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.@IntlCrimCourt When are you going to start trying and condemning all the leaders who were involved in the invasion and destruction of Libya?
This is the legacy of these criminals…
EU supported rights abuse against migrants in Libya: UN

🗣️📢 @JosepBorrellF @EU_Commission
@vonderleyen this is the legacy of the "rules-based international order” from the "European Garden" to the " jungle" that you defend.…
@UN has warned that the #EU is providing support to organizations perpetrating rights abuse, including systematic torture & sexual slavery, against refugees & migrants in #Libya.…
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Saied responds to Borrell remarks: We reject any foreign dictates

#Tunisian President Kais Saied said it is necessary for Tunisians to rely on their own capabilities to overcome the difficulties in the country.
Tunisian President confirmed that his country rejects all forms of interference in the country's affairs because it is not under mandate or protection.
"It is necessary for Tunisians to rely on their own capabilities to overcome the difficulties."
Saied confirmed that "Tunisia rejects any dictations of solutions from abroad," commenting, "It is us who [are entitled to] devise solutions."
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Polish Holokaust: 9 marca 1881 roku urodził się Stanisław Sierakowski herbu "Ogończyk"(zamordowany przez Niemców 26 października 1939 r.) - polski działacz narodowy w Republice Weimarskiej i III Rzeszy, pierwszy prezes Związku Polaków w Niemczech i Związku Mniejszości
Narodowych w Niemczech, poseł do Sejmu Pruskiego. :…
9 marca 1881 roku urodził się Stanisław Sierakowski herbu "Ogończyk"(zamordowany przez Niemców 26 października 1939 r.) - polski działacz narodowy w Republice Weimarskiej i III Rzeszy, pierwszy prezes Związku Polaków w Niemczech i Związku Mniejszości Narodowych w Niemczech,
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How to speed up the delivery of artillery shells to Ukraine 1/11
Joint purchasing: The European Union is considering pooling its resources to order and purchase up to one million shells for Ukraine, which is similar to the approach used to secure vaccines early in the Covid-19 pandemic. 2/11
This method encourages arms manufacturers to invest in new production lines now for the standardized products that Ukraine needs desperately. 3/11
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.@POLITICOEurope reported yesterday that #Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić is seemingly reconsidering #Serbia’s close ties with #Russia, spurred in part by ongoing #Wagner Group recruitment and subversion efforts in Serbia...…
2/ ...and demonstrating the international economic and informational costs imposed on #Putin by his invasion of #Ukraine.
3/ @POLITICOEurope reported on March 1 that Vučić seeks to appeal to both #Russia and western institutions by continuing #Serbia’s #EuropeanUnion membership bid while refusing to impose sanctions against Russia, but Vučić said that Serbia must make "difficult choices" soon.
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The effect of the #UkraineRussiaWar on the EU's quest for #StrategicAutonomy according to CICIR analyst Zhang Jian.

🔹CICIR is one of #China's most influential think tanks with links to the 🇨🇳 Ministry of State Security.

🪧 What is EU #StrategicAutonomy?

According to Zhang at least, it means the #EU “breaking away from US control and gaining the power to make strategic decisions on its own.”
1⃣ “The crisis in #Ukraine has rendered the already unpromising prospects of the EU's strategic autonomy even bleaker.”
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⭐️Rishi Sunak declared that #Britain had “taken back control” after Brussels agreed to give London an effective veto over new #EuropeanUnion laws that affect Northern #Ireland…)
1. The new so-called “Windsor framework” has fundamentally rewritten the existing protocol and would permanently remove the border between Britain and Northern Ireland in the Irish Sea,
1(a) giving the U.K. govt an “emergency brake” (now known as the “Stormont brake”) on new EU laws applied in Northern Ireland if politicians in the province object to them.
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How is the #UkraineRussiaWar affecting the #EU's prospects? Its economy? Its place in the world?

▫️ Zhang Jian (张健): "It will further weaken the 🇪🇺's strength and int. influence and accelerate its marginalisation in the global geopolitical landscape."…
🔹The author: Zhang Jian (张健) is the director of the Institute of European Studies at China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR) – an influential think tank linked to China’s Ministry of State Security.…
🔹Some context: Zhang’s assessment is more pessimistic than some in China, but several of his arguments are in line with those made by other Chinese analysts: e.g. the negative impact that the #war has had on the EU’s quest for #StrategicAutonomy. This is bad news for #China.
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Today, Sergey Lavrov visited #Russia's faithful ally #Azerbaijan. #Putin really supported #Aliyev in arming the army and winning the war against #Armenia and #NagornoKarabakh.

Read more below.
1/1 According to the #Stockholm-based International Peace Institute, #CSTO members Russia and Belarus are the first and third countries that supplied offensive weapons to Azerbaijan during the period of 2011-2020.
1/2 In those years, Azerbaijan received 67.2% of its imported weapons from Russia and #Belarus, which are declared allies of Armenia. During the same period, Azerbaijan imported only 2.9% of its ammunition from #Turkey.
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Soon will be presented the book of the #Armenia's 3rd President #SerzhSargsyan - "On the Frontline of Negotiations". I'm not aware of what he wrote, but I know for sure that the obvious pro-Russian forces of 🇦🇲 do not forgive Sargsyan for signing the #SEPA with the #EU. #Yerevan ImageImageImageImage
And in 2018, 7 days before his resignation, the #RepublicanParty of Armenia, led by him ratified the document with the #EU. In 2018, under severe threats from #Russia, Serzh Sargsyan founded the #EurasianEconomicUnion with #Putin.
However, due to active work, in November 2017, Armenia signed the #SEPA with the #EuropeanUnion. In 2013, Serzh Sargsyan made a big mistake, but in the end, he saved a chance for Armenia to go into deep cooperation with the #West after him.
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🇪🇺⚡️ Recent reports indicate that Western nations have been preparing for some time to confiscate Russia's frozen assets, including foreign reserves valued at approximately $300 billion, now officially “to provide aid to Ukraine”.
#sanctions #europeanunion #russia #assets
It was reported in December 2022 that at least two-thirds of Russia's assets, worth roughly $200 billion, had been "lost" by the West. Financial expert Charles Lichfield has claimed that the US and its European allies have been unable to locate the assets.
EU officials have urged banks to disclose the size of frozen Russian assets, and the EU is currently aware of €33.8 billion ($36.4 billion) worth of these assets.
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🇭🇺⚡️Hungarian Prime Minister Orban accused the European Union of prolonging Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine.
#ukrainewar #hungary #orban #ukraine #russia #nato #usa #europe #europeanunion #maidan
In his State of the Union address on Saturday, he said the EU fanned the flames of war by imposing sanctions on Russia and giving Ukraine money and weapons instead of seeking peace talks with Moscow.
"When Russia launched the attack, the West did not isolate the conflict, but raised it to a pan-European level. The war in Ukraine is not a conflict between the armies of good and evil, but between two Slavic peoples fighting each other. This is their war, not ours" .
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#Zionist-#Leyen's Revenge:
#EU #Ombudsman - page down at least since Feb 14, 2023, 8:22pm CET.
EU institutions and bodies profiles | #EuropeanUnion!btCjND ImageImage
#Zionist-#Leyen's harsh #revenge:
#Ombudsman's last webpage saved Oct 7, 2022
The European #Ombudsman, Emily #OReilly, works with the institutions, agencies and bodies of the @europeanunion to achieve the highest standard of #administrative practices… ImageImageImage
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On the night of February 4-5, 2023, #journalist Dinara #Egeubayeva reported that an armed attack (with a pistol) had been committed on her son.
The son of Dinara Egeubayeva is a citizen of a member state of the #EuropeanUnion.
This attack is connected not only with the self-nomination of Dinara Egeubayeva as a deputy to the Mazhilis from a single-mandate district in #Almaty, but also with her consistent and fair criticism of #Tokayev, interviews with victims of torture in January 2022,

@hrw @OSCE
and the requirements of an international investigation into the January executions and #torture.

This armed attack on the son of Dinara Egeubayeva is part of a systemic attack by the #Kazakh authorities on her.

@amnesty @omctorg @freedomhouse
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🇲🇪⚡️In Montenegro, an attempt was made to create a database of citizens who participated in the conflicts of the 1990s in order to bring them to justice.
#montenegro #yugoslavia #warcrimes #europeanunion #justice
However, this effort was unsuccessful because other countries of the former Yugoslavia did not provide requested information.
The Montenegrin prosecutor's office had approved a strategy for investigating war crimes in May 2015 and began collecting information on veterans of Yugoslav wars a couple of years ago.
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🇪🇺⚡️Manfred Weber, a German MEP and President of the European People's Party (EPP), has called for the establishment of a "war economy" in the EU to ensure stability and security.
#wareconomy #ukraine #europeanunion #ukrainewar #russia #vonderleyen #macron #manfredweber Image
He argued that European countries are currently unable to quickly provide the necessary weapons for their own defense or for Ukraine.
While the European Parliament does not have the power to initiate laws, its President, von der Leyen, may be interested in the idea, particularly because French President Macron also called for a "war economy" in June 2022.
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🇧🇪🇪🇺⚡️On the joys of being a Member State of the European Union

The European Commission has issued three new formal notices to Belgium in a new wave of infringement proceedings.
#belgium #eu #europeanunion #belgique #belgië #belgien Image
The notices concern the reception of asylum seekers, the fight against terrorist publications online, and the lack of recourse for data protection authority officials.
The Commission has also issued formal notices to #Greece, #Spain, #France, and #Portugal for incorrect transposition of certain provisions of the directive on the reception of asylum seekers, …
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در ماجرای تروریستی اعلام شدن سپاه مدام نام های پارلمان اروپا / شورای اروپا / کمیسیون اروپا
را شنیدیم . همراه شوید تا با هم کدام یکبار برای همیشه آشنا شویم .
پارلمان اروپا :
نهاد قانونگذار در اتحادیه اروپاست که همراه با شورای اروپا در مورد قوانین و وضع آنها تصمیم میگیرند . حدود ۷۵۱ کرسی در پارلمان وجود دارد که پس از خروج بریتانیا از اتحادیه به ۷۰۵ کرسی تقلیل پیدا کرد .
نمایندگانی که این کرسی ها را تصاحب میکنند مستقیما از سوی شهروندان اروپا انتخاب میشوند و این پارلمان نماد دموکراسی در اتحادیه اروپا می‌باشد . هر کشور با توجه به رنکینگ رهبری سیاسی و جمعیت، تعداد نمایندگان خود را تعیین میکند.
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There is one aspect that is often ommitted in the discussion about military of negotiated solution of #Russia’s war against #Ukraine: the likely future development in the Russian occupied territories and in the Eastern Europe and Europe (!) more broadly.
#Ukraine wants to reinstate its legitimate sovereign control over these territories. The war damages there are immense. Unless Russia is forced to pay #reparations, Ukraine and its supporters will be saddled with the monstrous costs of post-conflict economic reconstruction.
But at least there is a pospect of reconstruction within the borders of a Ukrainian state that is moving towards membership in the #EuropeanUnion.
If #Russia keeps those territories under its control or occupies even more Ukrainian territory – what will happen there?
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Cities of Tomorrow*
‘20 minute city’ initiative

All so easy and accessible that in the future you won’t need a #car & if a #climate #Emergency should arise you can easily stay within your #zone
*… #svpol
#Agenda2030 #SmartCity 's
#Paris Is Planning To Become A ’15-minute City’
Where everything you need is within a 15-minute radius on foot or bike. The aim is to cut car use, resulting in fewer #CO2 emissions and cleaner air.…
#WakeUp #Jailhouse #society #Agenda2030
Efficient space use enables 15-minute cities
Improving #urban forms is one of #Europe 's most powerful levers to mitigate the #ClimateCrisis 🤔
#Agenda2030 #WakeUp #Sweden #Worldwide #svpolitik #svpol #powerabuse #tyranny #SmartCity #survilence #society #CrimesAgainstHumanity Europe has committed to reaching unprecedented goals includi
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Did u know?
True #ancient #history #Historia #christmas #Xmas
The real origin of Christmas goes back to ancient Babylon. The name 'Nimrod' is Hebrew and derives from 'Marad', meaning 'he rebelled'.…

...December 25th was the birthday of #Nimrod:
Here we have the real origin of the #ChristmasTree
They celebrated this famous birthday over most of the known world for centuries, before the birth of #Christ (#Jesus)
#WakeUp #humanity #evil #ancient #elite #RULER Then&Now
#Nimrod is said to be the founder, the king of the 1st empire after the #Flood
His realm includes #Babylon (Babel),Uruk,Akkad and Calneh.He's known to be a king that brought #tyranny to the #people while seeking to eliminate #religious #beliefs Story of Nimrod &Tower of Babel appears in numerous texts of ancient cultures including Hebr
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@MikkonenKrista #Islamistit ja lapsensa eivät kokaan tule kristittyyn maahan 'kotoutumaan' tai 'sopeutumaan, vaan tuhoamaan ja tappamaan - Insallah.
#Soros #Jihadists without IDs were attracted to #Finland with the #best #socialbenefits in #Europe.
@MikkonenKrista #MILITIAMEN INFILTRATE EU SHORES | Nov 19, 2019
- Miltias who have used the Refugee influx to present themselves as #Refugees Image
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#Hursti's #Christmas party for the needy 2022 at the #Helsinki fair center on #ChristmasEve 24 December 2022. At 12.00.
The doors open at 11:00. 
There will be traditional Christmas #food, a Christmas program, Christmas #carols and a Christian #message.…
You can participate in the activity by supporting #Hursti with a #donation
-The organization began its operations in the 1960s and was founded by social worker Veikko Hursti. #Laupeudentyö ry's operations are currently managed by Veikko's son Heikki Hursti
#Finland have been years under the #auspices of the #European Comittee of #SocialRights.
- It adopted reports concerning Finland in 2008, 2012, 2017 and 2018
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