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1-🧵👉Modern Day Israel is a Rothschild Creation, Not God's!👉Isaiah 66:7-8 is NOT referring to Israel nation born in 1948!👉It's referring to Jesus' birth ✝️!

👉🇮🇱 DUPES Christians to get:
1-war & political agenda
2-💰 & votes 4 zionist politicians 2b elected
2-b 🧵 #ChristianZionism is heresy & duping many.
#JimTraficant 👉Truth!!!👏 📺👇
What happened to him? 😫
7.5 yrs prison (phony charges)- & sudden death😩

More Powerful💥 #Traficant Vids
He Sets #MSM Straight & more! 👊👊👊

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Declassified 1967 CIA memo makes it clear that Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan personally ordered Israel's attack on the #USSLiberty. An Israeli General called it "pure murder" & several pilots resisted orders to attack. Trump & #MAGA traitors support Israel over America.
U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Dwight Porter reported an exchange between an Israeli pilot and the Israel Air Force war room, which was picked up by an NSA aircraft & sent to the CIA.
Exchange intercepted by NSA, recounted by US Ambassador Dwight Porter...

Pilot: This is an American ship. Do you still want us to attack?

Israeli War Room: Yes, follow orders.

Pilot: It’s an American ship. I can see the flag!

War Room: Never mind; hit it.

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Whites are not permitted to advocate for their own interests nor have a homeland.

The reason, we were taught, is that when last a prominent figure in history advocated for such, a human tragedy of unprecedented scale occurred...the #Holocaust…
Its horrors have been enshrined in film & made against the law to question or revise in many countries.

To my knowledge, the Holocaust is the only historical event not subject to the rigors of careful re-examination as new evidence comes to light (as is standard procedure.)
Since the events which make up the Holocaust are used as the hinge-pin for the denial of a homeland to people of European heritage, isn't it quite important to have an accurate and rational examination of the same?
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Lots happening folks:
11.11 - symmetrical underground seismic level explosions off Africa coast.
11.27 - Pentagon audit finally shows fraud.
11.28 - 9/11 Federal crimes will be sent to grand jury.
11.28 - Mossad "attempt" to assassinate POTUS.
(sources in thread below) #QAnon
Pentagon Audit wrot with fraud.…
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1. @realDonaldTrump #RedPill 10-part thread laying out prediction of how #POTUS will expose evil #Cabal & workings of #DeepState #Coup. #Memo will reveal #DeepState abuse of intel services, leading to exposure/removal w/in #DOJ, #FBI, #CIA, #Agencies (leave behinds), #SES, etc.
2. @realDonaldTrump Next, we will need to expose, remove, and try for #Treason those involved in the #DeepState. Their nefarious work doesn't stop with the current #Coup but is widespread, including more recent scandals (#Benghazi, #IRS, #FastandFurious) but goes back decades.
3. @realDonaldTrump Before the full #TRUTH can be disclosed, we must round up, arrest, and try for #Treason and other relevant crimes those involved with the #Cabal. I'm unclear on sequence here due to need to manage the public (civil unrest will be pushed by #Cabal).
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This entire documentary on Israel's attack of the #USSLiberty is must-see, but especially from ~ 36:40 thru 38:00.
It lays out how Israel had at least 4 American Jewish moles in the White House feeding TelAviv info on what the White House knew post-attack
This was huge for the Israelis to know what the Americans knew in order to be able to craft their denial story.
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