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yet another hit piece against a certain candidate.
"In a rant on MSNBC that went viral on Tuesday evening, the longtime Democratic strategist vented his concerns about the party’s prospects for beating Donald Trump, taking particular aim at the party’s leftward lurch."
"We have candidates on the debate stage talking about open borders and decriminalizing illegal immigration. They’re talking about doing away with nuclear energy and fracking. You’ve got Bernie Sanders talking about letting criminals and terrorists vote from jail cells.
It doesn’t matter what you think about any of that, or if there are good arguments — talking about that is not how you win a national election. It’s not how you become a majoritarian party."
"For fuck’s sake, we’ve got Trump at Davos talking about cutting Medicare and no one in
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Whooboy. Do NOT tell me that being a married gay person is just the same as being a married straight person. You have ALWAYS had the legal right to marry. We have had it for FOUR YEARS. We do not have any of the other legal rights you have.
3 lesbian teacher friends of mine have been fired for getting married. So when Cuomo asks Buttigieg about his marriage and asks him to speak to #LGBTQ folks in America about this, I think about what it would have meant to me as a kid to have #BarbaraJordan come out.
Also, a woman CHANGED HER VOTE in #IowaCaucus when she discovered that Buttigieg was gay because, as the precinct captain told the press, "I don't want THAT in the White House."
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Thread. 1. Reposting these images now with the title
"Iowa Math is the #NewMath." In my original post I called these #RoundingErrors. But they are not errors. This is exactly the way the Iowa Democratic Party wants the votes to be counted. #IowaCaucus
2. From my post: "Because of the way the math was done at the caucuses, many precincts wound up with an extra delegate that got 'assigned' to one of the candidates at the end of the caucus. We were able to look at worksheets from 18 precincts that were posted on Twitter." #Iowa
3. "We found a strange process where numbers below .5 were being rounded up in multiple precincts. 6 of the precincts (1/3) had the unusual 'rounding up.' Of the 6 precincts with the "rounding up" - 4 were given to Buttigieg, 2 to Biden, and 1 to Warren. #IowaCaucuses #NewMath
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Hey folks: I wanted to share something @apmresearch just released that I’m very proud of:

Our VOTER PROFILE TOOLS, as part of our broader #RepresentingUS project. (Read: A wealth of data to understand the US electorate in interactive @tableau tools.)…
@APMResearch @tableau 2/
We at @apmresearch released these tools on #IowaCaucus day, but expect that they will be valuable up until the #2020election & beyond—to understand how eligible voters differ—often dramatically—from state to state & in each congressional district.…
@APMResearch @tableau 3/
Already I’ve read numerous #media stories about the #IowaCaucuses & #NewHampshirePrimary saying those states don’t reflect the nation’s #demographics, but the #journalists didn’t include any data as to HOW they differed and to what degree.
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@WalkerBragman 1. BREAKING NEWS: I just did some basic data analysis. It turns out only 43% of STATE DELAGATES have been accounted for in the 71% reported #IowaCaucus #'s. Meaning that they managed to find the highest # of presincts with the least # of state delegates. Meaning #berniewon
@WalkerBragman 2. This means that although there is 29% reported presincts left to report, there's actually 58% STATE DELEGATES LEFT TO REPORT! If the presincts were summed randomly, those two % WOULD CLOSELY MATCH!Especially at 71% reporting! This is evidence they're being summed strategically
@WalkerBragman 3. This means that, technically, we're not even halfway through with the tally! This means that Bernie's campaign's representation of the results is probably much more accurate of the final results! Not only does that make more sense scientifically, but also with the polls!!!!!!
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Looking into Twitter traffic around the #IowaCaucus mess.

Lots of Americans trolling each other, and some accusing others of being Russians.

Always useful to look at the evidence at times like this.

(Hashtags below, not wanting to add to the trends...) Image
This hashtag, about Mayor Pete, got the most mentions of the ones I looked at - 105k earlier this evening (over 120k now).

Some people were saying it must have been driven by Russian bots, but... Image
... these were the first two tweets. Both from verified users. ImageImage
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The uniquely terrible leadership of the @DNC allowed @BernieSanders to manipulate the base--women and POC who are those most excluded by the undemocratic caucus process--into keeping caucuses instead of trashing them for the #VoterSuppression they are. This is the result.
END THESE CAUCUSES NOW. Never again allow any candidate to bully the rest of us into submission for personal gain. No true progressive thinks caucuses are fair or reasonable or even makes sense.
Not to attack Iowans personally, but for my ENTIRE VOTING LIFE my choices in the three majority black cities I have lived in have been decided by a state that is 91% white folks who have no sense of what it means to live in a multicultural society. It has to end.
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Not to be conspiratorial, but this reminds me of a DDoS attack disruption by overloading digital lines: "The hotlines was flooded w/ some prank calls…They were not ready for the volume"—@CNN @jeffzeleny & @jaketapper discuss #IACaucuses phone reporting problems after app failed.
@CNN @jeffzeleny @jaketapper So, I was right. MAGA trolls disrupted #IowaCaucuses election reporting by flooding the phone lines. Officials should never have publicly posted the number. Folks still don't get we're not in Kansas anymore. Trump is 150% sleazeball. (They're not called 'deplorable' for nothing!)
@CNN @jeffzeleny @jaketapper What's more predictable than Trump trolls disrupting elections, sowing doubt & discrediting Democrats?! Of COURSE they posted #IowaCaucus hotline on 4chan w/directions to "clog the lines." After 2016 we needed govt-wide response to find & close vulnerabilities. But GOP needs them
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Los demócratas metieron la pata hasta el fondo en la primera cita de las primarias, de cara a las presidenciales de noviembre. ¿Por qué? Abro hilo.🧵
👉Primero, algo de CONTEXTO: anoche EEUU dio el pistoletazo de salida a las primarias en Iowa. Siempre es el primer estado en votar e, históricamente, está considerado un termómetro para saber quién se convertirá en el candidato que represente a cada partido en las presidenciales
💻Los resultados del caucus, como se conoce al sistema de votación usado (asambleas electorales),se retrasaron por problemas técnicos e incongruencias en los datos. Y fueron pospuestos hasta este martes. Ante las especulaciones,el Partido Demócrata descartó ataques informáticos👇
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Good morning, #IowaCaucus goers and Indivisibles across the country who woke up this morning still confused about what happened last night. We don’t have all the answers but we want to share what we do know so far.
What happened: we don’t have official numbers, which is a huge letdown for the grassroots orgs that invested so much in IA. Some campaigns are claiming victory and others are starting to cast doubt on the results altogether. Both are irresponsible based on current set of facts.
What we know: it’s clear that @PeteButtigieg, @BernieSanders, and @EWarren performed well—we can't know how well or what that looks like until we get numbers, but it seems like these historic candidates are on top.
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1/2 Big #iacaucuses results are in: 41% of caucus-goers (a plurality by a mile) said #healthcare is their top motivator.

#iacaucuses2020 #IowaCaucus
2/2 Rx prices, pre-existing conditions, and premiums/copays/deductibles are driving people of all kinds to get involved. Meanwhile, @realDonaldTrump is sabotaging healthcare at level.…
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The crowd count is 358 at this Precinct 47, #DesMoines.
So each candidate needs at least 56 caucus supporters (15%), to remain viable here. Let’s see…
@WPLGLocal10 #IowaCaucus
At this one precinct, 1st alignment :
Sanders 107
Warren 104
Buttigieg 71

Not viable at the moment:
Klobuchar 26
Yang 24
Biden 22
Steyer 3
Bennet 1
Gabbard 1
Patrick 1

Those supporters are about to realign...
@WPLGLocal10 #IowaCaucus
Realignment complete.
In just this one precinct in #DesMoines :
Warren 131
Sanders 113
Buttigieg 107

Awaiting state wide results…
@WPLGLocal10 #IowaCaucus
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Popped over the state line to witness the #IowaCaucuses. At Capital Square, the house is packed. My goal: convince everyone who’s been knocking doors here for the primary switches to Wisconsin for the general, starting tomorrow. (Our first 2020 statewide canvass is Saturday.)
Today’s my birthday, and everyone here at the #IowaCaucuses has given me the one thing on my birthday wish list: they’re getting deeply involved, voting, and recruiting others. You, tweet reader, can do the same thing!
As a state party chair, I’m committed to neutrality in the primary. But I’m 0% neutral and 100% delighted by this part of the #IowaCaucuses: the new voter registration tables.
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#IowaCaucus Update (will be doing all day)

Have multiple @BernieSanders volunteers telling me several caucus locations were changed at last minute bc of expected larger turnout than sites could accommodate. Volunteers spending time 2da alerting voters of changed location
It should be noted. MANY of the precinct chairs at various caucus locations are supporters of other candidates. Should also be noted—Johnson County, which just moved a caucus location, has @BernieSanders haters on its executive committees. I’ve reached out to them about the
Moved sites and what they have done to communicate the changed locations with voters. Make sure you press notifications for my Twitter..I’ll be going all day. ALSO make sure...
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Dear Iowa: when you #IowaCaucus today, it is your patriotic duty not to vote for @BernieSanders. A thread.
In the time before Trump, I was a Sanders supporter. I did not understand why HRC supporters called for him to quit the race and said he was divisive. I did not understand why it was not enough that Sanders called for unity after the Dem convention. Now I do.
Mueller indicted the Russian military in part for supporting Bernie Sanders in the 2016 campaign. Russia "engaged in operations primarily intended to communicate derogatory information about Hillary Clinton ... and to support Bernie Sanders" and Trump.
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Today caucus-goers in Iowa woke up to more than a dozen kids in cages all over the city of Des Moines.

We came to remind people that this remains a reality & that the issue cannot be pushed under the rug.

🚨 #DontLookAway this is a humanitarian crisis.🚨
There are more than 41,000 people in immigration detention right now.

More than 60,000 asylum-seekers have been sent back to Mexico, where hundreds have been murdered, tortured & kidnapped.

And the list goes on.
Over 2 million people have been deported in the past dozen years.

And more than 800,000 DACA recipients could soon be open to deportation.
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Something for #IowaCaucus voters to consider:

Trump won in 2016 b/c he won 6 states Obama/Biden had won twice:
- Florida (29 electoral votes)
- Pennsylvania (20)
- Ohio (18)
- Michigan (16)
- Wisconsin (11)
- Iowa (6)

So, how do the Dem candidates poll against Trump here?
If you look at the General Election polls on, you can look at the polls that compare various Democratic candidates against Trump in various states.

I checked the polls for the Dems against Trump over the last 3 months.…
If you sum up the polls over the past 3 months and count how many times each candidate beats Trump versus loses to him in polls in these 6 key states, you find:

- Biden beats Trump more often than not in FL, PA, MI and WI.
- Sanders beats Trump more often than not in MI only.
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⚠️ #Iowa4Tulsi #IowaForTulsi ✅ Go EARLY ❇️ If they tell you there are too many people inside, do NOT leave! ❇️ If you are told they (1/7)
are relocating the venue, stick around, & be sure other people are (actually) going to this new venue. ✅ Do NOT leave ❇️ If you go (2/7)
outside the venue for any reason, even if you’re told it’s OK to go (even to bathroom), you will not be allowed back in. If you're (3/7)
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👉🔥Ad targeting Des Moines w straight up false allegations against @JoeBiden running night before Iowa Caucuses

"Biden got away with it," says Sen. Scott, a juror who sat through hours of arguments demonstrating the false allegation.

via @YouTube
@JoeBiden @YouTube Many many fact checks out there. Here's the local one:

"the Obama White House, with the support of many Western nations, pressured Ukraine to remove Shokin because he was failing to investigate corruption, not because he was looking into Burisma."
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Quick prediction. Bernie will decisively win #IowaCaucus. Biden will come in second, with the large margin being the story of the night. Warren will be 4th behind Buttigieg; her candidacy will collapse and his will limp along. Yang will do pretty well and stay in race.
I’m not saying anything terribly surprising here. Bernie has massive energy, and that counts for a lot in a caucus. DNC will go into full freakout mode, especially as Bernie is comfortably leading in New Hampshire.
Oh and also the 49ers will win the Super Bowl, 31-28. I thinks that’s “over” on points.
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1. My parents went to the Chinese Civil war on their honeymoon & lived in it for three years. I was raised by liberal Democrats who in 1947 did not necessarily consider Russians the enemy. After China American foreign policy was run by the Dulles boys. We dug in & so did they.
2. My father died in 1962 when I was 9. We moved back from St. Louis to my parents' home towns on the Connecticut river in Western Mass. A Five-College college town. Lefty heaven. @UMassAmherst had a Marxist chair of its Economics Dept. My mother worked in admin. I went there.
3. I went back years later to finish my degree and had an anarchist professor for legal studies. I've worked on campaigns all my life. Since childhood. I am very much a liberal but it would never occur to me to vote for a socialist. But I did. 1st non-democrat I've ever voted for
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1/2 I just ran into @VP Mike Pence at the Drake Diner in Des Moines. I confronted him about his damaging health care cuts because for me it's not about politics, it's about saving lives.

#DrakeUniversity #IowaCaucus #TrumpRallyIA #MedTwitter
@VP 2/2 When I told him he is putting my patients' lives at risk, @VP deflected and denied knowledge of the policy. He either doesn't understand, or doesn't care about the impact of this administrations' policies on patients everywhere.
@VP I'm a bit surprised by how this has taken off. I was truly just taking what so many of us are feeling and putting it out there. I'm just one of many doctors doing this work. Donate it you want to help us do more good work holding Trump accountable:…
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Here in Independence, Iowa with @chrissyclark_ getting ready to hear from @PeteButtigieg.

Lots of undecided voters in the crowd with the caucuses just four days away #IowaCaucus Image
.@PeteButtigieg’s poll numbers have steadily fallen over the last month as Iowans continue to change their minds on the wide field of candidates.

While Biden and Sanders are up in the RCP average, Monday’s caucuses are still anybody’s game. Image
.@PeteButtigieg sticking to talking points in these closing arguments to voters.

So far he’s slammed the administration’s policy on Iran, charged @BetsyDeVosED with not believing in public education, and called for stricter gun laws #IowaCaucus ImageImageImage
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