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Most recents (9) PEOPLE: A BID TO RIG ELECTIONS UK, TORY VOTER ID LAWS LOOK LIKE AN ATTEMPT TO RIG OUR ELECTIONS, NOT IMPROVE THEM It’s not too late to avoid the disenfranchisement of the poor and the young before the next general election. EXTRACT ‘Rishi Sunak may this week have been battered and bruised by strikes and U-turns, but he has at least made it past one key milestone: his 45th day in power today means he managed to stay in office longer than Liz Truss did before she announced her resignation.
Read 45 tweets NHS WINTER CRISIS ERUPTS AFTER 12 TORY YEARS OF INCOMPETENT TORY GOVERNMENT ‘I’m afraid A&E will collapse’: The NHS winter crisis erupts after years of warnings. EXTRACT
'Whatever happens this winter, the paramedics i spoke with hopes the public will understand why NHS staff are striking. "A year ago, we were clapping for nurses," he says.
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@KevinClimate "We've developed this term 'net zero' which allows us to move the burden of reducing emissions out to future generations, out to 2050 and beyond. It’s vacuous. Completely meaningless. It’s Latin for kicking the can down the road."
Source: How Wealth Inequality Fuels the Climate Emergency: @GeorgeMonbiot, Scientist Kevin Anderson on COP26 11 November 2021 CUMBRIA COAL MINE WILL BE "NET ZERO", SAYS GOVE Hugo Gye 7 December 2022 #GoveLies #PeopleDie #UnfitForParliament
Read 18 tweets CLIMATE CRISIS ACT NOW MAGISTRATES AND JUDGES WORLDWIDE wherever corrupting criminal justice systems exist. CLIMATE WARRIORS 🐺🐺🐺🌍🌎🌏🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦❤️❤️❤️ Free climate activists who are 'protesting because a corrupt criminal justice system has refused to protect them, their families and others from the greatest act of genocide in history.'
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Members of the parliamentary #EcocideAlliance & #ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights (@ASEANMP) issued a statement on environmental crimes in #Ukraine, describing some of the attacks as likely to cause “widespread, long-term and severe damage to the natural environment”.
“Now, if ever, would be the time for the international community to finally draw a global moral red line concerning environmental atrocities, and put an end to impunity for #ecocide” writes the #EcocideAlliance regarding the #invasion of Ukraine.… #crimes
“The most effective way to enforce criminal accountability long-term is to amend the #RomeStatute to explicitly include ecocide as a 5th crime against #peace - not limited only to #war time.”… #conflict #security #warcrimes #internationalcrimes #StopEcocide
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XR blockiert den Eingang der EU-Kommission in #Brüssel

40 Aktivist:innen von XR Europa blockieren den Eingang zum Gebäude der @EU_Commission. 10 Aktivisti haben sich mit Sekundenkleber an die Eingangstüren geklebt.

Wir fordern ein Ökozidgesetz!
#EUstopEcocriminals Mehrere Menschen sitzen und kleben am Eingang der EU-Kommiss
Der Haupteingang zu einem EU-Kommissionsgebäude ist blockiert. Die belgische Polizei ist da.

„Unternehmen und Lobbyisten müssen zur Rechenschaft gezogen und für ihre Handlungen strafrechtl. verfolgt werden.“ - Aktis @xrFrance

+ LIVE +
#Ökozid muss zum 5. Internationalen Verbrechen im Römischen Statut des Internationalen Strafgerichtshofs werden.

Der neue Vorschlag des EU-Justizkommissars @dreynders und EU-Umweltkommissars @VSinkevicius beinhaltet eine Liste von Umweltverbrechensliste, aber ohne Ökozid. 5 Menschen stehen vor dem Gebäude der Europäischen Kommiss
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#ExtinctionRebellion blocks entrance of EU Commission in #Brussels

40 activists of XR Europe are blocking the entrance to the Berlaymont building of the @EU_Commission. 10 activists are superglued to the entrance doors.

We demand an ecocide law!
#EUstopEcocriminal 5 people in front of the EU Comission building. Banner held:A man is glues to an entrance. The back of his shirt reads: Several people sit at an EU Commission entrance. Some are su
The main entrance to a central building of the EU Commission is inaccessible. The Belgian police are on site.

"Corporations and lobbyists must be named, held accountable and prosecuted for their actions," said Aktis @xrFrance

Ecocide must be included as a 5th international crime on the Rome Statute of the Internat. Criminal Court

The new proposal by EU Justice Commiss. @dreynders and EU Environment Commiss. @VSinkevicius includes a list of environmental crime offenses, but ecocide is not included. 6 people block the entrance to the european commission. some
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Indigenous leaders from Brazilian territories @ApibOficial and #XR Europe protested today infront of @EU_Commission demanding:

"Anti-deforestation law must include all regions/biomes, not just the Amazon in the 'Law on the Importation of Forest-Risk Products' (FERC)!"

Thread 🧵 ImageImage
@ApibOficial @EU_Commission The #EuropeanUnion is one of the largest buyers of soy and other forestry risk products from Brazil. This causes harm and destruction to #IndigenousPeoples and their lands.

“We need the EU government to stop these environmental crimes!” #StopEcocide ImageImage
@ApibOficial @EU_Commission Respect the International Rights of #IndigenousPeople!

Indigenous Land is a guarantee for the future of all humanity. There is no solution to the #ClimateCrisis and #Biodiversity loss without Indigenous Peoples - @ApibOficial
@EU_Commission @Europarl_EN @EUCouncil. Image
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#AllForAmazon Week 19

An Amazonian area the size of 3,000 football fields is being cleared daily,but apparently,is not enough:

“The Brazilian government has approved a railway that will tear apart 933km of Amazon forest & decimate countless lives & swathes of Indigenous lands.
The "#Ferrogrão" project is being rushed through by Bolsonaro’s government,with heavy backing from agribusiness greedy giants like Bunge, ADM & Cargill.

The situation is extremely serious. Experts confirmed that if this railway gets built, the damage will be irreversible.
Any moment now,the erasure of ancient🌳& villages could begin,but we can still stop this horror.Indigenous leaders are urgently asking 4 OUR support–if ppl across the 🌎 show we're watching,we can ramp up the pressure on decision-makers in Brazil & abroad to halt this atrocity”.
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