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Vedas - The greatest source of knowledge and the creation of the greatest knowledge and poetry in the history of the Mankind
वेद - ज्ञानस्य महान् स्रोतः तथा मानवजातेः इतिहासे महत्तमं ज्ञानं काव्यं च सृष्टिम्
#Veda #Sanskrit #Knowledge #Literature #India #Upnishda #Geeta…
1. The Vedas are the source of integral wisdom, science, tradition and culture of a remarkable civilization. They are oral compilations of distilled wisdom of cosmic knowledge survived from the time immemorial. They are not only identified as scriptures, but also as the fountain…… Image
2. Meaning of the word 'Veda'
The word 'Veda' means 'knowledge' and is derived from the Sanskrit root 'vid', which means 'to know'. It does not refer to one single literary work but indicates a huge corpus of literature, which arose in the course of many centuries and has been…… Image
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As I mentioned earlier there many Gita's. Which maybe a shock for few there are 60 Gita's.

Please Read below the names and which it's based on.

#Narayan #Narayan

1. Guru Gita :  It is described in Skanda Purana. The conversation between Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati
2. Ashtavakra Gita: It is described in the Vana Parva, Mahabharat. The conversation between sage Astavakra and king Janaka. It speaks about Aditya Vedanta, bondage and self-realisation.

3. Avaduta Gita: Avadhuta Gita has been one of the most important texts of the
Natha Yogi tradition of Hinduism. The title means “ Songs of Soul”. It is based on the conversation between sage Dattatreya and Lord Kartikeya. The text's poetry is based the principles of Advaita and Dvaita schools of Hindu philosophy.
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Sri Aurobindo on Bhagavad Gita, humanity's greatest asset: The human mind moves way forward, alters its viewpoint and enlarges its thought substance,and the effect of these changes is to render past systems of thinking obsolete or, when they are preserved, to extend,to modify 1/6 Image
and subtly or visibly alter their value. The vitality of an ancient doctrine consists in the extent to which it naturally lends itself to such treatment; for that means that whatever may have been the limitations or the obsolescences of the form of its thought, the truth of 2/6
substance, the truth of living vision and experience on which its system was built is still sound and retains a permanent validity and significance. The Gita is a book that has worn extraordinarily well and it is almost as fresh and still in its real substance quite as new, 3/6
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#Jagadguru #Shankaracharya #SriSri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji: We have to take care to spend our lives every day purposefully. That is why it is said –
प्रत्यहं प्रत्यवेक्षेत नरश्चरितम् आत्मनः।
किं नु मे पशुभिस्तुल्यं...
“Man has to consult his conscience every day, as to how 1/5
his day went. He has to examine himself thus, “Did I live like a noble person or did I spend it like an animal?”. We must always remember that we can never shut our own conscience to errors we committed. A thief may deny that he committed a theft despite being roughed by cops.2/5
However despite his denial, his own conscience knows that he committed the theft.
Sri #AdiShankara states – नलिनीदलगतजलमतितरलंतद्वज्जीवितमतिशयचपलम् (The life of a person is as fragile as water drops trembling on a lotus leaf). Hence when we are blessed with this human birth,3/5
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A Thread. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar has written extensively on #Gita and interpreted it for the public too. For Ambedkar, Gita is “Manusmriti in a nutshell.” 🧵👇
Ambedkar believed that the Manusmriti, the Vedas and the Gita are all woven in the same pattern and same threads run through them. He denounces those who say that - “Manusmriti is problematic, but Gita is good.”
According to Ambedkar, the difference is only in the detailing, not in the idea or philosophy. For him, all religious books of Hinduism – other than Upanishads – were written by the Brahmins who injected the same doctrine in all these books.
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#MahaPeriyava #Deepavali #BhagawadGita
“Bhooma Devi did not think whether Ganga Matha was associated with Shiva or Vishnu. Among all the holy rivers, is it not the Ganges, which is given the prime place by all the people, without a distinction between being Saiva or Vaishnava? Image
Therefore, she obtained the boon that the bath taken on Deepavali day should get the fruits of a bath in Ganges. Generally, if you see the history of any holy shrine, it would be mentioned that it is equal to Kasi or it is greater than Kasi. From the very fact that one shrine is
not compared with any other but only with Kasi, it can be inferred that Kasi is the king of all shrines. Similarly, in all the mythological stories about holy rivers, without mentioning that it is superior to another, a river would be eulogised as “it is as pure as Ganges” or
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Thread on "Suppose your whole life you tried to pursue you dream project. But your dream project remains incomplete.

Then what? Will your energy of all these years go in waste?"

1) This question is answered somewhere in Bhagvad Gita.
2/ Arjuna campers such life of unfinished missions as "Cloud which started from sea but did not reach the place were it had to pour rain. In the midway, the cloud is disbursed and lost."

"So what will be the fate of such a cloud?" asked Arjuna.

#bhagvadgita #gita #religion
3/ Krisna replied, "Nothing is lost in this Universe. If a person starts his life mission but for some reason he is unable to complete his mission in this birth, than his work will be carried forward with him in his next birth".

Now take example of Galileo.
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Thread on Ideal Ways of Living Life as Discussed in Bhagwad Gita.

1/ Large number of people believe in living life passively. Everything happens as per Will of God. Hence they are supposed to live as witnesses. They see no purpose in living life aggressively pursuing goals.
2/ They work that which is necessary for their survival and protection. They have no plans beyond that.

Then there is large number of people who love life in pursuit of knowledge. They pursue degrees. They make new discoveries in science and other fields.

They are scholars.
3/ It is better to live in pursuit of knowledge than to live passively as witnesses or travellers in this world.

But there is a third way which is better than the above two paths.

That is, Living Proactively or Living as per a plan or Living as per Niskam Karmayoga.
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Thread on Difference between Bhagwad Gita and Art of War.

1) Top Business Class people often treat Art of War as their main book of Inspiration.
2) They belive that in order to become very rich in business, you have to eliminate all your competitors and you alone should be in supplier market, so that you can charge high prices. They seek inspiration of Art of War about how to eliminate competitors from business
3) On the other hand, Bhagwad Gita is more about duty to fight against those who follow paths of Adharm. It emphasises that one has duty fight against one's relatives, teachers and friends also if they stray on path of Adharm.
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Mirabai’s teaching:

When Mirabai went to Vrindavan she wanted to see Jiva Goswami the greatest Sanatan Dharma scholar and Maa Radha Govind devotee of that time.

Mirabai sent Jiva Goswami a request for darshan. Jiva Goswami denied saying he does not meet women.. #Gita #Yoga #Om
To this Mirabai replied, who is this MALE in Vrindavan, I have heard that the soul is a consort of the Supreme Lord.

Jiva Goswami was ashamed and fell at Mirabai’s feet.

Let me tell you another secret, which is hidden within deep texts of Sanatan Dharma. #Gita #Yoga #Karma #Om
All Deva or Demigods secretly have a eternal Gopi Rupa!
If you visit Vrindavan you should surely go to Gopishvar Mahadev - Mahadev as an eternal
#SanatanDharma #BhagvadGita #Gita #Yoga #Yogi #Yogini #Ashtangyog #Yog #ashtangyoga #Karma #Bhakti #Hanuman #ShriRam #RamMandir #Ram
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🕉 #BHAGWAD #GITA in one sentence per chapter

#Chapter_1 Wrong thinking is the only problem in life

#Chapter_2 Right knowledge is the ultimate solution to all our problems

#Chapter_3 Selflessness is the only way to progress & prosperity
#Chapter_4 Every act can be an act of prayer

#Chapter_5 Renounce the ego of individuality & rejoice in the bliss of infinity

#Chapter_6 Connect to the Higher consciousness daily

#Chapter_7 Live what you learn

#Chapter_8 Never give up on yourself
#Chapter_9 Value your blessings

#Chapter_10 See divinity all around

#Chapter_11 Have enough surrender to see the Truth as it is

#Chapter_12 Absorb your mind in the Higher

#Chapter_13 Detach from Maya & attach to Divine

#Chapter_14 Live a lifestyle that matches your vision
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1-What is the #Philosophy of #Japa and why is it important for #Sadhana?

What Is Japa?

Japa is the repetition of any Mantra or Name of the Lord. (1/15)

2-In this Kali Yuga or iron age when the physique of the vast majority of persons is not good,

..rigid Hatha Yogic practices are very difficult.

Japa is an easy way to God-realization. (2/15)

3-Tukaram, Dhruva, Prahlada, Valmiki Rishi, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa -

..all had attained salvation by uttering the Name of God. (3/15)

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1. Recent #Netflix movie and the online hate on #Krishna shows other religions people don't have a clue and their hate is so strong. Let's talk about the great god Krishna.

#Vedas talk about one supream god parabrhaman. Who is that being ?
2. Every Sect say different things but same time same thing. Sects like advaita,shudd #Advaita, vishist advaita etc say Only one supream being manifested as multiple beings.
Sects like dwaita, Kashmiri saviaim says one suprem god and he or she created other gods with his amsha.
3. Vishnu is considered parabrhaman by many sects and vedas also says one of form of supreme being is parabrahman. Krishna is Avatar of him. Krishna Avatar has many things to achieve like ending Dwapara yuga, giving knowledge for future yugas like #Gita, setting political kingdom
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1-Why is #Gayatri known as the Queen of #Mantras in #Sanatana?

The #Gayatri #Mantra is the most revered mantra in the #Vedic lore. (1/27)


2-It is an invocation as well as a prayer addressed to the Supreme #Creator of the #Universe

..and of the three worlds..

..the terrestrial, the celestial, and the one connecting these two. (2/27)


3-The literal meaning of the mantra is as follows -

We meditate on the glory of that #Ishwara

..the Supreme Lord of the universe

..Who has created this universe

..Who is accomplished to be revered

Who is the embodiment of true knowledge and light (3/27)
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#PearlsFromGita Series

#Hare #Krishna #HariOm #BhagavadGita

Dont get swayed away by Likes & Dislikes.. Rise above them..

Swami Chinmayananda Beautifully explains this topic (Gita Chp 3 v33)
It is universal law that everyone has their own likes & dislikes... It is natural you can't avoid it..

Every one of us come into the world and first we divide the world into two.. things that I like and things I hate..

#gita #Krishna
All your life autobiography is running away from what you don't like and run towards, what you like.. is it not?

Till today what have you done? Running away from what you don't like and run towards, what you like.. is it not? Hahaha...
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#PearlsofGita Series #Hare #Krishna #BhagavadGita

Deep Subtle Message is there are only Two types of people in this world, those who have gone & those who have not yet gone.
Everyone's time in this world is limited, wise people dont waste their time in grieving for the living or the dead... Because they are aware about the availability of time in their life is also limited... #Gita
Once a person is aware of this truth, such person however egotistic becomes slowly humble.. inevitable truth..

To sum up there is only one thing which is certain after birth, which is death... so why worry?

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