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1/ #TimothyHolmseth “Navy Seals & US Marines Rescue 2100 Children from California Underground Bases”
Could this be true?
Fires set by DS as Diversions?
Was power Shut Down in California so WH’s could Complete Op? #Adrenochrome #SRA #QAnon @realDonaldTrump @Telford_Russian
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👉🏻#Ukraine👈🏻 in This Thread, I will Attempt to explain how #Migration & #WorkVisa’s are used by Globalists to enslave “Women & Children” into “Organized” International #SexTrafficking Rings #Biden #Burisma #QAnon @realDonaldTrump @RudyGiuliani
2/ This Study on #Ukraine’s #SexTrafficking issue is one of the most accurate breakdowns I have ever read... I will be using this report as a guideline... I highly recommend reading it, in full...
h/t @FederalistNo78 #QAnon @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
3/ For Organized International #HumanTrafficking Rings to remain Fully operational, Corrupt Officials are used to help orchestrate ways that enable & cover-up these horrendous “Crimes Against Humanity”. Before we take a look at #Ukraine, let us first look at a similar scenario...
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Thomas Schoenberger, AQueeno’s lackey, is behind Issac Kappy (who was a mind control victim himself) being sent to Fiona Barnett’s home in Australia last October. 👇🏻
Bottom line, TS was using Issac to gain access to RAMC victims and get them in his stable.

Epic fail.
I recognized Issac Kappy as a RAMC victim & Handler.
I truly believe he was trying to break free at some level.
What happened is heartbreaking.

The investigation by Pheonix Enigma is meant to be a warning to other operatives AQeeno has in play - it’s a mind game to scare them.
Tom Hanks, who “bought” @SaRaAshcraft from her father who was a Temple of Set member, was used to do signaling regarding the murder of Issac Kappy via his social media. Hanks was programmed by Aquino.…
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Many people have come to the same conclusion that
Thomas Schoenberger was Issac Kappy’s Handler and directly involved in the murder of Issac on May 13, 2018.

They’ve also made the connections between him and
Micheal Aquino.
Aquino has been involved in every MAJOR #childsextrafficking operation linked to CIA -
McMartin, Presidio, Franklin, Hefner/Playboy Enterprise, Jeffery Epstein.
ALL of these involved using minors as prostitutes and other #crimesagainstchildren…
The Q movement and truther communities have been severely infiltrated by Satanic dreck.
Among those doing the infiltrating are Aquino and his lackeys like Thomas Schoenberger and others who have numerous sock puppet accounts across many social media platforms.
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COURT DOCS: Prosecutors Ask To Present Evidence That NXIVM Sex Cult Leaders Illegally Bundled Money For Hillary Clinton Campaign▫️
Sen. Gillibrand’s Father, Doug Rutnik, Employed By NXIVM Sex Cult, Gillibrand’s Stepmother Was Active Member: Keith Raniere & Allison Mack, Nancy Salzman, Sara Bronfman-Igtet & Clare Bronfman On Trial▫️

#TraffickStop @POTUS #ChildSexTrafficking…
“Frank Parlato, former NXIVM Publicist, has disturbing information about the NXIVM Cult leaders Keith Raniere & Allison Mack’s record of their treatment of children.”More Connections for NXIVM ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
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No discussion of Serial Child Rapist and Child Porn Producer Roman Polanski is complete without at least mentioning his friendships with
Micheal Aquino (Temple of Set) and
now deceased Anton LaVey (Church of S@tan) and #childsextrafficking.

Did you know, Samantha Geimer’s boyfriend in 1977,
Thomas Schoenberger who was 18 at the time and having sex with her, is on friendly speaking terms with Temple of Set founder Micheal Aquino as recently as this month?

Cozy bunch -
Aquino, Polanski, Geimer and Schoenberger.
Since at least July 2018, when Fiona Barnett and now deceased Issac Kappy came into my life, I have been criminally stalked by Samantha Geimer’s ex boyfriend, Thomas Schoenberger. Stalked to the point I’ve been told to go dark. Why do you suppose that is?
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Wonder how long the DOJ will sit on the blackmail they gathered from deceased Hugh Hefner’s Charring Cross Road property...
Indefinitely is my guess.

No one wants the actual truth.
I’m so over the lies and psyop games being played.
You know full well, DOJ will do the same with blackmail/evidence they gathered from deceased Jeffery Epstein’s properties.
Nothing will be done unless it’s politically expedient for those currently in power, the victims of the crimes be damned.
That’s the reality.
I’ve been hacked, stalked, harassed by Black Cube plus Aquino et al. Had numerous death threats. Been abducted. Yet, nothing done.
No protection from Trump Administration/US law enforcement They’re not helping survivors like me yet, Kissinger gets invited to @WhiteHouse.
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Horrific! This guy👇🏻 Bill Henderson who owns a wine tour co and is “friends” w people I know who have vineyards/wine tasting rooms in Santa Barbara County, was recently arrested. He tried to abduct a toddler! #Pedopredator? #ChildSextrafficking?…
I think we should let the cowboys at the Maverick Saloon have at him.
String him up like a piñata.
#Pedopredator🚨Bill Henderson is out on bail.
Henderson owns wine tour/transport co & also a video production co in Santa Barbara, CA - Compass Productions.
Just days after 8/7 incident, prior to his arrrest he bought a boat. Perhaps to get himself into international waters.
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Epstein’s fellow #childsextrafficking scum, Ghislaine Maxwell boyfriend Dr. Scott Borgerson is on Counsel on Foreign Relations (front for #modernslavery) like Epstein was. He’s CEO of CargoMetrics Technologies LLC -how convenient for #HumanTrafficking.…
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Wake up America
Your Federal Government uses
CHILDREN for HONEYPOTS unto Blackmail.
Case in point both Hugh Hefner’s operation
and Jeffery Epstein operation.
Jeffery Epstein got a wrist-slap conviction a decade ago because he was an asset of US intelligence.
Higher ups NSA, CIA and FBI enabled Epstein's operation to continue for blackmail and other purposes.
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@FBI Announces Results of Operation Safe Summer II▫️

231 Missing or Exploited Children Were Located Between 5/1/19-5/24/19▫️

Collaboration Effort by 27 Law Enforcement Agencies▫️

@TraffickStop @POTUS #ChildSexTrafficking
“Collaboration of 27 local, state & federal LEO agencies led by FBI’s Metro Atlanta Child Exploitation & #HumanTrafficking (MATCH) task force.”

@PressSec @AP @NBCNews @OANN @CBSNews @ABC
“According to National Center for Missing Exploited Children (NCMEC) reported: 2018: 23,500 runaways reported; 1 in 7 likely victims of #ChildSexTrafficking

“2016: 11% of endangered runaways were believed to be involved in gangs”
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OMG. Thank you @marklevinshow for dedicating tonight’s show on #HumanTrafficking & #ChildSexTrafficking #8Days I’ve been in tears since watching the beginning. This is #TheGreatAwakening
“I think the Nation really needs to understand the sex trafficking of little kids and teenagers that’s going on in this Country”
“You can actually break a human being like you break a horse. We are souls and emotions and but just flesh it’s very easy to profile a child...”
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Sen. Gillibrand’s Father, Doug Rutnik, Employed By NXIVM Sex Cult, Gillibrand’s Stepmother Was Active Member: Keith Raniere & Allison Mack, Nancy Salzman, Sara Bronfman-Igtet & Clare Bronfman On Trial▫️

#TraffickStop @POTUS #ChildSexTrafficking @TraffickStop
Frank Parlato, former NXIVM Publicist, has disturbing information about the NXIVM Cult leaders Keith Raniere & Allison Mack’s record of their treatment of children.
More Connections for NXIVM ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
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Hey Sam your old boyfriend from 1977 is stalking me and seeking to discredit me.
Is he getting a cut of your deal with Pedolanski?
You dirt bags all in bed with Micheal Aquino?
Luciferian scum of the earth!
DOJ has it all.
No where to run or hide.
Fin is Thomas St. Germain Schoenberger.
He stated in below tweet that he was Samantha Gailey Geimer’s old boy friend. Sam accused Roman Polanski in 1977 of sexual assault. Sam is now Pedolanski’s defender against DA case against him.
Here’s where it gets interesting,
Thomas Schoenberger is connected to Roman Polanski’s old buddy, Temple of Set founder, mind control programmer and #childsextrafficking dreck
Micheal Aquino.
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#TracyTwyman - let's get her trending!

@universalagent was a #Pizzagate (and more) investigator, and now she is dead. Hanged.

I believe this woman was murdered because she got waaay too close to the truth and what these people are really doing, and WHY. After reading just one
article of hers, I have never felt more clear about what exactly we are dealing with and why. IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW. She really got to the bottom of it! All the symbolism, and their methods and motives.

But most of all, she got too close to exposing a real #pedophilering she
found on #YouTube, and she got too close to exposing the very dangerous #VoodooDoughnuts and their neighbours #Dantes. Remember them?! They're sure not trending anymore, though the dirt on them couldn't be more obvious! #ThesePeopleAreSick! Folk don't trust @VeganMikey anymore,
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@Devine_freedom Fricking Mind Blown over The Nixon Stuff... 😱
@Devine_freedom @ 38 mins... Well worth the listen! #TheNixonCoup
@Devine_freedom Assassination plans for Trump? & #MikePence was supposed to take over for the Deep State?”.... 😣
Have we witnessed a Repeat of #TheNixonCoup?
@ 38 min mark - Bill Cooper
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
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For those who care to learn more about how #SatanicRitualAbuse and #MKultra tie into #ChildSexTrafficking this👇🏻is worth your time.
@1Stevendkelley asserts something nefarious is going on at Getty Center. I think it’s odd that my “mother”
Dr. Diana Hiatt-Micheal who lives in Malibu close to Getty Villa volunteered as a docent at Getty Center which entails a 21 minute drive. Is this the new site for rituals?🤷‍♀️
@1Stevendkelley Diana is a busy Pepperdine Ed/Psych professor emeritus who publishes and travels to present her research globally.
Given her past involvement in Satanic rituals, ritual abuse and mind control it’s more than suspicious she found time to docent at the Getty.
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1/ 🍿🍿🍿POPCORN???🍿🍿 🍿
🌽 “The Shucking of the Corn”? 🌽
Is this a Hidden Message for Exposing of the ⚡️Deep State⚡️
and “Farm Grown Assets/Crops”?
#JuanOSavin @Telford_Russian
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
2/ Expecting to Position new Deep State Assets into positions of Power @Comey? 🥳🥳 SURPRISE!!! 🥳🥳
“SAY HELLO TO OUR LITTLE FRIEND” 👉🏻#AGBarr aka #StealthBomber2 #MOAB
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
3/ Are We Expecting some Big Arrests? 🌾 IS IT TIME FOR THE FIRST 🤡 HARVEST??? 🌾
“Separating Wheat from the Tares”
💥💥💥GOOD vs EVIL 💥💥💥
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
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🚨THE FINDERS ~ Child Kidnapping/in America

🚨🔥🔥🔥The C_A CONNECTION 🔥🔥🔥🚨
Ted L. Gunderson ‘82

♦️Estimated MISSING 100,000 CHILDREN a Year
♦️Few known facts are APPALLING
♦️NO one keeping accurate account

@OrtaineDevian @Maca691 @Corp125Vet @mclanelfn @ZacharyMcbrien @NannyMcTrump @OBXRealty @BreyndaMcoy @MissesJ3 @MEMcCaffrey1 @_megadama_ 🚨THE FINDERS~C_A Connection

CIA operation called "The Finders" is one of the most alarming and despicable covert operations against America's CHILDREN

♦️For purposes of prostitution, pornography, high tech weaponry experimental abuse, mind control abuse

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if you can’t see who #QAnon is actually pointing to here, you are asleep still... #DigitalSellOuts #PAYtriots @realDonaldTrump
Hey @inthematrixxx...Is That #AlexJones you’re Sporting?
Big Fan of #MOS? You know #AJ’s Dad was #CIA? #QAnon @realDonaldTrump #DigitalSellouts
Yeah, Remember That Time at the Florida Trump Rally When @inthematrixxx Admitted On Camera that he was a “BIG FAN” of
THE MORE YOU KNOW - #QAnon @realDonaldTrump #DigitalSellOuts #PAYtriots
@Saintedanon Video:
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