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Review: #Shehzada

A family entertainer with bumpy, loud first half & descent second half..

#KartikAaryan entered the commercial space & he really excelled in massy as well as emotional scenes..

Film is bound to be compared with the Telugu original #AlaVaikunthapurramuloo
There are multiple drawbacks (in comparison with the original)

First action scene is a frame to frame remake.. Only thing is Hero didn't pick up the file of document with swag.

''Oh my God Daddy'' song was definitely a remake material but it was skipped..
The Police station scene should have been included..

Original version's BGM & music was totally 'Alag Level'

The scene where #KritiSanon's character enters Jindal's house with her father for the 'Rishtay ki baat'.. This scene's placement in the storyline is completely absurd..
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For anyone remotely attached to #ShahRukhKhan, last couple of years have been like a movie of its own.

There was occasional hope, but many massive setbacks.
At times, We almost gave up on the hero. At times, the world that he ruled, that itself seemed to be crumbling.

But then the bad guys crossed a line. It suddenly became too personal. Now..this battle belonged to all of us.

I think thats the msg #SRK fans are giving out now.. by turning up in such huge numbers. Nothing else explains such love.
He was right, he belongs to all of us.

And for me personally, it took this entire journey to realise that I truly, truly love him... To realise that all this while, I was secretly rooting for him. The love hadn't waned a bit.

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Review: #Pathaan

The King is back.. To claim his throne with the B-A-N-G!
#IndianCinema, #MassCinema returns..
This format will NEVER be outdated. Want a proof? Book your tickets for #Pathaan & experience what 'Massy film done classy' looks like..!


Chartbuster Songs, Massy entry scenes(s)😉, multiple twists, Action, dialogues,
chase sequences, comedy, elevation scenes, Patriotic emotions.. You get almost everything that the Blockbuster action entertainer has to offer.!

I said this on the day of Teaser release of #Pathaan.
Will say it again..
Superb background music scored by @SanchitBalhara and @ankitbalhara definitely stands out.
They deserve a special mention here.. 👏🏽👌🏼

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THREAD #BoycottPathaan
The Era of Bollywood that glorified Ghazi-Akbar
The Era of Bollywood where a character of j!hadi danced on Martand Sun Temple,
The Era of Bollywood that degraded insulted, Hindu-Idols & beliefs, but well there is more to it,
Its called "Green-Secularism"(1)
After 26/11 when Entire nation was angry & furious, the Pakistan players & matches with Pakistan
were banned that was set to have huge economical/financial repercussions for Pakistan. The PATHAN actor was unhappy and said he wanted Pakistani players to be chosen in IPL.. (2)
While the PATHAN actor favors Pakistani Players, Pakistani Players bats for "MAQBOOZA" (independent) KASHMIR & say we will die for AZAD KASHMIR
While the PATHAN actor says "Its a great neighbor to have", The Great neighbor gives us LOVE with URI, PULWAMA attacks... (3)
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For those who asks what SRK ( #ShahRukhKhan ) has done for India

He runs a cancer department in Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai after his mother's name.

He iss honoured with the "Unesco Pyramid Con Marni" for his Charity work.
Now he is also the Richest actor in the World.
He is more wealthy than Dwayne Johnson.
In the year 2012,Shah Rukh Khan adopted 12 villages during NDTV's show Greenathon Campaign

He is the one who is providing electricity, water,education, medicines and all other basic
needs at his own expenditures.
In 2008, SHAH RUKH KHAN took part in The Rock On For concert which raised over INR 30 million for helping children affected by the Bihar floods.

He Received Crystal Award for Charity work Got Felicitated with Game Changer Award in 2018
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“I am really scared of failures. Coming from a lower-middle-class family, I saw a lot of failures. When I came from #Delhi, I had no family. At a certain juncture in my life, I was thrown out on the road because we could not pay rent.
@iamsrk Image
Poverty instils fear, stress and sometimes depression,” #SRK once shared in interaction with around 800 management students.
"When I decided to shift to #Mumbai, I had 1500 Rs in my bank account, which I had earned from 'Circus' & 'Fauji'.
What I am today is because a lot of people came together to ease my path when I needed it the most. I still don't check my bank account because I know I have at least 1500 Rs, which is important!
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“My mother gave us a lot of love and affection because my father expired ten years earlier and is not in the best financial condition, as he had an expensive disease. He died of cancer. She had to run the house, and she was a social worker and magistrate.
She came from a well-to-do house that should have made her a spoiled person—but she took it all on herself, and never did I have to ask for anything twice. She gave it to me without ever spoiling me.
She brought a lot of life wherever she was, just by being herself", #ShahRukhKhan shared about his mother, Lateef Fatima Khan, in an interview.
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#Brahmastra wipes out over ₹800 crore wealth of PVR and Inox #investors…

By @jainrounak
Forget making back money, it looks like Brahmastra is taking down PVR & Inox investors with itself. With early reviews pouring cold water on #Brahmastra’s prospects, India’s largest theater chains PVR & Inox have cumulatively lost over ₹800 crore in market capitalization today.
In Indian mythology, #Brahmastra is known as a weapon of unstoppable destruction, which can only be stopped by its counterattack astra (weapon). Ironically, the movie could end up being a victim of the weapon it is named after.
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Review: #Karthikey2
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟 + 🌟

Untouched genre since long in #IndianCinema & #ShriKrishna
Bhagwan's reference in the backdrop is Icing on the cake.

One extra star for #KaalBhairwa's BGM & that one monologue by @AnupamPKher sir.. GOOSEBUMPS 👌🏽
I liked one more scene..
The Conversation between experienced Archeologist & a young Girl happening in the plane.. Brilliant writing!
Story is quite predictable but NOT boring as well.
Kudos to producer
@AbhishekOfficl ji.. You're setting higher goals for other producers 👏🏽
Hindi dubbing of the protagonist could have been much much better.

Do watch, this is a clean family entertainer..


Memorable Cameos so far in 2022
#Suriya in #vikram
#ShahRukhKhan in #Rocketry & #LaalSinghChaddha
#AnupamKher in #Karthikey2
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#ShahRukhKhan (1992-2015) #BOI

#STAR - 1993
#MEGASTAR - 1995
#SalmanKhan (1988-2015) #BOI

#STAR - 1990
#STAR - 1997
#MEGASTAR - 2010
#AamirKhan (1988-2015) #BOI

#STAR - 1988
#STAR - 1995
#STAR - 2005
#MEGASTAR - 2010
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Actor Ranveer Singh recently bought a fancy sea-view quadruplex apartment in the posh residential tower Sagar Resham in Bandra, Mumbai. As per reports, the actor shelled out big bucks, around Rs. 119cr! Read on for more details. #RanveerSingh…
The residential tower Sagar Resham is located right between Salman Khan's Galaxy Apartments and Shah Rukh Khan's bungalow, Mannat. #ShahRukhKhan #SalmanKhan
Reportedly, Singh's new quadruplex is located on the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th floors of the tower. It also comes with a 1,300 square feet individual terrace and a total carpet area of 11,266 square feet.
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Shah Rukh Khan's son, Aryan Khan, was granted bail by the Bombay High Court last month after spending weeks in jail in Cordelia Cruises case. It stated there was no evidence suggesting Aryan and others were involved in any conspiracy as claimed by the NCB.…
SRK, who recently resumed filming for Pathan & the Atlee directorial, is naturally quite concerned about his son's ordeal. While Khan asked his personal bodyguard, Ravi Singh, to protect Aryan when he's away, he might also take legal action against those who implicated his son.
The bail order maintained the WhatsApp chats collected from Aryan, his co-accused—Munmum Dhamecha & Arbaaz Merchantt—didn't show anything objectionable. As per "Bollywood Hungama," now Khan has been advised to slap cases against NCB officer Sameer Wankhede, and others.
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Bail is not a rule in drug cases, NCB tells Bombay High Court

Additional Solicitor General Anil Singh, appearing for the NCB, said #AryanKhan, who has been arrested in a drugs case, is not a first-time offender.
#AryanKhan had been denied bail on two previous occasions despite his lawyers arguing before the court that no drugs were found in his possession during the raids.

But the NCB's lawyer argued that Khan had been found in “conscious possession” of drugs

#AryanKhan gets bail in drugs case after three weeks in jail
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Brands cannot continue to be naïve in assessing what their degrees of freedom are, writes branding guru @desaisantosh, on the recent outrage against #Fabindia and #Dabur.

Read more in #BQOpinion
The commercial logic for withdrawing in the face of outrage is straightforward, writes @desaisantosh.

Read his #BQOpinion column: Image
@desaisantosh Attempting to broaden the definition of love by including other kinds of sexual orientation is not an action that seeks to divide people, quite the contrary, writes @desaisantosh.

Read more in #BQOpinion on the #Fabindia and #Dabur ad outrage.
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#AryanKhanBailHearing Live Updates: Small quantity not enough to keep Aryan in jail, WhatsApp chats irrelevant says, #Aryan's lawyer

Keep watching this space for more..

#MukulRohatgi #ShahRukhKhan #News #AryanKhanArrested
#AryanKhan #MumbaiCruiseDrugsCase #AryanKhan Image
#AryanKhanBailHearing: "I am not concerned with any controversy. I am not connected with Panch 1 or Panch 2, nor am I accusing any officer of the NCB," argued #MukulRohatgi in the #BombayHC

#AryanKhanDrugCase #AryanKhan #ShahRukhKhan #AryanKhanArrested #NCB #SameerWakhende Image
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@mayuganapatye interviewed independent witness #PrabhakarSail who claims that he was asked to sign blank papers by #NCB officials & he overheard #KiranGosavi's phone conversation about 25 crore deal. He has an affidavit to back his claims (1)
@mayuganapatye MIRROR NOW EXCLUSIVE: #AryanKhanCase

@mayuganapatye interviewed independent witness Prabhakar Sail who claims that #KiranGosavi and a certain Sam D'souza had a late-night meeting with #ShahRukhKhan's manager #PoojaDadlani on Oct 3. (2)

Watch the full EXCLUSIVE interview:

#AryanKhanCase #MumbaiDugsCase
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करीब 10 साल पुरानी बात है। एक बड़े नेटवर्क के कान्क्लेव में शाहरुख खान आये थे। उनके साथ उनकी फिल्म की हीरोईन भी थीं। मैं उस वक्त IBN7 में काम करता था। शाहरुख और उनकी हीरोईन का सेशन हमारे चैनल पर लाइव दिखाया गया । हमेशा की तरह शाहरुख की हाज़िर जवाबी देखने लायक थी। #ShahRukhKhan
सेशन लाईव होने के बाद मुझे मैसेज दिया गया कि इस लाईव इंटरव्यू से एक खास हिस्सा अगले टेलीकास्ट में नहीं लगाना है। शाहरुख की ये रिक्वेस्ट की मुझ तक पहुंचायी गयी। ये बात एक ऐसे शख्स ने कही जिसकी बात टालने की हिम्मत कंपनी में कोई नहीं कर सकता था।क्यूंकिवो प्रमोटर थे। #ShahRukhKhan
मैंने भी टीम को बता दिया कि कुछ भी हो जाये वो हिस्सा मत लेना। बात खत्म हो गयी। रात को 9 बजे मैं घर जा रहा था। अचानक मेरे फोन की घंटी बजी। अंजाना नंबर था। फिर भी मैने फोन ले लिया।
उधर से आवाज़ आयी
हैलो संजीव. संजीव पालीवाल बोल रहे हैं।
मैने कहा जी, मैं बोल रहा हूं।
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Years ago, when I sang Titli in Chennai Express, a superstar tagged me and said I sounded like love. If I remember right, it was the first time an actor, anywhere had said anything nice about my singing.
I remember laughing and crying at the same time.
My mother noticed, and put out a long tweet, about everything she observed and a general thank you - because I am not the type to get excited in general for anything at all.
I went to the Chennai Express Audio launch. A person remembered that LOOOONG essay my mother wrote,
...word for word - and asked me to convey his respects to my mother. Cut to a few hours later, I was saying bye, taking leave of everyone, and he said he'll speak to my mother. I thought he was joking and he wasn't. He took my phone, spoke to my mother for some 15 minutes
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BIG BREAKING | NCB conducts raids at #AnanyaPanday's home amid #ShahRukhKhan's son #AryanKhan's drug case; more details awaited
UPDATE | Mumbai: Anti-drugs agency Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) summons actor #AnanyaPanday for questioning today, reports news ahency ANI
UPDATE | NCB team visited #ShahRukhKhan's residence to collect some documents related to #AryanKhan. No raids were conducted at 'Mannat': NCB Zonal Director Sameer Wankhede told ANI

He told Delhi Times that NCB team went to #AnanyaPanday's residence to serve her summons
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When the very first paragraph is propaganda, you know what the rest of @BDUTT's story will be like.

"a Muslim man, Akhlaq, had been lynched to death in his home on the charge that he had stored beef."

Fake spin—the charge was cattle theft and slaughter of a calf. (still wrong)
I had debunked the spin @BDUTT and gang had put on that story a long time ago.…
Also in her desperation to find an Islamic angle, why does @BDUTT ignore the Hindus arrested along with #ShahRukhKhan's son? For her Hindus don't matter, but at the very least, it should give pause—this has nothing to with religion.

Media fuels spin. @BDUTT is a champion.
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So here is my @iamsrk story. As a journalist working with @TheDailyPioneer I was trying desperately to get in touch with #ShahRukhKhan for an indepth interview. It was IMPOSSIBLE and his agent/PR lady who would either not respond or kept putting me off with barely contained 1/n
exasperation (i am being polite)
After patiently,politely following up for days,I lost it. as it is,doing films & running after stars wasn't my thing,I got hold of SRK's no(no guys, I don't have it now-honest.I failed to transfer it to a new phone🙄). My first few msgs went -2/n
-unanswered. Exasperated, I sent him a blunt-not rude- SMS-I was tired of following up on this, and i would prefer closure so I could get on with other things.A No, was better than maybe, soon etc -.and i would be grateful if he could do me the courtesy of a response. a few 3/n
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Aryan Khan Bail Hearing [LIVE UPDATES from Mumbai Sessions Court]

#AryanKhanArrested #AryanKhan #ShahRukhKhan #AryanKhanBail

Read live updates here:
Senior Advocate Amit Desai (pictured below) is expected to appear for Aryan Khan.

Special Public Prosecutor AM Chimalker is expected to appear for Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB).

#Cruiseshipdrugcase #AryanKhanArrested #AryanKhan #ShahRukhKhan #AryanKhanBail
The case is likely to be mentioned today seeking an urgent hearing.

#Cruiseshipdrugcase #AryanKhanArrested #AryanKhan #ShahRukhKhan #AryanKhanBail
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Why do we as individuals, as a community, as a nation, as a world revel in maligning the rich and famous.
Why does a part of the collective, a part within each of us, have this need to put someone down.

#StopMaligning #StoptheShaming 
#StopJudging #AryanKhan #ShahRukhKhan #SRK
Esp. when there's an opportunity for the slander of someone successful, or their family; especially if they have made it on their own terms as an 'outsider'. Worse still, if they don't toe the line and are not 'politically correct'. And God help them if they happen to be Muslim.
We grudge the rich their riches, the privileged their privileges, the famous their fame because of our own severe LACK or Scarcity Consciousness that we don't want to take ownership of. "How dare THEY have it all. It's not fair."

#StopMaligning #AryanKhan #SRK #ShahRukhKhan
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Metropolitan Magistrate at Esplanade, Mumbai to shortly begin hearing the bail application filed by #AryanKhan in the #Cruiseshipdrugcase.

Follow thread for live updates.

After Addl. CMM RM Nerlikar refused NCB custody to Khan and 7 others on October 7, Adv Satish Maneshinde filed for bail with interim bail for Khan.

Satish Maneshinde is yet to arrive.

ASG Anil Singh and Special Prosecutor for NCB Advait Sethna also haven’t arrived.

Magistrate has presided and is waiting.

#AryanKhan #AryanKhanBail #AryanKhan #Bail #GauriKhan #ShahrukhKhan
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