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مری ماں کی بہت خواہش تھی
وہ اکثر کہا کرتیں تھیں پتہ نہیں وہ دن کب آئے گا جب تؤ ناشتہ بنا کر دیا کرے گی مجھے
مری ماں نے بہت کوشش کی مجھے کھآنا بنانا سیکھانے کی
مگر میں کتے کی وہ دم تھی جو کبھی سیدھی نہیں ہوسکی
پھر وہ 25 فروری آیآ جب وہ ساتھ چھوڑ گئیں

انکے قل والی صبح پہلی کلاس تھی کوکنگ کی
آک خاتؤن مسلسل 15دن آتی رہیں
میرا سیکھنے کا عمل شروع ہوا
آج اگر مری ماں مرے سادے ناشتے,کھانے دیکھ لے
وہ یقین ہی نہ کریں کہ یہ مجھ جیسی ہڈ حرام نے بنائے ہیں
جس طریقے سے آک پلیٹ میں روٹی سبزی رکھ کر میں کھآتی ہوں
یہ میری ماں کی عادت تھی
قسمت بہت ستم ظریف قسم کی چیز ہے
جس چیز کی مری ماں کی خواہش تھی وہ تو میں کر نا سکی
اب جب بھی صبح ابو کو ناشتہ بنا کر دوں
وہ بڑی یاد اتیں ہیں کاش وہ بھی ہوتیں
تو کیا حرج تھا
انکو یہ خوشی تو میں انکی ذندگی میں دکھا ہی سکتی تھی

#HappyMothersDay ❤️
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A thread 🧵
This week @Oxfam went on @GMB to explain why they were being inclusive by removing the word mother from their policy and guidance.
They are not the first organisation to do this as we will show in this thread.
#MothersDay /1
Does it really matter if gender inclusive language is used?
Women are often told "don't be silly" "get a grip" the word mother isn't being erased. But if you look more closely it is & we believe that is a problem.
It is a fact that only women give birth & we all have a mother /2
Our experience of that will be different because not all mothers are the same.

A version of the word mother, mum, mom, ma etc is often the first word a baby will say. Mothers & motherhood are rooted in thousands of years of society.
#MothersDay /3
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95.01/ Week ninety-five, May 7-13, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 94 below.
95.02/ Them: "What will I tell my kids?!"

Me: "Talk to them, teach them, it's part of the role of parent. I do it all the time."

My kids: "Yes! He does! Please make him stop!"

Me, distributing handouts: "OK, on page 3, we have fieldnotes I took in '95..."

Kids: "Nooooo!"
95.03/ Hey, I think I got the @HowieRose trivia question for the first time today (Q: which Rolling Stones song mentions the Kentucky Derby. A: "Dead Flowers"). But I refuse to believe this is one of Howie's favorite songs. It's purposefully terrible, man. It's just awful.
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Did you know that stories of Fatimah al-Zahra’ (daughter of prophet Muhammad) portray her as regnal heir and mother goddess?

Check it out!
Fatimah was most sought-after bride by rapacious Qurashi noblemen rushing to succeed Muhammad as ‘king of Arabia’. He refused to give his daughter’s hand in marriage to the shrewd Abu Bakr or furious ‘Umar, but consented to the request of his young cousin and confidant ‘Ali.
Rejected suitors were clearly offended & came into conflict with Fatimah after Muhammad’s passing when they disputed her birthright, & when ‘Umar is said to have mortally wounded her, & when Abu Bakr offered apologies during the intervening days before her untimely death
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(1/3) Today, we wish a #happymothersday to all those who are mothers in the eyes of someone– birth mothers, foster mothers, adoptive mothers, aunts, sisters, grandmothers, stepmothers, mentors. We'll continue this work so that every mother may be reunited w/ those they hold dear.
(2/3) Meet Grace who came to the U.S. from Nigeria when she was 10 but was detained by ICE after growing up here for 15 years. Grace spent almost 2 yrs in detention, until she was reunited w/ her adopted mom, grandmother & sister thanks to a M4M donor's 7,000 frequent flyer miles
(3/3) Grace shared, "It felt so good to see my mom & grandma & sister after so many years of being gone. It felt good to be around family, people that I love so much and care about. I have been dreaming about this day for so many years that it finally came true." #mothersday 🥰
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#HappyMothersDay, America!

Mothers are not perfect. But, like old wine, as they age, the better they become as a person.

"If there's a heaven up above
I know she's teaching angels how to love"

The Spinners - "Sadie"

"Philippe Wynne of The Spinners, one of the greatest soul singers of all time was raised in an orphanage after his mum and dad divorced. "The hardest thing about being there was knowing they were both alive"
He died aged just 43."

“Oh, Sadie
Don't you know we love you,
sweet Sadie? 🎶
Place no one above you
Sweet Sadie
🎶 Living in the past...”
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On Mothers’ Day 2021, please spare a thought for the mothers in Myanmar fighting the junta with peaceful civil disobedience.

(video credit: anonymous)

Every morning, it’s become routine for mothers to give a blessing to their children leaving the house to take part in the daily protests.

Every morning, mothers around Myanmar realise they may never see their child again.

#WhatsHappeningInMyanmar Image
Military snipers are deliberately targeting the youth protestors with head shots.

This may be to intimidate, as they know that with the world watching they cannot easily return to their previous method of indiscriminate machine gunfire on whole crowds.

#WhatsHappeningInMyanmar Image
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Happy Mother's Day! We are so proud of all the pro-choice Democratic moms who have stepped up to run for office.

Because when moms are in office, policy outcomes change for the better. When moms are at the decision making table, we all benefit. #HappyMothersDay #ElectMoms Image
.@TammyforIL knows what it’s like to be a working mom. In 2018, Tammy became the first senator to give birth while in office.

But Senate rules didn’t allow babies on the Senate floor. So Tammy fought to change the rule and later voted with her newborn daughter on her lap.
After losing her son Jordan to gun violence, @lucymcbath channeled her grief into action and became an advocate and a congresswoman.

“By fighting in Congress to protect our kids, I am continuing my role as Jordan’s mom."
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Help celebrate Mother's Day by learning #upstandertips on how to support #ProtectiveMoms whose efforts to protect our children are weaponized against us in family court. Here is a list of all the episodes you can listen to better understand the systemic gender bias we face. 1/
Episode 6: #SurvivorStories episode w/"Elizabeth"
Episode 20: #SurvivorStories Series with Rosaura Torres Thomas, author of "Abuse Hidden Behind the Badge" Episode 30: #SurvivorStories Series with Anita Gera on The misuse of the Hague Convention to harm children @anitasgera 2/
Episode 31: #SurvivorStories Series w/ "Caitlin" on the dangers of "shared parenting" for survivors & children
Episode 32: #SurvivorStories with Lana on her "Sophie's Choice" to protect her daughter from CSA
Episode 35: #SurvivorStories Series with Maria Santiago 3/
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It's time for #EyalaReads, the weekly ritual that gives you #RecommendedRead articles about #Feminism, #WomensRights & #Africa (and that gives me a reason to remember and care what day of the week it is).

Grab a drink, grab a seat, it's reading time!
My favorite: I fangirled, learned and laughed a lot while reading this interview of @tiffmugo, is a co-founder of @HOLAAfrica (one of the best #Afrifem platforms out there).

Part of @SaalaJeng's excellent "Talking back" series on @africasacountry.
If you work/ are interested in the international development sector, read @ThatBoyKhalifax's critique of the (nonexistent) role of NGOs in the #COVID19 response in #Tanzania. We must do better. - @africasacountry
#EyalaReads #SundayReads
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【5.10 荃灣廣場】


今日有人呼籲市民到港九多個商場聚集,參與「全港和你Sing 抗爭前奏曲」。

攝 / Jimmy Lam @ USP United Social Press 社媒

#香港 #HongKong #HappyMothersDay



#HongKong #HappyMothersDay #motherday2020

15:28 海港城內


#HappyMothersDay #HongKong #motherday2020
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On the occasion of #HappyMothersDay, shall we look at #MathruPanchakam, a set of five stanzas composed by Adi Shankara upon the demise of his mother?
Mathru Panchakam is one of the most moving compositions on the role of a mother.

It is also probably (correct me if wrong), the only composition of Sankara dedicated to a mortal.
Mortal - a word with its origin in Latin "mort"-cognate with Sanskrit Mrityu - implies death.

As much as we sidestep thoughts of mortality, ours as well as those close to us, it happens when it has to.
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1⃣ On Monday, assuming all goes well this weekend, I will be moving our #COVID19 Alert Level down to 4. Please visit… to learn more about what that means for you.
2⃣ Gatherings of 10 ppl is acceptable in Alert Level 4, but should only occur when #PhysicalDistancing is possible. The intention is to allow for small funerals, burials, weddings. This isn't a green light to host parties -- you should remain in your bubble or your #DoubleBubble.
3⃣ If you're well & not required to self-isolate, you can participate in some recreational activities. Outdoor activities, like walking, hiking, or bike riding, are encouraged as long as physical distancing can be maintained and you are not req'd to self-isolate for any reason.
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The friendship, happiness, success on the field gets translated to same off the field too. As we say so dearly, Cricket Creates Character & Friendship for many many years. Our Master seen here with @RaviShastriOfc & @virendersehwag at @ESPNcricinfo awards function

#AajKaSachin Image
Many times, Sachin had to conquer a lone battle within himself as well. There were times he felt his injuries or a minor loss in form would take his career & his Cricket away from himself.
But, he kept fighting against all odds and came out victorious each time🙌

#AajKaSachin Image
Being that kid who loves to add fun with work while being the best student too was a phrase so very apt for our Master in all phases of his personal & professional lives. Always the one to keep the unit together with his wonderful deft touches & scorching shots too

#AajKaSachin Image
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Yesterday, on the 1st day of the UK's #COVID19 lockdown, I started posting a daily #deepsea fact on my instagram (@diva_amon) to help amaze/excite/distract. Will cross-post them here also. Feel free to add comments/questions/etc. & I'll try to get to them #DivasDailyDeepSeaFact
DAY 1: The test used to diagnose #COVID19 & other pandemics was developed with the help of an enzyme isolated from a #microbe found in #DeepSea #HydrothermalVents & freshwater hot springs.
Video: @NERCscience @adrg1.
Fact: @WHOI.
DAY 2: #DeepSea life can be slow. Case in point: the Greenland #shark (Somniosus microcephalus) can live for >400 years & only becomes sexually mature at >150 years old. Yes, it took me a grand total of 2 posts to start talking about sex. I blame @Marahh2o. Video: @oceanexplorer
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Starting a thread of sketches/drawings that I have started as a hobby.

Gharapuri/Elephanta Sadāśiva. Image
Today's attempt from the Kailāśanātha temple at Kanchipuram.

Please guess what is represented here. Image
Dancing Martanda Bhairava (as identified by Prof. Nagaswamy) from Darasuram Airavateshwara temple. Image
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$mko.v Happy New Year to all Mako shareholders.

We end 2019 with our infill drilling at San Albino complete, and the plant approximately 40% done.

The crusher has been delivered (top right of the photo).

Mill has been purchased and both mill & lab equip are en route Image
$mko.v you can see that construction and civil works are rapidly advancing at our San Albino mine. This picture from yesterday. Image
$mko.v from an hour ago. Laboratory is well on pace to be finished by early Feb. The final delivery for our crusher was made over the weekend. Image
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It stings when I see "inclusive" things like this leave out #birthmothers.

As #parents you hope to make the choice that's best for your #child. Some of us had to come to the hard truth that we were not what was best for our child or children. #biomom #birthmother #MothersDay
Making that agonizing decision does not take away the fact that we carried our little ones for nine months and gave #birth to them. It does not negate the excruciating #pain of walking away. It doesn't make it any easier. #biomom #birthmother #MothersDay
Our #motherhood is just as valid & I truly wish that people understood that. I didn't just give my baby away. I gave her the best life I could.

So here's to all the birthmothers out there. I see you. I know you. I wish you a #happymothersday.
#mothersday #biomom #birthmother
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“Honor your father & mother” (this is the first commandment with a promise), “that it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land” Ephesians 6:2&3

Your greatest contribution to the kingdom of God may not be something you do but someone you raise"
Mothers bind the family together.
Mother's Day in Hebrew is יוֹם אמ
The word for Mother in Hebrew is (Haim or Em) אמ
Aleph א = Strong Leader = Pictograph is an Ox
Mem מ = through chaotic waters = Pictograph is wave
#MothersDay #CallMom
Mothers are like a Dam.

They not only holds back the waters but she portions out the blessing that waters brings.

A real stalwart dam is also a place of energy production.

She is able to take the negative chaos and turn it into positive energy.
Happy Mother's Day!
יוֹם אמ
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my fav lines from #modiinterview
1 ‘Khan Market gang hasn’t created my image, 45 years of tapasya has… you cannot dismantle it’
2 There was a different reason. There has been a complaint with my government (from the media) that why don’t we get information (about government
decisions) in advance? This is your problem.
3 The large number of NGOs that operate with support from foreign funds have also been involved in creating an unrest like this.
4 From where did this INS (Viraat) subject come? This is not a new issue that I wasn’t aware of. .
Why did it come? When the Congress president, at a press conference, says that the Army isn’t a personal jaagir (property) of Modi — all of you missed this —then I have to say what’s it like to have a personal fiefdom. Rajiv Gandhi is not my issue.
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I have a mother, she set the standards so high. I can't disappoint her. Sometimes I feel she can blow off my head
Even today, mum will call to say girls don't stay out late in the night, and will say it's OK mum am going to the house
My mum says women should not take alcohol, they lose respect in the community. I say yes mum
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What are the primary revenue sources of a hospital? Wouldn’t more wRVU demand from the same doctor (in a “physician service cost deflationary environment) increase providers’ #burnout rate and/or decrease the quality of patient care?…
U.S. patients have lower mortality rates with foreign-trained doctors

💲Research on Compensation Equity and Transparency in the Field of Medicine…

#inequality #doctor #news
On average, female doctors made $105K less than male doctors ... gender pay gap actually increased…

💊Who’s the better doctor? Try a woman…

🏥Patients Treated by Male vs Female Physicians…
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