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How Greek Hellenism caused women to be curtailed through history:
In 507 BC in Ancient Greece, a thinker named Cleisthenes started a political ideology known as Democracy.
Democracy, meaning the 'rule of the people' in Greek, stated that instead of having tyrants who inherit the title of ruler rule over the people, people who were mature enough to make a decision would vote for a ruler.
Though Democracy was supposed to treat everybody equally, women were not allowed to vote for a ruler, have jobs or hold big titles in society. Women were treated as second class
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#மெட்ராஸின்பெண்கள் எபி. 01
அன்னை மீனாம்பாள்

தலித் வரலாற்றில் ஒரு முக்கிய நபரான #அன்னைமீனாம்பாள், ஆரம்பகால தலித் பெண் தலைவர்களில் ஒருவராகவும், தலித் பெண்களை அரசியலில் சேர்ப்பதற்கான முக்கியமான வழக்கறிஞராகவும் கருதப்படுகிறார். சுயமரியாதை இயக்கத்தின் (ஈ.வி. ராமசாமியால் 1925
- இல் தொடங்கப்பட்டது) ஒரு வலுவான ஆதரவாளரும், பெண்ணியவாதியுமான அவர், தீண்டாமை, அடக்குமுறை, சாதி ஏற்றத்தாழ்வு ஆகியவற்றுக்கு எதிரான போராட்டத்தில் பெண்களை கல்வியின் மூலம் தீவிரமாகப் பங்கேற்க ஊக்குவித்தார்.
#MadrasinPengal Ep. 01
Annai Meenambal

A pivotal figure in Dalit history, #AnnaiMeenambal is considered to be one of the earliest Dalit woman leaders and an important advocate for the inclusion of Dalit women in politics. A strong proponent of the Self-Respect Movement
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While #CCP Chairman #HuaGuofeng's visit to #Iran in 1978 was meant to project strength, his translator recalled a different mood... (a short thread) 1/

#Iran #China #IranChina #ChinaIran #twitterstorians #history #womeninhistory #AcademicTwitter #iranian #pahlavi #chinese Image
"The meeting between the leaders of the two countries that I was most impressed with was a separate meeting between #HuaGuofeng and #Pahlavi. At that time there was no one but else but myself as a translator. Pahlavi's mood during the meeting was already quite depressed..." 2/ Image
"...He said that the situation in Iran is already very difficult, and his future is "unknown." I was very surprised when I heard this sentence: As a head of state, he had no confidence in himself!" 3/ Image
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The end of another semester of engaging students with @WikiEducation at @MissouriSandT @sandtcasb in #HistSCI means another tweet thread about this super fun project.
49 students, 32 articles, 40K words added, +285K views so far. I love their work! Take a look!
I'm going to group them. First group-- #WomenInSTEM #WomeninHistory
Students found that, uh oh, it's HARD to find reliable sources on women in science! This didn't stop them, though. They pushed through and learned some new research skills.… is 1 product.
Tycho's sister,… was another article that needed work. The women who worked on this one had to find all sources on Tycho then sift through for the 2-3 pages about Sophia. Thank goodness for good #librarians at S&T who were patient and helpful!
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1...This series will focus on common misconceptions about the history of the American Spiritualism (SPM) Movement. Its origins, beliefs, and tenants. Citations will be noted and detailed at the close #qchistoryengages...
2...Fueled by modern t.v. personalities like Theresa Caputo and John Edwards, who claim they can connect the living with long lost loved ones, #Spiritualism has garnered a reputation of housing frauds who are only in it for the money...
3...The common answer to the question of "When did Spiritualism begin?" is "1848." But the events leading up to the boon of the New Religious Movement (NRM) did not occur without influence...
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