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2. #QDrop #2737 gives an article correcting a false statement about the border security bill.

Correction = integrity…?

Video from Hannity sets it straight. The bill does NOT provide for amnesty. 1:35 mark.

3. In multiple drops, Q says #CarefulWhoYouFollow


"Why do so-called Patriots challenge this?
Careful who you follow.

An internet bill of rights to solidify free speech! Only the ignorant or a dictator would fight it!…
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Be alert next 10 days #FalseFlag
FF attempts may be carried out in attempt to change narrative (neg optics).
High possibility of ‘multiple day’ coverage event forcing pause on news.
See something > Say something.

@Potus @GenFlynn #QAnon #MAGA #FridayMotivation #WWG1WGA
In the past, what was the punishment re: a TRAITOR?

Anti-lynching bill was passed in the Senate yesterday
DS traitors think it will prevent death by hanging?
@Potus @GenFlynn #QAnon #MAGA #FridayMotivation #WWG1WGA
Why, hours after the election, did seven people travel to an undisclosed location to hold a very private & highly secured/guarded meeting?
☑️Insurance Plan to remove @Potus
☑️You have more than you know…
@GenFlynn #QAnon #MAGA #FridayMotivation #WWG1WGA
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#QAnon #POTUS #WWG1WGA #DeepState #PatriotsAwaken #SheepNoMore
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#QAnon #POTUS #WWG1WGA #DeepState #PatriotsAwaken #SheepNoMore
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1) The attendants, soothsayers and espousals of prophetic wisdom all agree in one common theme. The spiritual realm of the cares for this physical realm we share are alive and cracking with a soon upcoming upheaval in the current state of both energy & awakening of the masses..
2) We are reaching critical mass, not in the awakened community, but the many sleeping remnants of fragmented support for the #DeepState Hollywood/DemPoliticians. The fakenews can no longer hide it. Popular opinion is beginning to SHIFT ---- BIG TIME toward who? #TrumpTrain
3) Get ready. You thought 3 Virginia top Politicians was big? Buckle in. #TheStormIsHere /End
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1) Forget about the Virginia distraction, abortion, racism, the New Green Deal & all distractions... What's left? A terrified #DeepState, out of power, disconnected from National Security intel, separated from the Justice Dept, FBI 'protectors'. Many SES's & Congressmen...
2) For 55 years, if you lived within 100 miles of Washington DC you lived high on the hog, you knew largess with no bounds. The hand was not in the cookie jar. It knocked over the cookie factory. The richest Nation in the World was being driven to destitution by 2 million people.
3) Those two million People are - Many in all 3 branches of Government - The SES's, the Congress, their staff, their contractors and K Street image pros. Judges, judicial offices, many staffs, the contracting legal firms.
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1) The end of ISIS movement throughout the Middle East - What does that really mean? It means the end of Human Trafficking, end of the Petro Dollar and end of huge influence by Petro Dollar Countries like Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.
2) The huge pallets of cash being stored in the Middle East will become worthless. The French/German/#Deepstate effort to build nuclear weapons will be destroyed once the Petro Dollar is destroyed. Why do you think the Fed is being taken back to a gold standard with new currency?
3) It's ALL connected - Central Banks/Middle East conflict/ISIS/Human Trafficking/Oil/Fed out of control currency printing(money laundering)/UN Migration Treaty/unlimited Illegal Immigration to America and Europe.
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Trump's tactics of division seeks to conquer the news cycle, we may unite behind the idea of fake news, but the cult mentality and self-projected "politics of revenge" keep Trump supporters from seeking common ground.
The mastery behind the term #FakeNews is that it is a simple way to describe one's argument. Both sides, all Americans, every point of view is being agitated to create more division. Trolling is too nice of a word.…
The reason division occurs, is because our minds have formed an opinion based on current knowledge and when anyone challenges that opinion, our perception literally sends a red flag and decides to attack or wonder. (fight or flight) Does the GIF below bring you joy or agitation?
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Pelosi, Dem leaders slam Rep. Omar over 'anti-Semitic' language

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel called for House Speaker Pelosi to remove Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Dems falling apart…
@Potus @GenFlyn #QAnon #MondayMotivation AIPAC
Schiff Attacks Mueller for Not Investigating Trump Enough💥🍿🍾

🍿Democrats are beginning to turn on Mueller
🍿Mueller investigating #DeepState 😂😂😂
🍿Goodbye #DeepState #PainComing…
@Potus @GenFlyn #QAnon #MondayMotivation AIPAC
Q Drop: [AS]

How does [AS] know what #Mueller has/hasn't investigated?

☑️To: [Adam Schiff]
☑️RE: Mueller Investigation
☑️Mueller is investigating #AdamSchiff
☑️From: #QAnon😂

@Potus @GenFlyn #MondayMotivation
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Important update.

If you want to deconstruct the machine you have to identify all of its parts.

Specifically the interchangeable ones.

This is an amazing story.

I can't believe this guy was a VP candidate.

Are all of these people CIA assets?

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1) Right now, if you took accurate polls, the Dems would be getting about 8 to 12% support while the GOP has probably just under 50% with about 40% of the Nation looking for a base to join. That's why you're seeing the rise of the Green Party and Ocasio-Cortez.
2) The Dems know it's over an are beginning their transition. Their new 'Obama in grooming is Ocasio-Cortez. She'll be parroted as the opposition candidate for the next 9 years until she's eligible to run for @POTUS , then she'll be the first 'Green' Party serious contender.
3) You heard that right. In 2028, Ocasio-Cortez is being groomed to run for the Presidency as the fresh new 'Green' Candidate. As it stands right now, she's got a better transition chance and real chance at the Presidency than any other current Dem (soon to transition to Green).
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Whitaker Purpose to remove embedded 'untrustworthy' staffers
Whitaker remove [SC] 'special articles' inserted by [RR] re: expanded scope v2
'Scaramucci' model -Temps can be very dangerous to those who are targeted
Stealth bombers silent?
@Potus @GenFlynn @QAnon #NationalPizzaDay
Q: We Never Left You
We are going to show you a new world
Those who are blind will soon see the light
A beautiful brave new world lies ahead
We take this journey together
One step at a time
Do not mistake 'public' silence for inaction

@Potus @GenFlynn @QAnon #NationalPizzaDay
Scaramucci "Q is accurate about so many things"😎
Who did Scaramucci remove? Spicer
The day after Scarmucci was appointed, Spicer immediately handed in his notice
Temp hires to remove embedded 'untrustworthy' staffers?

@Potus @GenFlynn @QAnon #NationalPizzaDay
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This is a thread discussing the facts behind the murder of "journalist" Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi embassy in Istanbul, Turkey.
Khashoggi was touted as a "journalist" who at one time worked for a competitor of
AL - Jazeera and was a
"contributor" to The Washington Post. As a side note, he was also the nephew of notorious arms dealer, Adnan Khashoggi.

In reality, Khashoggi's interest was more involved in the Intelligence Community than it ever was as a "journalist". He had deep ties to the Intel community
in the old Saudi regime, and in fact was the right hand man of, Prince Turki, the former Saudi ambassador to the United States, as well as Great Britain, and the Head of Saudi intelligence. Khashoggi's ties to the intelligence community of the old Saudi regime also gave him an in
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I have been giving a lot of thought to the patriot vs paytriot issue, as I feel it is of importance. It cuts to the heart of the service to all vs only to self issue. As a baseline, nobody should expect to get paid for educating themselves about the world and sharing opinions.
There is clearly an abuse when someone repackages free content that may have involved loss of life and limb by members of the military and intelligence community, and sells it pretending to have created its underlying value, or confusing buyers of its origin or veracity.
Many people are making large sacrifices in order to align themselves to their conscience and the best truth they can find. There is no special reward due for making such sacrifice merely because of one's professional prestige, minor celebrity, or past achievements.
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Interest/sickening article on #nbcnews re: #Venezuela. Full of very revealing quotes. This #coup has not gone as planned. Thread.

Firstly, they admit it was a #US plan, so all those apologists talking about this being a grass-roots movement from #Venezuela should probably stop. This has nothing to do with the Venezuela constitution, and everything to do with oil and regional power. 2/6
Second, it's been obvious for a while that the #US blew their wad on #Guiado, expecting the military to take his side. When they sided with #Maduro the plans totally stalled. The plan was to install him, and declare him as "official" in the hopes of quelling int'l objections. 3/7
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1. Breaking down #QDrop #10: James Comey (JC), countries giving BIG $$ to CFoundation for Haiti earthquake relief, HRC, BC, #MissingKids, and more! I've covered some of this while reviewing earlier drops. I'll link to those as we go.

Just my opinions...
2. One thought at a time:

"Remember, the FBI, and MI, have an open investigation into the CF. Why did Comey drop this?"

Two things here. #Q confirms:

1. There were/are FBI and MI (Military Intelligence) investigations going into the CFoundation.

2. JC dropped "ONE" FBI case.
3. NOTE: JC had NO jurisdiction over MI investigations or their outcomes. Thank God! JC only referenced one case the FBI had built against HRC. And, it was a complete secret until he revealed it during the 2016 election. He claims he did the right thing.…
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@HillaryClinton Controls 50,000 FBI Encryption Keys - Proves Mueller's Witch Hunt is Treasonous… via @wordpressdotcom

#ClintonFoundation #EncryptionKey #Entrust
#QAnon #MAGA #WWG1WGA #DarkToLight 🌌♥️🇺🇸

#ClintonFoundation #EncryptionKey #Entrust
#QAnon #MAGA #WWG1WGA #DarkToLight 🌌♥️🇺🇸
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1) How Patriots are getting fooled yet again - A thread that looks into how sheep are herded by #Deepstate . Have you noticed the sudden 'blow-up' of abortion in the last few days? Who here thinks that's by accident? Why are 4 different Dem States suddenly talking abortion?
2) To understand why we're being herded into talking about nothing but abortion you have to look at what they don't want you to talk about - The Wall and illegal immigration. Think of how desperately they need an open border to sacrifice abortion at the altar for it.
3) Here's the table that is set right now - The Super Secret Senate is CORNERED - They have 15 days to come up with a Bill that includes Wall funding - and they don't want a Wall. Neither the GOP or Dems want a Wall and they're trying EVERYTHING to stop it.
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1. #QAnon, let's dig!

Senator #ChuckSchumer, Former ClA Director #JohnBrennan, Former US Attorney for SDNY #PreetBharara and more; wanted by Turkey for ties to terrorism and supporting the attempted coup of Turkey's president Edrogan in 2016 that killed over 240 Turkish people!
2. That #17, coincidence?

"Turkey has launched an investigation to examine whether 17 prominent Americans could have links to the FETO movement of an exiled US-based cleric, Fethullah Gulen, which Ankara blames for last summer’s failed coup attempt."…
3. Also from that article:

"Schumer, for instance, is being suspected of receiving millions of dollars from Gulen’s movement and representing his organizational interests in the US."

"Gulen, once an Erdogan ally, is now living in self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania."
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🇬🇧 New thread - #DeepFakes
🇺🇸 How Should Countries Tackle Deepfakes?
🇺🇸 Deepfakes are hyper-realistic video or audio created with artificial intelligence (AI) of someone appearing to do or say things they actually didn’t do or say.
🇬🇧 #DeepFakes
🇺🇸Jennifer Buscemi: Deepfakes Are More Terrifying Than Ever
While the nation grapples with concerns over the spread of deepfake vids in which an individual’s face is superimposed onto another persons face
🇺🇸Jennifer Buscemi: Deepfakes Are More Terrifying Than Ever
While the nation grapples with concerns over spread of deceptive info online, deepfake videos in which an individual’s face is superimposed onto another persons face.
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"In the beautiful Midwest, windchill temperatures are reaching minus 60 degrees, the Coldest Ever Recorded. In coming days, expected to get Even Colder. People can’t last Outside Even for Minutes. What the hell is going on with Global Warming?" @realDonaldTrump
🚨#BreakingNews 🚨
Dont worry about Dems "talk" about control of the House
'Trust The Plan'

my sources told me that at least 80 (possibly up to 140) congressmen & Women will be prosecuted with 85%-90% are Democrats

👇Read Thread for Proof👇
Details on Exact Dates & the specific names to come

Exact Date is up to President Trump

some days after William Barr confirmation as AG, something will be announced publicly

Things are in full swing (behind the scenes)
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Roger Stone was a SETUP BY #DEEPSTATE I ain't stupid! #Q showed us!! What you trying to do setup @realDonaldTrump for Impeachment? Gtfoh!!
HEY @CNN thanks for showing us this you are part of this shit!!
Q drops 2123 1349 2089 & more pay attention 2 thread
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1. #QDrop #9 is epic. Surprisingly enough, a LOT of #PATRIOTS in #QAnon have avoided weighing in on it. Others have given counsel on it that I find highly suspect or just plain wrong. Sometimes it may be better to just read it, pray, and think before breaking it down.
2. I'm think I'm ready! One line at a time, and like always, these are just my opinions.


I'm going out on a limb here by heavily defining this word. Merriam Webster is probably the most trusted source for definitions so here's their take:
3. Projection can mean ALL SORTS OF THINGS can't it! It is important to note too, #Q does NOT give pretext here. Q does NOT tell us what manner to use in approaching this word in this drop. It is important to understand, at other times, Q DOES tell us what approach to use.
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In #NewYork a woman can now have an #abortion at any anytime in her #pregnancy. Up to the 9th months

What's next? A law saying you can off you kid after birth

They do it to #babies that come out alive at abortion clinics

These people are pure evil! This pisses me off so much⬇
I want to make a video about abortion on my #YouTube channel but I can't get through finding clips without my eye's watering up. It breaks my heart. I'm a very strong man. I don't cry.

I have a soft spot for #kids. Them being hurt or #murdered eats at me. They are helpless.⬇
We have to stop the #DeepState. Abortion and #ChildTrafficking has to be stopped! This shit can't keep happening.

That is the main reason I'm in this fight. We have to fight for the #children because they can't #fight for themselves. It's on us to #protect them.⬇
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