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Camisinha rompeu? Tesão demais e nem lembrou de usar?

Procure um pronto-socorro do SUS e solicite a PEP (Profilaxia Pós-Exposição para o HIV) em até 72h. Nas primeiras 24h, chega a 99% de eficácia.
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Já vi muita gente perder a chance de usar por medo e falta de informação. Não façam isso.

Tava transando e o preservativo rompeu? Ou no calor do momento nem utilizou? Conheça a Profilaxia Pós-Exposição para o HIV.
A PEP consiste na tomada de 2 comprimidos por dia, por 28 dias, para evitar a transmissão do HIV. Apenas do HIV.
Mas você pode solicitar profilaxia para outras #ists dependendo do caso, que será feita com antibióticos.
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Pessoal, percam o medo da PEP (Profilaxia Pós-Exposição para o HIV).
Você não vai vomitar ou ter diarreia 28 dias seguidos.
Não vai ficar amarelo.
O esquema atual é seguro, eficaz e com poucos efeitos adversos.
Se não usou camisinha, rompeu ou sofreu acidente, inicie em até 72h.
É urgência.

Se na sua cidade é pequenininha e não tem UPA ou serviço especializado em HIV, é obrigação da Secretaria de Saúde te encaminhar para onde tem.

Quanto mais cedo iniciar, mais eficaz. #saudelgbt #pephiv #hiv #doutormaravilha
Quem nunca? 😏😅🙏🏽

Tava transando e o preservativo rompeu? Ou no calor do momento nem utilizou? Conheça a Profilaxia Pós-Exposição para o HIV.

A PEP consiste na tomada de 2 comprimidos por dia, por 28 dias, para evitar a transmissão do HIV. Apenas do HIV.
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Yesterday, added to LT investment, #SAE @simecatlantis.

The Co's two brokers, Investec and Arden, have base case TPs of 75p and 76p respectively.

It's a rarity (as house brokers are usually far too bullish!), but personally I think that these TPs are extremely conservative. 1/3
I think the market assumes that the next SP catalyst will be planning permission granted at Usk (Natural Resources Wales draft decision due in 4-6 weeks).

However, as I've suggested previously, I do not think #SAE will wait on financial close at Usk before initiating new... 2/3
...projects abroad (EU and SE Asia, to begin with).

Whether that will comprise of fuel supply arrangements (only) to end-of-life coal plants, or acquisition of such plants and establishing / owning the entire chain from waste collection to power output - remains to be seen.

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Perhaps the single greatest SP catalyst for #SAE over the next ~6m will be its stated strategy for a global rollout of coal power plant conversions.

That it will happen is, for me, a certainty.

The question is, which major entities will assist it in this immense project? 1/3
It is difficult to exaggerate the scale of what could be achieved, if the rollout is accelerated by major partner(s).

I see it as a possible globally critical transitional energy source up until the 2040s.

Whilst not 'green', this is mitigated by the fact that it could...2/3
...consume a major portion of global waste. The coal plants in SE Asia for example (the world's new dumping ground) will likely be in #SAE's cross hairs before long.

Now that SAE has brought the fuel supply in-house (thus securing the IP), the upside is simply unquantifiable 3/3
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#SAE @simecatlantis: a quick delve into developments at Uskmouth and the overall power plant conversion division.

Specifically re: Uskmouth, the importance of a particular update in the 16/07/2020 RNS has been overlooked:

"Development of private wire offtake opportunity."

The house broker's numbers assume a route-to-market private purchase agreement (essentially selling directly to the grid at wholesale prices) for 80% of the 220MW output, with 20% going to a private wire PPA.

The RtM PPA is priced at £45/MWh, whilst the PW PPA is £70/MWh.

The PW PPA would be with a data centre. There are DCs already in operation a few miles away; and #SAE is also exploring the option of developing DCs on land directly adjacent to Uskmouth.

Industrial customers usually source power directly from the grid at at least £100/MWh 3/14
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It brings me great joy that alternative energy is obliterating O&G stocks, performance-wise (at least in the UK micro-cap space in which I operate).

My key holding in the sector (and 2nd largest in my entire PF) is #SAE @simecatlantis at 11p average. But it's brilliant... 1/4 see the likes of #ITM #AFC #PHE #EQT achieving dizzying valuations.

The more that retail buys O&G on the open market, the greater the valuations these Cos can maintain, and thus the easier it is for them to raise capital.

My belief (or rather, hope!) is that retail...2/4
...will continue to shift into alt. energy (including associated infrastructure, partic. battery metals), thus starving micro-cap oilies of capital. This in turn will reduce the pool of discoveries that majors draw on to replenish their own reserves (besides in-house expl.)… 3/4
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#SAE @simecatlantis' most significant news since the Uskmouth acquis. in 2018.

Fuel testing has been a success. The conversion blueprint can now be rolled out worldwide - drastically reducing coal emissions whilst simultaneously ridding the world of non-recyclable plastic waste.
This opens up the possibility of converting dozens of coal-fired power plants. #SAE / GFG have a good 2 year first mover advantage.

Yes - it's not renewable energy - but it's a damn lot cleaner than coal, plus the non-recyclable plastic waste removing element is mind-boggling.
For me, today marks the start of #SAE @simecatlantis transforming into a billion-pound company.

@BigBiteNow recently coined a fabulous term - "Alpha Investment". He suggested only two AIM stocks, #AVCT and #BMN, are Alphas. I agreed.

Today, SAE also becomes an Alpha in my view.
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Fantastic interview from #SAE @simecatlantis CEO.

Two major value inflection points approaching:

1) at Uskmouth: results from fuel testing in Japan. If successful, the immediate TAM for SAE would essentially be limitless. 2,500 coal-fired power plants worldwide. A 200 MW... 1/8
...plant, once converted, would generate £40m+ (arguably closer to £60m) EBITDA pa for a further 20+ years. It would also burn more efficiently and more cleanly than it previously did, when coal-powered. Decom costs can be well over £10m - as such, there's a huge market for...2/8
#SAE to pick up end-of-life plants for next to nothing.

Moreover, as the operation is so reliable, 100% debt financing (conventional or receivables) for conversion capex could should be achievable.

Uskmouth will be the blue print for global rollout of the conversion. 3/8
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#SAE continues to move up, 15p mid now, £64.4m mkt cap. Times article yesterday clearing helping.

The source also alludes to the EPC contractors potentially providing funding, and helping secure export credits from Chinese gov.

Clearly mgmt. is looking to avoid PLC dilution 1/5
I've been asked a few times about my rationale for the 2-year, £1bn mkt cap target.

There are ~2,500 coal-fired power plants in operation worldwide. Decommissioning costs average around $10m.

#SAE could pick up end-of-life plants from owners who don't wish to deal with... 2/5
decom. for next to nothing. $10m per plant would of course be a net gain to the owner of $20m.

Each converted plant could generate EBITDA of £40m for a further 2 decades.

Once Uskmouth has been completed, #SAE will have a converison template which they'll refine over time. 3/5
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It's stories like the below that remind that #SAE @simecatlantis has the makings of a billion-pound Co - especially after today's news.

Penultimate part of the FEED successfully completed; large scale combustion trials to be completed in next 4 months.…
"...the world's first example of a coal-fired power station being repurposed to run on 100% waste derived fuel pellets... (it could) potentially have material implications for the way plastic waste, and aging coal fired power stations, are managed globally."

#SAE @simecatlantis
Microcap investing is about finding companies that can fundamentally reshape industries.

#SAE @simecatlantis has the potential to do this with coal fired power plants.

There are hundreds that could be repurposed to consume non-recyclable plastic. MUCH less carbon-intensive too.
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Some excellent moves in the PF this week:

ST trades in each of #TRX and #XSG reduced, as they had increased so quickly (~150% and 66% respectively). Balances of positions to be held until ~2p for each stock, but will revise accordingly, keeping a close eye on momentum. 1/12
Two new modest ST trades opened yesterday PM, 200k shares in each: #CIR and #C4XD (both ~17.5p av. entry). Primarily capitalising on community's (and my) recent success in trading up Woodford/Invesco calamities (TRX and XSG!). Both now enjoy solid fundamentals - valuations...2/12
...much more attractive now, with both #CIR and #C4XD SPs having been decimated this year. Moreover, they now enjoy the backing of retail. Fundamentals combined with sentiment = crucial.

ST trade (but happy to hold as a LT investment) opened in #DKL too. Very cheap CPO biz..3/12
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An excellent interview, cheers Andrew.

#SAE investment case is not actually dissimilar from the comments I made earlier about #EVRH. SAE is not only world leader in two industries, but it is actually a key catalyst in the growth of said industries.

Conventional valuation...1/2
...metrics will not reveal the potential here. It's all about the big picture.

There's on PLC equity raise happening anytime soon, as the CEO states in the interview. Rather - as I suggested last week - #SAE will likely sell a stake in Uskmouth, or the entire project.
The first offer on the table, from Equitix, values Uskmouth at £132m. Equitix has offered £33m cash to #SAE for a 25% stake.

But CEO has just said that there are now multiple interested parties, including US PE Houses and European utilities.

£132m will be surpassed, I believe.
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Gamechanging news for #SAE @simecatlantis today, on 3 fronts!

I) Tidal power: Contract for Engineering & Services subdivision, for a demo project in Japan. Successful demonstration could open up an enormous market for the E&S division, with major tidal resources in the region.
This follows on from recent major news for the other Tidal Power subdivision, Proprietary Projects. In both Scotland and Alderney, #SAE is forming innovative partnerships that will assist in the development of its tidal arrays without the need for Gov assistance.
II) Waste-to-Energy: Mitsubishi has just signed up to work on the pre-EPC at Uskmouth. This project will convert non-recyclable plastic waste, destined for landfill, into clean electricity.

Most important - the reference to numerous other conversion projects in the pipeline #SAE
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Almeno nel giorno più difficile da ricordare, si abbia il buon gusto del silenzio.
Stanotte, in silenzio, si è sfilato ad #Amatrice e ad #Arquata. Da ogni parte si chiede che vengano risparmiate passerelle e inutili parole.

#24agosto #TerremotoCentroItalia #Terremoto
Nessuna parola è degna di essere espressa, nessuna retorica è ammessa, di fronte al ricordo di quello che è stato, ma soprattutto di fronte al desolante niente che si ha di fronte.
Niente. Non è stato ricostruito niente.
La ricostruzione non è ferma. È inesistente.
In questi tre anni di visite, di progetti e di incontri, ho visto decine di occhi di fronte al niente. Di fronte a parole e promesse più leggere del vento. Di fronte a un paesaggio irriconoscibile.
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