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Okay, here's a quick follow-up thread on chirality in aspects (dexter and sinister, or, left- and right-handedness). For the sake of example, we'll be using the planets Venus and Mars in the context of a relationship chart. #astrology #theory #horary
Remember a couple of things:
- One, the planet that is moving faster is the one initiating connection.
- Two, what determines whether something is dexter or sinister is the observer's position. Dexter aspects go backwards in zodiacal order. Sinister go forward.
I was helped out on this by @RyhanButler who deserves a shoutout; the difference between dexter and sinister aspects is a difference in perceptibility. Dexter aspects tend towards being visible or public, sinister aspects tend towards being hidden or private.
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Okay, let's jump in with part 2 of my #aspects in #astrology mega thread. Yesterday I spoke about aspects being visual relationships between planets, and that visual connection is what makes them "work," conceptually. We don't actually know what the mechanism is.
The mechanism by which astrology works is NOT SOMETHING I AM TALKING ABOUT TODAY PLEASE & THANK, I'm much more interested in digging into the ways in which the glances that the planets ping back and forth to one another in the heavens manifest.
Remember from everything I said last night: each planet casts seven glances, or aspects. A planet can observe anything where one of its glances falls in the Zodiac, as well as the sign it is in at the time. So each planet can behold eight spots.
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Okay! Y'all voted, I listened, and now, I present to you the thread on aspects (what we call "aspect doctrine") that y'all asked for. Buckle in because this one's going to be a ride! #astrology #aspects
But in order to give aspects their due, we have to take a detour into classical optical theory, because the word "aspect" literally means "look at" (Latin ad, "at, to" + spectō, "I look").
So we start off with the idea that, in the astrological ball of wax, planets interact with each other by casting glances at one another. These glances in the ancient world were conceived of as an exchange of energy, and, to summarize succinctly, it was imagined...
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