cultural. Teve papel ativo na eleição de #Trump e se notabiliza por disseminar #teoriasconspiratórias. Cresceu muito, mas perdeu espaço com o movimento de+
desmonetização (“defund”), #SleepingGiants (tem a versão brasileira, o #SleepingGiantsBrasil). Recentemente, voltou à tona, a teoria de que o #Covid19 teria sido criado em laboratórios, com macacos. Até aí, normal, "normalmente bizarro", para os nossos tempos, mas quando uma+
do porte da #Fox dá voz a um desses conspiracionistas, uma mensagem no #Facebook tem 14.000.000 de visualizações e o presidente Trump compartilha uma delas, é porque estamos perdendo uma guerra pela informação.
Peço que compartilhem todas as mensagens desmistificadoras de boatos+
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Hoy arranca la edición VIRTUAL de la #SanDiegoComicCon, la convención más grande de cine, series y cómics 📍

📅 22 al 26 de julio

ABRO HILO con todos los paneles, cuándo y dónde verlos 👇 #SDCCatHome
- Paneles #Disney (y todo su universo) 👇

🔹Los nuevos mutantes (#NewMutants) - @20thcenturyla

🎬Con el director Josh Boone y el elenco; Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Henry Zaga, Charlie Heaton y más.

📅Día y hora: 23 julio - 18hs (Arg)
🔹Espíritus oscuros (#Antlers) - @searchlightpics

🎬Con el director Scott Cooper y productor Guillermo del Toro (@RealGDT).

📅Día y hora: 25 julio, 17hs (Arg)
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#Breaking #BreakingNews @FBI
#NishaPatel &Family MURDERED in Hit at her home left dead in pool
Former Director of Strategic Customer Marketing & later Director of National Accounts at Teva was PIVOTAL PERSON fixing prices of 99 drugs &tap her relationships…
MASSIVE STORY behind this case!
#NishaPatel, a foot soldier who was hired by #Teva’s #Philadelphia area marketing department in 2013 and is alleged to have fixed the prices of 99 different drugs the KEY PERSON in BIGGEST price fixing #DOJ Scandal in history has been wiped out!
Found dead drowned in her pool (32) along with her father (62) & 8 year old daughter, the pool only waist high 3.5 feet deep, ruled NOT a possible electrocution, seems to be a HIT JOB for her role at the pivotal player & database & relationship holder for the biggest players
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Okay guys here we go ... a thread about why these allegations against #JustinBieber are just now beginning to surface :

Let's start at the beginning ... So in order to fully understand the complexity and severity of this situation one has to have an open mind and be willing to
question everything. everything. everything. Question everything I’m writing in these tweets. If you cannot do that, then this thread is not for you. My identity is staying anonymous, because I do feel that something very strange is happening and I’ll tell you why…
Well for one - remove your “right” or “left” hat and pack it away because it is irrelevant in a matter as serious as this. We do not want Justin Bieber to end up as another Curt Cobain or Robin Williams.
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Stop being a pawn in divide and conquer. Ask yourself these questions 👇

Whoever produced this, brill!

Black Questions Matter…

I have a few points to add. #MPD & #ENR is a two-minute drive from each other. What did they need to burn down? Was Omar investment properties scorched? #derekchauvin worked at #ENR for 17 years. I was told #GeorgeFloyd harrived to MN 4 years ago from TX.
Why did an attorney go on Facebook and claim #Georgefloyd died in 2017? Why did I spend two hours looking for a #georgefloyd in obituaries or in Corpus Christi but came up with nothing? George Floyd may as well be John Smith. Why did the attorney seem surprised his FB page

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She funny bunny.


Trip. Fall. Fail. Repeat.

Suqqing up 2 RUssian Op

I mean MurdochOp


How's BREXIT workin
fer U.K.?


Is she red-head?

"Bounced out by George Soros," huh.

Copy dat√…
Sher Jan.

UR 100% WRONG,
Ms. #Brexit

Wat a Murdoch tool.

Pro-Brexit was a group
of anti-immigrant
hhating toads
who push

But, dat not wat happen.

Trip. Fall. Fail. Repeat.

#Mensch on #Fox

Whoa now cheeks.
Just 1 week!

Did host actually
introduce Mensch from
Hate Street?



She goes on Murdoch mop-op mode
wearing bad shoes, again.…
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I'm not sure I could ignore some of the the things he says, however I do understand the need to redirect. In that spirit let's be reminded of these things:

1. Everyone has their favorite moments, but the #MuellerHearings were important enough to warrant my number one slot.
The single best minute today. #MullerHearing

Trump could be potentially charged after he leaves office, but should Americans have to wait? That brings me to #2.
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CEO says Pennsylvania school board denied his offer to pay off outstanding lunch bills…
This School District is in Luzerne County in PA. I have read reports re: this problem in the #NYT #TheExaminer #CBS and seen broadcasts on #Fox #CBSPhilly #OANN and zero response from Legislators. Where is .@SenBobCasey or a Local State Legislator fighting for these families?
.@RepPashinki I will be contacting your State Offices tomorrow morning for guidance in resolving this matter at the Wyoming Valley West School District. The attached two photos include the District Board Members and the original letter sent to nearly 1000 parents in the District.
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Yes exactly. This is why it was perfectly OK for president Trump to interrupt America's premier anti-Nazi celebration, while thousands waited, so he could do a quick sit-down interview with a #Fox show host known for her coy Nazi salute.
Laura Ingraham does her thing :
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Camera traps are used to record wildlife in it’s natural environment, they are designed to be unobtrusive and cause minimal disturbance but its quite clear they are noticed by animals 1/n #CameraTrapTuesday #cameratrap
Though many have a camouflage design even an infra-red and ‘low-glow’ flash is still very visible + human scent around a camera site can make animals wary. Animals may react strongly to a camera when it is first put in place, but become accustomed to its presence over time 2/n
Depending on what you want from a camera this curious behaviour may not be a problem as animals stay in shot longer, allowing clearer images and videos to be taken which are great for sharing and can help with individual ID! 3/n #fox #cameratraps
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1/ #CNP Members and Organizations
"The Council for National Policy (CNP) is a body that mixes large numbers of ostensibly mainstream conservatives with far-right and extremist ideologues, mostly from the far fringes of the religious right...…
2/ "What follows is a list of 18 of the hardest-line #CNP members and links to information about them and their groups, when available, published in the past by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Groups designated by the SPLC as hate groups are marked with an asterisk (*).."
Tony Perkins
*Family Research Council
Washington, D.C.
CNP Vice President

* Designated as hate group
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Due to an excess of improbable meetings with professional acquaintances at #FC2019 I must bring you this important message: #PRsbad, there is no cabal, there is no trans cabal, there is no trans netops cabal, fnord fnord, (hail-eris (. 23 23)). #gamedevfurs #igda #gameMakers #fox
Also, I’m going to try to put together an informal #GameDev/#GameWriter/#GameDesigner/#igda meet and greet at #FC2019. Please keep in mind that both the @furcon code of conduct and professional courtesy will apply:… @IGDA_WIGSIG @IGDASV @igda
Dry run of the meet will be TONIGHT, between 8 and 9 PM. Assuming I get a password reset email, this will be in one of the official convention meeting spots. If not, I will take a table in the space near dealers den and mark the table with a sylveon plush:é-p…
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El Dr. Pangrazio, de larga trayectoria en @CONMEBOL, firmó ayer un documento (a pedido de @agdws) en el q decía no haber podido constatar lesión en el ojo de Pablo Pérez.
Un oftalmólogo nos cuenta q solo es posible la revisión en un centro asistencial con instrumentos adecuados.
La intención de @CONMEBOL con ese documento claramente era dar a entender q #Boca no permitió que se atienda al jugador, cómo deslizaron algunos colegas de @FOXSportsArg

La licencia del Dr. Pangrazio está en riesgo, y Boca puede denunciarlo.

Puso su carrera en juego por servil.
El actuar de la Seguridad de la Cap. Fed. fue de terror.

Se jugaba a las 17hs. porque “es imposible albergar este partido en horario nocturno” recomendaban desde el gobierno.

Alejandro Dominguez quería jugarlo 19:15hs. Sin importarle q afuera se estaban matando los inadaptados.
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@DIRECTV In such an era of political turmoil, I’m appalled at the use of what amounts to #racialslurs by @DonLemon. I watch both #CNN & #Fox News & have found an increasingly belligerent & violent bent on that channel,brought to a head by Don Lemon in his treatment of #Kanye West
I am a Direct TV customer of long-standing. I do not mind cancelling that account if you continue your advertising support of this news program. This is not a once-spoken example of poor judgement, but an ongoing descent into increasingly inflammatory statements.
This is not worthy of the #DirectTV brand & is bad form. Very bad form. Please respond so that I might make a decision accordingly & plan for a replacement. Regards, @MightyCassandra Texas
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This all started because the #MetPolice & #LBRUT couldn't do their jobs properly & then decided to take the law into their own hands. The result of this decision has led to events stranger than fiction

#BBCNews #Skynews #Itvnews #Channel4News #ThisMorning #TheresaMay #UKGov #LBC
My company was raided. It should have been a straightforward matter. But the #MetPolice & #LBRUT forgot to seize my computer & came back to do a 2nd raid. The search warrant didn't permit a second entry, however, #LBRUT entered unlawfully

#Guardian #Telegraph #DailyMail #GMB #UK
Complaints were then made to my MP #VinceCable. He liaised with the #Metpolice & #LBRUT. And then weeks later, the search warrant was completely changed & was passed off as the search warrant executed on the day of the raids.

#DailyPolitics #Libdems #Conservatives #labour #bbcdp
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It's been 20 days since Q last spoke to us & there's been a lot of speculation as to whether or not we were being left to stand on our own. Last night, Q showed in full form & on fire. Settle, there's a story to be told.

From Sea to Shining Sea, Q is letting us know we're about to learn what Sessions has been doing quietly behind the scenes from the beginning. Something BIG is about to happen and as Q often says, #TrustSessions

In order to understand the story, first we need to understand 38 US Code Section 519 - Supervision of Litigation. Here, we find Sessions, and ONLY Sessions shall supervise ALL litigation unless otherwise authorized by law.
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@ProxySnyder I have watched the life and death of far too many shows.

I'm telling you that you cannot blame fans. You CAN blame a changing model and the executive's failure to recognize this. (I documented this in 2015.) So, yes, I CAN direct hatred to the network. 1/
@ProxySnyder There are many contributing factors. 1-Binge watching. 2- 10-13 episode seasons which have FAR too long a gap between them. 3- extraordinarily expensive production costs. The amount of ppl making shows is huge. 4- Outdated ad revenue model, which is overly reliant on Nielsen. 2/
@ProxySnyder 5- really shitty show scheduling decisions. (I'll link to my blog entries here in a bit.) 6- Poor advertising of shows in really niche spots, so like 2 potential fans see them.
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There's a reason Trumpeters are so angry & hate-filled:
Some greedy clever & unscrupulous people have been training them to be that way for over 40 years. In the 1970s a guy named Limbaugh started bragging to powerful people, including political trickster Roger Stone,
2/ yeah, the same Roger Stone who's in the news a lot again lately. Rush claimed he could get people to vote against their own best interests by appealing to their fears & prejudices using his show. He had a system down. The trick was to get them angry & foster hate & fear.
3/ He'd rant about made up threats like welfare queens riding around in cadillacs, radical hippie liberals, foreigners & feminazies, specifically programming them to hate because that's how they could be persuaded to keep voting for economic policies that are terrible for them.
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Now we've all caught our breath, here's everything you need to know about the biggest story in British media -- the battle royale for Sky (Thread 👇)
Media giants Comcast, Fox and Disney are all in the running to buy Sky. Why do they want it?
-- Big fans of Sky's technology, like the Sky Q box 📺📡
-- Want to diversify out of the U.S. 🌍
-- Want to beef up to compete with Netflix and Amazon 💪…
There's a fair bit of personal drama here. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts has a long history of going toe-to-toe with Fox executive chairman Rupert Murdoch and Disney CEO Bob Iger for media dominance. These are astute, battle-hardened deal-makers…
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Oh the geezers are hard at it grafting media, it's always great to have easy scapegoats "North Korean cyber gangs.."…
2/"Mr Murphy’s firm was the first in the world to liaise with computer giant IBM over the use of the super-computer ‘Watson’ for real-time--
3/artificial intelligence-based defence against cyber criminals." Bear with me, I'm about to post a few more links in #THREAD #CyberSecurity
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