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LIVE: 300+ in Rhode Island are getting read to march on the Wyatt ICE Detention Center, to shut it down for the second time in a month!

“No more roundups, no more shackles, no more families torn apart, no more cages!” - Rabbi Goldwasser

@AMORnetwork is here today in solidarity w/ the Jewish community, showing up to resist the human rights abuses being committed in concentration camps at the border. AMOR believes that migration is a human right that must be upheld and defended!” - Catarina Lorenzo, AMOR Director
@amornetwork Tal reminds the crowd that the first people to be rounded up & caged in the building of the U.S. were indigenous: “ I invite you to take a moment to acknowledge the land and peoples we are occupying, and to invite your ancestors who carried you here to join us in this moment."
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Amazing 360° view of the action happening *RIGHT NOW* in Milwaukee! #JewsAgainstICE, immigrants & allies are risking arrest to shut down not just the front entrance, but the back garage so no deportation vans can get in or out of the building.

You and your friends can shut down ICE too! We’ve put together a whole toolkit on how to organize a Never Again Action, and there are definitely other people where you live who want to help. Go to…

UPDATE: the ICE Building in Milwaukee is officially closed! Direct action works!

This means no raids or deportations today, nobody taken into custody at ICE check-ins, & zero neighbors harmed.

We can do this at every single ICE building in the country!
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LIVE: Hundreds of #JewsAgainstICE, immigrants, and allies are on the march in the Twin Cities! We're outside the Fort Snelling Deportation Court, directly confronting ICE and their enablers because they are complicit in crimes against humanity.

WATCH:… A crowd of people are standing in a field, two people hold a sign that says ‘Abolish ICE’ and shows an ice cube melting in the eternal flame, along with the hebrew letters fopr the words ‘eternal flame'
The Bishop Whipple Federal Building is where our Minnesota neighbors are handed over to ICE, to be locked up or deported.

This is not a crisis at the border, this is a crisis everywhere in our country. #NeverAgainMeans shutting this system down EVERYWHERE! People stand in front of a sign for the Bishop Henry Whipple Federal Building, holding a banner that says ‘Never again for anyone’ with a Jewish star between the words ‘Never’ and ‘Again’, and a black and yellow clenched fist in the middle
For the 20th time this month, #JewsAgainstICE, immigrants & allies are shutting down an ICE building. This time it’s preventing employees leaving the Deportation Court in Twin Cities, MN.

Organize an action in your city:…

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HAPPENING NOW: We are shutting down the entrance to the ICE data center in Williston, VT, because we know that #neveragainmeans never again for anyone! #neveragainparanadie #JewsAgainstICE
NOW: Jews, immigrants, & allies block multiple entrances to the ICE Data Center in VT.

From Vermont to Georgia, from DC to LA, we’re shutting down ICE wherever they operate. They’re violently attacking our undocumented neighbors and communities, and it’s up to us to stop them.
Police are moving in on protestors blocking the ICE Data Center in Vermont! #JewsAgainstICE, immigrants and allies are blocking all the entrances and risking arrest.
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LIVE in Williston, VT: hundreds of #JewsAgainstIce, immigrant leaders, and allies are gathering to march on the ICE Data Center.

#NeverAgainIsNow #ShutDownICE
"Vermont will fight for immigrant rights!"
We are heading toward the ICE Data Center in Williston because it has been quietly operating in VT for years and is the national nerve center for much of ICE's work. We know now is the time to #ShutDownIce.
Hundreds of #JewsAgainstICE, immigrants, and allies are showing up now in Vermont despite torrential downpour and thunderstorms. They know there is a mass atrocity going on, and that #NeverAgainIsNow.
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We are shutting down every entry point to the Department of Homeland Security, the agency that is responsible for this terror against the immigrant community. We are shutting down business as usual #ShutDownICE

Watch live:…
Join us:
The crowd continues to sing "We've got ancestors at our backs" as police line up behind #JewsAgainstICE, @CosechaMovement, immigrants and allies who are shutting down @ICEgov.
@CosechaMovement @ICEgov Police are dragging us away from the ICE HQ garage, using physical force to try to stop our peaceful protest. But we aren’t going anywhere, not while immigrants are separated from their families, not after all that we’ve learned from the horrors of the Holocaust. #ShutDownICE
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Hundreds of activists with @NeverAgainActn are marching on ICE HQ in Washington DC right now. One group of organizers has shut down the main entrance to the HQ, while another seems to be inside the building. #ShutDownICE
Livestream from the @NeverAgainActn group inside ICE HQ in DC. The daughter of an Auschwitz survivor is speaking now.
Video from outside @NeverAgainActn ICE HQ action—they've shut down the off-ramp of a highway that leads to the building, the building's garage, and the building's main entrance.…
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Today in Buffalo, #JewsAgainstICE & allies shut down a major intersection, calling on @SenSchumer to stop funding concentration camps & roundups of our neighbors.

It's spreading. Tomorrow is Grand Rapids, MI, what about your community? #NeverAgainIsNow
@SenSchumer "Protest is when you say, I will not tolerate what they do. Resistance is preventing them from doing it.”

#NeverAgainMeans we can’t sit back and wait for someone else to stop the roundups, to shut down the camps. We have to do it together. And we will.…
@SenSchumer THIS TUESDAY: immigrant organizers, #JewsAgainstICE and allies are going to DC to #ShutDownICE. We’re leading an action that’s going to strike at the heart of ICE and their enablers. Will you join us?


Share the FB event:…
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As the brave activists and employees of tech companies have come out to stand up for #NoTech4ICE, we must remember that willingness of technology companies to choose profits over morality has been a tradition that has led to some of the worst atrocities in human history.
The help of IBM in implementing the Holocaust is one of the lesser-known stories of the time.

But IBM's help was indispensable for a regime that was planning on industrial efficiency to catalogue and kill Jews.
IBM worked closely with Hitler's Germany, not just giving them their equipment but also their know-how, in order to help them in their plans.

This included using IBM machines to track census information in order to identify Jews around Europe.
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It’s a day that ends in -y, so #JewsAgainstICE and allies are taking action!

Today we’re in DC, targeting ICE’s enablers: Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, who continue to fund roundups and camps and prisons around the country.

Take action:
BREAKING: #JewsAgainstICE are sitting in at Congress, targeting ICE’s enablers who continue to write them blank checks for roundups, concentration camps, and prisons around the country. #NeverAgainIsNow!

#NeverAgainIsNow! We will not sit by while Congress, R’s and D's, keep giving billions of dollars to run concentration camps, harass our neighbors and separate families.

When we say #NeverAgain, we mean it! We will not stop #ShutDownICE

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Shutting down the streets of Chicago with prayer, chants, and song #NeverAgainMeansCloseTheCamps ✡️#NeverAgainForAnyone ✡️#NeverAgainIsNow ✡️
BREAKING: 45 #JewsAgainstICE are risking arrest! We're shutting down the offices of @SenatorDurbin & @SenDuckworth for voting to give ICE $4.6 billion in funding last month.

Hey Dems, #NeverAgainIsNow! Stop funding concentration camps #ShutDownICE

@SenatorDurbin @SenDuckworth 45 Jews are spread around Chicago's Federal building and blocking the doors to demand that @SenatorDurbin and @SenDuckworth take a stand against racist and violent immigration polices #NeverAgainIsNow #ShutDownICE
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