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How do the #Courts decide #maintenance when the income of the #parties is not clear? And cannot apply any formula to the income.

The courts consider the following #aspects.

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The presumption that every able-bodied person must earn and maintain their #wife and #children is not accounted for by courts in India.
Courts assume that the family has sufficient means to #support the #husband and provide income based on lifestyle.
The courts are mindful of deductions on which parties have #nocontrol, such as Contribution to Provident Fund and other direct #taxes. ..
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#SupremeCourt Constitution Bench led by Justice KM Joseph to hear matter regarding if disciplinary proceedings in adultery cases within armed forces still lie post the judgment decriminalising Section 497 of the Indian Penal Code.

#SupremeCourtOfIndia #adultery
Hearing starts.

ASG Madhavi Divan for the respondents explains structure of her arguments.

Adv: We have objections on maintainability.

SC: You are seeking to intervene and raise an objection? Whom do you represent?

Adv: An ertswhile member of the armed forces who was proceeded against.

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#SupremeCourt Constitution Bench led by Justice KM Joseph to hear matter of disciplinary proceedings in adultery cases within armed forces not lying post the judgment decriminalising Section 497 of the Indian Penal Code.

#SupremeCourtOfIndia #adultery
Hearing starts.

Advocate: We're really concerned with what constitutes indiscipline and unbecoming conduct in the Army.

Justice Joseph: You're filing it in the form of a clarification?

Adv: There were officers indicted for indiscipline, illicit affairs, unbecoming conduct.
Adv: If another officer, it may be consensual in nature, enters another officer's quarters when they are posted away from home, some AFTs have given decisions.

Justice Joseph: Which part of the judgment comes in your way? Joseph Shine decriminalises it but can it come in...
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@mohrpakistan, the Karachi Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, tweeting under this fake impersonating account mentions a Pakistani woman, herself, VICTIM of assault. She had a full agreed adultery relation with a local man as she explained here in june 2019:… Ramla Akhtar victim of assault
@mohrpakistan, as a consequence of this fully agreed #adultery relation, the Karachi Ramla Akhtar got an unwanted daughter, victim of her maltreatment & neglect while her biological mother is literally possessed by a rabid endeavour for #pornrevenge.…
In her attempt to perform her #PornRevenge, Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, tweeting under @BarefootRaRa & @BestInventoryPR turned into a 24 hours cyberstalker spamming Pakistani & foreign authorities with thousands of calumnious denunciations. @mohrpakistan, save the child!
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The Punjab & Haryana High Court recently observed that, if two adult people are in a live-in relationship with each other, even though they are already married to someone else, would be no offence.

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"I find myself unable to agree with that,especially in view of the fact that the Supreme Court in Joseph Shine v.Union of India has struck down Section 497 of the IPC as being has been unconstitutional," noted Justice Amol Rattan Singh

The Bench was hearing a protection plea filed by a live-in couple seeking a direction upon the official respondents, not to harass them.

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Do you remember #Janabi? Abir Al Janabi. A 14-year-old #Iraqi girl. In 2006, Janabi's father stopped sending Janabi to school in fear of the #US Army's focus on his daughter. The Army who was establihing "#democracy" and "#human rights" in Iraq. 1/32
Janabi used to stay at home, spending her days of adolescence playing with her younger siblings.
The U.S. military's security checkpoint was located just 200 meters from Janabi's house. One day, a #USsoldier notices Janabi. And Janabi and her family were doomed right then. 2/32
For a few days at first, the #soldiers repeatedly came to Janabi's house in the name of search and made ugly gestures towards her. One day the four #armies decided that today they would be the day to enjoy Jamabai and kill some #Muslims. 3/32
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Main Thread | Murders of Men/Husbands and their families due to #Adultery or other reasons in India

#MenToo #MensRights #HusbandMurder #CrimesByWomen #CrimeHasNoGender
Name: Mukesh
Age: Around 40-years-old
Location: Agra
Reason: Adultery
Accused: Wife, Paramour


Name: Fayaz Karimullah
Age: 7-years-old
Location: Andhra Pradesh
Reason: Unknown
Accused: Aunt


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Should the #story of the woman caught in #adultery be removed from the #Bible?

Um, #NO, and here is why:
The story of the woman caught in adultery is one of the most powerful historical events to be found in the Gospels. It speaks to the heart of God’s love and mercy, a love that we are to share in our hearts, a love we are to share with the world. It is also a foreshadowing of the
gift of grace and salvation to come, a gift won by the physical death and resurrection of Christ, a gift that can bring about our own spiritual resurrection. Who cannot feel compassion as this woman is dragged before the public, an invisible scarlet letter emblazoned on her chest
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