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Shots fired, 69/Red Line.
#Chicago #ChicagoScanner
69/Red Line: person shot!
#Chicago #ChicagoScanner
the offender was last seen headed toward 71st St on foot. #Chicago #ChicagoScanner
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#ChicagoScanner #Z4 has a runner 🏃

@CTA Brown Line
Chicago and Franklin
Running south on the tracks

Male Black blue shirt gun in his waistband

CTA has cut the power

#ChicagoScanner #Chicago

Franklin and Ontario
Now street level

He tossed the gun

Need CFD with a ladder

He’s confined at gunpoint t on top of a billboard
#ChicagoScanner #Chicago #ChiTraffic

Closing down Ontario and probably Franklin

No more cars needed
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Shots fired, 12 rounds heard at 6613 S Ashland. #ShotSpotter #ChicagoScanner
66/Ashland: person shot!
#Chicago #ChicagoScanner
multiple GSWs to the chest, grave condition. #Chicago #ChicagoScanner
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a call of a person shot, caller says her boyfriend has been shot. #Chicago #ChicagoScanner
78/Maryland: person shot!
#Chicago #ChicagoScanner
where is he shot, condition?

chest, critical.
#Chicago #ChicagoScanner
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Thread 🧵 CTAs are having a good year so far with Top 50 +12.8% YTD, according to BarclayHedge. But let's not forget that from 2004 to 2021, top 20 CTAs returned about 2.5% on the average.

"But, but, but, convexity, alternatives, etc." #commodities #CTA #trading $SPX
This is another form of tail risk hedging but with higher intrinsic risk than using other tail risk protection method. The 80s and 90s aren't coming back, when CTAs using TF discipline profited from naïve TA traders in commodity futures. Nowadays there are no such fools en masse.
CTAs nowadays are the parties who assume hedging risk of producers. Producers have become way more sophisticated then in 80s and 90s. They won't pay fortunes to hedge when they are the ones who know the market direction. The game for CTAs is difficult.
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95/Red Line: person shot! #Chicago #ChicagoScanner
the victim is on the #CTA platform. #Chicago #ChicagoScanner
got about 7 shell casings on the stairwell. #Chicago #ChicagoScanner
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Camisinha rompeu? Tesão demais e nem lembrou de usar?

Procure um pronto-socorro do SUS e solicite a PEP (Profilaxia Pós-Exposição para o HIV) em até 72h. Nas primeiras 24h, chega a 99% de eficácia.
E não é um ‘coquetel’, são apenas dois comprimidos por 28 dias.
Compartilhe ❤️‍🩹
Já vi muita gente perder a chance de usar por medo e falta de informação. Não façam isso.

Tava transando e o preservativo rompeu? Ou no calor do momento nem utilizou? Conheça a Profilaxia Pós-Exposição para o HIV.
A PEP consiste na tomada de 2 comprimidos por dia, por 28 dias, para evitar a transmissão do HIV. Apenas do HIV.
Mas você pode solicitar profilaxia para outras #ists dependendo do caso, que será feita com antibióticos.
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26/Pulaski: a child has been shot! #Chicago #ChicagoScanner
got a 5yo shot in the head it looks like. #Chicago #ChicagoScanner
got a 2nd person shot, a male Hispanic in his 20s. #Chicago #ChicagoScanner
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Intracranial Atherosclerotic Disease #ICAD

#ICAD leads to changes ranging from minor wall thickening to #hemodynamically significant luminal stenosis and is one of the most #common causes of #stroke worldwide…

🧵 Image

✅10% of stroke, based on autopsy studies
✅More prevalent in #African Americans, #Hispanics, and #Asians as compared with whites

Other risk factors in table Image

In postmortem studies
👉degree of luminal #stenosis
👉% of the plaques containing >40% #lipid area
👉prevalence of intraplaque #hemorrhage, #neovasculature and #thrombus,
were higher in those #plaques associated with #infarct
🔹… Image
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#CarotidArteryDisease #CAD

#CAD causes ~ 10-20% of #strokes
Atherosclerosis occurs most frequently at carotid #bifurcation, an area of low vessel-wall shear stress and oscillatory/turbulent blood flow

Welcome to this mini review!
Endothelial dysfunction
Inflammatory response to Lp retention in arterial wall
Accelerated accumulation of Lp in subendothelial matrix
VSCM migrate/proliferate to fibroblast-like cells👉 production of EC matrix…
Stroke Mechanisms
#artery_to_artery embolization: retinal (amaurosis fugax) or cerebral circulation
#thrombosis in situ
#Flow reduction in high grade stenosis: #watershed infarcts, repetitive and brief TIAs (ie limb shaking)…
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Shots fired, 12 rounds heard at 31 W 79th St, possibly on the e-way. #ShotSpotter #ChicagoScanner
a call of two ppl shot. #Chicago #ChicagoScanner
79/Red Line: person shot! #Chicago #ChicagoScanner
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79/Red Line: a call of a male walking on the #CTA tracks. #Chicago #ChicagoScanner
it appears he's on the #CTA tracks at about 82nd St, ISP is on scene. #Chicago #ChicagoScanner

he's off the tracks, he's with ISP. #Chicago #ChicagoScanner
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#Pregnancy and #puerperium confer an ⬆️ risk for ischemic as well as hemorrhagic stroke, with incidence rates being 3-fold higher as compared with nonpregnant women


a short 🧵 Image

@DrRickSwartz @patrice_lindsay et al metaanalysis
👉11 studies
👉>85 million #pregnancy and #postpartum admissions in various countries
👉overall incidence of #stroke was 30 per 100,000 hospitalizations👈
@IntJStroke… ImageImage
☑️Age, >40yo OR3.1
☑️Migraine, thrombophilia, SLE, 🫀disease, HTN, thrombocytopenia, diabetes
☑️Pregnancy complications
✅For hemorrhagic stroke: aneurysms, AVM, Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy… ImageImage
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*Reminder*: Important deadline at the end of this month for EU citizens resident in the UK.

Irish citizens do *not* need to apply to the EU #SettlementScheme but please share the information below with your friends, family, workmates. Thread👇
1/4 Ask your EU friends and family living in the UK if they have their #SettledStatus? The deadline for applications is 30 June 2021. @EUdelegationUK

2/4 Due to the #CTA #CommonTravelArea, Irish citizens do not need to apply for #SettledStatus but citizens from elsewhere in the EU do.
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Shots fired, 11 rounds heard at 11858 S Michigan.

Shots fired, 2 rounds heard at 11920 S Michigan.

Shots fired, 11 rounds heard at 35 E 119th St.
#ShotSpotter #ChicagoScanner
119/Michigan: person shot! #Chicago #ChicagoScanner
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Pessoal, percam o medo da PEP (Profilaxia Pós-Exposição para o HIV).
Você não vai vomitar ou ter diarreia 28 dias seguidos.
Não vai ficar amarelo.
O esquema atual é seguro, eficaz e com poucos efeitos adversos.
Se não usou camisinha, rompeu ou sofreu acidente, inicie em até 72h.
É urgência.

Se na sua cidade é pequenininha e não tem UPA ou serviço especializado em HIV, é obrigação da Secretaria de Saúde te encaminhar para onde tem.

Quanto mais cedo iniciar, mais eficaz. #saudelgbt #pephiv #hiv #doutormaravilha
Quem nunca? 😏😅🙏🏽

Tava transando e o preservativo rompeu? Ou no calor do momento nem utilizou? Conheça a Profilaxia Pós-Exposição para o HIV.

A PEP consiste na tomada de 2 comprimidos por dia, por 28 dias, para evitar a transmissão do HIV. Apenas do HIV.
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And here is the list of our most reviewed Gestalt University podcasts of 2020...🎉

Chris Schindler
Chris Schindler: The Alternative to Alternative #RiskPremia

You wouldn't want to miss this podcast as Chris talked about the #AlternativeRiskPremia.…
Ben Hunt: The Narrative Machine

Dr. Ben Hunt, the creator of @EpsilonTheory discussed the narrative machine with @GestaltU and @RodGordilloP.…
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La personalización de contenidos mediante #IA se afianza como estrategia para atraer y reforzar consumo de #audio en plataformas de #radio, #música y #podcast. Recopilo aquí recientes iniciativas que incidirán sobre producción y distribución de industria a corto y medio plazo ↘️
1/9. En su decidida apuesta por el #podcast, @Spotify exprime la experiencia en identificar hábitos y gustos de cada usuario: las #playlists de #podcasts y #música personalizada configuran un menú cuya eficiencia garantiza un mayor tiempo de escucha

2/9. También @Google trabaja para generar flujos sonoros adaptados a cada usuario con listas de 90' que combinan #radio, #podcasts y lectura de #noticias personalizadas con especial foco en contenido #local, el que cada vez ocupa menos tiempo en #radio

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Powering Sales with Content

Your content can determine how well your products move. So having identified your target audience, you need to understand what exactly they want to see on your platforms.


#digitalmarketing #socialmedia #socialmediaforbusinesses #cta Image
What do they want, why are they online, what will trigger an emotion in them?

Once those 3 questions have been answered, you will have better engagement and better chances of being seen by your prospective clients and you know what the bottomline is... SALES
I have put together a very comprehensive content planner and if you would love to get a free comprehensive content template with content ideas to spark your creativity and help you plan your content better, drop a comment below, I will DM you the link.

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I'm sympathetic to the arbitrage argument against #trend-following but there are several compelling counter-arguments:

1. #CTA assets are still a vanishingly small proportion of total global market cap. Ex-Bridgewater they're prob less than $200B vs $100T global market.
2. While prices are set at the margin, CTA trading (esp. ex-BW) still represents a single-digit proportion of total trading.
3. Trend is a low signal indicator. #MachineLearning techniques are unlikely to emphasize trend features. More likely they will be combined with other features in Bayesian / decision tree frameworks, but they won’t be dominant trading signals.
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1523 W Jarvis - CFD Responding to a report of a person on the tracks. #ChicagoScanner
Bonafide, person struck by a train. #CTA #ChicagoScanner
Power is removed in both directions on the CTA Red Line from Howard to Thorndale. #ChicagoScanner
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Who's ready to kick some #ConCon Butt like we did last year!?

In 2018 only 1 #AstroTurf grps passed rslns calling for #ConventionOfStates

#COSProject: 0
#WolfPAC: 0
#BBATaskForce: 0
#USTermLimits: 2

In fact we trounced these grps so hard in 2018 they've come out swinging 2019

They're RABIDLY pushing #ConventionOfStates

#COSProject has already passed 2 (AR UT)

AND 2 being RAMMED thru MS & KS 🚨

2nd pg #NoConConTracker - see 1st pg for more info 👇…
#USTermLimits emboldened by their Victories in 2018 are pushing HARD to get more #ConventionOfStates rslns passed this year

🚨 2 are slated for FINAL VOTE - They're at FINISH LINE in #AZ & #GA


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What’s Your “Shear Stress”?

Want to Know More?

Relax & Read ⤵️ #Tweetorial by @CoronaryDoc + @arnavkumar

⚡️Coronary Wall Shear Stress in 12 Tweets ⚡️

Main Readings:
#ACCImaging @ACCCardioEd
Wall shear stress (#WSS) is the frictional force of blood exerted tangential to endothelial surface of vessel wall & expressed in variety of units (1Pa=1N/m2=10 dynes/cm2)

It is derived from
• luminal geometry
• flow rate
• blood viscosity
• near wall velocity values
In vivo WSS calculations are derived from computational fluid dynamic (#CFD) simulations created from reconstructed 3D vessel geometries (from biplane angio/IVUS/OCT/CT/MR) combined with patient-specific pulsatile inlet/outlet velocity values (Doppler wire or other methods)
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