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Most recents (21) BRITAIN IS ENTERING A NEW AGE OF CORRUPTION - BRITAIN HAS RETURNED TO THE ‘OLD CORRUPTION’ THE VICTORIANS TRIED TO END - TAKING US FURTHER DOWN A ROAD TO A KLEPTOCRACY THAN MOST PEOPLE IN BRITAIN IMAGINE. Britain has entered an era of legalised larceny by the politically well-connected some 150 years after the Victorians ended what they execrated as the “Old Corruption”. By this they meant the toxic system whereby the ruling elite enjoyed a parasitic relationship with the state enabling them to obtain jobs and money through patronage, partisanship and purchase.
Read 68 tweets PEOPLE: A BID TO RIG ELECTIONS UK, TORY VOTER ID LAWS LOOK LIKE AN ATTEMPT TO RIG OUR ELECTIONS, NOT IMPROVE THEM It’s not too late to avoid the disenfranchisement of the poor and the young before the next general election. EXTRACT ‘Rishi Sunak may this week have been battered and bruised by strikes and U-turns, but he has at least made it past one key milestone: his 45th day in power today means he managed to stay in office longer than Liz Truss did before she announced her resignation.
Read 45 tweets NHS WINTER CRISIS ERUPTS AFTER 12 TORY YEARS OF INCOMPETENT TORY GOVERNMENT ‘I’m afraid A&E will collapse’: The NHS winter crisis erupts after years of warnings. EXTRACT
'Whatever happens this winter, the paramedics i spoke with hopes the public will understand why NHS staff are striking. "A year ago, we were clapping for nurses," he says.
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Today, the best physicians understand two critical perspectives

1. How to most effectively reverse their patients’ illnesses
2. The societal factors driving these illnesses

(short thread)
They zoom in close enough to understand the physiological #RootCauses of metabolic disease and the rising tide of hormonal dysfunction reproductive destroying xeno-estrogens.
They zoom out far enough understand top-down control of the medical profession & nutrition guidelines through regulatory capture and Pharma/Food industry influence.
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@RootCauseDoctor's Blueprint for reclaiming the Metabolic Health of the Nation (and the World)

Thread 🛑
1. Reject false narratives promoting health benefits of seed oils and highly-refined, industrially produced plant foods @SeedOilDsrspctr @drcateshanahan
2. Educate on the essential role of animal meat, fat, organs to human human health and reject claims of environmental harm of sustainable ruminant agriculture @MrSollozzo, @CarniClemenza, @SBakerMD, @CarnivoreMD
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Great big-picture explainer on cholesterol and statins.

Collectively we will look back on the era of widespread statin-pushing by the medical establishment with dismay.

Some thoughts 1/N
- Every medication has side effects. By inhibiting HMG-CoA reductase, we are making a range off-target side effects more likely. Incl myopathy, diabetes, cognitive impairment, etc. These must be balanced against any (purported) benefit in absolute terms ie years of life gained
- No pharmacological therapy is more effective than addressing causative factors ie #RootCauses. For 1 and 2ndary prevention of heart disease this means avoiding factors that damage endothelium and cause oxidative stress (smoking, seed oils, high blood glucose, lead, etc.)
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Great analysis from Dr Mercola and Dr @RobertLustigMD discussing the book 'Metabolical' on the #RootCauses of the obesity and chronic disease epidemic.

Some thoughts...🧵…
I agree w Dr Mercola that 'mainstream' low carb narrative often ignores the toxic effects of oxidized omega-6s seed oils + breakdown products (OXLAMs) as key in initiating and perpetuating metabolic dysfunction.
It's easy but overtly simplistic to blame carbohydrates for metabolic dysfunction (ie carbohydrate insulin model) while ignoring the conditions that set the body up for a metabolically dysfunctional state in the first place...
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/25/2022
Chaotic death recording during the pandemic could mean thousands were WRONGLY blamed on Covid | Daily Mail Online…
#COVID19, #CauseOfDeath, #TerminallyIll
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How full-spectrum sun exposure regulates our body's most important anti-oxidant...

Thread 🧵
Melatonin is an ancient molecule

Its origin can be traced back 2.5 billion years to primitive bacteria who first transitioned from anaerobic to aerobic metabolism
Algae, plants, fungi, insects, nematodes and vertebrates including mammals make melatonin

This points to a critical evolutionary role in cell function
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Prescribing insulin for gestational diabetic women and then instructing them to eat carbohydrates 'because they are on insulin' is completely immoral.

Peak Fiat medicine - medicating blood sugar while ignoring #RootCauses

- Thread
Fiat medicine Gestational Diabetes workflow
- dx diabetes in pregnancy, worsening blood glucose control
- prescribed insulin
- prescribed regular carbs 'because now on insulin'
- deals with injections, risk of hypos, blood glucose anxiety, escalating insulin doses, etc
- no CGM
No explanation of concept insulin resistance vs insulin deficiency

Solution to insulin deficiency = insulin replacement

Solution to insulin resistance = carbohydrate, sugar, seed oil restriction + exercise
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/17/2021…
Rarest mammal in North America found in Colorado garage, ‘looking for a new home’…

#EndangeredSpecies #BlackFootedFerrets #restoration
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What is #RootCauseMedicine?

@Meta_Trav provides an answer through his concept of the "Meta"…
As I have previously said, the key to optimal health is optimizing and correcting for mismatch between our (toxic) environment and our evolved evolutionary niche.

Same idea.
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Think the dietary guidelines have anything to do with health? You'd be mistaken.

For the past 100 years, the narrative surrounding a 'healthy' human diet has been hijacked.

There is a silent pandemic of obesity, metabolic disease, autoimmunity and chronic lifestyle diseases.

This has come about DESPITE the freest access to
- food
- pharmaceuticals
- intervention medical/surgical techniques

in the history of the Human species.

What happened?
The foods that facilitated our evolution from lower primates to bipedal hunters with the largest relative brain size of any mammal have been demonized.

- Animal meat
- Organ meats
- Saturated animal fat
- Unprocessed dairy

Here's why..
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Vaccine passports have extremely dangerous historical precedent and should be strong rejected by all

Here's why they are flawed and what could happen if widely implemented

Vaccine passports have nothing to do with gold-standard infectious diseases epidemiology or public health

They are about control and compliance with government dictates

Vaccinated vs un-vaccinated is not a useful dichotomy
Rather 'protected vs 'unprotected'…
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Any MDs that follow me. It is imperative for you to understand the degree of capture that the Pharmaceutical industry has over the govt and medicine.

Dr @malcolmken probably done more than any to call this out. His blog is must follow.…
The whole premise of Root Cause Medicine is a re-establishing gold standard, first-principles medical care free from pharma-biased intervention.

The state of metabolic health today and the response to virus illustrates how far we currently are from this goal.
The Western democracies are in the process of devolving into Bio-security Police States.

In the works is a two-tiered society based on vaccination status, a proxy for government obedience.
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What happened in the early 1970s to trigger the obesity and chronic disease epidemic?

A short thread Image
Change of US farm bills 👇
Rise of industrial plant agriculture (esp. corn) 👇
Marketing of nutrient poor plant foods👇
Introduction of processed additives (high fructose corn syrup) into the food chain 👇 Image
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The potential for research in #RootCauseMedicine is enormous.

We are in the process of re-discovering the health blueprint for humanity. These are the most URGENT areas of investigation.

- Case reports, cohort studies, intervention studies on reversing metabolic, autoimmune + chronic disease with carnivore and ketogenic diets (h/t @ClemensZsofia & @SBakerMD)
- True reference ranges of biochemical markers of a fully optimized, healthy population eating a animal-foods heavy, human-appropriate diet...esp. lipids (h/t @DaveKeto & @siobhan_huggins)
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A multi-billion dollar industry is keeping society sick.

First they sell you the poison, then they sell you the antidote.

Know your Enemy.
A thread 🧵
In 1961, U.S. President and former 5-star general Dwight D. Eisenhower warned his people of the unwelcome influence of the ‘Military-Industrial-Complex’.
He was referring to the powerful conglomeration of corporations that profited from manufacturing and industrial output the previous four decades of war.
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2day 60years ago #UNGA voted 4the #Independence of Fmr British #SouthernCameroons (SCs) that became an Int'l SCAM by de #Unfair,#Deceptive,#ColonialSchemes of🇨🇲&🇫🇷on #SCians! ImageImageImageImage
A Franco-British axis of evil schemed to deny the Former British #SouthernCameroons her fundamental right to #SelfDetermination via a TRUNCATED UNJUSTIFIED PLEBISCITE with 2 DEVIL OPTIONS in 1961 in BLATANT VIOLATION of @UN STATUTES & MANDATE ImageImageImage
Serious violations 2 wh Int'l Boundaries under Int'l TREATIES were frozen btw the 2sovereign states @Independence in1960 for La Rép. du CameroUn🇨🇲 which didn't & have never included #SCs and 4the latter in1961.

Prof. ImageImageImageImage
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I feel extremely grateful to be included in this international webinar hosted by @ChiromoMentalHH on #WSPD2020 along with @janehmul @G_Mbugua1 et al. We need to make inroads into #SuicidePrevention I'll be talking about how understanding #ACEs can help us address the #RootCauses Image
Thank you to @angiyo58 of @GSNAfrica for connecting me with @G_Mbugua1 She's initiating a global collaboration to #PreventSuicide Since the number 1 cause of death for children in Canada between 10 and 14 years is #Suicide we all have to share our knowledge to protect our kids.
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