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#FridaysForFuture Week 79

What caused this war?A complex question,but #FossilFuels is definitely 1 of the answers.The“danger mode”we’ve all experienced lately is exactly the “Don’t look up!😱" that climate scientists,activists or simply climate-conscious popl experience daily
The climate crisis is a "progressive war".It’s killing us at this moment & it’ll keep killing us.If we don’t tackle it NOW,it’ll mean societal collapse&+wars along the way.We need millions of warriors.If u think u’re not“activist material”,think again.Are u“extinction material”?
PLEASE, join the rebellion NOW to stop all wars! #UprootTheSystem! The clock is ticking! We have less than 8 years/94 months/Or just short of 3,000 days to save all earthlings, present and future!
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#AllForAmazon Week 19

An Amazonian area the size of 3,000 football fields is being cleared daily,but apparently,is not enough:

“The Brazilian government has approved a railway that will tear apart 933km of Amazon forest & decimate countless lives & swathes of Indigenous lands.
The "#Ferrogrão" project is being rushed through by Bolsonaro’s government,with heavy backing from agribusiness greedy giants like Bunge, ADM & Cargill.

The situation is extremely serious. Experts confirmed that if this railway gets built, the damage will be irreversible.
Any moment now,the erasure of ancient🌳& villages could begin,but we can still stop this horror.Indigenous leaders are urgently asking 4 OUR support–if ppl across the 🌎 show we're watching,we can ramp up the pressure on decision-makers in Brazil & abroad to halt this atrocity”.
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Muss mal was loswerden:

#Erdgas wird gerne als Brückentechnologie zu einer Erneuerbaren Energieversorgung dargestellt.
Dabei ist Erdgas nicht klimafreundlicher als die dreckige Kohle. #ErdgasBrueckeInsNichts (1/4)
Kraftwerke sollen nach dem Kohleausstieg auf Gas umgerüstet werden, ggf sogar neu gebaut.
Gaskraftwerke stoßen zwar nur rund ein Drittel der CO2-Emissionen von Braunkohlemeilern aus. (2/4)
Auf der ganzen Förderungskette wird jedoch Erdgas frei, was zum größten Teil aus dem extrem klimawirksamen Gas Methan besteht. Auf 20 Jahre berechnet ist es 87 mal so klimawirksam wie CO2. (3/4)
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Copy&Paste Nachdem sie die IAA in München begrüßt haben und seit Wochen mit der CDU kuscheln, wollten die Grünen auf dem #Klimastreik in München um Stimmen werben. Nur:irgendwie
sind ihre Plakate zu ehrlich geraten... ;) #KampfdemKapital #UprootTheSystem #muc2409
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Falls sich jemand wundert, warum aus mehr als einer halben Million FFF-Teilnehmern deutschlandweit plötzlich „mehrere Zehntausend“ in der @tagesschau werden:

Die neue @DasErste-Programmdirektorin heißt seit kurzem Christine Strobl. ⬇️
•Vater: Bundestagpräsident Schäuble (#CDU);
•Ehemann: Innenminister von Baden-Württemberg Thomas Strobl (CDU)...🤷🏻‍♂️

Erste Konflikte im Sender wurden bereits öffentlich:
Interessenskonflikte sieht Strobl natürlich nicht:
Das Bild, das die @Tagesschau nutzt, ist entstanden, bevor es voll wurde. Im Fernsehbeitrag wird es aber direkt vor dem O-Ton von @GretaThunberg verwendet, so dass der Eindruck entsteht, Greta würde vor wenigen Menschen sprechen. Das ist unprofessionell und irreführend...
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📣 Today, young people across the world are taking part in a #GlobalClimateStrike.

🌏 Ahead of COP26, many are demanding more action from world leaders to tackle the #ClimateCrisis.

⭕️ Here’s what protests are looking like in 5 cities.👇🧵
🇩🇪 Berlin

⭕️ Activist @GretaThunberg called for urgent action at the #GlobalClimateStrike rally.

📣 "The concentration of CO2 in the sky hasn't been this high for at least 3 million years," she said.

🗣"It is clearer than ever that no political party is doing close to enough."
🇬🇧 London

📣 Young people took to the streets and called to #UprootTheSystem.
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Heute ab 12 Uhr demonstrieren ab dem #München|er Königsplatz #AlleFuersKlima.

Aufrufe zum Großstreik in 470 Städten und Gemeinden so kurz vor der #btw21 kamen aus vielen Teilen der Gesellschaft.

Ticker + Bilder später hier

#UprootTheSystem #muc2409 #m2409
Grober Zeitplan für heute so wie ich ihn verstanden habe:
12 Uhr Kundgebung
13:00 Aufzug
16:30 Ende

Latschdemo findet in sechs Blöcken statt, wie üblich vorne FFF, dann Bündnisse und am Ende Parteien.
Dazwischen mehrere Lautis
#m2409 #muc2409
1150 Der erste FFF Block ist voll. @Gruene_Bayern sind im Parteien-Block stark vertreten in dem sich auch @LINKE_Bayern sammeln. Mittlerweile starker Zustrom.
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This year #ElectionDay kicks off #ClimateWeek which should be all the reminder you need to #VoteClimate, not just in this election but EVERY election. But after today comes & goes, what next? Well, all *sorts* of things! #yyc #elxnyyc
Whoever wins today's election your work as a climate champion begins anew tomorrow morning. We must relentlessly hold winners to their words & ALWAYS push for better. It's not enough to just vote & think your advocacy's done, the ship righted. A safe future needs YOU #ClimateWeek
Hey, this is AB's election SEASON; after today we've got the upcoming municipal elections on Oct 18th! It's at the community & municipal levels that you have the best chance of creating REAL #ClimateAction. Don't worry, the Hub's got you covered on that too! #ClimateWeek #yyccc
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#ClimateCrisis has no borders and affects us all. It especially hurts those in poorer countries, which are also the countries that contribute the least to it. The richest 1% produce twice as much carbon emissions as the poorest half of the world’s population.
We are in the loss & Damage era!
Extreme weather, drought and rising seas are now forcing people out of their livelihoods and their homes, and recovering from these disasters is more and more difficult. #COP26 #UprootTheSystem
Women and girls are hit hardest because social, political and cultural systems silence their voices, and prevent them from accessing the resources they need. #COP26 @MenEngage @MenEngage_SA @GretaThunberg #UprootTheSystem
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This basically sums up our current situation. The “code red” IPCC report came out a week ago. Since then not one politician has been held accountable. Not one politician has been asked how they are going to act in line with this. 1/4
(Graph by @Peters_Glen )
Our emissions aren’t falling, they are rapidly rising. The climate crisis is still seen as an isolated “topic” and not as a symptom of a much larger sustainability crisis. 2/4
As long as we continue to ignore the actual content and the root causes of the climate crisis we will not be able to avoid the worst consequences. And by doing so we are giving a death sentence to countless of people, especially in the most affected ares. 3/4
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My 123rd week on #ClimateStrike 🌍 Deeply sorrowed by floods in the north and wildfires in the south of Turkey. That's clearly the climate crisis manifesting itself across my country 🌏 #ClimateCrisisIsHere #FaceTheClimateEmergency #MindTheGap #UprootTheSystem #FridaysForFuture +
#İklimGrevi'nde 123. haftam 🌍 Ülkemizin kuzeyinde yaşanan sel felaketlerinde ve güneyinde devam eden orman yangınlarında kaybettiğimiz canlar için iki haftadır içimiz parçalanıyor. +
Sel ve yangınların ortaya çıkış sebepleri ne olursa olsun, sonuçlar iklim krizi yüzünden iyice büyüyüp kötüleşiyor. Bu felaketleri iklim krizinin ülkemizde kendini açıkça gösterişi olarak yorumlamak ve iklim politikamızı buna göre değiştirmek zorundayız. +
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This is the crisis we're facing, not 10 years in the future, but today. Stand united. #UprootTheSystem.

Floods, heat waves, & droughts everywhere across the world & every single time it's those most marginalized who are left behind.

Global North leaders, we demand justice!
We are looking for mutual aid, donations, and other forms of direct help & solidarity to those impacted by the floods. We will add them below when we find them. If you know of any or know any organizations that can be contacted please reply to this tweet.
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