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🌈 Hey Rainbow Readers! Happy Pride! We have several fun genre lists heading your way this month. All of these lists will feature between 10-20 books and all books on it will have under 5,000 Goodreads ratings, with a handful on each being under 1,000! A black background with a s...
Our goal is to introduce you to new books you might have never seen otherwise. These will be a mix of indie and traditional books; and range in age category!

Our first list is our queer paranormal books!
This is for readers who loved books like Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas, Wolfsong by TJ Klune, or Mooncakes by Suzanne Walker & Wendy Xu! For this list, we defined paranormal as books that are set in the real world (and generally more modern than historical),
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1 #Supernatural - "After completing an in-depth study of Mrs. Leonora Piper’s mediumship, William James was so disturbed by the ramifications of the trance state that he was moved in 1909 to lash out at the intellectual establishment for its refusal to accept that demons or evil
2 "spirts might actually exist. He wrote, 'The refusal of modern "enlightenment" to treat "possession" as a hypothesis to be spoken of as even possible, in spite of the massive human tradition based on concrete human experience in its favor, has always seemed to me a curious
3 "example of the power of fashion in things ‘scientific.’ That the demon theory…will have its innings again is to my mind absolutely certain. One has to be ‘scientific’ indeed to be blind and ignorant enough to suspect no such possibility.”…
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We're doing this plagiarising fanfic thing AGAIN!

This time, we're looking at Plush Books, who have stolen fic by MANY authors & fandoms. I urgently need your help to reach these authors and trace other stolen works.

According to Plan by FeelingsDusk ImageImage
They also stole The Midday Lord by Ketren #teenwolf ImageImage
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My point was missed.

That Q was not from me.

I'm a "good person" bc it was instilled in me, mostly by my mom, & bc that's how I am. I don't need the threat of Hell or karma to make me treat others well.

Watch clip & interview. It may make u question some things. #Supernatural
2 And by "good person," mean I treat others well. With my jobs, I get along w/almost everybody. That's why I get a lot of my gigs. No drama.

But have I done all these amazing deeds in my life? No. I've done one thing I'm proud of, but other than that, I've lived an average life
3 If you want to see somebody who has done, and continues to do, a lot of good deeds? Look to @ADKT1T2 and his wife, Cindy. He won't boast about it but I can tell you: They do volunteer work and Michael has done some of the toughest (emotionally speaking) jobs in the world. ❤️
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1 #Supernatural - For me, it's not about belief - The B word. I think evidence points strongly to #reincarnation being a fact. Is it linear? Maybe not.

"We only experience the simulation in small doses before we ‘die’. Experience 1960 to 2030 and you will perceive that you
2 "are moving ‘forward’ with the encoded body-aging program confirming the illusion of ‘time’ passing. Experience the whole loop from start to finish, or start to start, and you would see through the scam.
3 "You find this in the biblical Book of Ecclesiastes 1:

'The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new?
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1 #Karma affecting your future lifetimes. Is there evidence for it?

"A formal definition of karma is ‘(in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences’.
2 "Ian Stevenson noted that karma can be used by its believers as a way of avoiding responsibility in their current lives for their fate: it is the predestined result of the malfeasance of a past incarnation and thus cannot be avoided or overcome. Nor does karma do any better a
3 "job of keeping humans honest than in Western views of afterlife reward/punishment, an Indian monk cited by Stevenson argues:

"We in India know that #reincarnation occurs, but it makes no difference. Here in India we have just as many rogues & villains as you have in the West.
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#TheWinchesters Ranks As CW’s Most-Watched Series Debut So Far This Season…
#TheWinchesters averaged 757,000. It was the network’s most-watched series debut since ‘Naomi’ on January 2022, and it is just behind ‘Walker’ as the CW’s second most-watched premiere this season Image
‘The Winchesters’ was also the CW’s most-watched telecast in the time period since June 28, 2022 Image
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1/5 - My precognitive dreams, death, 40 years, dumpster diving for a computer program and shooting sports in Slovakia. #ufo #supernatural
2/5 I also told her I had a crush on her, 40 years ago. She said she had no idea. 😀
3/5 @ADKT1T2 would go to see the VA docs at the same hospital I volunteered at ten or so years before, in Northport, on Long Island, at the VA Medical Center. The place where Frank died.
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Some of you here will see improvement at last in something you had pain and difficulty in. I see the EXTREMITIES and BONES. God heals every part of your arms and legs and every bone must fuse together properly. In the name of Jesus.🔥
As this occurs your strength will greatly increase. You will see this TURNAROUND and know that it comes by the power of Jesus.

I see Supernatural Healing in the HEART, the BRAIN, in ORGANS. God will do something special regarding AUTISM. Full restoration! In the name of Jesus!🔥
For we have entered into the time where true signs, wonders and miracles must take place.

We will see CREATIVE miracles as the Creator makes bodies and brains new. Glory to God.

I prophesy the Lord will deliver you and you shall know you’ve been touched by the Living God!
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{1} #PreyForTheDevil In response to a global rise in demonic possessions, the Catholic Church reopens exorcism schools to train priests in the Rite of Exorcism. Although nuns are forbidden to perform exorcisms an unlikely warrior rises: a young nun, Sister Ann.
{2} #PreyForTheDevil A Professor recognizes Sister Ann’s gifts & agrees to train her. Thrust onto the spiritual frontline with fellow student Father Dante, she finds herself in a battle for a possessed young girl & realizes the Devil has her right where he wants her & it wants in
{3} Cast: Jacqueline Byers, @colinsalmon24, Christian Navarro, @LisaPalfrey, Nicholas Ralph, Ben Cross, & Virginia Madsen. Directed by: @StammDaniel
#PreyForTheDevil #Horror #Supernatural @lionsgate #HorrorMovie @preyforthedevil @LionsgateHorror
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[THEY] knew what John was trying to do, [THEY] knew what Johns Dad was trying to do & EVERYTHING that has ever been done to the people of this world/Country, has been done trying to STOP 1 MAN FROM #SAVING #PRIVATE #RYAN !

Private Ryan = God & Gods Bloodline has to join with
His second born ..
#WH-Y second Born?
Because My “Dad” (I’ve never met my dad) had A son before me, HENCE #WHY it’s “SAVING PRIVATE RYAN” ..

My mothers was the mistress & my father cheated in his wife.
Which is #WHY .@VinceMcMahon is ACTING out what is happening to him.
None of it is real & the people can’t seem to grasp any of this …

It’s A way to #SHOW me what I have to do/say for everyone to understand how to view what it happening …

Vince scripted everything out YEARS ago, he then acted out what the “BREAKING NEWS” was
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All of A sudden Skateboarding/Skateboarders matter, right?

This whole time, Skateboarding hasn’t meant shit to most the Main stream world, Now magically skateboarding matter because ones care more about the negatives happening in the world instead of all the positives
That have been shown.

What is the purpose of making some stupid post like this?
To get more people to act as [THEY]/evil needs everyone acting?
To get people to say the things [EVIL] needs everyone saying that PROVE how wicked most humans truly are?
EVERYONE should know by now how messed up this world truly is & that GOD IS THE ONLY WAY !!!

#OR MOST can just continue doing things their own wicked ways for their 15 minutes of fame, likes, follows & Retweets !

When is enough going to be enough & EVERYONE realizes there is
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Ryan Grantham, un ex actor infantil declaró hoy ante la corte que tenía planeado asesinar al primer ministro canadiense Justin Trudeau en 2020, justo después de haber asesinado a su madre. Esta es otra historia de esas que sobrepasan cualquier serie de Netflix, les cuento…🧵🪡
Ryan actor de series reconocidas como #Riverdale, #iZombie y #Supernatural le disparó a su madre en la parte posterior de la cabeza mientras tocaba el piano en su casa,además tenía un plan para conducir hasta Ottawa para matar a Justin Trudeau en los días posteriores a su crimen.
Barbara Waite, de 64 años, murió a manos de su propio hijo el 31 de marzo de 2020, al día siguiente, mientras su cuerpo aún yacía en el charco de sangre, Grantham cargó su auto con 3 pistolas, balas, 12 cócteles molotov, artículos para acampar y un mapa de Google de Otawa.
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Some people are about to have a #Supernatural #Saturday ‼️God is about to order your steps to the right place at the right time. You’re about to see God expose a thief then bless you just because! You’re about to see a major shift in your personal world—something only God can do!
May I clarify? If anyone is confused as to what supernatural is (because the world has an incorrect understanding and many ministers don’t teach or demonstrate it), that means something MIRACULOUS happens and it is of DIVINE origin.

May I provide some examples? Let’s do this!💪🏽
Your Resources may suddenly MULTIPLY.

Your health may be FULLY RESTORED to the confusion of doctors.

Extreme Financial Increase may suddenly and/or incrementally occur.

A Strategic Connection may be made, resulting in an extremely Blessed Relationship.

Allow me to continue.👇🏽
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sam winchester (#supernatural) & eleven/jane hopper (#strangerthings) parallels — a thread:
‼spoiler alert for stranger things season 4, proceed with caution‼

a special thanks to @lesbiansamwena for helping me with this thread <3
both of their mothers have been taken away from them when they were little by people who were interested in them and wanted to use them for their own gains.
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The wait is over!🔥

Dear members; Please welcome Thais Akanne @thaisakanne - The talented #creator behind your monthly (3rd) #ElrondNFTs #Art airdrop!🐍 ⬇️ Image
Thais is a Brazilian #artist based in #SaoPaulo. She has drawn inspiration from her fascination with the #supernatural, #cinema & language and how those create connections & brings people together. She specialises in expressing the #female form as a #protagonist. ⬇️ ImageImage
Thais Akanne spent weeks working on unique 6 #Medusa themed #ElrondNFTs and named them Hera, Eva, Hydra, Asmodeus, Adelina and Apophis. ⬇️ ImageImage
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It’s never been about the money to me, ever ..

The money I have coming to me, I will take A vacation for A little bit & then drive around the Country changing peoples lives that I see asking for change on corners ..

Or changing someones life who is playing an
Instrument on the corner/outside of festivals ..

I would always see leaving Summerfest/other festivals/events talented groups of individuals playing all kinds of different instruments & would say to the people I would be with—Imagine being one of these People out here playing
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🔋, Stay focused 1122—May The Fourth Be With You …
…And please no more giving attention to ones who will purposely use that attention as A tool to treat others like poo just to try & bring you/others down.

It’s been all so easy to see this whole time, I said nothing about any of it. I knew the day was coming for
Those who chose to play “The Game” would expose themselves.

“Never interfere with an enemy who is already in the process of destroying themselves “

Let’s keep moving forward.

All those WWF/WWE ‘Ambulance Matches Make perfect sense …

.@WWE hasn’t had one in Awhile,
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Directly right of me, the EXACT direction the camera is pointing, Jaime Thomas was in town with the #ZERO team & Asked #ME out of 5,000 people to play A game of skate. I was roughly 15 years young or so. There were HUNDREDS of people he could have chosen, out of those hundred
He could have chosen, 50 of them were standing in front of me.
There are ones in the world who KNOW & HAVE KNOWN about the plans all along.
Each layer of life have had ones who were “chosen” to be ambassadors to make sure that layer of life stays the course of what has been
Asked of them.
A Vision of the future was SHOWN to selected individuals, those individuals took an oath of SILENCE, they could not speak A word about it with anyone. They could ONLY DO, many that surround those individuals may not have understood #WHY decisions had to be made
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1) 25-min lecture & a decent one to start with if you've never heard BB speak. Mice injected w/mammary cancer will live a max of 27 days if left alone. Bengston's healing technique is applied & 80% or so live their full life span of 2 years. #Supernatural

2) You can take blood or cells from a healed mouse & inject it into a mouse that has been injected with cancer, & that mouse will be healed, too. It's all about consciousness & the capabilities of humans. I think whatever is beyond the phenomenon can heal w/their eyes close. #ufo Image
3 ) Here's the peer-reviewed paper (in the journal "Dose Response") mentioned in the lecture. This is only the beginning as far as experiments w/recording the healing technique & then playing it back 2C if it can mimic actual healers, & cure cancer.…
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Before things get bananapants with @RomancingVote later I'm going to make a thread with listings that you might want to snag.
This AMA zoom with Suz Brockmann and her son Jason. This is THE Suzanne Brockmann. It's currently only at $100. Her other Zoom is at $300. This is a steal…
This acrylic pour is STUNNING! My purple-loving friends, imagine this hanging in your office.…
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Wherever you can find 'The Simpsons' Movie, I will be pressing play in 8 Minutes ..


Remember, EVERYTHING has meaning ..
EVERYTHING I do has purpose.
There is going to be A LOT where you say to yourself, "Why didn't notice that before"? ..
Or that AAAAH HAH Moment where it just all CLICKS.
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Sirene berbunyi dan dunia telah jatuh dalam kekacauan, kamu dan aku berlari untuk harapan hidup yang semu. Dijalan yang berdarah ini, kita di takdirkan untuk saling terikat satu sama lain.
━━━━━━━━ ImageImageImageImage
📌Genre; #Slice_of_Life #Farming #Romance #Action #Supernatural #BL #bxb

📌Language; Bahasa
📌Author(s); @jellybamie Image
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You wanna know how to make this all stop and go away?

If i told you, would it matter? Would the world then scratch their heads and be like "Ooooooh yeah,That makes total sense" ...

Everyone is telling the truth without empathy or compassion. I warned about all this A very long
Time ago.
Remember in the #Supernatural Show when Jack got pissed of and told everyone to "TELL THE TRUTH" and everyone started telling the truth of how they really felt. Then God had to snap hos fingers to make everyone Snap out of it and realize what they were doing is wrong?
What if I told you they made all these shows based on our lives out in the REAL WORLD looking through the glass to help us not only understand who we are but also the power we AMONG ALL OF YOU have.

Do you want to know or not?
Do you all want to keep destroying yourselves or
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