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So #GainOfFunction started in 2003 then went silent until a 2012 #biolabs story #linked Hawaii bio center to #coronavirus #SARS #monkeypox also it explains how the @CDCgov ships the viruses in every day moving box’s on planes and trains , other nations have patients on it as well… Image
Now we have the beginning out of the way let me peace together how they showed #coronavirus and offered prizes for a #vaccines but first let’s introduce a few clips to support the #CoronavirusUpdates claim
Buy August 2020 #EverythingEverywhereAllAtOnce was going nuts you had #Hollywood #Rappers #country #overseas screaming defund the police and some even doing #vaccines songs unfortunately nothing came out of #CrimesAgainstChildren but hey we got some good songs!!! Image
Let’s start with a simple trip down memory lane for #History content #justice was the was a eye event
While #emotional tools where used news networks started covering #Sweepstakes for #boosted prizes
Eventually #vaccines tickets becomes a #hope to get more people #willing to take the experiment
#music is a tone everyone #loves so why not use #Hollywood
They had songs for #kids and don’t forget the locked down songs as well
Dropping #bars come easy #facts are hard to prove #when eliminates are stacked against you
Buy now the #vaccines was a heavy topic and still are today clear message from the rich was to #VAX that thing up !!!
What the #media wasn’t #telling you was this hole time they relied on a #pcrtest that was 97% inaccurate
#random scam sites to collect #dna where popping up
#silence was key when people learned #who owned the test kits
How many times did you #test positive having no symptoms!!!
With bad #pcr testing the #6feet rule stayed into effect some states had way harder #lockdowns then others wall still having big emotions from #2020 to perfectly set the stage !!!
But leading up to elections there was a hole different picture painted #what changed #why not support it the push it so hard like show???
And for That #answer once again we need to look into the past and content a few dots !!!!
How come the #vaccines involved so many brilliant minds when some aren’t even in that #field Image
It’s probably normal to be one of the richest people on the #plant and notice #population rise
Now you can call it a #ConspiracyTheories all you want but in 2011 #MicrosoftTeams started a dna reading format!!!
Some #input threw out the years #raise some alarms but no real medical conditions yet right!!!
Back to the #vaccines huh
#African nations haven’t had a good time with #vaccineinjuries in the #past
But now that the election is called and vaccines announced #tone changes a little!!
When some of the first #vaccineinjuries started to come out our #media did everything to #coverup the story
They wanted you to #dance I truly believe people under look how important these types of videos are !! #see any #covid19 ???
More and more #vaccineinjuries started being reported but our media had other #Headlines…
Let’s use #Afghanistan as starters
With out #showing @POTUS would know the outcome!!
You had senators #pushing the vaccine #while getting campaign donations from #BigPharma for years silently
All while more #vaccineinjuries where coming to light…
Then the #UkraineRussianWar war started
Never mind a 2014 report done before the #UkraineRussianWar
Videos showing #Ukraine️ soldiers hurting there own people are now labeled as Russian disinformation nevertheless the previous video provided buy #MainstreamMedia
Now worries all diss info the #MainstreamMedia won’t tell you…
But when a #VACCINATED nation has problems #silence ….. To Be Continued
Have you listened to the radio lately Fox News you hear 2 @pfizer commercials with in 10 mins I wonder if #MainstreamMedia has any ties
But why won’t media cover the #vaccineinjuries do we really know ?? Probably not but until we do let’s cover a few more things so when we connect the dots it makes a little more sense let’s start in 2005 (no this pic was not in 2005 but 3 of them have connections to bio laps ) Image
Let start with the on that gets on tv and claims Ukrainian bio labs are a Russian dis information all while forgetting he helped secure the first ever bio lab there Image
But how is @BarackObama involved well here’s the kicker you have to dig back to the fake #pedo ring #MainstreamMedia claims to be fact-checked…
No matter what political stand you have you can’t deny connections between #MainstreamMedia #HollywoodStudios along with Epstein island party’s and other areas as well
What really happened #MainstreamMedia won’t cover do you notice any connections ooo wait how did some of the stimulus bill make it into pedo information ????
And for those to claim Obamas would never love #pedo type of people let’s just put this right here !!
But the media was silent like Santa clause sneaking into your house giving gifts while older rich people where sneaking around basement stowaways but how many dots are there to connect
Dose anyone remember a interview with someone talking about how they had teams on standby to disrupt the flow of things ?? Image
Now before we go to deep we still need to fallow a few money trails Image
But how could Eww island or the playboy resort come in to play , it’s simple C.I.A connections…
But what orders do we need to connect and how would you go buy connections of dots
But how dose this involve the I.t field you ask , it’s simple within a field of dreams anything becomes #possible…
Let’s FINSH the #MicrosoftTeams team’s project first !!!
Mind you there’s rumors of doctors finding very small chips in certain #vaccine strains but that’s beside the point
We can post these type of videos showing conversations
Or play callers having #partys cutting lose
How about a bio lab report done before the #UkraineRussiaWar
Cover #fake dogs on #patrol
Or using robots to play doctor
Or the push for new inventory methods
They will turn on the camera so they can #FORCE complete control
Make goals for down the road
But won’t #inform you when #frontline try to speak up … TO BE CONTINUED
#MainstreamMedia won’t tell you lots of things like #Event201 just a few months before the #coronavirus outbreak a “ fake ” test pandemic was run ( remember twitter files and how the #FBICorruption and other agents worked against information getting out )
How about old conversations explaining thought process manipulation
How about a mispronounced death over a year ago ???
#MainstreamMedia would definitely tell you about #Ukraine️ officials and catholic leaders paying tribute to a fallen nazi commander???
How about in 2014 when John helped push the overthrow of #Ukraine️ government ????
They would tell you that the person running the #Coronavirus response was married too the person that approved the #vaccine or how somebody got a email stating what #coronavirus really is ???
How about a few other #connections that have gone unnoticed
But hey with a #solid #FactCheck how could you not know , definitely not a chance of any conflict of interests
Definitely no reports of #Blood going overseas to other #nations
How about #stars making out with #kids , #MainstreamMedia definitely would have covered that ??
So for a year now we been using faulty #testing but the #media definitely would have told you about #worldwide shipments in 2018 ???
Hey but they did do a clip on #worldwide #passports see
At lest c-span showed how they killed our energy sector
I know this had to be covered buy #MainstreamMedia
How about a young grass roots story ???
But yet they scream #VaccineSideEffects don’t happen….To Be Continued
After Monday night football I wasn’t sure how to start this round of dots let’s just start with @pfizer paying over 2,000,000 to the #FDA Image
#MainstreamMedia should be all over these type of story’s you would think #CrimesAgainstHumanity
You would definitely #notice a #protest where people laying down kid size coffins to bring awareness too #CrimesAgainstChildren Image
How about government workers admitting their wrong on the Covid stance
They would definitely give you a hint that just maybe everything we see isn’t truly playing out the way we think
Not one but 2 #election cases for 2020 still moving forward??? Image
#MainstreamMedia would definitely try to help connect the dots a little deeper tho right??? Image
Wrong they would rather play #CoverUp on so many things then telling you reality
They definitely wouldn’t want you to see other leaders standing up
#MainstreamMedia would cover something like this
You would think they would #cover things like this instead of #CoverUp
#MainstreamMedia definitely would show whistle blowers instead of #CoverUp ???
Or one man’s fight to stop #CrimesAgainstChildren
Or how @POTUS use to bang the babysitter while still married Image
Antfia paying protesters for #damage
Or the phone call of the guy that #MainstreamMedia payed for #j6 videos
They definitely would have showed yo the go signal to move mike pence on #j6 right??? Hey #Mainstream you should ask top 4 house representatives what really happened!!!
Instead of the #CoverUp of very important information
Round table of doctors #CoverUp
Cover more 2020 coverage along fake plays #coverup
Any #Mainstream coverage or just more #coverup
Funny thing is it could have all been avoided #coverup
But let’s be #honest we not dealing with nice people
Why would they test food????
Or undercover story’s
But send money to a picture not to clear #coverup ……. To be continued
#MainstreamMedia would definitely tell you about @POTUS talking to solders like this
They definitely would show if @POTUS had a mental problem right ???
How about putting a few different Bidens together so we know who to listen too
How about a few different players as well
Maybe we should ask the public, who knows maybe it shows why borders are open
But remember we are not allowed to ask @POTUS anything about the best person he knows
The connections @POTUS son has to Ukrainian science and what other projects that involve government Image
Here’s two more ImageImage
How about @POTUS true feelings
Replay of lies @POTUS had along the way but hey #MainstreamMedia changed
We all agree @POTUS and @VP lie their ass off about the border
But what @POTUS and @VP know and #MainstreamMedia #coverup because their puppy’s in a massive pound
Or one of the best fake @POTUS ever
Or how now who ever is feeding the puppies have other plans they just use people they have dirt on to push their goals…
Or a real #deep #hard discussion on #vaccineinjuries all vaccines… TO BE CONTINUED
Remember when questions got asked buy #mainstream
Would the #mainstream have cia or fbi like twitter did ????
Would they cover the same story over and over again but if it’s true then what weren’t they showing
Did u know Walt ??? ImageImage
How about the red ring or the red shoes ImageImageImage
How about these two??? Image
Well all this this guy right Image
How about her Image
Or them ImageImageImageImage
#MainstreamMedia definitely would have but these two together Image
But hey #MainstreamMedia likes to tell u
They would cover this right #MainstreamMedia Image
#MainstreamMedia and #ESPN should be all over this !!!
But #MainstreamMedia won’t … TO BE CONTINUED
So #mainstream would cover this so people know right ???
How about more whistle blowers who been threw it an survived
Warning this will up set lots of people but it truly dose happen #mainstream
How about old rooms no longer used
They would tell you if #canada had a pedo lover in charge
Or one of your favorite bands you grew up listening too did these type of things Image
Weird paintings Image
Or real life pimping Image
Or living room art Image
World wide stars at weird ass party’s or throwing up praise ImageImageImageImage
Or so called elite drinking blood
Or really dig at all ….. to be continued
Now this is what they don’t want you to know @POTUS
#Mainstream has their hands in the #cookie jar
First #Mainstream did story’s like this
Here’s a few more #Mainstream cover
But what changed that #hollywoodsmile
Wouldn’t they do something with this
This would be a massive story and should be #Mainstream
But silent #media quickly claimed conspiracy
Nope #media had other views , listen to her words closely….
Remember #RayEpps I kinda think a few people do
They want you to believe the horns is a patriot for one
Watch his hands
Notice anybody you know
Shhhhh #media don’t tell anyone
But I got something to say #media
Y’all stole 2022 as well !!!
Dam back to hunter huh
Wtf ImageImageImageImage
But no conversation about this
But will frame people about #j6 ooo so scary
Let’s not look at undercover
Don’t forget when npr called it at 9 am #media Image
But hey bother to see here #media …. To Be Continued

• • •

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