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It’s nearly a year since Putin launched his brutal full-scale invasion of #Ukraine.

Throughout this time, Russian forces have been committing widespread atrocities.

There must be justice.

A long, slow 🧵 on what Human Rights Watch has worked on & documented so far…

Russian war crimes began literally from day one of Putin’s renewed invasion. @hrw documented the use of cluster munitions that hit a hospital and a preschool on February 24.…
By the end of the first week of Putin’s renewed invasion, over a million people had fled their homes, many seeking refuge outside #Ukraine, many to Poland, where we followed their stories:…
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10 principles for these weeks (recap).
1 In the medium to long term, the main cost would be the non-defeat of #Russia.
It would be terrible for #Ukraine, #Syria, #Georgia, #Belarus, #Moldova, #Africa..., but also for Europe and the world.
It should dictate our strategic goal.
2 In the short term, the worst cost is measured in terms of Ukrainian lives (civilians, military, people in the occupied territories, incl. Crimean Tatars).
This is what must matter to us first.
We must defeat #Russia as quickly as possible with all possible conventional weapons.
3 Western leaders must banish certain words, including:
- escalation risks;
- red lines;
- peace talks;
- negotiations;
- compromise;
- balance;
- architecture of stability...
Words matter.
Narrative matter.
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#RussianNazis have been #RussianNazis since before they funded Nazi Germany with stolen #Holodomor grain.
They were #RussianNazis when they start WWII with Nazi Germany and plan to divide up Europe, that allied evil only end when Hitler betrayed Russia in 1941
They were #RussianNazis when they came to liberate Auschwitz and raped victims there.

“rape of Jewish women survivors of concentration camps, including Stutthof, Ravensbrück and Auschwitz-Birkenau”…
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.@MoldovaMFA reiterates its strongest condemnation of the Russian Federation's war of aggression against Ukraine.

Brutal bombings targeted heavily populated civilian areas in the cities of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Lviv, Odesa and Vynnytsa.
These actions seriously violate every norm of international humanitarian law and, by implication, the UN Charter.

Our citizens also feel the dramatic consequences of this war & an additional proof is the discovery in the area of ​​🇲🇩 Larga village of the remains of a missile.
#Moldova once again expresses its unwavering support for the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of #Ukraine.
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Gather together because I have strange story to tell you. A very well dressed foreign man with residency here tried to bribe border guards to allow entry of 4 #Indian nationals into #Odesa from #Moldova.
I know what you will say. Odesa is famous destination. Of course 4 foreign nationals want to be here. Four Indian men needed to enter Odesa during war, bombings, no power and heat during winter for holiday?🙄 They had to enter so urgently, they needed to bribe their way here?
Or you might think human traffickers are moving Indian workers into area so on alert that every elder now has smart phone and hunt for spies just to bring 4 South Asian men here they cannot move through Turkey because of war🤦🏼‍♀️. There is one more piece of data.
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Guys, we go again! No rest on the frontline for the brave warriors defending #Ukraine, so the least I can do is report on it and the least you can do is read and spread the news, ensure there is NO war fatigue.

Welcome to Saturday's news thread, Day 304 of #Russia's illegal war:
So much happened yesterday, including numerous fires in Russia, in Moscow in particular.

Then there was a likely assassination in Melitopol and reported drone attacks on Crimea.

Missed something? No problem... click and scroll yesterday's thread:

Last night @RishiSunak published this festive greeting for the people of #Ukraine.

Impressive! Has the British PM has been using the @JohnLewisRetail creative team?
(for non UK followers John Lewis is renowned for its Xmas ads)

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Saturday, and here's the daily thread for Day 297 of the #RussiaUkraineWar. All the news in one place

Another painful morning for Ukrainians Friday, but the rest of the day passed off quite peacefully; spirits remain high

Catch up on what you missed here
So let's start today with news of explosions inside #Russia and on #Crimea

First Crimea - they may try to pass off loud bangs in #Simferopol & #Bakhchisarai as "air defence working". But it seems more than that, one report of several military trucks and fuel trucks were damaged.
Speaking of loud bangs, this was heard in #Belgorod region in #Russia.

Maybe the Russians are fearful of a breakaway Republic? The last one to try that was #Chechnya and its capital got razed to the ground.

#StopRussia #StandWithUkraine
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#Moldova: The scandal surrounding the tradeoffs made by the Moldovan govt with Transnistria for the supply of electricity is taking new shapes. Two days after the deal was sealed, President Sandu asked the government to provide the public with full details about the signed⤵️
contract, which her own government did in a non-transparent manner (she is on an official trip abroad, but the national security matters are always decided by her). Today, the US Embassy in Chisinau has sided with the Moldovan govt congratulating it on the contract signed⤵️
with the energy produced in the breakaway region (owned by Inter RAO UES, a company under sanctions). It is worth remembering that 2 days ago (December 4), the Moldovan govt announced that it agreed to redirect all volumes (5.7 mcm per day) of gas from Russia (bought at⤵️
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Missile rinvenuto nel territorio moldavo durante un pattugliamento della polizia di frontiera, avvenuto in ragione dell'intensificarsi dei bombardamenti russi nella giornata odierna. La gente del posto riferisce di aver udito due forti esplosioni.

Il ritrovamento è avvenuto nel distretto di #Briceni, al confine tra #Ucraina e #Moldova.
L'area in cui è stato ritrovato il missile, secondo le prime informazioni, sarebbe un frutteto.
Il ministero degli Affari Interni ha comunicato che la zona è stata isolata dal resto del Paese.
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Hello and welcome to the daily news feed for Day 285 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine.

All the important details in one thread, updated throughout the day.

One person's been killed and another 3 injured in a #Russia attack on #KryvyiRih region.

Three rockets struck the ArcelorMittal site in President Zelenskyy's home territory.

A subsequent fire has now been extinguished.

Fewer aircraft in #Ukraine's skies recently and the #UK MOD explains why in its daily update:

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SitRep - 30/11 - Look who's there

Daily overview of events in the war between #Russia and #Ukraine. With today a tour along the front lines where there is heavy fighting in Bakhmut, and there are signals that something is imminent in the east.

And, look who's there 👇

As usual we start with #Russian losses reported by the General Staff of #Ukraine. We also include captured Russian (heavy) equipment, and visually confirmed losses.

+500 men
+3 tanks
+1 artillery system
+7 UAVs (probing prior to missile strikes?)
In #Bryansk, Russia a fuel depot was lightened up. It was said a Ukrainian drone hit the particular area, but i can't rule out it's because of prohibited smoking again.
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#Russia’s attack on #Ukraine has put tremendous strain on the @OSCE.

Yet the organisation has unique value for European & Eurasian security.

With foreign ministers meeting in #Lodz tomorrow, here is how states can preserve the #OSCE:

Russia’s attack on Ukraine challenges the #OSCE’s viability as an organisation built to promote cooperative security arrangements between Russia and the West.
The situation is quite dire: the war has reinforced political blockages and upended #OSCE’s field operations in #Ukraine.

Some observers predict the organisation’s demise, citing its inability to promote security in Europe.
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Many Western observers assuming that #Ukraine can & should exchange land for peace underestimate neo-Soviet utilitarianism. #Russian leaders engage in #aggressions because they generate victories that are popular with many #Russians. /1
@SCEEUS_UI @Konflikt_Sicher @DGO_Berlin
Victories in #Moldova, #Chechnia, Georgia, #Crimea, Syria, and the Donbas did not satisfy Russia. They triggered appetite for more victories. If #Russia is provided with another victory, this will not bring peace but merely provide time to prepare for achieving more victories. /2
#Odesa, #Pavlodar, #Belarus, #Narva.... - you name it. Aggression works, both internationally and domestically. Obtained lands confirm the utility of aggression. Peace is necessary to prepare the next victory. Concessions feed aggressiveness & will not satisfy the appetite. /END
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9 months ago today #Russia decided to break international law and condemn hundreds of thousands to death, disability and destruction

It's Day 274 of the invasion of #Ukraine, and here's Thursday's daily thread with all the news

Yesterday's news is here:
When the elite becomes diluted...

#Russia's crack airborne units couldn't defend the right bank of #Kherson - will they fare better in #Donbas where #Ukraine cannot target supply lines as easily.

Here's the UK Intel report for Thursday:
Early, unconfirmed, reports of a strike by #Russia in #Kherson

A rocket landed in the courtyard of one of the high-rise buildings in the city, but no reports of injuries.

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Day 273 of #Putin's illegal war and here's the daily news thread.

Today, Wednesday, marks the completion of 9 months since #Russia's full invasion of #Ukraine

This thread's updated live throughout the day. To check what you missed yesterday, click here:

#Ukraine tonight has accused #Russia of kidnapping mayors of various mayors in #Kherson oblast.

The Interior Ministry says invaders abducted the leaders of several communities in the region and took them to the left bank of the Dnipro when they retreated.

They remain missing
It's potentially a huge day for the #EU.
The Union is today scheduled to set its price limit for #Russia's fuel.

Two questions - can they set it at a level which can hold and damage the Kremlin, and can they get all members to agree to it.

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia
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Yesterday's blackouts in #Moldova are "yet another example of how Russia’s brutal war in Ukraine is destabilizing the region and adding to international crises," a State Department spokesperson told me.

"Russia aims to fracture the energy grid and leave millions in the region without power, water, or heat, in an attempt to reduce Ukraine’s resilience and determination during the cold winter months"

— a State Department spokesperson

"Russia’s war has caused a massive humanitarian crisis and its magnitude grows every day with every strike" – DoS

"We have seen reports of Russia’s attacks targeting vital civilian infrastructure, including the electrical grid"…

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🚨 Attacco missilistico russo su vasta scala in corso in #Ucraina.
Colpiti 3 edifici residenziali nella capitale #Kyiv.
Colpita la rete elettrica a #Kharkiv, sospesi i trasporti.
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⚡️Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! Yesterday, for the first time since the outbreak of hostilities in #Ukraine, #Russian President Vladimir #Putin received a "peace offer."
1/8 Image
We have already talked about the fact that #Putin initiated behind-the-scenes negotiations through trusted intermediaries in various formats in an attempt to reach an agreement on freezing hostilities in #Ukraine or to find the possibility of concluding a peace agreement.
2/8 Image
Of course, the #Russian leadership's interests should be taken into account. The "peace offer" received yesterday comes from the mediating country. The transmission channel used and the people involved do not raise doubts about the serious intentions of the party.
3/8 Image
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#Moldova: The EU will give €200 million to Moldova to deal with the energy crisis. Half is in credits. During 2022, the EU has allocated €840 million in grants and credits. von der Leyen is in Chisinau today and Metsola should arrive tmr. Meanwhile,⤵️
the ruling party (PAS/Sandu) faces another scandal related to leaked information from the hacked account of Justice Minister Litvinenco and other officials, including Sandu herself. Although they claim that the leaked information would be false, it looks likely to be authentic.⤵️
According to the leaks, the Minister of Justice would have been in contact with unknown persons about the arrest of the suspended Prosecutor General Stoyanoglo, who judges Moldova (current government) in the ECtHR. This comes at a time when the government has requested⤵️
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#Moldova: Justice Minister Litvinenco announced that he will ask the Constitutional Court to declare the Shor Party "unconstitutional", mainly on the grounds of illegal funding and collusion with Russian special forces. President Sandu did not oppose this idea⤵️
(which means that she most likely supports the initiative). The recent individual sanctions applied by the US against Shor and his party are used as one of the main sources of evidence. If the Constitutional Court decides that Shor does not comply with the constitution,⤵️
Shor risks to be removed from the party list which is now made up of more than 50 political parties. In this way, the ruling party hopes that the weekly anti-government protests on Sundays will cease. Despite that, there are other opposition political parties (more credible⤵️
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SitRep - 03/11 - "#Kherson what are you doing?"

An overview of the event in the war between Russia and Ukraine. We zoom in on all front lines and make a tour of all general events.

1/X Image
We start with #Russian losses, as usual. Because they always loose a lot on a daily basis. ;-)

+730 men losses
+20 tanks
+27 APCs
+22 Artillery systems Image
Around 9 p.m. on November 2, four "Shahed-136" kamikaze drones were destroyed over Dnipropetrovsk region Image
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#Moldova: For the first time in history, the country is establishing a mechanism to monitor (which should be interpreted as implementing) the effects of the extraterritorial sanctions on Moldova. This is based on US sanctions on Moldovan fugitives Shor and Plahotniuc and their⤵️
involvement in Russian malign influence: 1) Banks and other entities will report suspicious transactions involving Shor (and his group) and Plahotniuc, and all people linked to them. 2) The list of these “associated persons” (with Shor and Plahotniuc) will be established by⤵️
the Information and Security Service. There are no established criteria that generate risks of superficial interpretation and arbitrariness. Furthermore, the people suspected to have links with Shor or Plahotniuc are not supposed to have means to challenge the decision to be⤵️
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#Moldova: More electricity will be purchased from Romania to offset supply from the breakaway region that will not be supplied. In November, Moldova will import energy from three Romanian producers: 1) OMV Petrom (50 MWh); 2) Nuclearelectric (35 MWh); 3) OPCOM (5,530 MWh).⤵️
It appears that no contract was signed with the producer in the breakaway region (Transnistria), revealing a huge deficit of ~ 4,000 MWh. The govt plans to replace by reducing demand (energy saving). Unlike days ago, the Moldovan govt says that Gazprom will deliver only 50%⤵️
of the contracted gas (not 70%), which represents 5.7 million m3. Although the constitutional authorities are not buying electricity from Transnistria, they will still deliver 2.3 million m3 of the Russian-supplied gas to it. The situation is extraordinary:⤵️
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#Moldova: A Russian missile aimed at Ukrainian soil was destroyed by Ukraine's anti-missile system causing debris to fall on Moldovan territories. The case was described as an "accident" by Moldova, while the Russian military attacks were condemned. This types of event is⤵️
one of the reasons why I recently insisted (during my research trip to Moldova) on getting answers from the Moldovan authorities on the preparation to protect the national airspace against unintended consequences coming from the Russian attacks (and I did not receive a⤵️
satisfactory answer, because Moldova has insufficient and inefficient outdated air systems). Protecting itself against Russia, the Ukrainian anti-missile system can cause certain risks due to what in risk & crisis management is called system complexity leading to a certain⤵️
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