LIVE: 300+ in Rhode Island are getting read to march on the Wyatt ICE Detention Center, to shut it down for the second time in a month!

“No more roundups, no more shackles, no more families torn apart, no more cages!” - Rabbi Goldwasser

@AMORnetwork is here today in solidarity w/ the Jewish community, showing up to resist the human rights abuses being committed in concentration camps at the border. AMOR believes that migration is a human right that must be upheld and defended!” - Catarina Lorenzo, AMOR Director
@amornetwork Tal reminds the crowd that the first people to be rounded up & caged in the building of the U.S. were indigenous: “ I invite you to take a moment to acknowledge the land and peoples we are occupying, and to invite your ancestors who carried you here to join us in this moment."
@amornetwork BREAKING: 300+ #JewsAgainstICE, immigrants & allies in RI march to shut down the for-profit Wyatt ICE Detention Center!

“We’ve got ancestors at our backs
We’ve got generations forward
We’ve got land & spirit in our bones
Never Again Para Nadie"

@amornetwork As Jews we know the signs: this is not an immigration policy. This is a dehumanization policy.

We stand w/ @CosechaMovement, @amornetwork, @FangCollective, @ProgresoLatinoRI, & @Fuerza_Laboral against ICE and the entire immigration deportation machine.

Never Again para Nadie!
@amornetwork @CosechaMovement @FangCollective @Fuerza_Laboral We’ve reached Rhode Island’s only for-profit prison, the Wyatt Detention Center, where 150+ of our neighbors are being held by ICE.

We’re here to shut it down. A long line of people stand holding banners that say ‘Never Again Is Now’ and ‘Nunca Mas Para Nadie Never Again'
@amornetwork @CosechaMovement @FangCollective @Fuerza_Laboral If you’re thinking, “didn’t a bunch of #JewsAgainstICE & immigrants & allies shut this detention center down for 4 hours last month?” You’re right!

Now we’re back, with twice as many people, blanketing the entire street, and we’ll keep coming back until it’s closed forever.
@amornetwork @CosechaMovement @FangCollective @Fuerza_Laboral We just delivered a letter from the community to the leadership of the Wyatt Detention Center, demanding transparency about the condition of those inside. If they do not come out to meet with us by 8pm, then we will have no choice but to shut down their facility.
@amornetwork @CosechaMovement @FangCollective @Fuerza_Laboral People being held inside the detention center are watching and listening to our protest. Imam Abdelnasser Hussein from the RI Council for Muslim Advancement addresses them directly, to let them know that they are not alone, and they are not forgotten!
@amornetwork @CosechaMovement @FangCollective @Fuerza_Laboral BREAKING: The ICE Detention Center in Rhode Island is officially closed for business, because its business is abusing our neighbors #NeverAgainIsNow

Watch #JewsAgainstICE, immigrants & allies risk arrest to shut down both entrances to the facility:…
@amornetwork @CosechaMovement @FangCollective @Fuerza_Laboral As we shut down the Wyatt Detention Center, the people locked up inside are watching, listening, and showing their support with homemade signs that say ‘Shut Down Wyatt'
@amornetwork @CosechaMovement @FangCollective @Fuerza_Laboral We just moved our blockade to the Rhode Island ICE Detention Center staff parking lot, where the next shift of guards are scheduled to arrive at 9pm.

We will not allow business as usual to continue: no more roundups, no more cages, simple as that

@amornetwork @CosechaMovement @FangCollective @Fuerza_Laboral RI #JewsAgainstICE, immigrants, and allies are now blocking the shift change at the Wyatt. They are saying: we refuse to let business as usual continue at an ICE detention facility!
@amornetwork @CosechaMovement @FangCollective @Fuerza_Laboral LIVE: Guards are trying to get into and out of the Wyatt Detention Center, but #JewsAgainstICE, immigrants and allies are holding strong!

Concentration camps, roundups, caged neighbors - we will not accept it, we will not allow it to continue.

@amornetwork @CosechaMovement @FangCollective @Fuerza_Laboral RI State Police have just arrived to try to clear our protest, to allow the ICE Detention Center to continue business as usual. 30+ of us are risking arrest, 200 more are supporting as we prevent guards from arriving for the night shift.

@amornetwork @CosechaMovement @FangCollective @Fuerza_Laboral Oh my god. An ICE Detention Center guard just drove their truck straight through a line of us sitting peacefully to block the parking lot. There don’t appear to be major injuries, still assessing the situation, police are moving in *on us* now 😢

@amornetwork @CosechaMovement @FangCollective @Fuerza_Laboral One of our #JewsAgainstICE protestors is still on the ground after being run over by an ICE Detention Center guard. Rhode Island State Police responded by pepper spraying us.

We are still here, we are not moving, ICE is a plague and they must be shut down at all costs.
@amornetwork @CosechaMovement @FangCollective @Fuerza_Laboral This is the line of people that an ICE Detention Center guard tried to drive through with his truck. We are still trying to figure out what all the injuries are😢And the rest of us are trying to get the pepper spray out of our eyes.
@amornetwork @CosechaMovement @FangCollective @Fuerza_Laboral CORRECTION: It was other Wyatt Detention Center guards who pepper-sprayed us, not the Rhode Island State Police. The police just stood by and did nothing as we were run over and then sprayed by detention center guards.

We are #JewsAgainstICE and we will not let violence stop us.
@amornetwork @CosechaMovement @FangCollective @Fuerza_Laboral BREAKING: Tonight we experienced a tiny sample of the violence ICE uses on our immigrant neighbors every day. An ICE guard drove his truck into our peaceful #JewsAgainstICE protest, then other guards came out and pepper sprayed the crowd.

We’ll be back.
@amornetwork @CosechaMovement @FangCollective @Fuerza_Laboral BREAKING: Here is HD video of an ICE guard driving his truck into us as we sat peacefully blocking the Wyatt Detention Center.

We’re putting our bodies on the line because we see the camps and the roundups. We’ve learned from our ancestors: NEVER AGAIN FOR ANYONE.
@amornetwork @CosechaMovement @FangCollective @Fuerza_Laboral After the first ICE guard ran us over with his truck, the rest of them ran over & pepper-sprayed us. The police present just stood by and watched, doing nothing.

We are #JewsAgainstICE, immigrants, and allies. #NeverAgainMeans doing what it takes to #ShutDownICE. We'll be back.
@amornetwork @CosechaMovement @FangCollective @Fuerza_Laboral It was not just #JewsAgainstICE who were attacked by ICE guards. We were there with our immigrant allies from @amornetwork, @FangCollective, @ProgresoLatinoRI, & @Fuerza_Laboral.
@amornetwork @CosechaMovement @FangCollective @Fuerza_Laboral A couple notes:

1. If you’re going to share this video, please use a content warning, so folks in Charlottesville & others who’ve suffered car attacks aren’t surprised by triggering content.

2. Thank you to everyone who’s shared the identity of the driver of the truck with us.
@amornetwork @CosechaMovement @FangCollective @Fuerza_Laboral We formed 6 weeks ago. Since then we’ve done 36 actions across the country, shutting down dozens of ICE detention centers and field offices, including ICE Headquarters in DC.

We’re just getting started.

Jews, immigrants and allies please join us:
@amornetwork @CosechaMovement @FangCollective @Fuerza_Laboral If you’re a journalist or news outlet reading this, we took all the videos in this thread and you have our permission to use them with credit to Never Again Action.

Except @FoxNews, which is waging a war on immigrants & will never have our support to do anything but shut down.
@amornetwork @CosechaMovement @FangCollective @Fuerza_Laboral @FoxNews CW: Pepper spray

Health update: 5 people hospitalized, 3 for severe pepper spray exposure, 2 after being hit by the truck. Thankful the injuries were not life-threatening.

We're mindful that immigrants locked up by ICE & CBP are often injured, and usually denied medical care.
@amornetwork @CosechaMovement @FangCollective @Fuerza_Laboral @FoxNews PLEASE RT: Immigrants are being targeted, demonized, & rounded up. Jews are sounding the alarm: #NeverAgainIsNow. We need every person in the U.S. to hear our message.

36 actions & 300 arrests, still no invite from @CNN, @MSNBC, @CBS, @ABC @NBCNews.

Also, DM us if you can help!
@amornetwork @CosechaMovement @FangCollective @Fuerza_Laboral @FoxNews @CNN @MSNBC @CBS @ABC @NBCNews This is our 36th action in the last 6 weeks, putting our bodies on the line to spread the message: #NeverAgainIsNow.

We've been partnering with groups like @amornetwork and @CosechaMovement.

Please consider donating to support all of our work:…
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