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I haven't done a #SundaySoapbox for a bit, so here is one inspired by expectations of women in politics.

This morning I woke up to 3 messages on the same tweet.
I recognize the person I was replying to and have a generally favorable opinion of them, I wasn't mad or upset when responding.

I don't respond in public in the rare moments when I feel upset by someone; I put my device down.

Here is the exchange:
I even know what causes the phenomenon that is underlying the exchange.

I get the most exposure on average with snark on Susan Collins. Twitter is mad at her, so an offhand comment will get thousands of likes and pop up often for my followers.

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You're correct, I'm not accepting campaign contributions. It was an April Fool's joke.

However, if you want me to run for can make that part real. It will take a little bit from each of you in the most crowd-sourced campaign possible.
Here's what we are up against:

Susan Collins has about 500k followers on twitter alone.

She has access to near-unlimited financial resources.

Susan has a very favorable relationship with the media (particularly local) and can get any TV/radio/newspaper coverage she wants.

Wait, Tiffany, you aren't taking money - how the heck can you combat that?

You. The person reading this tweet. Be an advocate.

Take 5 minutes a week to RT, like, comment, share.

If you see anyone talking about Susan, tell them the good stuff - #Readthebill, #MaineRaising
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Susan Collins voted for #S311.

You should be mad about this bill, whether you are pro-choice, pro-life, or DGAF.

This bill was written to make people angry, not make good law. I don't have the time to line by line this one, but here are highlights.

#Readthebill #mepolitics
The entire purpose of this bill was to divide people into feral pro-life or pro-choice camps...but it's actually crap law. Why you say?

A live birth is a live birth. A live birth creates the same laws for infants that apply to others.

You'll hear pro-life people yelling "BUT KERMIT GOSNELL".

Yeah, exactly, he committed crimes and was found guilty. This bill creates another level of law for something that is already illegal.

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By popular demand, I bring you as much of #HR109 aka #GreenNewDeal as I can get through before tucking in kiddos.

I have to tell you though, this is really more of a mission statement than a bill.

It starts out with a ton of sponsors.

Page 2 is a bunch of report findings.

I'm presuming they are accurate and I'm not going to verify tonight...that's something I would have an aide cross reference.

Page 3 is more findings, that we are disproportionately damaging to the planet, and a laundry list of related problems.

I now have a Taylor Swift song stuck in my head. Thanks, Obama.

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Let's have a chat #mepolitics.

While I was Downeast with my boys enjoying Milbridge and not being online there was a conversation about me it was interesting to read.

Rather than reply to all the tweets, I'll give you a #SundaySoapbox for #TWPSB.

Side note for those who have never run for office - super weird to read about yourself on twitter.

It's like being at your own funeral and sitting in on the after eulogy chatter by the shrimp dip.

The way my head works may never be gratifying or specific in the ways @ASFried is looking for. I think it may one day work for @CollinsWatch, though I would imagine I would have much less exciting material than Susan.

I do believe it will work for Maine.

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So weird that there isn't a bill number or text, right?

I guess we have to go play go (lobster) fish!

#mepolitics #Readthebill
To do this we look up the bills in front of the house today. It looks like #HR200/#HR965. Alas, neither have today's activity so we wait.

Side note - #HR985 looks like the Sec. of the Interior might be getting ready to sell things we don't want sold. 😯

#mepolitics #Readthebill

We're starting to get blue's clues here, but on quick glance I don't see much here other than the word "lobster" on two pages in this document; lobster defined and page 103 which doesn't say much about what Bruce said.

#mepolitics #Readthebill…
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Why is a bill about vets with exposure to chemical weapons talking about home loans? Wait...did you all just vote to provide benefits to vets by taxing other vets on their benefits?

Does no one read these before they vote?

Sounds like I have a #Readthebill coming.

This is #HR299

Nothing exciting on the first page.

#Readthebill #mepolitics
I'm not going super in depth on this bill because it's not an area I am very knowledgeable about off the top of my head. In Congress, I'd phone a friend.

P2 - bill name, code section it's updating and setting parameters for who is eligible (vietnam vets).

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Hey #mepolitics -

Want to read it? It's not in yet with a number. This is the "Family Reunification Act"

Off the bat, I'll give you credit for signing on to a short bill - 3 pages, 2 substantive.

I think some words are missing though. Do you suggest any edits @RepPoliquin? What were they? Have they been incorporated yet?

#Readthebill #mepolitics
The summary is that the AG and Secretary of HHS shall use all necessary means to ensure that each unaccompanied alien child who was removed to be reunited...but there are some concerns. It's a little vague.

#Readthebill #mepolitics
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voted for #HR620

Want to see what's in it?

#Readthebill #mepolitics #TWPSB #bond2018
Seems innocuous. It's a short bill.

Promotes education? Sounds good
Clarify? Well, seems reasonable
Notice and cure? That seems like a prudent course

Why are people all upset?
Our first hint that something more nefarious is afoot comes pretty swiftly. Reform is a strong word for the title given the description. Adding a little education, clarification and a notice/cure seems fairly wimpy to earn a bold word like "reform".
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...want to see what's in it?

I'll only have time to read one tonight, so let's do H. Res. 724

#ReadtheBill #mepolitics #ME02 #Bond2018 #TWPSB
Disclaimer, I do not work in employment law. Were I actually voting on this bill, I would phone a friend(s) to make sure I am not missing anything. First page is nothing sensational - title, sponsors, etc.
P. 2 - There are a lot of references throughout that reference the Congressional Accountability Act of 1995, without appropriate citations or specificity. A bit sloppy to me. A good use of staff is looking up references for efficient bill reading, it shouldn't take this long.
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This level of attention is what you should expect from congress when they are discussing our laws.

#mepolitics #TWPSB #Readthebill #bond2018
We should not elect ANYONE who does not demonstrate a capacity to read laws and does not appear to enjoy doing so. That's *the* job.

I wish everyone would take a step back from positions to notice many of our legislators are not proficient in the basic skills of the job. #TWPSB
If someone has not read and/or does not understand the text of a bill and the consequences that flow from that bill, then their opinions on positions are moot...because they cannot tell you if the bill accurately reflects those positions or addresses their championed problems.
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