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1. I've been pondering the disclosure that several members of Congress requested #pardons for their participation in the attempted coup. Specifically I've wondered where the Committee got the evidence. There were reports that #45 was not operating through the DOJ Pardon Attorney.
2. I presumed at the time of those reports it was because the #45 White House was engaged in #PardonsForSale and I expect that they would try to control the evidence being generated by their criminal conspiracy. But somehow the Committee has obtained evidence of Congressional
3. pardon requests. Perhaps the team, apparently led by #JaredKushner, who were selling pardons wanted to distance themselves from coup plotters. So rather than handling the requests in-house they simply referred them to Office of the Pardon Attorney at DOJ. That office has a
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Le président Donald Trump envisage d’accorder des grâces présidentielles anticipées à trois de ses enfants, son avocat Rudy Giuliani ainsi que son beau-fils Jared Kushner.
De quoi pourraient-ils être accusés ?
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#DonaldTrumpJr Le fils aîné de Trump a été mis en cause lors de l’investigation de Robert Mueller. Il avait rencontré en 2016 deux lobbyistes russes qui avaient offert des informations compromettantes sur la campagne présidentielle d’Hillary Clinton. Il n’a jamais été condamné.
La Trump Organization dont elle est la vice-présidente fait l’objet d’une enquête approfondie. En cause : des réductions fiscales illégales justifiées par des “frais d’expertise”. On parle de plusieurs millions de dollars. Ivanka aurait reçu une partie de la somme.
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4461: Jared Kushner and 'The Black Community' — Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence — #JaredKushner #BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #Nonverbal #EmotionalIntelligence
2/ Throughout this video, whilst talking about 'The Black Community', Jared Kushner's body language projects an underlying baseline of Disgust and ....
3/ ... punctuated by an additional overlying body language projecting the emotion of Contempt. Note how it gives you the impression of a snarl.
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Is Ivanka Trump The New Face Of Privilege And Global Suffering, In Places Like The U.S. And India?…

#IvankaTrump #Trump* #India #UnitedStates #World

"This is not the first time Ivanka Trump has used “cheap stunts” to improve her image and brand. ..
.. She recently pledged to bring justice for #NativeAmerican families afflicted by higher rates of violence, homicide, and human trafficking by opening the nation’s first Indian Affairs task force office dedicated to solving cold cases of missing and murdered American Indians...
... and #Alaska Natives. #NativeAmerican women and tribal leaders however remain skeptical towards her commitment to resolving the root causes of violence against #Indigenous women and providing adequate federal resources. (2) They point to a lack of concern during the last...
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#MikePompeo and #JaredKushner, are embarking on a tour of the #MiddleEast beginning with a stop in #Israel to discuss “regional security issues related to #Iran’s malicious influence” #BenjaminNetanyahu
by @hijodelcuervo #Netanyahu #IranDeal
The normalization of relations between the #UAE and #Israel, facilitated by the #US, serves to prop up three repressive leaders — #Trump, #Netanyahu, and #binZayed... It is both a shame and a sham.
by @medeabenjamin and @ArielElyseGold…
The Mueller investigation is showing how entangled the #UnitedArabEmirates is with #Israel, and how the lobbies of the both, powerfully shape #American #policy.
by Juan Cole… #UAE
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.@goodyear told workers not to wear clothing / hats for political candidates while on the job: not for Trump, Biden, OR the Birthday Party candidate Kanye Kushner. Trump's so thin-skinned, he'll threaten 1,000s of US jobs in revenge.
In related news, #JaredKushner says it's a total coincidence that a Trump campaign attorney is helping Birthday Party candidate #KanyeWest get on the ballot to take votes away from #Biden.
#JaredKushner talks to #KanyeWest every day about how people who can trace their ancestry back to "shithole countries" will never "catch on" that Kanye has "no chance" of being "elected."…
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.@robertcobrien suggests @realDonaldTrump should be nominated for a @NobelPrize for the administration's effort in the #israelanduae deal on normalizing relations

Conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, however, continues with no sign of resolution…
.@robertcobrien claims today's agreement between #Israel and #UAE will bolster trade and jobs between the nations as the global economy continues to suffer from #COVID19
Trump adviser #JaredKushner on the Palestinians poor reception of the #Israel #UAE deal:

"They have a fairly predictable response that we've seen time and time again to all types of things that help make their peoples lives better...we can't be stuck in the past"
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I am an ex Q follower and ex Trump supporter. The purpose of this page is to prove that Trump is NOT on our side, which, in turn, debunks the #qanon theory. This is going to be a very long thread with different reasons why I came to this conclusion.
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1/Last night a Police station was taken over by protesters and demolished. The Police had to flee
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#MoralQuestion #ISeeDeadPeople

What would your #USGovernment do in a pandemic for #NationalSecurity?

Take out a building?
Take out prison?
Take out a hospital?
Take out a shelter?
Take out a city?
Take out a state?

What would the oligarchs & kleptocrats do to out-#survive US?
On 9/11, scrambled jets were given orders to shoot down full passenger jets as necessary - don't think these discussions aren't taking place in earnest. #StephenMiller & #JaredKushner are in on the talks, so you know they're about #homicide and #genocide. They're real life Nazis.
"Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law and top adviser, and Stephen Miller, a senior policy adviser, took the lead in writing President Donald Trump's error-riddled address to the nation about the coronavirus outbreak."…
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BUT OF COURSE someone in Trump's orbit is profiting off the #coronavirus.

Exhibit A: Joshua Kushner (Jared's brother) & CEO of OSCAR Health. 1/

#AMJoy @JoyAnnReid #SundayMorning #COVIDー19 #CoronaVirusUpdates #StayHome
Trump rejected the test kits already developed by the #WHO (made in Germany) instead insisting they be made domestically -- which delayed availability.

These kits have serious sensitivity flaws and a 10% margin of error -- quite large given the population at risk. #COVIDー19
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1. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼
2. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world🤨👇🏼…
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Did I miss the part where #JaredKushner has any qualifications for building an immigration policy?

Silly me. Forgot that "qualifications" don't matter.…
Let's see: border security and legal immigration, defined as merit based ("skilled") and less family based/asylum.

And this is "neutral?"
This is a "compromise?"

Dems, don't fall for this nonsense. It's the RAISE Act all over again.
Just broken down and rebuilt, with the same right wing building blocks.

Tying immigration reform to "border security" is the hallmark of the anti-immigrant movement. That alone is enough to dismiss this proposal.

"Border security" means border militarization, nothing less.
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THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4375: Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, and Security Clearances • #Nonverbal #EmotionalIntelligence #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #IvankaTrump #JaredKushner #SecurityClearance #DonaldTrump
1/ President Trump reportedly pressured John Kelly (then, his Chief of Staff) as well as Don McGahn (then, White House Counsel) to issue Top Secret security clearances to both his daughter Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, ...
2/ ... despite Kelly's and McGahn's recommendations against it. After the White House Personnel Security Office raised concerns - and both Kelly's and McGahn's refusals - Trump overruled them, granting clearances to his daughter and son-in-law himself.
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* #CarterPage worked with Russians since 2013 (3 years before Trump ran) - adopted by Trump as an advisor (Charged and under GOP-exposed FISA warrant)
* #PaulManafort worked for Russians for Ukraine 15 years - hired by Trump as Campaign Manager (Guilty/2nd case/plea deal) /1
* #MichaelFlynn: worked with Russians and foreign governments - hired by Trump as National Security Advisor (Guilty/co-operating)
* #georgepapadopoulos: meets with Russians contradicting oaths given - hired by Trump as campaign Foreign Policy Advisor (Guilty/ co-operating) /2
* #FelixSater: quote "I will get Putin in on this, WE will get Donald elected" - hired by Trump as election liaison (money laundering/co-operating)
* #RickGates: w/Manafort 8 years, earned millions for Russia - hired by Trump as Sr. Deputy Campaign (guilty/ co-operating) /3
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#Deutsche and other banks given “waivers” from @realDonaldTrump
Yes, #Obama did temporary waivers, making them pay for the 2008 crisis, w/#SallyYates working towards them paying penalties to the victims, working w/the U.K.‘s charges etc...NO, IT IS NOT THE SAME THING!
11/24/2015 Deutsche Bank Suisse will pay a penalty of more than $31 million.…

The Trump administration has waived part of the punishment for five megabanks whose affiliates were convicted and fined for manipulating global interest rates... announcement
published in the Federal Register during the #Christmas holiday week.

Trump administration waivers was granted to #Deutsche Bank — which is owed at least $130 million by Donald Trump and his business empire, and has also been fined for its role in a #Russian #moneylaundering
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Thank you! A must read! #CaterPage is the #TrumpRussiaCollusion That’s the reason why @SpeakerRyan & @DevinNunes decided to make up the #MemoDay to discredit the @FBI #faisa @SpeakerRyan has the nerve to lie, saying that it has nothing to do w/ @FBI or the #RussiaInvestigation ?
himself introduced #CaterPage ‘s name as a member of his campaign, the @FBI was listening & knew that #CarterPage had ties to #Russia ! That’s their job, it had nothing to do with being biased. #CaterPage is a #traitor working w/ #Russia & w/ a #US candidate!???
Connected to #Russia somehow: #Manafort #Flynn #Papadopoulos #CaterPage #TrumpTowerMeeting #Wikileaks tweets #JaredKushner #DonaldTrumpJr #Sessions Let alone @GOP #RussianRepublicans who actually got money💰from #RussianDonors Sorry, this is not a #Dem conspiracy is a REALITY!
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.@RepCummings: #POTUS #Trump - If you don’t have anything to hide – let the #TrumpRussia investigations do their job. Period.
.@RepCummings: This is not some witch-hunt. This is a fight for the soul of our democracy. #Flynn #Russia #POTUS #Trump
How many of #POTUS #Trump's advisors have been linked to #Russia? #Manafort
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