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@MHGtweet What worries me is that barr, Bannon, the trump 'children' and other orange mob players are setting up shop outside the U.S. to carry on. Like make their own family-state. They have acquired the means, connections, kompromat, and deals to do so.
This may need to go global.🤺
@MHGtweet former White House chief strategist Bannon paid a visit in fall 2018. “Bannon needs money to bankroll his political agenda. Epstein has plenty of money, and craves power and access,” a source said.…
@MHGtweet #SteveBannon hid from Subpoena server last Wed for Cambridge Analytica & Facebook roles.… he was hosting $ raiser for Kris Kobach, in what is/was so-called Breitbart Embassy, a Capitol Hill townhouse.
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One viral image being shared on social media used a bit of reverse psychology, asking what Americans would think if the details of this story involved the #tRump family rather than the #Biden family. #GreatWhiteHunter…
A viral image being shared on social media uses reverse psychology, asking what Americans would think if the details of this story involved the #tRump family with its #GreatWhiteHunter sons rather than the #Biden family with its "great white" son, Hunter.…
#HunterBiden was a senior VP for financial services giant #MBNA — an arrangement that drew criticism during the 2008 elections for potential conflict of interests.
As senator, #JoeBiden spearheaded legislation that would have affected MBNA’s business.… #DNC
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🔴 PREMIERE 9:30pm ET:

#HongKongProtests: “The moment they force the Chinese Communist Party… for another Tiananmen [Square Massacre], that’s the beginning of the end of the Chinese Communist Party.”

#SteveBannon on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸

#Huawei—it's the technological arm of the [People’s Liberation Army]…People, particularly citizens, don’t really understand what’s in back of Huawei.”

#SteveBannon on his new Huawei expose film
'Claws of the Red Dragon' on ATL🇺🇸
“I think the freedom of China starts in #HongKong… these kids, I say they're exactly like the patriots in 1776.”

#SteveBannon on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸

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🔴SATURDAY EVENING: Steve Bannon joins me on @EpochTimes American Thought Leaders🇺🇸

We discuss his film Claws Of The Red Dragon exposing #Huawei, which he describes as “greatest national security threat we have ever faced.”

@EpochTimes 🔴 PREMIERE 9:30pm ET:

#China: “The Chinese Communist Party is the Frankenstein monster created by the elites in the West—the capital… [and] technology that’s provided by the elites in the West.”

#SteveBannon on @EpochTimes’ American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸
@EpochTimes 🔴LIVE:

#HongKong: “When you see the tear gas, you see the beatings, you see the rubber bullets, you see exactly what they are. This is a gangster organization that doesn’t believe in any individual rights.”

#SteveBannon on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸
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Watching the #SteveBannon film @TheBrinkFilm - while eating chicken Biryani. Potential for live tweeting...
Gotta admit, Bannon saying “it’s not about your religion, race or secual preference.. it’s about economic nationalism” is not a Bannon im used to seeing
Also interesting to hear Bannon talk about how he saw “globalisation sending jobs abroad” when he was an M&A banker at Goldman. “Jobs were shipped abroad without thought of social or civic costs”
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Watch videos #TheGreatHackNetflix
#SteveBannon with #BrainKolfag @DonaldJTrumpJr smfh... Brain K is Obama's friend, he was at Obama's anti-gun rally in 2011. Proof on internet. @madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q those awake see those blond don't. So who's side you on Jr? BK fence still openin 4 drugs,
#ChildTrafficking and what about VP Pence going to meet a Drug Cartel?? Why you guys doing this turning on AMERICANS. . You the next criminals? @realDonaldTrump has the Funds for the wall.
Tick Tock ⏰
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Only 3 days after #SethRich was killed, Russian intelligence created a fake memo putting Rich at the center of the #DNC email hack.
It didn't take long for the conspiracy to spread.
@FoxNews made it their central focus, as did some Trump operatives.
In 2017, Donna Brazile, who had worked on Hillary Clinton's campaign, said she had "feared for her life" after the #SethRich murder. The right took those words and ran with them as more evidence HRC had Rich killed. (Brazile is now at Fox News.)…
The claim from both the right and the alt left was that Hillary Clinton had Seth Rich killed because he had blown the whistle on her rigging the election.

Back in 2017, some of us knew that was lunacy.
The bonkers Seth Rich conspiracy theory, explained…
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A most disturbing political development of the last few years has been the convergence of elements of the Far Left and Far Right. From #GeorgeGalloway to #ChrisWilliamson to #NigelFarage to #SteveBannon this is something, as an antifascist, I NEVER thought I would see. A thread 1
2 #GeorgeGalloway is leading this so called conspiracy theory #RedBrown convergence, whether with his support for Far Right Nigel Farage, his links with virtual Nazi #SteveBannon, his writing for Alt Right Westmonster, and his interviews with various Alt Rightists in his RT show
3 Bannon is one of the most important fascist thinkers of our time and the reaction of any real socialist to being in close proximity to him should be naturally be closer to a Glasgow kiss than Galloway's warm handshakes!…
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"If you're interested, & I'll fund it somehow, I think you're the perfect guy, what we'd like to do is help knit together a populist nationalist movement throughout the world."

Bannon talking to @Nigel_Farage re alliance with Orban, Sisi, Modi & Duterte.
“Paradoxically, this generation of populist nationalists leads the way on international political cooperation.”

@Elif_Safak adds more to #Bannon’s list: Erdoğan in Turkey, Abascal in Spain, Salvini in Italy & far right parties in Poland, France & Austria.…
This was filmed in 2017 & is taken from the new documentary about Bannon, @TheBrinkFilm.

There's a moment in this clip when Farage looks towards the camera, clearly thinking: "I'm being filmed conspiring with a far-right extremist. If this ever gets out it won't look good."
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⭐️2nd Account Discovered⭐️

Thread 2: Nick Bosa caught following 2nd IG account with white nationalist & MAGA themed posts.

Let’s take a look at the account...

“DC_Draino” by Rogan O’Handley

...& see what Nick Bosa has ❤️ “liked” and is consuming on social media.
Nick Bosa ❤️ likes that NFL halftime show artists did “avoid politics and stick to hits.” #SuperBowl #NFLDraft2019
Nick Bosa ❤️ likes post talking political trash to LA Rams players after Super Bowl loss.

“Maybe if you spent more time on a game plan instead of insulting the man that’s saving the would have scored at least one touchdown...losers”

#SuperBowl #NFLDraft2019
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#SteveBannon once sat on a company's board with a man named L.B. Moon, who was barred from practicing law by the Oklahoma Supreme Court for threatening to kill an adversary, put his body through a shredder and have five black men rape and kill his "pretty'' daughter. (cont.)
The Surpreme Court called Moon an "embarrassment to the legal profession” after finding “convincing evidence” that he falsely identified himself as an ATF agent, engaged in shooting firearms while intoxicated and attempted to extort money from a lawyer. (cont.)
#SteveBannon sat on that same board with a man named Gerald C. Parker, who in 2011 was among several defendants named in a $30.3 million judgment in Nebraska after three elderly people were scammed out millions. (cont.)
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Mikaela BearPaw, real name Mikaela Martinez, from Bishop, California, is the daugther of Evangelist Marty and Debbie Martinez who administer the World Harvest Ministries.
Father of Mikaela Martinez, Mikaela BearPaw, is an Internationally recognized Evangelist who has promoted his faith and his family's faith for many years.…
This CD is Mikaela BearPaw, Mikaela Martinez's attempt to break into the music scene through her fahter's…
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MONGERING, and spreading #INTOLERANCE. ENOUGH! ENOUGH OF YOUR TALK OF ILLEGAL INVASION OR EQUATING ALL MUSLIMS WITH TERRORISTS. ENOUGH WATCH THE MASSACRE OF #NewZealandMosqueShooting. Some seemed to play dead, he returned to shoot them up mercilessly. He riddled them with

Every single decent media outlet, journalist should HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR WORDS!
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"Today, the Committee will hear testimony from #SecretaryRoss about preparations for the #2020Census" - Chairman @RepCummings
"The Constitution requires our government to conduct a census every ten years. The Constitution also requires us to count every person."
"The latest Census begins next year, and significant challenges have been raised by the #GAO and others about whether it will be ready."
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Dear @arlenparsa, Thank you for the inspirational and comforting tweet #CovingtonCatholic #Magateen. Basic stuff is falling apart all around us and we are looking depraved on so many fronts. It’s nice to see that we have choices.
You have shown us that there is a high road, a smarter road, and we are free to take it. #Media impose a certain behavioral framework, but we can choose to engage at a higher level like you did. It takes more work and more commitment, but it’s ultimately so much more crucial.
We found the #CNN coverage disgraceful & unprofessional. What these #kids did was unquestionably reprehensible. But they are simply ignorant at this stage of their development. Are they the racist bigots of tomorrow? More than likely, but one may still hold out #hope for them.
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#SimonaMangiante in #London 2015 ?

With #PeterStrzok and #LisaPage ?

You be the judge #Anons ! #Q #Qanon
#SimonaMangiante in #London 2015 ?

Walking next to George #Papadopoulos ?

With #PeterStrzok and #LisaPage ?

You be the judge #Anons ! #Q #Qanon
Going for one more - Mr weapons dealer master, Steve Bannon ..
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Steve Bannon is smuggled into the Oxford Union through the snowflake mob
Police officers in full riot gear were needed to get him inside
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Change the world & GO VIRAL:

My friend Shi Xiu NEEDS YOUR HELP to share this IMPORTANT message America. 👇

"This is Mr. Guo, a country of one-man war! 11.20 Let the whole world know him! He's our hero! Friends of the American people!" @milesguo .@lovepurple7678 #SteveBannon
HELP .@lovepurple7678 send a message of HOPE to her people.

11.20 Open a new era! It can finally be restored! Please pay attention to Mr. Guo & Mr. Bannon to make history together! This is an important cooperation between the Chinese & American peoples!
Read Thread: I sent this tweet to my friend .@lovepurple7678

Twitter censors USA too for the Chinese communists America can hear you! #SayYesToFreedom #DefeatGlobalistSocialistCommunism !!
@black671006 @hotmoonliuye #SteveBannon
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Si torna al discorso del perché il #M5S (aka #M12S) dovrebbe smarcarsi dalla #Lega, visto che anche #Lasinistra è devota agli #USE. Due piccioni con una fava. #Lochef
Ricordatevi @Barnard2018 : "La 'Troika' sarà micidiale per l’Italia... Bannon Salvini Orban riporteranno il PD al governo. Iniziate a pensare al perché. (la risposta non è banale)"
“Perché un film su #Bannon? Perché è importante per tutti capire quello che sta succedendo. Fare gli struzzi per non vedere il pericolo è sbagliato. C’è un pericolo. Dunque meglio riusciamo a capirlo meglio è."
Errol Morris, regista di #AmericanDharma…
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Really @FareedZakaria?

Listen for what exactly?

Ways to appease white nationalists? Ways to make racists feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

Please explain, because I really don't understand what the hell is going on here.

Let's break this down a bit.


You had a conversation with a man who looks perfectly normal, seems amiable, even likable. A man who can and will and has lied about his most base beliefs in order to further his real agenda.

Bannon believes our government should be fully dismantled.


Once dismantled he believes that a "temporary" totalitarian autocracy should be installed for an indeterminate period pending the "reeducation" of combatant citizens.

Those are the core beliefs he has been espousing for decades.


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This thread is about @realDonaldTrump, Michael Cohen, Brad Parscale, Elliott Brody, @GOP, Cambridge Analytica, #SteveBannon, Robert Mercer, strange addresses, millions of dollars and federal election law. @profcarroll @WendySiegelman @brendan_fischer @psstricia @politico 1/22
@parscale, whose digital company - in tandem with Cambridge Analytica - was vital to Trump's 2016 win, is now his 2020 campaign manager. In 2017 he told the San Antonio @ExpressNews he was moving his company to Florida for access to a larger airport. 2/22…
Parscale Strategy LLC. was registered with the state of Florida on 8-8-17. The address listed was 2637 E. Atlantic Blvd., Pompano Beach. That is a Parcels Plus store. Parscale dissolved his company on 3-27-18. It only existed for five months. 3/22…
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(THREAD 1/8) #SteveBannon's documentary Trump @ War is being released Sunday. It was produced by his company Victory Film Group. The company does not appear to exist. It does not seem to be active on any state business registry.
(2/8) Bannon dissolved Victory Film Group on April 13, 2017, when he was in the WH. It was registered in Cal. The address was 8391 Beverly Blvd. That's a UPS store. Bannon has a pattern of using UPS stores for business and phony addresses for voting.…
(3/8) Three days before Bannon shut down Victory Film Group he dissolved Victory Film Project in Florida. Bannon used Andy Badolato's Sarasota office address for VFP. Badolato has been involved with the mob, has laundered money and was accused of sexual assault by 3 women.
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