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1/ The fast-growing call to criminalize #ecocide is now beginning to be heard in the halls of the #UnitedNations! It surfaced in the high level speeches at #UNEA, at the Youth Environmental Assembly and the Global Major Groups & Stakeholders Forum.… #UNEP
2/ Ecocide was mentioned in two key speeches: by #UNEA5 President, Norwegian Minister of Climate & Environment Mr. @EspenBarthEide & by Inger Anderson, Executive Director of @UNEP. Both recalled Olof Palme, Swedish Prime Minister, first using #ecocide in 1972 at the first #UNEA.
3/ #Ecocide is mentioned in the preamble of the statement of the Global Major Groups & Stakeholders Forum, acknowledging that “adding ecocide as the fifth crime to the #RomeStatute of the ICC would have a strong preventive effect on destructive actions.”
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🧵w/ proposed instruction manual for creating an international tribunal for the crime of #aggression re: #Ukraine that is fundamentally fair and best established w/ the limited avenues available to the int'l community to do so.
#1 Draft and put up for a vote a @UN Security resolution referring the situation in #Ukraine to the #ICC so to add the crime of aggression to the @IntlCrimCourt 's existing jurisdiction in the country. #Russia will undoubtedly veto, but important step to get #UNSC on the record.
#2 Re-open #UN General Assembly #UnitedforPeace Emergency Special Session to pass another resolution recommending the establishment of an international tribunal for the crime of aggression re: Ukraine & incl GA resolution 3314 w/ definition of aggression…
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New project: #WarCrimesTracker. Based on available data we are going to examine Russian #WarCrimes committed in #Ukraine. Cases to be assessed in accordance with #IHL. All cases to be published under this thread @Reuters @AFP @AP @Defence_blog @DefenseOne #RussiaUkraineConflict Image
1/ Case no. 1/25 Feb.: In Kiev region an unidentified, most likely Russian, armed vehicle run over a civilian car with a civilian. #IHL assessment: violation of Articles 48, 51(1)(2)(4) and 57(1) of Additional Protocol I @ICRC
2/ Case no. 2/25 Feb.: In Kharkov region an unidentified, most likely Russian, rocket hit residential area. The rocket did not explode. #IHL assessment: Articles 48, 51(1)(2)(4) and 51(1)(2) of Additional Protocol I #WarCrimesTracker #RussiaUkraineConflict #Ukraine #Russia @ICRC Image
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#Canada #COVID19vaccines Adverse Health reactions to Dec.31st
▶️32,514 AH
▶️7,126 Serious;25,388 Non-serious AH
▶️258 deaths;1,132 blood clot cases
▶️5,141 Special Interest AE’s; 1,574 myocarditis/pericarditis cases
▶️81%⬆️in #COVID19 cases since vaccines started in Canada
▶️“The majority of adverse event reports were from females (73.3%). The rate of reports for females was 66.7/100K doses administered, compared to 25.6/100K doses administered for males.”
Source: #Canadian government:…
@OpenVAERS #US #COVID19vaccines Adverse reactions: 983,756 Reports, Dec. 17th
▶️20622 Deaths;34615 Disabled
▶️108572 Hospitalizations
▶️35997 Severe Allergic reactions
▶️10429 Heart attacks;4907 Blood clots
▶️3365 Miscarriages
▶️20560 Myocarditis/Pericarditis;12317 Bells Palsy
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#Canadian #COVID19vaccines Adverse Health reactions to Sept. 17th
▶️16,090 AH
▶️4,288 Serious;11,802 Non-serious AH
▶️191 deaths;858 cases of blood clots
▶️3,018 Special Interest AE’s;774 myocarditis/pericarditis cases
▶️71%⬆️in cases (1,133,457) since vaccines started #Canada
#Canada Post-#COVID19Vaccines, to Sept 4th
▶️#COVID19 Cases ➡️Vaccinated: 1&2 Doses: 95,517;13%
▶️Hospitalizations ➡️Vaccinated 1&2 Doses: 6,157;16%
▶️Deaths ➡️Vaccinated 1&2 Doses: 1,574; 19%
#cdnpoli #InformedConsent #DutytoWarn #RomeStatute
▶️“The majority of adverse event reports were from females (74.7%). The rate of reports for females was 41.9/100K doses administered, compared to 15/100K doses administered for males.”
▶️Higher proportion & rate of females reporting AE’s observed in #US, #UK & other countries.
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A few ppl are asking for a steer on the news that @MBuhari has nominated #Nigeria's immediate past #ServiceChiefs to be non-career ambassadors. Some are worried that a diplomatic passport may grant them roving impunity. So, let me explain briefly [THREAD]…
Briefly, this isn't exactly good news for the former #ServiceChiefs. To begin with, to enjoy #SovereignImmunity (that's what it's called) in international law, they have to be accredited to another sovereign as Nigeria's ambassadors. Carrying a diplomatic passport isn't enough
Separately, that other country has to agree to accredit them. I suspect with the record of at least some of them, few credible countries will do so. They cld, of course, be accredited to Myanmar's Generals or to Putin's Russia or to Venezuela or Zimbabwe.
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Fiscalía de la #CPI no "determinó" que gobierno venezolano cometió crímenes de lesa humanidad. Información de medios antichavistas es inexacta porque la instancia aún recaba datos para determinar si pasa a la etapa preliminar (que determinaría si se abre o no una investigación).
Aunque el informe de la fiscal Fatou Bensouda asegura que "hay argumentos razonables para creerlo" (puntos 202, 204, 205) el examen preliminar concluirá en 2021. El texto es un recuento de los casos presentados contra Venezuela por el grupo de Lima, la OEA y Michelle Bachelet.
El documento confirma la recepción del informe del @MinpublicoVE en desmedro de las acusaciones. La fiscal Bensouda y su homólogo venezolano, Tarek William Saab, se han reunido (ver punto 208 para intercambiar información sobre los procesos internos (según Estatuto de Roma).
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1)Yesterday's announcement by #ICC #OTP that it has closed the preliminary examination of alleged #UK crimes in #Iraq caused dismay in the #ICL commentator class. Some thoughts for what they are worth (which many may think is not worth much!)…
2)Let us begin by stating the clear reality that int'l crim. justice, while still in its infancy, is imbalanced in its application. This is a serious legitimacy problem that must be consistently worked on; ICC leadership, on many occasions, has acknowledged as much.
3)I must qualify my next statements by saying that I am not privy to the evidence and numerous factors at hand (i.e. more info could change my mind easily) W/that said, it seems clear that the crux of this matter occupies the very gray areas of the #RomeStatute & complementarity.
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The Office of the Prosecutor of the #ICC is aware & will study the latest report of the General Secretariat of the Organisation of American States (@OAS_official) concerning alleged crimes against humanity committed in #Venezuela. Read more⤵️
The Office deplores the suffering inflicted upon women, men & children who are victims of alleged atrocity crimes. The ICC exists as a court of last resort to do justice for victims & where the treaty which governs the ICC states it must intervene in accordance w/t #RomeStatute.
The #ICC Office of the Prosecutor has made important progress in its preliminary examination into the situation of #Venezuela. Following a thorough assessment, the Office recently reported that crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court have occurred in Venezuela.
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#ICC Prosecutor, #FatouBensouda, receives high-level delegation from the Bolivarian Republic of #Venezuela in the context of its ongoing preliminary examinations #morejustworld #buildingsupport #justicematters…
#ICC Prosecutor: “With respect to Venezuela I, the Prosecutor conveyed that her Office had concluded its subject-matter assessment and determined that there was a reasonable basis to believe that crimes within ICC jurisdiction have occurred in Venezuela.”
#ICC Prosecutor: “In this regard, the Office sought information on relevant domestic proceedings in Venezuela & their conformity w/t #RomeStatute requirements.”
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1)The comment thread from one of my fav sparring partners, @multilateralist, to this #ICC tweet deserves some pushback. To be frank, this article & other recent events (e.g. ICC Prosecutor's visit to #Sudan) lay waste to negative narratives about the Ct that are w/out firm basis.
2)It is not a hard question, David. It is only made hard by DC policy insiders who consistently want to magically thread an impossibly small needle. At the very least, US should state its case&litigate per procedures available to all states(e.g. art. 18).
3)Both GOP & some Dem policy thinkers do a disservice to vital American interests by habitually thinking the #US has special rights to evade or otherwise not comply w/ procedures in place; other states w/grievances have utilized them.#RuleOfLaw esp. applies in such circumstances.
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You may have seen ICE’s weekly #FridayFive propaganda. Today, help share a #FridayFive of our own – to expose the government officials colluding with hate groups and to fight the fascism creeping in our neighborhoods. #AbolishICE #ICEoutofCA #UnmaskHate #AltoSheriff
1) This is what funding for ICE translates to, military vehicles terrorizing our communities, shared by the OC Rapid Response Network @oc_rrn: #FridayFive #AbolishICE
@oc_rrn 2) While the rest of the world unites against Covid19, ICE spreads the pandemic thru deportations: #FridayFive #AbolishICE #RomeStatute #ICC #UniversalJurisdiction
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