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Midterm elections were a year ago today.

While I dreamed of Arizona being the 38th state to #RatifyERA, Virginia is poised to become the final state.

The difference? A democratic majority in the state legislature.
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In 2017, we thought that with the addition of Rep. @DrGerae, there would be a possibility for the #ERA to at least get a committee hearing since Arizona was FIRST in the country in female representation in the legislature at the time. /2…
Gov. @dougducey spent a significant portion of the SOS highlighting the accomplishments of AZ female trailblazers, but notably left out the #EqualRightsAmendment.

To do so felt like an attempt to gloss over the rampant sexual harassment at #azleg. /3…
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hey #Virginia residents

have a #BlueWave candidate? state, local, congressional, dog catcher - whatever?

want help getting them noticed?

.@ or dm me in your tweet

let's get them some support to #FlipTheseSeats

follow these candidates to grow their following

RT widely
Ella Webster, MD @Ella4the98th

Dem candidate for #Virginia 98th House of Delegates

Ella is a Public Health Physician

think #healthcare advocacy?

check out her platform…
Tim Hickey @TimHickeyVA

Dem candidate for VA HoD 59th district

Tim was an attorney and is now a public school educator

#educators are never to be undervalued - they teach our futures
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Do we have better things to do?
Is this some bullshit?
What do we want?
What do we want?

#VirginiaERA #RatifyERA #RatifyERAVA 🧜🏻‍♀️
First speaker is talking about the power of words. How we describe ourselves. How we describe sex.

You aren’t bossy, you’re confident.
You aren’t a slut, you’re exploring your sexuality.

Use language to take back control of your narrative. 🧜🏻‍♀️
Spicy isn’t a word to describe a womxn reporter or a womxn who is being vocal. That’s a word to describe chicken wings.

#VirginiaERA #RatifyERA #RatifyERAVA 🧜🏻‍♀️
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Illinois ratified the ERA in June, leaving just One state needed to change constitutional hurdles to ratification.

The 14th & 19th aren’t enough.

The ERA ensures equal rights regardless of gender, was passed in 1974 - 44 years ago. Why is this still even a thing?

The ERA is also an economic issue. It’s proven that when women earn the same as their male colleagues it stimulates the economy.
Gender equality will boost the economy over $4.3 trillion in a decade.
Reminder: the GOP #TaxScam will cost $1.9 trillion in the same time.

73% believe the #ERA is part of the Constitution. It’s not.

It was passed in 1974 but 44 years later it still hasn’t been ratified.

Even guns have a constitutional amendment.

The only guarantee women have in the Constitution is the 19th amendment-The right to vote.

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This thread is for all the hetro men out there confused by #Metoo
Let me start by saying I'm not here to attack you
Many men simply have no frame of reference to understand why some of the things they might do are problematic
In general men, even small men, are stronger than us
So to help you understand what I'm talking about. I've prepared some examples. Imagine yourself in each situation. Then the next time you interact with a woman think of how you would perceive your own behaviour if a man that intimidated you was behaving that way towards you.
Ex 1: You are dancing at a club. A large man comes up from behind & grabs you. He grinds his pelvis into your bottom & kisses your neck. You push him away, telling him you aren't interested but he persists. Groping you roughly, while his buddies laugh on the side lines.
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THREAD: I went & read the actual 1956 Republican platform thanks to this tweet. Holy crap. Pro-unions, pro-equal pay, pro-"progressive programs," pro-expanding Federal minimum wage & Social Security, free vaccines, more facilities to train scientists, pro-affordable housing, 1/
& then this gem really stood out: "We promise unwavering vigilance against corruption and waste, and shall continue so to manage the public business as to warrant our people's full confidence in the integrity of their Government." Wow. 2/
And here's some about the #ERA, which has been trending as #ratifyERA today. "We recommend to Congress the submission of a constitutional amendment providing equal rights for men and women." 3/
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