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1/12 The long awaited thread on "What #Chamisa Could have done after losing the 2018 Elections" is here. I shall not dwell on why his current brand of politics won't work as its contained in my previous thread.
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2/12 After #Tsvangirai's loss in 2013, there was a fundamental shift in #MDC ideology. The first was on Sanctions. When #Tsvangirai was PM he saw what Sanctions were doing to the ordinary person and decided that he and #MDC would ask for their unconditional removal.
3/12 #Chamisa however still thinks Sanctions and being Western sponsored is the way to go. This is the first thing I will say he should have changed after the 2018 elections. He should have called for them to be lifted unconditionally!
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1] Some ppl have been accused of using the "tired song" of ZanuPF's underhand or marriage of convenience with #Mwonzora et al.

It would seem like #ZanuPF has used the "kombayi tirove" tactic in the "kombai titore" hijacking of the MDC Headquarters.

#Mwonzora should be ashamed.
2] Things just don't add up, regardless of how open minded one chooses to be.

The courts surprisingly opened during the lockdown for the judgement.
#Komichi spectacularly came with a prepared acceptance speech.

Guessing a judgement & bringing a related speech are 2 diff things
3] Then came Parliament..

#AdvMudenda inexplicably chose #Mwonzora over #Hwende even before any ruling on the identity of the #MDC-A.

#MaKhupe has been allowed to cross the political floor, with her MPs, with #Nyikadzino being ignored by #Mudenda.

There is a logic to it all.
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1] Around the 20th of May, the 2014 #NationalCouncil of the MDC-T petitioned the holding of a #NationalCouncil meeting to discuss the infamous #CovidRuling and the way forward.

Predictably, #Mwonzora rubbished the calls for the meeting & even demanded that it be suspended.
2] Regardless of #Mwonzora's whistle in the wind, the #NC meeting went ahead.

It subsequently made resolutions, key amongst them, cautioning DM to stop speaking on their behalf & acting unilaterally.

A petition was signed to have DM call for a #NC meeting on the 6th of June.
3] One would observe that, since the #CovidJudgement, the 2014 #MDC-T #NC has not met.

Mwonzora has been pushing this narrative that #Khupe,#Komichi & himself can organize the EOC on their own.

Predictably, Mwonzora rubbished the NC meeting calling it illegal & inconsequential.
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1] As citizens wait patiently for the #HighCourt ruling on the matter regarding #MDC_T's parenthood of the #MDC_A, i fail to see how the judgement changes anything really.

This is because the #MDC_A is now a political party.
Something which a court can neither confirm nor deny.
2] The crux of this matter is more #political than it is #legal.

Though #Mwonzora & team were arguing today that the #MDC_A was an #electoral pact which merely now exists as some faction of the #MDC, only a week ago, he had people recalled for joining a party called "#MDC_A".
3] Although #Mwonzora was argues the MDC-A is a 2018 coalition, which ceased to exist post elections, nothing suggest the "individual parties" continued existing as such.

For post 2018 bi-elections,what strategy was used to choose candidates if the parties remained autonomous?
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1/21 #NovemberInFebruary
"For keen students of Zimbabwean history, this February is threatening to replace November as the month of momentous events!".
29 January 2020

Strangely but tellingly, some took this metaphoric tweet as a prediction of a military coup in February. Ok!
2/21 The words of the tweet speak for themselves, despite the misplaced but understandable attempts to squeeze blood out of them. Zimbabwe is at the crossroads. The country is pregnant with change. Something is afoot. But there's no telling what it is or when it will be born!
3/21 I used the November metaphor to capture & convey the gestalt of the moment. Besides its sacred Shona myths, November has historical significance in Zimbabwe as the month of momentous events. The pioneer column of Cecil John Rhodes moved on King Lobengula in November 1893!
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Its open secret that Mugabe was removed from power through a coup. What many didn't know back then was that although Mnangagwa & Chiwenga were very close, the duo's marriage would quickly fade within a space of 6 months. They pretend to be close, but its very clear not anymo
Soon after Chiwenga's appointment as Vice President (VP), Kembo Mohadi who had previously been appointed Minister of Defence, State Security and War Vets, lost that ministry to Chiwenga. But according to our constitution a VP must hold that post only, not to double as Minister
Mnangagwa was Vice President as well as Justice Minister, that was illegal. Now Chiwenga is Vice President as well as Defence Minister. That's still unconstitutional. Part 2, Section 103 of our constitution says a VP cant hold ANY OTHER public office, directly or indirectly.
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20 Tweets on @nelsonchamisa at @AfricaProg on Monday #CHAfrica
The MDC Alliance is undergoing generational renewal. I had heard great things about #Chamisa as an orator. So I arrived expecting to be impressed and encouraged. Alas, I left unimpressed and discouraged. 1/
#Chamisa did make some significant points. He observed that Zimbabwe has been a nation without ideas, & needs to regain the sense of vision and purpose from the liberation struggle era. He wants to build on the liberation struggle, moving from liberation to transformation. 2/
#Chamisa mapped out the five pillars of his programme: governance (devolve, decentralise, decorrupt); economy (depoliticise,); social rights (women, children, disabled, weak); infrastructure ('lines of civilisation'); and international relations (rejoin 'family of nations'). 3/
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