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Even though #marriage #registration is taken lightly in India, it is one of the most #Important things to be done once the rituals and the parties are over.

Here are the #Benefits of a #registered marriage in India

1. If a #spouse is working abroad and wants to take his or her partner along requires the #marriage #certificate.
The foreign #embassies abstain from issuing a work #permit in the absence of a marriage certificate.
2. #Legal proceedings in case of succession of property to the #spouse are easy.

3. The court requires a #marriage #certificate to transfer #property or #custody of children in case of legal separation.
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When can an Order be considered "Non-Speaking" or "Non-Reasoned" Order?
When an Order becomes "Cryptic" Order?
First #Appeallate Authority passed an Order of 5 pages affirming cancellation of #GST #registration but out of those 5 pages, 4 pages were copy paste of Memo of Appeal.
Facts and Timelines:

10-Feb-2021: Show Cause Notice was issued to the petitioner on the ground that he was not functioning/not existing at the principal place of business.

Notice remained unreplied.

06-Mar-2021: The cancellation order was passed by the Assessing Authority.
Assessee preferred statutory appeal against the cancellation order.

It is not in dispute to the Department that GST return was filed by the Assessee right from its implementation since July, 2017 till November, 2020.

27-Oct-2021: Appellate Authority rejects the Appeal.
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Dear fellow traders/investors,

👉 This is a gentle reminder to bring into your notice that #TODAY is the last day for #REGISTRATION of 9 months #MENTORSHIP program.

👉 You can take your first step in your search for #StockMarket learning.



👉All the sessions will be held in HINDI language.


👉We will not cover INTRADAY, FUTURE & OPTION in this Mentorship Program. Only cover PORTFOLIO HEDGING.

A few months of learning followed by another few months of support on how to invest can enhance your journey towards Financial Freedom & Wealth Creation.

For all details

For any kind of doubts/query you can Call/WhatsApp on (+91 9821470567)

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In 3 days, the EbonyLife Creative Academy’s registration portal for the 4th intake of 2022 will be closed.

Are you yet to register?

We offer comprehensive courses and programmes for industry professionals and newbies in 8 filmmaking practices:

- Art Direction
- Screenwriting
- Producing
- Directing
- Acting
- Cinematography & Lighting
- Visual Post-Production

Do not miss out on this free & fully funded opportunity made possible by the Lagos State Government through the Lagos State Creative Industry Initiative.
Click the link in our bio or visit our website at to register now. 🖊️💻

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/16/2021…
How Many Numbers Exist? Infinity Proof Moves Math Closer to an Answer.…

#numbers #mathematics #InfinityProof
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Thread on COVID Resources : #Gujrat
Plasma Donation: Vadodara

Please refer to the link below for plasma donors:…
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Tony's STILL banging on about #IDcards, nearly 20yrs later - 'cos make no mistake, that's what #VaccinePassports will become.

Just as WWII's [left 👇] became @10DowningStreet/@ukhomeoffice's [right 👇] with a centralised #biometric #NationalIdentityRegister behind it... ImageImage will #YellowCards [left 👇] morph into 'just an #app on your #phone' [right 👇] - claimed to be 'not #mandatory', of course (unless you want to live your life, work or travel...) and with the centralised #biometric #registration Government has wanted all along. ImageImage
So here's a few questions the #HealthPassport headbangers must answer:

1a) When Heathrow re-opens, given (current) #vaccines don't prevent #transmission, aren't people still going to have to be #tested?

1b) If people have to be tested anyway, what's the point of the 'passport'?
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@NoLongerIgnored @JosephJFlynn1 @flynn_neill @GenFlynn @BarbaraRedgate @GoJackFlynn @lofly727 @76LibertyWatch When Bolsheviks first started staging their “rebellions” in Russia, they were viewed as nothing more than petty criminals. It took no time for police to round them up and imprison/execute those involved. That was exactly what their socialist handlers wanted./1
@NoLongerIgnored @JosephJFlynn1 @flynn_neill @GenFlynn @BarbaraRedgate @GoJackFlynn @lofly727 @76LibertyWatch Now not only did they have rebels, they had martyrs to help recruit their target demographic: higher income university students. These kids, away from parental supervision, w/ ample time & money, swallowed the idea of participating in a “rebellion.” Sound familiar?/2
@NoLongerIgnored @JosephJFlynn1 @flynn_neill @GenFlynn @BarbaraRedgate @GoJackFlynn @lofly727 @76LibertyWatch I’m a grad student & I’m hearing the same things I heard before, only translated into English. “Income inequality,” “fair share,” we had to make posters w/ this terminology. The educated upper class financed & produced the propaganda. The poor were illiterate & busy working./3
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Excited to announce we have an offer of up to $5,000 in matching funds for $$ raised via our GoFundMe thru the end of Sept! $ raised so far will be included! Thx to those who donated! Can you plz give as much as you can today to support #ElectionSecurity!…
2. Your donation will help me edit/distribute footage of #hackers dominating #election equipment from the @VotingVillageDC at #DEFCON27. #Voting machines & #registration databases from all over US were hacked/ all of it is in use. This port? easy to #hack.…
3. Your donation also supports my writing - like the op-ed I wrote for #TheHill describing what easy pickings our #voting machines are for #hackers.… The piece was shared almost 3k times.…
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Thread 1. !CTA! Tues 8/20 8:30 PM EST Unique Opportunity - call w/ Senator @RonWyden & @HarriHursti To get $600M dollars in #ElectionSecurity funding for cash-strapped states. Sign up for call here:… @StandUpAmerica @secureourvotes @LetNYvote @commoncauseny
2. Read my op-ed @thehill about what I experienced at #DEFCON & the very real dangers we are facing right now in achieving an accurate vote count.… @VerifiedVoting @NEDCDefense @D3P @BrennanCenter @dailykos
3. !CTA! 9/17 there will be a nation-wide action to push for the $600M in #ElectionSecurity funding. Call tonight is to plan for this. Sign up:… Host an event. @StandUpAmerica @peoplefor @emilyslist @LetNYvote @NYDLC @representus @VerifiedVoting
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Went to vote today in the advance polls for #KingTownship today. Hadn't received my registration card in the mail but I went anyhow because #democracy.

I had some questions too.
Upon arriving, I was told that I wasn't registered for #municipal voting, and that it was up to me to make sure that I was registered for every election.

So I filled out my document and registered at the polls. Then I voted, as you do.
Now, my address has been the same for the past 16 years. I've been eligible to vote for the last 6.

So why are my parents the only ones in our household who receive voter cards? Why isn't this data already available? 🤔
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A lot of exciting work over here at #MWEG today but first we want to speak to an urgent matter happening within the Georgia elections.

If you missed the news of the week, you need to read this story.…
#MWEG leaders and members are very concerned about this news out of #Georgia, especially given the state’s history of disenfranchising African American voters.
Local, state, and federal officials should do all within their power to ensure not only that all citizens have #equal access to the #voting booth but also that #election systems, districting, and #registration are free from any hint of partisan influence.
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