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“I can make Rs 25000 a month, if I work 15 hours a day, 7 days a week.” Delivery boy Mohammed Arif Khan gets no provident fund, no paid leave, no growth prospects. @anweganguly & @touhid_rahat on working conditions of #GigWorkers

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“Khan is not insured. “Only if I die while delivering, my family will receive up to Rs 5,00,000. If they are aware of it.” Despite 2020 Social Security Code for #labour calling to include #GigWorkers,  companies do not treat them as employees.

“I am in the streets from 8 am till late at night,” Mohammed Sohail, a 21-yr-old AC technician does #GigWork during #Delhi winters. He is not paid for return trips to store. He works long hours to make a minimum number of deliveries to qualify for incentives.

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ரிஸ்வான் என்கிற 23 வயது இளைஞர் உணவு டெலிவரி செய்ய சென்ற போது உணவை ஆர்டர் செய்தவரின் வீட்டில் வளர்க்கும் நாய் ஒன்று அவரை தாக்க முயற்சிக்கிறது,அதில் அவர் எதிர்பாராத விதமாக மூன்றாம் தளத்திலிருந்து கீழே விழுந்து பலத்த காயம் ஏற்படுகிறது.பலத்த காயத்துடன் மருத்துவமனையில்…
…அனுமதிக்கப்பட்ட ரிஸ்வான் சிகிச்சை பலனின்றி நேற்று உயிரிழந்துவிட்டார்.
வீட்டில் செல்லப்பிராணிகளை வளர்ப்பவர்களை பற்றிய விவாதங்கள் ஒருபுறம் சமூக வலைதளங்களில் நடைபெற்றுக்கொண்டிருக்கின்றன.மற்றொரு‌‌ புறம் Swiggy நிறுவனம்‌ இந்த நபருக்கு humanity ground இல் எதாவது செய்யவேண்டும் என்று கோரிக்கை வைக்கப்படுகிறது.
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Congressman Patrick McHenry introduced bill HR 8280 to amend Rule 701 to allow businesses to issue company stock to their gig workers.

This bill would also pre-empt California’s #AB5.

#gigeconomy #GigWorkers
Statement from the Internet Association:
Brief statement about the Gig Worker Equity Compensation Act from McHenry:
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@SBAgov⁩ I am not solely depending on YouTube videos but I have read the bill so many different ways!!! You are defying a FEDERAL BILL!!!! We as small busy and sole props deserve this 10k grant!!!! PERIOD!!! #readthebill #StopTheMadness #COVID19
Also, I applied in March. 3 different times and only received a confirmation on the third because the website crashed!! Why can’t I remove the other 2 that supposedly went through as well when they are incorrect due to website issues. Get your act together! I have one
Conformation number but you guys said I have 3. The first 2 didn’t submit on my end!!! Give us some guidance!!!! Stop saying we have to wait. We have been waiting since the end of March with you guys changing the wording of a bill! #soleprop #gigworkers #wegetthe10ktoo #CARESAct
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#Thread What type of bottom feeding media attacks educators during a pandemic? The same one that wished a #HurricaneKatrina on #CPS. I’m guessing their goal is to remain on brand? #Trash #Covid19…
#NewFlash : Educators are real ppl. We’re experiencing #Covid19 like the rest of the world. Some of our immune systems are compromised. Some hv contracted it. Some are awaiting results. Many are taking care of family who’ve contracted it. Some have died. #InRealLife #Covid_19
3/ We are watching the body count increase daily. Some of us are making masks for 1st responders. Others hv cleared out their teacher cabinets & given sanitizer & soap to 1st responders. #Service #Covid_19 #InRealLife
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